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Approved Location The Silver Jedi Academy

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Padawan: Kyra Perl


Intent: To submit the new residence and temple of practice for the Order of the Silver Jedi on Commenor.​
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Structure Name: The Silver Jedi Academy.​
Classification: Jedi Temple.​
Location: Commenor, Chasin City.​
Located within the Capital of Commenor accessible via the streets of Chasin City, the Silver Jedi Temple stands open to those whom seek aid or guidance by the Order of the Silver Jedi.​
The Temple stands as one of the largest and newly constructed buildings within the Capital City, dwarfed only by the Palace housing the President of Commenor and his government cabinet of officials; named "The Silver Jedi Academy" in order to promote a sense of guidance, teaching and mentor-ship over the new generations of Jedi whom study within it's halls. The Academy consists of a large variety of rooms and facilities for the training and living needs of all ages and backgrounds, bringing a plethora of career choices and education to further empower the Silver Jedi to go out into the greater Galaxy with the intent of serving the people and aiding in the betterment of sentient society.​


  • The Jedi Academy Hangar:
The Jedi Academy Hangar is vast and equipped to deal with a wide range and number of Starfighter - Light Freighter sized Craft. The bulk of the Hangar's maintenance and smaller priorities are left to the works of droids, however there is also a crew stationed about the area full-time for any of the more problematic or high priority challenges and tasks ahead of them.​
  • Air Traffic Control Center:
Air Traffic Control monitors all in-bound and out-bound flights, as well as maintaining constant communication with other Spaceports of Commenor, via this direct method of communication they are able to foresee the expected traffic coming and going each day, as well as prepare Fighter Pilots and smaller attack Craft should the need arise.​
  • Jedi Ace Squadron Training & Recruitment Facilities:
Surface to Air training is provided from the Hangar, Knights and Masters of greater skill and qualification in Combat Piloting and Space-Faring expertise serving to offer students the opportunity to take on a more Naval approach to service within the Order of the Silver Jedi, or otherwise simply finding their independence within the wider Galaxy via personal vessels and the ability to pilot them responsibly. A separate smaller level of the Hangar has been reserved for trainees for the purpose of simulated training in which they make the most of holographic projection to minimize the risk for first time flyers.​

  • Jedi Masters Private Quarters:
The Residential Quarters for Jedi Masters of the Order, these are the largest available Dorms for those who've earned the Title of Master through years of hard work and dedication. These Dorms are extensive, furnished with double beds, a private terminal and archives repository for the private study and storage of personal content. These Dorms also hold a small living room furnished with comfortable seating for private meetings with others or otherwise reflection and meditation.​
  • Jedi Knights Private Quarters:
The sleeping quarters for Jedi Knights are single, furnished bedrooms with single beds and a small office corner for studying purposes. Unlike the Master's Dorms, these rooms offer the simplest of needs, free of unnecessary distraction from their duties.​
  • Student Dorms:
Students Dorms are shared quarters segregated into gender specific halls. These rooms house two students each, encouraging cooperation in their studies and lives as Jedi Students. These Dorms offer only the very basics, bedding and storage for clothes and personal accessories. Everything else can be found in the Temple.​
  • Faculty Lounge & Recreational Area:
The Faculty Lounge is a large social and living quarter for the relaxation and socializing between Jedi Knights and Masters when off-duty. This area comes fit with it's own Kitchen (albeit far smaller than the main Cafeteria), Lounging Quarters and Meditation Chambers.​
  • Student Archives and Study Hall:
The Student Archives and Study Hall offer all the knowledge and theory for the purpose of learning and education a Jedi Padawan requires in their path to becoming a Jedi Knight one day. For safety purposes, these Archives do not allow access to the content provided to those of the title of Knight or Master.​

  • Agricultural & living Sciences Wing:
For the teaching of subjects such as horticulture and agriculture, to the growth of vegetation for the sustenance of those within the Jedi Temple; The Living Sciences Wing is the place to go for all your nature and worldly studies, gardening tips and freshly grown fruit and vegetables!​
  • Artisan & Technology Wing:
Equipped with their own Molecular Furnace for all smelting and metal shaping needs, the Artisan Wing is the source of the Jedi Temples engineering and technological pursuits, the creation and modification of weapons and training or field equipment, as well as educating students in the advanced learnings of subjects such as Force Imbuement and Alkahest, among many others..​
  • Ceremonial Hall:
This great Hall is used for the official meetings in which the majority or all of the Jedi Personnel are invited. Such cermonies for example may be the Knighting of Jedi Padawan, or the promotion of Jedi Knights to the honorific title of Jedi Master.​
  • Meditation Chambers:
The primary location for all meditation training and practices, these rooms are open to all bodies and peoples of the Silver Jedi Order. Described as vast open rooms with comfortable seating and low frequency lighting, plenty of comfortable seating and enough space for Padawan to meditate in groups makes this locale popular among the more Consulary types.​
  • Classrooms & Study Hall:
The generic locale for all teaching and learning within the academic facilities of the Jedi Academy. Whether you're a Jedi Knight or a Jedi Padawan, you will want to make yourselves familiar with these rooms in order to fulfill your duties and encourage growth and learning within the Order of the Silver Jedi.​

