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Upon the Bedrock [The Jedi Praxeum]

Zef Halo

Good Ol' Scoundrel

This was it. The beginning of something new on a planet some would call 'the middle of nowhere' where a peaceful low-tech, small numbered population of Near-Humans lived within the massive rifts created by earthquakes. There they had found their survival far away from the arctic surface of the planet. There the locals had flourished in their own way in complete balance with their surroundings. Descended from the Jedi, still passing down from generation to generation, the locals and the Praxeum had a certain resonance with each other from the very start.
Nestled within the thick of a forest, waterproof tents and a makeshift outpost from wood and stone formed a camp overlooking the half-built structure that would be the core of the Praxeum.
It only fitted that they would find their home here.
Ember gazed at the structure before them, his mind lost into it. Behind him - Jedi, refugees and a few locals conversed in a cacophony of voices.
There was so much work to do, not only regarding the building and outpost itself, and the refugees they had taken from Nibelungen but also working on what the future of the Jedi Praxeum would be.


War Ready
From the cerulean skies above the current location of the budding Jedi Praxeum, Flugnir flew downwards, descending to the ground just outside the treeline. Flugnir's captain, Jedi Knight Odin Stormbreaker, had come to Nocturne's Rest to provide whatever he could to the birth of new beginnings that were happening here. Also, he wanted to enjoy a time of peace, merriment, and progress for the Jedi.

"R6, we're here. Come on."

The astromech beeped happily as it followed Odin through the ship to the ramp. The two exited the ship, walking down the ramp and on to the lush grass. Odin breathed a sigh of content as a fresh breeze flew by him, filling him with a feeling of ease.

"We're home."

Odin and R6 moved through the forest and stepped into the clearing where the Jedi Praxeum was being built. He could see groups of people gathering with one another and socialize and children running around, playing with one another. It all was a pleasing sight to see to Odin. He continued on, looking for his place in all this.

[member="Ember Farseer"]


Hammer Time
In the easiest of terms, yet in a way that it meant the most to her, Eira Pechal reminded Alm of home.

Not climate wise, of course. This planet was largely frigid and cold whereas Alm’s home world was all fierce deserts and mountains with a splash of gentle rolling plains between. It was the relative simplicity of life here that gave her peace, especially in a galaxy full of harsh lights and sounds and anger.

Especially after finding her way into the Sith Empire.

While never anyone of note within their ranks, Alm struggled heavily with morality as an Acolyte. She’d always been a dutiful child but had reached the age where she began to question things more and more. Alm did not like to hurt people, but she had done just that. On Thyferra. On Tion. She had hurt innocent people and it tore her apart inside, ripping at every scrap of self-identity she had left since leaving Manas.

Alm was not a learned woman by galactic standard, but something inside of her did not trust the words the Sith spoke. About their goals, about the Jedi. There was still so much for her to experience on her own, and the young Nasvalo wasn’t satisfied with stories alone. So she left one night, quietly making her way back to the Outer Rim where she’d discovered the Jedi Praxeum. They seemed alright.

There was not much familiar in the way of food here, but luckily they’d set up camp in one of the planet’s more temperate zones. Alm had arisen early and spent several hours in the forest around the makeshift refugee camp, leaning the lay of the land and foraging what she could find, only taking what she needed. It helped her feel more at peace and reflect inwardly.

Returning to camp with a basket full of vegetation, Alm wandered her way past [member="Ember Farseer"]—not without dropping several small, hard fruits into his hand.

“Eat.” She grunted, meandering away from the Jedi. She was still nervous around those who’d dedicated their lives to the light, as if they’d figure out what she was and cast her out. Alm didn’t know what she was or what she wanted to be, but she didn’t want to be alone.
Keepin Corellia Weird
Luca was hardly the type to settle in amongst those gathered. Caught up in a group of refugees, he had wound up here with the Praxeum. Knowing his own gifts, the young desert dweller knew it was a matter of time before they found out what he was and could do. And then? His family had reacted with horror and suspicion when he predicted tragedies big and small... And even simple joys. Wouldn't they do the same? People never tended to like Seers unless they were telling them where to find money or lost lovers.

