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The Galactic Alliance Invasion of First Order Held Hoth (Hex Invasion) - First Order Ally Signup.


Freedom, isn’t free. It’s purchased through the blood of martyrs and a single, solitary vision for a better and brighter tomorrow. We learned this lesson on Kaeshana, where the Alliance and their allies slaughtered those dispatched to help revitalize the dead world. We learned that the Alliance would stop at nothing to hold onto their bases of power. That they would not move, the implacable bastion of “civilization.” They stood defiantly over their spoils of war, acquiescing to disorder as their kingdom burned and their people suffered. We, who defied their cries - baying for our noble Imperial blood, paid dearly for our cause - but we claimed Victory twice-over. Bloody and bowed, we within the First Order stand unbroken.

Join us in the defense of our home. Join us as we defend those who cannot defend themselves. Join us at the hour of twilight, and repel the hordes of darkness!

For Victory!
For the Supreme Leader!


This is intended as an IC rallying cry to marshal allies not within our Faction usergroup to our banner in what we hope to be one of the most thematic Invasion’s ever to take place on the boards. Who doesn’t want to see the tables flipped on the Rebels / Imperials at Echo Base?

  • Able (Be they Fresh or Veteran)-bodied writers looking to write an epic story with the noble Imperials of the First Order.
  • The ability, and perhaps even drive to post on a regular basis with ourselves and opposition throughout the duration of the thread. (Three weeks from the 19th of May.)
While we’re not opposed to handing out bribes in a myriad of forms to get our way, in return for your services, the First Order has granted me the capacity to dish out rewards based on merit and effort. Not only will this include writing with one of the largest story-based faction’s on the site, but you’ll be able to find your bearings in a collaborative combat environment - especially as we’re more than ready to lend a hand in whatever manner you require assistance in.

(Depending on how things go, you’ll probably get a medal. Some fancy bling for your chest. Sounds good, yeah?)​

Like what you see? Feel like socking it to the Alliance in a good-natured ‘bout of fun? Sign up below.

1. [member="Alkor Centaris"]
2. [member="Chron Terix"]
3. @T'yr Dellos
4. [member="Aleksander Miles"]

[member="Torian Pierce"]

I just need the use of my Academy again. If someone needs to vouch for me because of my presence at Skor 2 there is [member="Alkor Centaris"] or [member="Samka Derith"] who can vouch for me.
Also if you guys want to part with a ship around the 1000 meter range I would happily take that to thanks bye.
[member="Marcus Itera"]

How much you looking for? Cause we’ve got some pretty hefty coffers.


It does have to be an ally if you’re looking to participate.

[member="Aedan Miles"]

I can’t guarantee that you’ll get the use of your academy, nor will be giving out our Military assets to known Pirates. That being said, you’re welcome to take as many Alliance ships as you can get your hands on.

[member="Chron Terix"]

New Walkers, eh? Love it. Welcome aboard.

@T'yr Dellos

I’m going to enjoy writing alongside you for this. Welcome!
[member="Torian Pierce"]

How about any Alliance ship that is disabled I get first picks off. You guys can keep the Academy I just need to get into the Master's section of it as is my right as one of the Academy Founders. >w> that and I need to bring some people there to train not like you guys are using the whole academy yet anyway.
[member="Aedan Miles"] - I can't give you first picks either, but whatever war spoils you acquire during the invasion I'm sure you'll be welcome to keep. As for the Academy? I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do for you there.
[member="Torian Pierce"]

I must forewarn though: I'd really like to participate, but I'm taking leave from 29May-3June to spend time with my family and I won't have access to a computer during that timeframe. If the FO is looking for someone more reliable in terms of schedules, I won't feel bad in the slightest if y'all take someone else.

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