  • Holographic Projection Grid & Simulation Environment:
A vast in-door arena lined with Holographic emitters across the roof and walls meant to manipulate the surrounding area to create an alternative simulation, making it feel as though the persons using the environment are somewhere else entirely. The Holographic Projection Grid is capable of simulating all number of known species and persons of legend, feeding from the Archive Data-base and programmed by skilled Jedi Artisans to create simulations meant for the education and training of Jedi personnel. It is also common, however, for Jedi Knights and Masters to use the arena for recreational use, such as taking a brief trip to other "worlds or tropical locations". A dream or fantasy that for the briefest of moments, may seem like a reality if one has the creativity and imagination for it..​
  • Lightsaber and Melee Combat Facilities:
A favorite of many a Jedi Guardian, these facilities are prepared for the dueling and sparring competitions between Jedi Students and Mentors both. Taught in all seven forms of lightsaber combat, the Jedi often use their peers to help build their skill set, fending off against one another on "training settings" that ensures they don't physically injure their friends and sparring partners, aside from a few scrapes and bruises. On this floor there are eight large Dojo's, one massive arena for group activities and three classrooms for theoretical learning.​
  • Blaster Rifle Target Range:
Though it may not always be the weapon of choice for a Jedi, that does not take away from the fact that all Jedi are likely to have a blaster pointed at them sooner or later, and must learn how to properly defend themselves and make use of such aggressive tools in the case that they are forced to use one out in active duty. Some Jedi are known to carry a blaster on their person, while others use these rooms to also perfect their form in Soresu, the third form of lightsaber combat and best served in deflecting blaster fire. There is an extensive variety of blasters here, however all of them have been modified to ensure that they cannot cause fatal injuries. A means of protecting and discouraging Jedi from favoring blasters too much so, over the use of their lightsabers.​

  • Medical Facilities:
Manned by a trio of medical droids and Jedi healers, this is the place of medical studies and treatment for all kinds of injuries caused by either training or received out in the field during active duty. Life is something cherished by all Jedi, and the study of medicine and healing aren't solely focused on the force but also taught using the knowledge gained over decades of sentient history, taking training from numerous worlds, collected and stored within the archives that the Jedi here may be prepared to treat any sort of wound and any sort of patient that may be forced to rely upon their expertise.​
  • Security Control Tower:
Monitored by Jedi Knights and Masters who have volunteered to ensure the Jedi Temple remains secure and that their students are well looked after, the security tower serves as a liaison between the traffic control tower and the Silver Assembly. Should there be a security breach or an imminent attack, they are the first to know and alert the rest of the Temple as well as get word out to other Jedi branches throughout the known regions in the case that they might not be the sole target. From there, they are responsible for organizing the Temple's defense and seeing to the evacuation of all younglings and students, if such a time should ever befall them.​
  • Detention Block & Temporary Holding:
It's an unfortunate fact that not everyone in the Galaxy appreciates a peaceful life, nor the personal rights of others. The Detention block here is built in order to contain temporary prisoners for later extraction to more capable hands such as the policing force for which their crimes were committed. These cells however have been specifically crafted with other Force Users in mind, not only due to the Sith, but also rogue elements that choose to take matters into their own hands at the expense of others. Within these cells, once the entrance has been sealed by ray shields, the prisoners connection to the force is cut off from the outside world, leaving them temporarily unable to call upon it in an attempt to escape or harm their captors.​


The World of Commenor was brought under the vigil and guardianship of the Order of the Silver Jedi following the collapse of the former Monarchy residing over the Trade World. In order to ensure the world's continued sustenance and safety of the people with the needed leave of House Arenais, Jedi Master Veiere Arenais met with the Silver Assembly and solidified an agreement to see this through. In the years following the once established Commenor Systems Alliance, the Order of the Silver Jedi has kept Commenor free of invading forces, safe from the expanding Sith Empire and elevating their trade economy throughout the neighboring systems within Silver Space.​
The Construction of a new Jedi Temple was set into motion following a series of meetings between the Silver Assembly and the collective Government Leaders representing the Worlds and Nations within Silver Space, seeking to establish a political Capital for which would become Commenor. In support of this endeavor, the Order of the Silver Jedi received the required funding to go fourth and establish a new location for the living and training of Students and prospective Jedi Knights whom would serve the Galaxy in the years to come.​
While the Silver Rest located upon the World of Kashyyyk continues to operate in full swing, the Academy here within Chasin City offers a different pace of life among a widely known and successful World of Trade, the Capital being a metropolis of millions where Jedi both Padawan and Master may go out and seek the company or services and exploits that come with the established society.​
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