Which the gift never told him how to do anyway. Not yet.

Someone nearby was conflicted, particularly internally. His empathy picked up on the suffering of all the people, but most of it was borne and worn, not acute. This that his senses picked up on was acute, raw feeling, and his head turned to the side as if listening, sensing the current of emotions. People walked by him, their mouths moving soundlessly and he nodded without bothering to read their lips, smiling easily.

Suddenly his eyes found [member="Alm"], and red filled his vision, pain flooding his senses. But it wasn't a malignancy. It was almost as if she herself was running from a part of herself. Pity moved him, because in a keen and visceral way he knew what that feeling was like. So he moved up to place himself conveniently in her path and waved quietly in an easy greeting.

Maybe he could figure out who she was, and why she hurt. If he could help someone without losing it to visions and insanity, maybe they wouldn't run him off.
Major Faction


OOC Account
Chiara had only just arrived. Literally. Her boots rang down the loading ramp as she stepped off, pausing near the bottom to find herself standing at a distance of a half-built structure with tents lined about, and workers readying for the task ahead. She watched for several moments before leaving the ship behind and started along a makeshift path to join the other Jedi and refugees. Eira Pechal wasn’t a planet that she was familiar with at all, but that wasn’t anything new. A lot about this Galaxy remained unknown for her; given she was eight hundred years passed the timeline that she originated from.

She accepted that this was just the way of things, and that the Galaxy would continue to be in a state of constant flux; the Force at work in the center of it all, as always.

However, if there was one thing Chiara knew and was quite adept at, it was knowing how to be adaptable. Many times in her distant past, all she could do was move; never stopping to put down roots. Manu once said that their family had become some of the Galaxies most successful runners, chased by unending danger and uncertainty. He wasn’t wrong.

But, she wasn’t here because she was running the long marathon.

When [member="Merrick Sato"] had reached out to her on Sabarene to tell her about the efforts taking place on Eira Pechal, Chiara agreed to go and help out in whatever way she could; not only to bolster the new Praxeum, but also the people pulling together to build it, who would be the true foundation.

She paused in her trek up the path, and violet eyes gazed back to see if her traveling companion had caught up yet, a smile pulling at her lips when Merrick came into view.

“You know, I haven’t felt peace like this in a long's something else…” Chiara inhaled a breath and sighed contentedly. “C’mon, we better get up there and join the others.”
Jace was certainly ready to call himself comfortable with the Praxeum, even with some of it's members who he had become accustomed to. Although, he hadn't been here long- but nobody really had, this group was something new. Something fresh. Much like himself. A newly anointed Padawan with the potential to be something greater through hard work and dedication. It was sensed on Nibelengun, and it could surely be sensed now. With each passing day his knowledge of the force grew, and as did his understanding of the Jedi Code. Making the transition was difficult, but who said being a Jedi was easy?

Several young natives, children even, lead the Padawan in the direction of a gently flowing stream. Creating a tranquil sound, especially in combination with the nature surrounding them. They began to wade through the shallow portions, whilst Jace removed his boots and rolled his pants up to his knee before moving in after them. One of them handed him a makeshift fishing rod, allowing the Jedi to get the 'proper' grip as the boy mimed one of his own.

"You just sorta'," The child pulled back on the imaginary tool before flicking it forwards, "Flick it."

The native children seemed to watch with ill-deserved anticipation.

​"I'll try." A grin tugging at the left corner of his lips.

It appeared that these children had the task of collecting enough fish to support a meal, or two, maybe three. Might as well make use of the newcomers, eh?
Whispers had gone around in Sanctuary of a collective of Jedi under the name of the Jedi Praxeum. A place of learning and growth, notions Nylea highly valued and as such she was compelled to offer a helping hand. Now the echani found herself on the planet of Eira Pechal, one that reminded her of Monastery in many ways. It was a peaceful place sheltered from the troubles of the galaxy, somewhere to retreat to when one wished to center themselves and clear their mind. It was not surprising Jedi would be attracted to the world.

