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Valley of Blooms [Spring Festival, SJO and Allies]


No Power in the 'Verse...
Springtime had arrived on Balamak.

The walks of a small town called Flat Rock were lined in dreamy pink blossoms, a sure sign that weather was growing steadily warmer. The frilly flowering trees were not only a lovely sight, but they were a reason to celebrate. Folks here held the belief that spring was a time of rebirth, a time to grow and look to the future with hope – quite a nice message all around.

It seemed that the area was currently bathed in shades of light shades of pink, nearly every shop and restaurant displayed a pastel cherry-colored ribbon to welcome the new season. This was also a bustling time of tourism for the small town; many come from worlds all around to get a chance to see the orchards in person. Visitors are also delighted to find a wide array of activities – merchants stand ready at small booths to sell a wide array of flower-themed products, artists proudly display their works of art, and the tasty aroma of street food fills the air. It is very clear…

The Festival of Blossoms had begun.
Liuna stepped off the Silver Jedi transport that had just delivered the first passengers to Balamak. It was a world that she’d never seen before, but it was much like other argri-worlds that she had visited in the past. There were rolling fields that stretched out far into the distance, and all the farm smells that generally came along with that. But it was a very pleasant day, the temperature just right for an afternoon spent outdoors.

Glancing at a hand-painted sign, her gaze found the arrow that pointed towards Flat Rock Orchard Farm. Turning her head in that direction, she knew that she wanted to make a stop there before day’s end. Rumor had it that they made their own ciders and ale there, it sounded like an interesting prospect. And if she recalled correctly, there was some sort of activity planned there at involved dying your own shirts. Strange, but maybe it could prove to be fun.

“Here you go, ma’am.” A festival attendant held out a small cotton sachet.

“Um, thanks,” Liuna said, taking the small bag from the young man, watching as he made his way through the crowd to continue handing out freebies.

Giving the bag a quick sniff, she guessed it was potpourri – the scent was floral and a bit fruity. But as she took a peek at the tag tied to the sachet, she was surprised to find that it was a festival blend of green tea and edible blossoms. The Mirialan had never been much of a tea-drinker. She was left standing with the bag of tea in hand, a bit confused as to what she wanted to do next. Craning her neck, she spotted merchants up ahead that had a variety of teapots and other pottery.

Wrinkling her nose, she turned and started off towards the farm.

[OOC: SJO, allies, and fellow LS/Neutral factions are welcome to attend!]

Upon entering the festival, everyone receives a sample bag of Festival Blend Loose Leaf Tea.

There will be a brief commissioning ceremony to reveal the SJO's newest flagship, led by [member="Jyoti Nooran"] and [member="Valae Kitra"].

Festival grounds: The mainstage is all set for a performance from Hartlite! Stop by to get a chance to see [member="Helly Reyne"] in person! This is a great stop to view the whole festival -- there are also informational booths and a parade that takes place in the evening.

Marketplace: Balamak is home to a large community of makers. From pottery to painting, there’s a little bit of everything. Today, there are a number of potters here hoping to entice visitors into taking home a piece of their world -- handmade teapots and cups to celebrate spring. Handmade flower vases are also a popular item. There are also other handmade crafts -- sweaters, jewelry, and the like.

Street Food: While most street fairs are ripe with fried goods, the alleyway is full of sweet confections and savory hand-pies. Here you will find items like airy spun sugar, handmade candy, hand-churned ice cream, and delicate pastries decorated with all manner of floral goodness. For those that don’t want to indulge their sweet tooth, there are hand pies stuffed with hearty vegetables or packed with stewed meat.

Orchards: Visit the Flat Rock Orchard Farm for a chance to get up close to the cherry blossoms trees! The orchards are a very popular destination for taking ‘selfies.’ The farm also has a station set up for everyone to try dying their own shirts -- it’s all free, don’t worry. Inside the barn, they have a wine, ale, and cider tasting available for a small fee. Feel free to visit the farm animals while you’re here.

Mountain hike: The trail is open to visitors -- dawn until dusk. There are some spectacular scenic views of the valley, a great opportunity for photographers. Why not pack a picnic lunch and go for a walk? While they are some steep inclines in place, it’s not a terribly difficult hike.

