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Spoiler The Mandalorian Season 2

Krass Wyms

Jedi Tech Division
Factory Judge
it was a fun episode, really the only qualm I might have is how often the were removing their helmets while in the middle of a mission. Just stop here take it off to talk and put it back on even though they can be heard perfectly fine with it on.

hough the childs carrier getting damaged kind of sucks.
Live action Ahsoka looked good.
Other than the rather cheap looking montrals that had ripples in the foam. Amazed they didn't do something about that after filming.

I wonder if he's just gonna use it as a spear or turn it into something else.
It'll be for fighting Gideon with his dark saber.

I am enjoying this season so far, especially the last episode and first one. Its not holding my attention as much as the first season though. Cameos are cool, but not as engaging as Kuiill and the forge master and Herzog