While humming a quiet melody Nylea walked along a gentle stream, enjoying the calming sound of the running water as she admired the forest that surrounded her before paying a visit to the Praxeum itself. It gave her the opportunity to think back on recent events, which she still wasn't sure how to navigate through. The woman had begun to show more initiative within the Order of the Sacred Lotus and after saving a life in the middle of a conflict between the Sith Empire and the League of Voss, one the Lotus had responded to by bringing relief to the wounded no matter their allegiance, the voices that advocated Nylea receiving the title of Jedi Knight had only become stronger. She herself believed it was not her time, however, but she wondered if being a Knight truly meant more for the person themselves than the people around them. It would have to be dealt with if the time came, she decided.

"You just sorta', flick it."

​"I'll try."

The echani heard the voice of a young child followed by a reaction of an older-sounding man, to which turned her head to find where it was coming from. With a hop she jumped over the stream and began making her way towards the small group that had gathered on the other side, waving as she came closer. "Trying your hand at fishing, I see? Are there any other rods available so I can join you?" She went to sit down next to the adult of the group with a smile, watching over the stream for a split second before turning her attention towards him. "I hope you do not mind, the last thing I want to be is a bother."

[member="Jace Khel"]
The younger man reared backwards with the rod, allowing it to somewhat rest over his shoulder for the briefest of moments- then 'flicking' it back int he direction of the water. The line soared through the air, colliding with the water and resting on the surface, as the hook with bait attached dangled beneath. Manipulated with the soft current, occasionally being forced back to it's original position. The children stepped away from the shallows, joining Jace on the bank and dipping their toes in the water just as he did, grabbing fishing rods of their own.

The Padawan raised his head, taking note of the Echani coming his way with a polite nod and a wider grin as both of his hands remain planted on the fishing rod. "Uhm." He replied initially, peering left and right to see if any were in fact being unused. To which there was one, for one of the children didn't appear to be all that up for it. "Here." Jace announced, removing his left hand to grab for the vacant one nearby, offering it to Nylea.

"Oh." He started, "No, it's fine. I'm sure they're more than happy to have more help." He glanced towards the native kids who paid him no mind, seemingly more interested in the act of fishing than anything else. Time was certainly going to prove they were better at it than he. They had their talents, and he had his. It was just how things worked after all.

[member="Nylea Apollodor"]
S u p e r i o r
Solidor Slane

Eira Pechal
Accompany the Praxeum

The elderly man would be seated upon a rock as the native children along with the refugees gathered around the man who exuded a soothing aura out to them. Despite the hardships of the galaxy and all the turmoil it was constantly through, there was always hope for the children of younger generations to grow and thrive despite the tormented soil in which they found themselves. It would be up to the Jedi to restore a peaceful galaxy; but not through the ways of those who used its name only to turn against its core values. They were keepers of peace, seekers of knowledge, defenders of light for all those in need, not warmongers that spread even more chaos and destruction to those caught between the clashing light and dark wherever they went.

The innocence of a child was a pure sight for his old, weary eyes as their giggles and shrieking laughter as they chased after one another in a game of tag. They would run around Slane to avoid being touched, the young child who was 'it' finally giving up as she instead turned to Solidor and tapped him on his arm before pointing and shrieking in delight, "You're it!" Slane would give a surprised expression as he raised his brow, the hand that rested upon his crystal tipped cane pushing it against the ground as he stood up tall. The children would scatter, from around Slane as they ran off to avoid getting tagged.

Solidor would let out a quiet chuckle as he looked around. There were the faces of many weary refugees that had been relieved from Nibelungen, and the area in which they settled was far and out of the way, but it would be a sanctuary and haven to many. A number of Jedi were present, some he recognized from their relief mission on Nibelungen and some new faces. How it brought joy to him that there still were quite a few Jedi who were willing to go back to their roots and truly serve the Light.