Draven Dursden

The Toy Knight
The sun smiled down warmly on Draven as he took a deep breath and simply enjoyed the view of the hike. The short Jedi stumped along, a medium sized bag on his back, and his sleeveless tunic and well fitted pants and combat boots making short work of the easy trail in front of him. The knight needed a break, and this seemed to be a nice moment to stop, and collect his thoughts, he didn't have any desire to be amongst the teeming masses anyways. The scenic beauty of the hike overtook him as he walked along, and a shallow peace spread over the area, not deep, but something.


Springtime, rebirth, start anew. Seemed that this festival was in time with Yurooc's return to his family, the Silvers. He had stepped off one of the last transports, it had been emptier than the early ones which were packed with excited Silvers wanting to explore the world. Yuroic saw the vast amount of pink, shaking his head, Spring was a nice period. Pink was not a pleasant colour in his mind. Pulling his hood, he covered his face, hiding his features better. This journey he wanted to explore privately.

At least at first.

As a stranger passed, handing out teabag, the pungent smell wafted swiftly to Yuroic, Yuroic raised his hand rejecting the offer. Tea was definitely not his speed. Pushing his way past gently, Yuroic quickly made his escape, the crowd start to create tunnel vision as he spent more time around others. Spotting a mountain hike, Yuroic darted in that direction. Peaceful and likely fewer people to crowd his way. Swallowing his anxiety, Yuroic followed the trail and focused on the sights around him. Grassy plains and the pleasant breeze that was refreshing with the warm sun.

This was better, this he could do. One foot after another. Just walk and see. No one to bump into.

Ugohr Poof

The Traveling Gungan Salesman
Objective: Street food

Ugohr realized that one of the new Bardottan staffers wanted to operate a food truck, which was, from a Pizza Hutt standpoint, a novelty. The question being: how many of those items they were going to be able to cook, other than the old standbys of pizzas, breaded fish, Skor cakes and cookies? Especially since the Bardottan executive chef insisted on serving Phu pho onboard the truck. Hopefully the patrons don't realize that Phu pho was a recipe that was, in fact, originating from a planet in First Order space. But there was just so much nerf broth smelling all over the insides of the truck, that the customers would probably want, from that food truck, a combo of Phu pho and Skor cake even though no self-respecting, purely Bardottan restaurant would ever think of selling the two together. But the Gungan would never suspect that he would be returning to this planet to holler about one specific meal, the newest addition on the Pizza Hutt menu and the executive chef of the day being the product manager of the Phu pho for Pizza Hutt. The first customers began to close in on the food truck and Ugoht believes that he can squeeze a few more customers with a well-placed holler:

"Comin right up: yousa can get da best pho in Silver Jedi space!"
Jedi Jackdaw
As soon as he arrived to the festival, Reggie was handed a bag with tea leaves inside, which he accepted with thanks. He had been away from the Silver Jedi for a few months now, so coming back and finding out there was a festival going on in Balmak excited him. Balmak was a place that Reggie has fond memories of from when he first joined the Silver Jedi, so it was nice to be back.

Deciding that he wanted to see the Cherry Blossom trees, Reggie begins walking towards Flat Rock Orchard Farm. He also hoped to see some of his old friends around, wondering how they have been while he was away. He was sure that he would see his friends at some point, so for now he would just enjoy the festival.

For the most part, Reggie looked the same. The only notable difference was his hair was a bit longer and he wasn't wearing his headband.

Theodosius Organa

Lost Prince of Alderaan
Location: Orchards, Flat Rock Farm​
In the Vicinity: [member="Liuna Ondizi"] / [member="Reggie Faayare"]​

The warm spring breeze brought more than sweet scents and pink pedals. Under the shower of pink flowers was one man. He was standing next to a tree within the orchard, and he moved closer. Leaning towards the tree he laid one hand upon it. Closing his eyes he tiled his head, as if listening to something. His hand that was upon the tree, an aura green started to glow. What was he doing? Many who passed by looked on in surprise and confusion.

Helly Reyne

Hartlite Frontwoman
Location: Mainstage, on stage.

