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The Final Battle (OP Dominion of Gehenna)

(Since the wipe destroyed the lead up thread, it was assumed that with the destruction of the Reaper base that we recovered vital information about the location of the Bando Gora homeworld.)

The situation room on Eriadu was crowded. The Lady Protector herself was there, along with Exarchs, admirals, generals and all manner of other leaders.
This was it. The goal they had worked over five years for; the final destruction of the Bando Gora, was in their grasp at last.

Above the holoprojector was a venemous yellow world which was their target. Gehenna was a hell planet, a volcanic hothouse which protected the most evil of all the galaxy's parasites.
Name: Gehenna

Region: Outer Rim
System: SX98211-21
Suns: 1 red medium coming to the end of its life. In less than a million years it will begin to expand and swallow the planet. Sadly, the enemies of the Bando Gora cannot wait that long!
Orbital Position: Close. Equivalent to 0.75AU/
Moons: 2; Golgotha and Gethsemane. These worlds are blasted, airless wastes, each about 1400km in diameter.
Coordinates: J28
Rotational Period: 666 standard days.
Orbital Period: 0.5 planetary days, or 333 standard days. This means that each rotation of the planet takes almost two years, but it goes around its star twice during this time. The reason for this is not entirely clear, but is likely due to the presence of the two large moons and the relative proximity of the star. The side which is facing the sun significantly increases in temperature and odd electrical storms make it even more chaotic. In contrast the dark side is merely 300 degrees, the heat trapped by the clouds.

Class: Terrestrial Death World
Diameter: 9,817km
Atmosphere: Type IV. The heat, toxic atmosphere and volcanic eruptions make unprotected exposure suicidal.
Climate: Volcanic hothouse.
Gravity: 1.1 Coruscant equivalent.
Primary Terrain: Volcanoes, mountains, depressions, deserts. Due to the atmosphere, there is no ice or vegetation on the planet, so it is entirely barren.

Native species: Oddly there is a form of life that is native to Gehenna. A strange form of silicon based life form named Grash seem to be the only native creatures on the planet. Quite how they evolved or came to be there is unknown. These creatures subsist on various ores and minerals, and are over five metres long with extremely tough hides. They are passive creatures and of course have no natural predators, and mainly live underground in caves. The Bando Gora have taken to hunting them, reducing their numbers dramatically.
Immigrated species: Humans, others, all members of the Bando Gora.
Primary languages: Basic.
Government: Anarchic Theocracy.
Population: 25-50,000.
Demonym: Gehennan
Major cities: Calvary Base, the home base of the Bando Gora and seat of their dreadful leaders.
Major imports: Slaves, initiates, ne’er do wells.
Major exports: Terror, destruction, vaguely plagiaristic meta references. Also diamonds.
Affiliation: Bando Gora.

Culture: The Bando Gora are a vile and dangerous group of mad cultists. Their base naturally subscribes to their general mood. Here prisoners are kept to be brainwashed or consumed, initiates are trained and the cult gathers its forces.
Technology: Galactic level mixed with esoteric applications of the Force.
History: Gehenna is as close to hell as the galaxy can get on many levels. Firstly, the planet is lethal, being trapped below poisonous clouds of sulphur-dioxide and carbon-dioxide. Secondly, the planet is as volcanically active as Mustafar, with constant eruptions caused by the planet’s large moons passing adds further to the atmosphere. Lastly, it is the homeworld of the Bando Gora, perhaps the cruellest and most debased of all the groups in the galaxy.

For all that Gehenna is not uncommon. Millions of worlds exist in the galaxy where the conditions are too hostile for life. Indeed, some 99.5% of all planets are deemed unsuitable for life, and Gehenna is no different from these except for one small detail. That detail is that the planet’s intense volcanism and composition has made it a natural creator of diamonds and other gems.

