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WE CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL (Mandalorian invasion of Dromund Kaas)(OOC)

Basaba Willamina

A'den and Alor be aliit Willamina
In preparation for Gilamars thread which should be up tomorrow and after working it out with Kaine here is the OOC thread for the upcoming invasion. A few things of note

  • Item 1: This takes place during the Republic and Sith invasions meaning characters are still locked in those. If you have not joined then participate in the defense of Dromund Kaas. Assume Fringe and Omega Invasion is happening at the time as well. This is no longer Star Peace people. War is upon us and Tefka its Horseman.

  • Item 2: The defense force is manageable this is pvp and fighting as that is where the real quality comes from. Otherwise with the a bulk of the fleet away, the heavy hitters of the empire fighting some orbital strikes would solve many problems. So use npcs if you must but realize that like on Ossus and Manaan they don't win invasions they are there to give it scale.

  • Item 3: The objectives are simple, repel the mandalorians for the sith, mandalorians get to have wanton destruction. There is no victory condition for failing to defend expect thigns tro be blown up and wrecked.

  • Item 4: If there is a problem with a post bring it to the other person first and don't just report it please. With all the invasions going on it might become a little hectic.

  • Item 5: After the invasions there will be a skirmish between the returning sith and the mandalorins for official control of the planet.

If there are any questions or concerns come here also ones who want to come in as allies post here so we can update the ally lists.

@[member="Captain Larraq"] @[member="Hutuun'Kyramud"] @[member="Hutuun'Kyramud"] @[member="Elayne Hawk"] @[member="Arla Balor"] @[member="Gilamar Skirata"] @[member="Ember Rekali"] @[member="The Pale"] @[member="The Mandalorian"] @[member="Northstar"] @[member="Cassanus"] @[member="Xander Lok"] @[member="A'den Shereshoy"] @[member="Zack Varad"] @[member="Nothura"] @[member="Mirta Kar"] @[member="Ordo"] @[member="Verd Ordo"] @Kila Cadau @Kadala Skirata

Captain Larraq

I will be assuming command of the Mythosaur and all available Mandalorian Naval assets for the duration of this thread.
I look forward to meeting you in the heavens above the land of your fathers.

That being said...


Verz Horak

Darjetii Kyramud
And now it clear I have no power left.

Cry sob cry.

@[member="Kaine Zambrano"]
"I go my kin. Mandalore, I'm sorry my friend. Sith must die." The Veteran of Junction, Concord Dawn, Junction, and Mandalore, Warlord and Mandalore of the Tusken Tribes of Tatooine... The Coward Killer returns to slay the Sith once more in the name of his chosen people.

Beware Dar'Jetti, your bane has returned.
@[member="Basaba Willamina"]

Is this invasion even possible since you don’t own anything in the same or adjacent hex?

1. Each faction, upon creation, will name one planet as it's "Capital". Factions may not invade the capital planet unless you have occupied a neighboring hex.
The Rovagug
I think that was changed when the two hexes away thing was implemented, but either way I'm completely fine with them attacking Dromund Kaas.

I'm looking forward to it :D