"Get yo heavy weight off my back! I'm on the right track! And you're feedin' a fire!"

As the band was getting warmed up with other popular hits from around the galaxy, Helly busily sang with a grin on her face as she intentionally avoided talking to her manager from the side of the stage. The technical side of the concert was still being set up, but that didn't mean that Hartlite couldn't still play lightly with the initial small audience still forming. She wore an assortment of clothes she had picked out just recently, feeling like it fit the mood. Or, at the very least, her own mood. She was thankful to finally be feeling so good for a show, as it felt like it had been forever. Perhaps another change of hair was necessary soon, seeing as how she had started to outgrow the silver locks of her more depressive times.

Banners that displayed Hartlite logos and colors were hung proudly over the scaffolding around the stage, a Box of Hartlite as their lead guitarist, Raska, had called it ever since their first outdoor concert.

As Hartlite's manager, or more specifically Helly Reyne's manager, Trayt, approached closer on stage to get her attention, Helly playfully danced backward and away from him, teasing him by gesturing him to walk out further. He was clearly uncomfortable being on stage with the rest of them, and Helly couldn't help but laugh until he finally caught up with her.

"This is an important event, Helly," he told her. "Please be respectful on stage."

"Don't feed the fire, Trayt!" Helly mused, her lips still curled into a mischievous smile. Taking her mouth away from her signature red mic, the Red Anthem, she told him over the sound of the music, "Can't call something like this important, it kills the mood. It's a festival! Kick back and visit the orchard or something, we got things covered over in our corner."

The Chagrian manager finally conceded, shrinking back with a nod. "I merely get concerned."

"A spring festival should be your excuse to let loose, Trayt, live a little. Can't manage a band if you can't even manage your own happiness! Besides, it's the Silver Jedi Order, these are some of the most chill people in the galaxy. Hartlite fits in perfectly!"

With a forced smile, Trayt began his departure from the stage, adding, "Just be careful..."

"Never am!" Helly called out after him, transitioning it into lyrics of her own from a song called Take It Back.

There was still some time to spare before the real show got started, so she quickly checked backstage one last time to make sure that some of the special effects she had planned to show off were absolutely functional.

"It's in working order, ma'am," Renni, her personal assistant, assured her. "It's definitely blue enough."

"And I won't hit the switch by accident while I'm holding it for the entire song?"

"The switch is behind a cover. You'll take it off at the end of the song, then all you have to do is make sure the back end isn't facing you."

Helly nodded, though a bit nervously. "Never used one before, but it's so gonna be worth it."

Renni gestured to a case sitting beside her. "If you'd like to test it out once before the show..."

A sly grin stretched across Helly's face as even Renni couldn't help but wear a smile that could have only come from the satisfaction of handing a lightsaber to a rockstar.

Noriko Ike

Location: Mainstage watching

She had to admit this was pretty fun, getting to enjoy a show at least while the jedi did whatever it was that they were looking to do. She wanted to really build it up and make a cool showing but sadly..... Noriko stretched herself out. Relaxing when she had a cup of tea with a few of the others. A cone of sweet cream she could taste when the music continued to go on and on. FOrce senses reaching outwards to feel who else was here and she sadly didn't recognize any of them which made her a little sad but she would have to work on that or meet new people. Since the Shangri-La and Plane of High Heaven had been completed she had a lot more in terms of being able to see and work with force users.

Ugohr Poof

The Traveling Gungan Salesman
Objective: Street food

There really was only a handful of variations in what they wanted: the size of the pho servings and whatever side dishes, if any, they would be eating. Small, medium, large and supersize were the order of the day here when ti came to pho. In fact, the Bardottan executive chef realized that most of the adult customers ate large and supersize while the people eating small and medium-size servings were either from smaller species, such as Devlikks or, well, Bardottans, or younger members of more regular species. Sure, Ugohr prepared breaded fish for those customers who wanted to eat their pho with it, but there weren't a whole lot of those. Maybe later in the process would the Gungan be able to actually sample the pho he hired the Bardottan executive chef to run as a product for Pizza Hutt. The Gungan saw customers lning up but most of them seemed to be eating pho without any side dishes whatsoever, and he nervously watches over the supplies of ingredients as used to prepare the pho for those customers are starting to dwindle, and there was supposed to be enough noodles, broth, nerf and vegetables to serve the estimated number of customers.

