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Those RPing with Spencer

Taiia's Shadow
Roleplay Judge
Hiii, again you've probably already heard from me about this...but yeah posting is obviously slow. Last two weeks of school and such so paper work for graduation etc and final projects are taking up most of my time. but after dec 13. LIFE IS FREE I will be highly active once again. I miss all of you <3 <3 <3 <3

Don't hate me ;n;

Haven Pryde

Pirate Queen | ODF Marine
We miss you too Spence, good luck on the last bit of the college career. :D Get that degree and come back educated! :)

Kelik Corinthus

You get that degree, gurlfrend. No need to worry about us. We'll be here whenever you're free. c:
Yknow Spence.... I think it's about time we tried a RP sometime when you're good and free, I'm shocked I haven't mentioned it by now :p

Take your time, real life always has to come first. Hopefully I'll see you when you're all freed up!

@[member="Spencer Jacobs"]