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Approved Tech VSF Alsatian

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Valde of the Vitae

  • Manufacturer:[SIZE=9pt] EODD/VSF[/SIZE]
  • Affiliation: Closed Market(VSF Forces and groups with expressed permission)
  • Model: VSF Alsatian Battle Rifle (ABR)
  • Modularity: Basic Blaster Rifle Modularity (Scope, Laser, and rail attachments)
  • Production: Minor
  • Material: Duraseteel, plasteel(most stocks), Blaster components, Teradin Wood(Stocks on Veran Royal Guard models)
  • Classification: Blaster Rifle
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Average
  • Ammunition Type: Powercell
  • Ammunition Capacity: 500 Rounds, 30 seconds worth of shield time (if at full capacity)
  • Reload Speed: Fast
  • Effective Range: Long Range
  • Rate of Fire: High(Semi and Fully automatic)
  • Stopping Power: Average
  • Recoil: Low
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Veran Royal Guards Have stocks made of Teradin wood (Bragging rights because your weapon’s probably eaten someone)
  • [SIZE=9pt]Faraday [/SIZE]Cage[SIZE=9pt] Interior[/SIZE]
  • Rifle has 5 settings: Semi-Auto, Full-Auto, Stun(semi-auto only), Shield, Safety
  • Shield setting can withstand all manner of energy-based attacks from blasters to sabers
  • Rugged design allows it to work in most environments without jamming
  • Variety of settings to fit the user’s needs
  • Faraday Caged interior
  • Shield setting cannot be used at the same time as other firing modes
  • Shield only appears at the end of the barrel
  • A strong enough magnetic charge can leave the weapon inoperable (about the force of 3 standard emp’s)
[SIZE=9pt]Created through a joint effort by the Vitae Security Forces and Ember’s Ordinances Droids and Design, the VSF Alsatian was created to become the primary weapon of non-specialized troops within the VSF. In keeping with the spirit of adaptability, each rifle has been given a shield generator setting which when deployed, uses power from he battery pack to extend a shield disk one meter in diameter from the end of the barrel. While the weapon is incapable of firing in this mode, it can allow for moderate cover when troops are moving through open terrain. However, it should be noted that this setting can only be used for about 30 seconds, given that the battery back is at full charge. The time of usage will drop in proportion to how many shots have been used before activation. When the [/SIZE]Alsatian's[SIZE=9pt] shield mode is easily noticed as the muzzle break will spread apart in a cross formation. From this point, should the trigger be pulled, the shield will deploy for as long as the trigger is depressed, much like an automatic firing mode.[/SIZE]

The VSF Alsatian has also been given a faraday cage like most other Vitae Weapons, due to Vulpesen's wariness of losing weapon usage due to an EMP.
Not open for further replies.