"What do yousa want with yoursa pho?"

"Breaded fish"


No Power in the 'Verse...
Location: Flat Rock Orchard Farm
Nearby: [member="Theodosius Organa"], [member="Reggie Faayare"]

There was a sizable crowd heading over to the farm.

Liuna was just another festival goer, but she did stand out here -- and not only because she was green. Glancing around, the vast majority of people seemed to be dressed in work pants and flannel shirts. Some of them even had mud on their boots, like they’d wandered right off the fields and out to join in the festivities. In actuality, that was probably the story for most here on Balamak. Mixed in with the farmers, her black clothing and leather jacket did seem a touch out of place.

Shrugging it off, she paused at the edge of the orchard. The blooms were a spectacle, for sure. She already spotted a few couples posing happily together beneath the branches, and even a lone man in some kind of silent communion with a cherry tree. Liuna felt her hand reaching down towards her pocket; she did have a datapad on her person. She could always hop on the bandwagon and take a selfie, too. But the Shadow’s eyebrow twitched at the thought. Leave no trace, no one needed to remember that she was here today.

Leaving the flowering trees behind her, she continued on towards the barn.

There were farm animals in roped-off areas, as it seemed that their home had been turned into a drinking space for the day. At least it seemed clean, but the barnyard smell was still faintly present.

“I’ll take an ale sampler,” Liuna said, reaching the make-shift bar counter.
Location: Orchards, Flat Rock Farm
Objective: Enjoy the moment.
Nearby: [member="Liuna Ondizi"] l [member="Theodosius Organa"] l other people

The beauty, the peace, the tranquility.

He could feel the air touch his skin, blow through his hair. Like as if Aditya herself was still alive, still here, running her hand through his hair. All the pain was gone for a moment, all the misery he endured and brought upon the galaxy. For a moment, the void that he was in the force lessened. He did not pull in negativity, radiate hate and anger- he truly, was, for a few moments at peace.

Dara'suum. Forever. Until the end of time, the end of our days.

If only his time with his wife was as long as hers. Their memory, their love carried on through their daughter, and in the memories that he carried with him. But he could not wallow in pity and forever. He opened his amber eyes, his weary-eyes wandered over the sky. The ground was soft, the long-grass caressed his skin. He sat up, looking down the hill. He pulled his knees to his chest, resting his arm over his cybernetic leg.

He watched various figures stroll about. But he didn't feel like getting close to the Jedi yet. He knew how they looked at him. How they could sense him. Anger radiated off of him, like ripples in a pond. He knew what he was. He just didn't feel like facing it today. He closed his eyes, feeling the peace of the moment draw into him. Perhaps meditation had been beneficial.

He was getting more clarity than he had previously in his life.
Me? An Assassin? Nooooo
Location: Market

The farm and it's cheery blossom trees along with the prospect of new shirts was a nice thought, but the market place and all the other fancy store around where just to much of an opportunity to pass up. Walking down the now converted street he Tanasuki was greeted to a huge display of different shops colours and smells, the entire place alive in sight and spirit, people having fun and putting aside the woes of the galaxy for a good time. Dressed in his light-ish red Yukata the young Jin floated from store to store, observing all the different goods that where on display, a hard candy lollypop in his mouth, it sweet taste running along his tongue. "Such passion and fever, I wish these could be hosted more often, I wonder who will be coming today? Oh I wonder if I will have time to check out the different attractions, I hear they have quite the singer up on the stage, oh the choices".

Stephanie Swail

Look what they've done to my dream

Sitting at the top of the incline leading to the festival main stage, Stephanie Swail had a great view of Flat Rock to the rear and also the expansive stretch of terrain that the festival was on.

She sat on the warm dry grass, knees tucked up. In her hand, a stick of blue and pink spun sugar which she picked at nonchalantly and savoured with each fluffy mouthful. The word had spread across the Silver Rest for a while about the Flack Rock Spring Festival, so she just had to come and see what it was. There was also whispers about a new flag-ship coming into service. If true, that was very exciting.

