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Since I joined this community in September last year, I've got to know some of you and I feel like Chaos is my new home. I enjoy the wonderful roleplay, stories and people who come through here. After several years of non stop OOC posturing and abuse from my former community over things that have nothing to do with anything IC, I never thought I could enjoy writing and participating in Star Wars without a really hate filled, troll like community. So I'd like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for giving me a really good time, in the relatively short amount of time I've been here.

Yesterday, seeing as it is one o'clock in the morning in my time zone, I was hit by a car on my way to work. I had just left a corner shop after buying a bottle of Volvic water and saw that the bus I needed to catch to get to work was pulling up the bus stop. I checked the road to see if I had enough time to run up to the bus so I could get on before it left the stop and saw no cars. Heck, the traffic lights were red so even if a car came up, they would have to stop. So I legged it.

Before I know I've got a black Volvo so far up my ass that I flew off like a rocket down the road. I managed to tuck myself in mid air and did a miniature barrel roll before I hit the ground. I was taken into a nearby hospital up the road by paramedics and was discharged three hours ago at the time of this post. I've had the necessary check ups and there is nothing wrong with my back or neck, other than spending eight hours in a neck brace and laying still for nearly all of those hours in a really uncomfortable bed whilst they did their check ups on me. My injuries include a very bruised up right arm, two sprained wrists and my right leg had been cut up rather badly from where I skidded across the floor.

I'm telling Chaos this partly due to the fact that my replies to any on going threads that I have going on as @[member="Ella Nova"] or @[member="Vilox Pazela"] will be slow, but more to the fact that I just needed to tell someone my experience today. I could have died if the woman behind the wheel of the Volvo was going at 30 or 40 MPH and could have suffered worse injuries than I currently have. So yeah, that was my day. Roll on the rest of 2014.

maybe a truck next time

Ashin Varanin

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Holy frack. Dude, rest easy, take as much downtime as you can. I will ignore and marginalize your thread participation so as not to annihilate you unrealistically. :D Oh, and consider Ashin and Vilox's deal finalized.

But through all this, one question dominates my mind. What the feth is Volvic water?

Antoir Setrrin

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Ashin Varanin said:
But through all this, one question dominates my mind. What the feth is Volvic water?
I was thinking the same thing.

But get some rest, post when you can, and google pictures of cute cats.
Always makes things better.


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It's a company in the UK, who sell bottled water, like this. I like Volvic more than Evian and other brands because, for me, it tastes better. Anyway, thank you everyone.


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It's good to know you're still alive at least. Get well soon, all my condolences and prayers go out to you. ^_^
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Dammit, Volvo! Stop attempting murders on site members! *shakes fist*

I thought they are supposed to be the safest brand of cars in the world. Not to pedestrians, it seems. Them lying Swedes... -_-



In any case, I hope you'll be back before we really notice you were gone to begin with. If not, you never know what @[member="Tegaea Alcori"] and @[member="Fabula Cavataio"] will unleash upon us in your absence... :O

Who knows, we might enjoy it... imeanwut?


Have you not left SWRP?
Anyway, get well soon because I'd like to see some of the long-ass posts you're capable of.

Rhurek Thane

Dr. Cantanker0us, M.D.
First of all, glad you are okay and still with us.
Second of all, please tell me you were walking in a crosswalk.
Third of all, tell me they have good insurance or you know a good lawyer, because....ka-ching!