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Upvote to change from the "like" system to the Upvote/Downvote system

Jak Sandrow

"Nobody cares for the woods anymore."


Ropo Lord of Hoth and Supreme Comandante General
The little Ropo's eyes filled with tears. Why would anyone want such a thing he wondered.

Thusly he quickly sprung into action to dig out a tiny hole and attempt to push all of his likes into it to try and horde them from those that would darn do something as dastardly as take them from the cute little furball.
Because no one wants to have -998 reputation, @[member="Helmut Todstern"].

It creates negativity and feuds because "X keeps downvoting me!". Trust me, it's not a smart move.

@[member="Page Blight"], yours is being reverted...with a small bonus increase.


Like Lightning
Amorella Mae said:
Wow....I think that's the first time I've ever seen a negative reputation.

No don't archive it! Keep it here! that way we can always remember how you had -998 rep points.