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Approved Starship TIE/V139 Phantom-XII

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Head Engineer at Dalness Manufacturings
  • Intent: To create stealth, long-range multi-role fighter for COMPNOR agents (at Kazimir Tragovic Kazimir Tragovic 's request)
  • Image Source: Behance [x]
  • Canon Link: n/a
  • Permissions:
    • ApexTech Industry [x]
    • Jaeger Solutions [x]
    • Technoid Manufactorum [x]
  • Primary Source: TIE/ph Phantom


  • Manufacturer: Dalness Manufacturings and Shipbuilding [x]
  • Affiliation: Kazimir Tragovic [x] and affiliated COMPNOR agents
  • Market Status: Closed-Market
  • Model: TIE/V139 Phantom-XII
  • Production: Semi-Unique
  • Material:
    • Composite hull:
      • Titanium [x]
      • Reflec [x]
    • Quadanium steel Solar Panels [x]
    • Faraday Cage components [x]
    • Electronic components
    • Computing components
  • Classification: Starfighter
  • Length: 8 metres
  • Width: 6.5 metres
  • Height: 3 metres
  • Armament: High
    • Ion cannons (x2) [x]
    • Laser cannons (x4) [x]
    • Proton torpedo launcher (x2) [x]
      • Standard load: 36 torpedoes
  • Defences: High
    • Composite hull
    • Electronic Countermeasures Suite [x]
    • Missile Deactivation Transmitter [x]
    • Particle shield [x]
    • Ray shield [x]
  • Squadron Count: Very Low: 4
  • Manoeuvrability Rating: Very High (110-150 DPF)
  • Speed Rating: High (1,490 km/h - 120 MGLT)
  • Hyperdrive: Class 1.0

  • C-3A Mercury-class Communications Suite [x]
  • LS-132 Terra Life Support Systems [x]
  • STS-84 Artemis-class Targeting&Sensor System [x]
  • Navigation computer [x]
  • Self-destruct mechanism [x]

  • Mk. III Stygium Cloaking Device [x]
  • Computerized Combat Predictor [x][*]P-w702 Ion Maneuvering Jet [x]
  • C-31a "Dog Fight" Inertial Compensator [x]
  • TXD DB-SR01x 'Powerslave' Droid Brain loaded with TXD Combat Serie 'Tempest' A. I. [x] [x]
  • Anti-Ion Emission Tracker [x]
  • Sensor and Communications scramblers
  • Stealth: Equipped with a cloaking generator, the TIE/V139 is able to conceal itself away from enemy sensors at will as long as it does not open fire. This cloaking device, albeit being deemed antique, is in fact one of the most powerful systems found on the cloaking devices market, having suffered very few problems and malfunctioning during its long history of service. This, added to the fact that no one has yet cracked its jammer signature, makes the Mk. III Stygium Device a reliable tool upon which COMPNOR agents can rely during their missions.
  • Droid-assisted: The engineers of the DM&S fancy the Computerized Combat Predictor quite a lot. As a matter of fact, it has been decided to use the Predictor for its first intended use onboard a stealth vessel. Combined with the Droid Brain, the TIE/V139 is boosted by a second pilot: the A. I. can handle acrobatic manoeuvres an organic pilot would not resist and is able to override the piloting controls when a destruction danger is detected. Moreover, the Droid Brain is able to take control of the vessel whenever the pilot is incapacitated, flying home safely whilst providing first aid to the injured agent. In the event of the pilot dying, the last mission of the Droid Brain is to initiate self destruct to prevent the sensitive technologies from falling into enemy hands.[/FONT]
  • Lone Wolf: While the TIE/V139 might be an excellent craft, its primary function remains to scout enemy areas and map swathes of uncharted territory. It is well-equipped for long(range missions and small skirmishes, but is ill-suited for prolonged dogfights and space battles. Given the high value of the model, it is best to keep the Phantom-XII outside any major encounter, especially when considering the low number of fighters per squadron and the low number of TIE/V139 that have been built.
A secret commission by COMPNOR officials, the Phantom-XII was born to create a modern stealth TIE multi-role fighter. Tracing inspirations to the TIE/ph Phantom and TIE/hu Hunter, the TIE/V139 was tested in the skies of Yinchorr, where it proved to be a reliable craft and capable fighter. Following the specifications of COMPNOR agents brought to the testing fields, the prototypes were significantly bolstered on the armament field to correspond the more aggressive tactics the agents wished to use. At the end of the Yinchorr tests, the Phantom-XII was an impressive fighter, outclassing even the modern TIE/Vx that were coming out of the factories.
Brutus Holt, in charge of the TIE/V139, as he had been tasked with other sensitive files, decided to move the TIE/V139 prototypes to Aeten II for the next stage of testing, away from the eyes of any potential spies that could be observing the Dalness factories and most secret testing grounds. Upon arrival at Aeten II, Holt seized a considerable amount of stygium cristals and his team began working on a renewed version of the old Mk. III Stygium Cloaking Device previously used on TIE/ph Phantoms. He also requested delivery of Computerized Combat Predictors and 'Powerslave' Droid Brains to be installed on the TIE/V139. What resulted of these extensive modifications was a craft that didn't resemble at all the prototype tested on Yinchorr. Where the Yinchorr version had been a revolutionary multi-role fighter, the Aeten version was a stealth long-range fighter able to survive weeks away from a mothership. The vessel's capabilities and complexity of piloting were best handled thanks to the A. I. assistance, and the mass of secret technologies installed on the TIE/V139 resulted in the final addition of a self-destruct mechanism. Holt, at the request of Moff Haskler, produced two batches of TIE/V139s, one for the COMPNOR agents, that was delivered immediately, and the other for the Anaxsi's use, that was stored secretly aboard the Tormentor and ferried away, back to Yinchorr.
The Phantom-XII was ready to spy the enemies of the Order.
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