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The Levantine Sanctum(Major Faction)

Jaxton Ravos

Mindwalker of the Outer Rim

Not so long ago members of the Jedi Order began to become skeptical of it's execution, and of it's teachings. Many left the Jedi Order, not believing it to truly be a part of the light any longer. These rogue jedi wandered space, each choosing their own path until Jaxton Ravos attended the Meeting at Ithor. Several of the galaxy's smaller governments and nations were wary of the growing triumvirate of super-powers, The Sith Empire, the Omega Protectorate, and the Republic. Jaxton expressed a desire to keep the galaxy at peace, to help the downtrodden. Though many scoffed at him, noting the Jedi conquered and unleashed storms in the name of 'peace' and 'freedom', Qae Shena and @[member="Boolon Murr"], both attendees of the meeting, saw the merit and promise in his idea of a new Order, not aligned with any government or people.

The three eventually met on the planet Teth, of which Qae Shena had a access to a smell temple on. They gathered old friends and allies they knew had similar paths, such as @[member="Rosa Mazhar"], @[member="Seroth Ur-Rahn"], Asha Seren and her apprentice @[member="Thurion Heavenshield"], the healer Teynara Jeralyr, and Jaxton's own adopted child @[member="Kida Ravos"]. They debated, and discussed, eventually forming a Conclave of sorts, hidden in silence and uninterested in messing with the Galaxy's political mind, only helping heal the galaxy's wounded heart. Though Qae Shena eventually disappeared, travelling a path none knew or could follow, the Silent Conclave remained on Teth, and lead efforts to help aid the galaxy after it's wars, both as a group and on one's own. Things were great, work was being done, eventually the former Jedi Master @[member="Ben Watts"] came and lent his hand, and the Conclave never needed involve itself in any wars or great political disputes, but it was not going to last forever.

As the Jedi Order continued using the Republic as a tool to burn heretics, the Sith Empire eventually fell, and the expansionist powers, staying true to their name, expanded. With Jedi Forces being spotted on Riin and CIS Templars being seen on Aduma III it was clear that Teth would no longer be out of the political spotlight for long. With little space left in the known galaxy 'free' from the control of larger nations, save for political warzone that was old Sith Territory being scrambled for by the Mandalorians, Fel Imperium, and Republic the Conclave decided to explore the end of the Tingel Arm. Their they found habitable worlds, nearly untouched since the onset of the Gulag Plague, each having little, if any contact with the rest of the galaxy.

After much debate and discussion amongst the members of the Silent Conclave a decision was eventually made. The Silent Conclave would expand into what would be known as the Levantine Sanctum, swearing to protect the unconquered lands from the likes of the Manifest Destiny attitudes of the rest of the galaxy. They would allow the planets to govern themselves, forge alliances and expand as they saw fit, but when push came to shove if someone wanted to mess with them the members of the Silent Conclave would step in as guardians. Their service, unlike how Omega Pyre and the Omega Protectorate were formed, was not a financial matter. Other then the right to negotiate for building contracts in order to set up Enclaves and Temples the service of protecting the planets was just that, a service. The planets were being chose to be protected not for wealth, or prosperity, but because the idea of unconquered worlds deserved to be protected.

The Levantine Sanctum operates more as an area of protection than a true galactic government. Each planet is left to govern themselves, make their own alliances, trading, and tax laws. The planets as a matter of convenience, normally seek out other members of the Sanctum due to proximity, as well as preferring to deal with planetary governments and relations rather than huge nations, so as not to get swallowed up as a small fish in a big pond. That's not to say they won't deal with major governments, just that they don't typically. It would take a major deal for them to consider trade, and they absolutely will not swear fealty to allegiance to any interplanetary government, nor give any martial alliances the light of day. The two biggest things any member under the Levantine Sanctum value are freedom and peace, and no 'alliance' will be made with someone who wishes to hinder that.

The intent of the Levantine Sanctum is to create a 'Free Space' in the galaxy, where people, members of the faction or not, can travel without the fear of being coaxed into joining or being watched by a Major Interplanetary Government. A second intent of the Levantine Sanctum is to create an environment where light-sided Force Users can become protectors of the people, rather than business partners, instruments, or leaders of the Government. This allows them to be free of any obligations to anything or anyone, or any political machine. As such their only 'allegiance', if any, is the Force, and the ideals of freedom and peace themselves. As such the Levantine Sanctum is not set up to act as a cordoned dominion. No one is required tithe or allegiance. It is simply a protection. To maintain, preserve, what is the truest need: personal and individual freedom. All can think as they wish, save for keeping others from doing the same.

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Jaxton Ravos
Boolon Murr
Rosa Mazhar
Seroth Ur-Rahn
Thurion Heavenshield
Kida Ravos
Teynara Jeralyr

Ashin Varanin

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I've been Silent Conclave since it started up. Not hugely active, but I've tried to contribute. I'll check in for this.
  • Major Factions must have maintained activity for 30 days as a Minor Faction before being eligible for Major status.

Do you meet this requirement, @[member="Jaxton Ravos"]?

Jaxton Ravos

Mindwalker of the Outer Rim
Yes. The Levantine Sanctum, while not existing in that name, is an IC evolution of the minor faction the Silent Conclave, which was founded on November 9th, 2013. The members of said faction decided through skype conversations to settle in and protect a certain area of the map, to give an area they would be free of territorial disputes from other Major Factions, and also decided that the name "Silent Conclave' no longer fit the new purpose of the faction.