Slane would walk over to a child who had tripped and fallen, having scraped their knee fairly badly, lowering himself on one knee as he looked the little girl's leg. He would hold out a hand as a soft glow seemed to emanate from it, the green crystal on his cane pulsing in unison as waves of healing energy began to reach out to the girl's wound. The scraped and bloodied knee would heal rapidly as the girl who was teary-eyed suddenly had a look of aw and excitement on her face as she clapped excitedly. Slane would stand up and pick the girl off the ground before smiling and resting his hand on her shoulder, "Be more careful little one. You're it." The girl pouted, but it soon gave way to a cheerful smile as she giggled and ran off.
Hope is Kindled
Hyperspace-Unknown Region

Space travel had become a common occurrence that he really didn't mind to be quite honest. When he was under the guidance and leadership of Master Arenais on the giant vessel that was home to a once Jedi Order it had truly tested his mettle with space travel. Traveling aboard his own ship right now that was dubbed the Legacy, speeding through hyperspace with a passenger in tow somewhere on his vessel. She was probably asleep if he were to take a guess, the girl none other than [member="Romi Jade"]

An individual that Kahne had assisted in her rescue just a few days ago and were now travelling through the unknown regions.

The Jedi Master rubbed his eyes slightly and then he glanced over to his astro droid and smiled "Gala, why don't you go see if Romi is awake yet?"

Kahne's senses weren't picking up anything out of the ordinary, besides how much more trouble could they get into.

Zef Halo

Good Ol' Scoundrel
The sudden appearance of fruit in his hands startled him as the unnaturally tall figure of a girl. He looked up at her face as she passed by with a brutish command to devour the food and found a young looking face. A Near-Human, one which wasn't a native. The Jedi Knight did not need to tap much into the Force to sense her sensitivity, it was bustling on the surface in some sort of a clash and turmoil within. His capabilities in sensing were meager at best.

He glanced at the fruit before taking a bite. The juices of the snack soothing his tastes sweetly. It made Ember realize that he was in fact quite hungry.

"Thank you." The Jedi nodded respectfully after he devoured the bite. Before she could wander off, he called out. "I don't think I've met you before." His tone lacked suspicious but rather - it sounded curious.

[member="Alm"] | [member="Luca Jisard"]

Romi Jade

Jedi Beauty
Kintan was rough in all senses of the word... she fought through a year before she encountered Kahne again; exhaustion would have been her next battle had she not encountered him when she did.

She refused to go into detail as to why she was there...and led him to believe that he truly was rescuing her; she figured he wouldn't approve.


She never quite thought Kahne approved of her, on Deneba...he more of less seemed not even to notice she was there. She cradled the length of her arm, squeezing just enough to draw up a whimper at the sting of pain she felt.


Stealing the end of the cloth, she pulled the bandages tight before tucking it to complete the wrap. As dark as they were, you couldn't miss her bruises. Her head snapped up, with bounded blonde hair she took in her newest companion with a sultry smirk.

"Gala!" She shook her head before placing a light hand on her hip, "Hey buddy..." he'd been checking on her off and on, and the two had become acquainted through him just listening to her rants on why she even put herself through the training in the first place. She paced over and painfully knelt down to meet the astro droid at eye level.

"Thanks for tending to're the best." She winked before making for the cockpit.


A grey tank was barely able to hide the bandages that suctioned her abdomen. She entered the cockpit, and rest behind the co-pilots chair. The rest of her body faded into black as her pants were of a darker shade followed by her boots.

"Hey" she drug it out. "How's everything?" she looked out into the maw of of hyperspace

For what seemed like forever, was merely a lost of seconds before she gently dug her nails in the chairs leather and looked over at her former fellow council member.

[member="Kahne Porte"]


Hammer Time
Life as a hunter had taught Alm to be observant. Not just of her prey, but of her allies as well—in most cases, that meant her family. Often she would go hunting into the mountains of Manas with her brothers and sisters.

She had noticed that Ember had not eaten since the day before. Thus, she had to remedy that, if not for the pure survival instinct to keep an ally alive but to…reach out. Alm wanted to be liked, or at the very least, not hated. The language barrier and her permanent scowl made it difficult to connect with others.