Music echoed out, and there was activity on stage. To be honest, Stephanie had never heard of [member="Helly Reyne"] but this was why she was here - to see this talent in action and support the Order. It was exciting if the rumours were true.

Her tongue wrapped around the wisp of sugar in her mouth and it dissolved instantly, and she smiled to herself - it was yummy, plain and simple.

[member="Liuna Ondizi"] | [member="Tanaski Yumi"] | [member="Preliat Mantis"] | [member="Ugohr Poof"] | [member="Noriko Ike"] | [member="Theodosius Organa"] | [member="Reggie Faayare"] | [member="Draven Dursden"] | [member="Yuroic Xeraic"]
"Little Soldier's Boot"
Flat Rocks Orchard -> Street Food Festival

Walking along the pathways of the Orchard, Charlie yawned and tried to fight though the allergy medicine she had taken. It seemed the blossoming of spring made her sneeze. Oddly enough when she was on Kashyyyk or Tython none of that ever happened. Frowning, Charlie wondered if it was the cherry blossoms that did it. Of course, something so beautiful would make the padawan suffer.

Seemed to be a typical thing for her for some reason.

Wandering through the orchards, she could smell delicious things being made over by the street food section. A growl echoed as she stood there and remembered she had forgotten to eat after she had finished her studying earlier that day. Digging into her small bag, she searched for some credits. It seemed she didn’t forget her wallet which was a good thing.

Happily, she turned the corner and headed onto the street which was covered with booths and everything that shouted sweet. A grin swept across her face as she knew it was time to overload on sugar. Heading towards the center of the street vendors, she looked around for anyone familiar. Mostly she searched for Asaraa or Faye, though she figured both were probably busy doing their own thing for the time being. Sighing softly, she did put a small wish out to the Force that someone she knew would show up.

[member="Stephanie Swail"] [member="Tanaski Yumi"] [member="Preliat Mantis"] [member="Liuna Ondizi"] [member="Ugohr Poof"] [member="Noriko Ike"] [member="Helly Reyne"] [member="Theodosius Organa"] [member="Reggie Faayare"] [member="Yuroic Xeraic"] [member="Draven Dursden"]
Taiia's Shadow
Roleplay Judge
Sometimes work also included play. Allyson lingered not seeing anyone from her squad show up just yet. They were sent for a day off, but still hopefully get paid to relax. It was an odd set up and she never remembered anything like this happening while she was with the Galactic Alliance. She wasn’t complaining, she was far from complaining. Everything that had happened to her when she moved from the Alliance to the Silver Rest had been a massive improvement.

The jackets were even cooler, which looked amazing with the aviators that she had received when she flew with the rogues.

Leaning against one of the blossoming trees, Allyson sipped on an iced milk tea with tapioca pearls. She had recently fallen in love with the beverage and ensured that she always had a way to access them. Sighing softly, she looked at the treat. Its origins reminding her of someone, but at least they were good memories. The straw found her mouth again as she sipped and took a moment to chew the tapioca pearls one by one. Choking on one in public was probably extremely unattractive and Allyson was smarter than your average bear.

Something big was going down today and she had heard briefly about it. Still, she would rather have wandered down to the Street Food area or even the Orchards proper. Either way, she figured she would have an enjoyable time, hopefully the others had gotten the memo from command that they were to attend this event.

[member="Stephanie Swail"] [member="Tanaski Yumi"] [member="Preliat Mantis"] [member="Liuna Ondizi"] [member="Ugohr Poof"] [member="Noriko Ike"] [member="Helly Reyne"] [member="Theodosius Organa"] [member="Reggie Faayare"] [member="Yuroic Xeraic"] [member="Draven Dursden"] [member="Charlie"]

Ugohr Poof

The Traveling Gungan Salesman
Objective: Street food

While Ugohr was busy preparing the breaded fish for the customer in front of him, he could readily sense the presence of one [member="Charlie"] who, in his mind, was threatening to consme the whole remaining contents of the truck's stores if left unchecked. After all he heard about her, he had no choice but to feel as if the truck's fate would be in the hands of the Force's dice being rolled. Mesa hopen dat shesa not try to steal oursa reserves: da Bardottan not be happy with a theft if issa occurs, he thought, while furiously watching both the breaded fish being air-fried and the supplies used in preparing pho, with the latter steadily dwindling as more and more customers wanted to eat pho. However, there was only one pho recipe, whereby the Bardottan knew that some restaurants that specialized in it, especially those serving Bardottan cuisine, had as many as eight varieties: porg, Endor chicken, seafood, meatballs and, of course, various cuts of nerf meat. Hopefully the next batch of pho supplies will arrive in time or so the Bardottan executive chef would be led to think.

