Star Wars RP

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Upon dragons, we ride

Valeria Ilara

She Who Sits Astride The Galaxy
Character dragons, ladies and gentlemen.

Hi. I'm open for recruitment - and don't spam it like crazy. If you want someone riding a war-trained star dragon at the head of your army, well... I suggest you make me a good offer.


Professor of Alchemy
I'll make your war-trained star dragon faster, stronger, and flat -better- than anyone else in the galaxy could offer. Save perhaps one, but the cookie lord has not shown his face for some time.


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
The Omegas have also Space Elves and Space Dwarves on their sides, among with Mechanical Undead, Fiery Redheads, and we already have a Star Dragon among our ranks! :D
We also offer training in Bladedancer and Iron Knight programs, join now and get a free ropo!

Vorhi Alestrani

Blind Brawler
The CIS offers generous contracts to operatives with unusual talents. Our force division, the Templars, are quite skillful at a variety of hidden traditions. Perhaps your star dragon would like to seek ancient lore with the Seekers? And don't mind Fabula's threats of wanton violence. That's her way of meeting new people. :D