He called out to her just as her eyes landed on [member="Luca Jisard"] and she froze. Did he know of her ties to the Sith? Had he reached into her mind and somehow seen everything? Before she responded, she looked to the man who had waved at her. Tall and tan, she recognized him almost immediately as another Nasvalo. It wasn’t just his build or skin color—there were subtle features of his face that she had recognized him as a desert dweller. Her heart leapt for a moment at the prospect of meeting another one of her people offworld…and here of all places.

“/Here, eat something./” She took a chance and spoke quietly in her native tongue, handing the man a large green fruit. Even if he didn’t understand her, he’d likely get the gist.

She tilted her head back to the Jedi in a ‘follow me’ gesture to Luca before retracting a few paces toward [member="Ember Farseer"].

“My name is Alm.” She answered simply in thickly accented Basic. “Who are you?” Not demanding, she nearly mirrored his curious tone.
The man watched on in silence. He wasn't here for group hugs and conversation. He hadn't showed up to pat younglings on their heads and tell them life would be a grand adventure. He was here for one thing, farming. He wasn't much good for anything else anyway.

The boarding ramp to his old YT-2000 yawned open as he stood outside and only had to be kicked once to reach the ground. He walked inside with heavy steps, came back a few moments later with heavy bags of fertilizer on each shoulder, and Bee lined to the only patch of bare ground he could find near by. Another trip brought more bags, and another brought arm loads of hand tools. Finally an old beaten plow was hauled over and deposited on the hard ground. The man grunted a noncommittal grunt and started strapping the plow harness to his own shoulders and began to slowly pull the blade across the field.

Because that's what heroes do.
Keepin Corellia Weird
Taking the fruit, the young seer bit into it, savoring the flavor as his distant kinswoman moved towards the other Jedi. That one walked with command. Something in the upright posture, the strong bearing and set to the eyes... It didn't per se speak of glories to come. Not entirely. But a weight was on his shoulders, and yet he bore it just fine still. Nodding, Luca followed [member="Alm"] and stopped just short, inclining his head to both.

She looked like his mother, and so he knew that she was of the same race as he. That was exciting, considering he could barely remember his homeworld. Though his father had ensured he knew all about it. A kind smile was offered, though his eyes glinted oddly, and he pointed to his ears, then to mouth, shaking his head to indicate the two were not connected. That he could not hear. A flickering of the fingers, more a wiggle, and the same motion up to his lips. He could read lips. Sign language was rare in the galaxy, most choosing to have bionics or cybernetics fix such a defect as deafness. Just most thought him a deaf-mute, as he was loath to speak because of how he knew he sounded to others from the hearing loss. But Luca had kept the handicap, partly out of the belief that the absence of hearing might be what fueled his visions.

And even when abandoned by others for what he saw and knew, he persisted in the goal to learn to control them.

Grinning, he raised the fruit and smiled, taking a bite and bowing his head. The words sounded thick on his tongue, and slow, hesitant. It was obvious he didn't often speak. The desert accent sounded exceptionally odd as well in that light. But a faint brush on both their minds conveyed thanks and excitement. The basest employment of empathy in projection rather than reception.

"Thank you. I am Luca."

[member="Alm"] | [member="Ember Farseer"]
Hope is Kindled
Truth, he wasn't entirely sure of the specifics of her troubles that had ailed her, or if they still did or didn't. Kahne could sense a bit of uneasiness between the two that Kahne had wanted to flesh out, he didn't want them at ends. He truly hoped that they could get passed this and become what he always hoped that they could. Kahne chuckled lightly as he glanced over to Romi and gave a slight nod of his head.

"It's going." He looked her up and down and noted before just like he was doing now her injuries. "You know that would probably be easier to manage if you asked for some help." Kahne smirked and stood up for a moment. "Come on, I can get you something to drink, or something to eat if you are hungry." Kahne cleared his throat while he already had some stimcaf brewed up already, unless something else was desired.

"What are you feeling like?"