"We only have eight servings left: should we continue serving?"

"Yes, of course"

Aubrey King

Location: Orchards > Street Food


Aubrey was supposed to have met Faye down in the orchards to spend some quality time with her friend, but she hadn't seen her yet. She wandered around a bit by herself, enjoying the scenic view, but she was running on an empty stomach, so her stomach began to groan before long. The sweet scents of the flowering trees definitely wasn't helping matters.

It was time for some grub.

She made her way out of the orchard at a brisk pace, her nose now smelling more savory aromas by all the food stands setup. Looking around, she could see a wide variety of options on display, from common street food like corndogs, to more...exotic seafood items that still looked alive. She scrunched her face in disgust at the sight of quivering tentacles being offered at one stand.

While she was trying to make up her mind, she spotted a familiar face, one of the Atrisian (or was it Seoulian?) girls from her recent lightsaber course. She looked so different outside of her Jedi regalia, definitely more personable. She wouldn't have even guessed she was a Jedi if she hadn't already seen her fight.

Still very much alone, Aubrey made her way over in the hopes of making a new friend.

"Hey there! Ah, Charlie was it?" She held out a hand. "You may not remember me, but I'm Aubrey. We've had some classes together."

[member="Charlie"] [member="Ugohr Poof"] [member="Yuroic Xeraic"] [member="Helly Reyne"] [member="Draven Dursden"] [member="Liuna Ondizi"]
The Golden Rule
"Punctual as always."

Jyoti slipped out from behind one of the trees, the skirts of her sheer robin blue dress flapping around her from the soft breezes that blew through the orchards.

There had been a memo issued to certain personnel for the commissioning ceremony of Shining Path, but Allyson had received a modified set so that would send her on a different path, alone.

The Echani moved in a half circle around Allyson's front, silver eyes shifting from her face, to her drink, and then over the shoulder.

"No Kaili again, I see."

[member="Allyson Locke"]
Taiia's Shadow
Roleplay Judge
Allyson continued to drink the tea, something familiar entered her mind. Looking up from the drink she was met with the sight of a certain Echani. Nearly choking on one of the tapioca balls, Allyson cleared her throat and smiled. She pulled off the aviator glasses after letting them hide her look over of the Jedi Master. Folding them, she tucked them in the collar of her white shirt. “If I’m punctual then you’re a smidge late there, Jyoti.” The smile turned into Allyson’s signature mischievous smirk.

The smirk faded as Jyoti poked at the absence of Kaili. Shrugging, Allyson lost a bit of her steam and she nodded. “No, Kaili. She’s off doing her own thing it seems. Hearing from her has been less and less.” Allyson waved the drink as if she was waving her hand. Talking about Kaili was something she wasn’t in the mood for. “You look beautiful today, Jyoti. Meeting anyone in particular?”

Allyson continued to smile as she pushed herself off the blossom tree she was leaning on.

[member="Jyoti Nooran"]

Theodosius Organa

Lost Prince of Alderaan
Location: Orchards, Flat Rock Farm​
In the Vicinity: [member="Liuna Ondizi"] / [member="Reggie Faayare"] / [member="Preliat Mantis"] /​
Lips parted. Moving they curled upwards. Most pleased, that one man took his hand from the tree. Whatever he sensed he did not disclosed the information. Taking a few steps away from the tree, that man turned around. Now standing in-between two rows of trees he looked down the path.

“Yes, I see”, Theo pleasantly said and looked to the ground beneath his feet. Taking a knee there, he placed his hand upon the ground. Again his hand started to glow green.