[member="Romi Jade"]
[SIZE=10pt]Lowering the cargo bay landing ramp Aten raised a hand shielding his eyes from what bit of sunlight crept into the vessel. The light bathed his fair skin and Aten felt a warmth fill his chest that he hadn’t felt in so long. The warmth of being surrounded by the light, by those like himself. The young padawan had come into contact with some Jedi but never had so many been concentrated in one area, it was overwhelming, intoxicating in a way. All around there were those helping others, whether it be in setting up camps or in distributing food, there were even some who had taken to entertaining the refugee children. News had reached his ears of a Praxeum being built out in the Unknown Regions. Most of the news and information that had floated to Aten’s ears about Jedi in recent times were that they were much more militant taking the fight to the Sith. While he did agree with this sentiment he took issue with the thought that most focused more on military action than bringing about change and aiding those whose lives had been ruined. These Jedi were different they truly cared about others, that was obvious to anyone that looked upon this site.

Grabbing the grav-lift from within the ship Aten pushed it out where it carried three large crates, within each a roll that contained blankets and a pillow. Of course, it wouldn’t be enough to give one to everybody but every little bit helped. Despite the beating purchasing this much had put on his wallet Aten was able to smile knowing that he could make a difference even if it was a minuscule one. Popping open one of the crates he went to work passing out the blankets. The blonde-haired individual hadn’t gotten the chance to meet many if any of the Jedi present, he had honestly begun relying on his Master to do all the talking out of them and following his lead. Left alone Aten knew not who to confront, so till then, he would simply pass out the supplies a smile on his face.[/SIZE]
"Thank you," Nylea replied with the everpresent gentle tone in her voice. "I have found fishing to be very relaxing, although I rarely have time for it these days." With a nod she had taken hold of the rod and made sure the line wasn't tangled around the tip before taking a piece of bait and attaching it to the hook. Meanwhile she watched the children dipping their toes into the water, softly smiling at the sight before her. The things she had seen recently had been brutal, but the change of pace her did her well to letting her process them and close the chapter. With a loose motion she flicked the rod forwards, the landing in about the middle of the stream. With the float as the origin point, ripples moved away from it. Now all there was left to do was being patient.

While carefully keeping a grip on the rod, the echani then began undoing the laces of her boots. "My name is Nylea. A pleasure to meet you." More than places like this one, it people like the one she sat next to who helped her unwind the threads of fatigue that would envelop her being. The calming presence he exerted in the Force was one she found comfort in. "I assume you are here with the Praxeum?" The first boot had come off and she began with the second, which followed rather quickly. Slowly her feet would sink into the water, feeling the fairly cold stream gently crash against her ankles. "I was looking to see what they have been building here and lend a hand, if they would have it."

Slowly Nylea began to pick up on the boy who had not been very interested in joining the fishing and while she listened to what the man to her right had to say, she patted the grass to her left while she had her head turned towards him as an invitation to come sit down next to her. After a moment of contemplation he would oblige, hobbling over and sitting down. It seemed there was something bothering him, but perhaps she was able to lift his spirits even just a little today.

[member="Jace Khel"]


He slowly paced towards the edge where the ramp lip dipped; the sun had almost been blinding but if sought deep down to bring out a comfort in Kol that he hadn't felt a long time during his voyage through space.

His nostrils flared a bit while watching Aten give, as he'd always been called to do. The kid had the potential, and sometimes he wondered just what the hell he was truly teaching him. Sochi would have known exactly how to proceed but...

Call him selfish in that he cradled the boy close; it was for good reason. Most of the time he subconsciously did so. He supposed the two could do with interaction when it came to the Jedi, Kol could do without it but...who would he be if he denied that to Aten who was just discovering all of this.

He slowly descended the ramp, and in the peripheral of his eye he saw but a small and lone figure; he felt it too. He looked over to see Keer. However, his mind had drifted into the empyrean as it so often did when he was experiencing visions along the strain of time.

This boy...

He was shook to his core, and when his stance grew wide and vulnerable. This boy...who but an aspect of Kol's past vanished into the thick of the forest.


A symphony of boops and beeps filled his ears, and helped him find reality again. He glanced to the side to see their astromech droid, "BeeBee look after the ship ya hear?"

[member="Aten Ramses"]