Being on the far rim the planet was not discovered until shortly after Emperor Palpatine came to power following the fall of the Old Republic. Then, an Imperial probe droid surveying the previously unknown system for pirates and rebels came across the planet. It was catalogued and added into the list of thousands of otherwise non-descript worlds.
And there Gehenna might have remained, stuck in an Imperial database, were it not for the Empire’s need for secret locations. By accident Gehenna was chosen for its remote location and deadly environment. It was a perfect prison and testing ground, since survival was impossible outside of a base. Attempts to construct a surface facility were impossible, so the natural cave systems and volcanic tubes were used instead.
The base, named Calvary Depot, was used as one of the Empire’s lesser known research facilities for almost twenty years. Various atrocities and horrors doubtless occurred there, but since it was small in scope it was largely overlooked.

After the death of the Emperor at Endor, the base was abandoned due to the proximity of rebel forces, and the Empire’s need for any sort of troops. Thus the planet was almost abandoned for centuries until it was rediscovered by the Bando Gora.

The Bando Gora themselves were originally a Dark Side cult which had caused considerable problems before the Clone Wars before being largely destroyed by the efforts of Jango Fett and Count Dooku. However, some survived the purge, and fled to the far corners of the galaxy during the time that Gehenna was occupied by the Imperials. By chance again one of those cultists, whose original name is lost to history, came upon the location of the former base and occupied it. That cultist took the name Abaddon, and gathered like-minded associates in this secret location. Abaddon had a strong affinity for the Force, having been trained originally as an Inquisitor, but then later developed his own teachings.
In the chaos of the many galactic wars and the Vong invasion he was able to acquire information secretly, always returning to his hidden base afterwards. Piracy and pillage supported them, and for over 30 years Abaddon studied in Calvary base until he discovered some of the secrets of Sith Alchemy and sorcery and put it to his own uses.

Time passed, and Abaddon’s experiments ensured that he became twisted and corrupted by the Dark Side, but he did not die. Subsequently he became something of an object of worship by those around him, and the Bando Gora became more a cult than it even had been before.
For centuries Abaddon lurked in his base, waiting for a sign he was sure was coming. When the Gulag Virus struck he took it as a sign that his time had come. Unfortunately, the plague came to Gehenna and most of his servants died, but Abaddon did not. Instead he twisted and mutated the dying cultists into the first reapers, experimenting on them as he did. Isolated for centuries until he was able to use the restoration of civilisation in the galaxy to his ends, Abaddon perfected his methods for creating and twisting beings into Reaver and sent his new followers forth to spread terror in preparation for his ultimate plans.
The planet’s diamonds fund their operations and recruits are brought in willingly or not to be moulded into a terrible fighting force.

So now Gehenna’s deadly atmosphere contains a true evil which eats at the galaxy like a sore. If the threat of the Bando Gora and the Reavers are not destroyed, the galaxy might well be plunged back into an era of evil and chaos.
Notable PC's: None.

Intent: To create a planet for the Bando Gora homeworld and complete the long series of RPs that the Protectorate has had involving them. This planet is essentially going to be used for this one final battle.

Tegaea Alcori, Lady Protector of the Protectorate, was here to finish what Cira had started. She waited until those assembled had taken their seats and began.
"Critical information revealed in the last battle has pointed to the Bando Gora homeworld. The time for our final strike has come."


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
@[member="Tegaea Alcori"]
HK nodded with a slight bow as he watched the star-powerpoint presentation.
"My heavy assault troopers of Iron Company can take the helm of ground battles, I have trained them in fights against Bando Gora in tight quarters and melee, they shall do their job well."
He motioned to the designation of the hell-planet
"Even the fires of hells will wash over our armor while we rip into the enemy to vanquish them into Chaos in one final sweep."
He then muttered under his robo-breath
"I actually stole that line from Omega-Cereal commercial."
Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
@[member="Tegaea Alcori"], @[member="HK-36"]

Exarch Siobhan Kerrigan stared at the venomous yellow giant in silence, looking grim. This was what she had been waiting for since that fatefuel duel with the Primarch. More than even her promotion to Exarch this would be the culmination of all her struggles. Perhaps after putting an end to the Bando Gora she could finally feel worthy of the title.

If she survived, for she would be leading the assault. As Exarch she was the ranking military officer. But beyond that she felt this was something she needed to do...much needed closure. Perhaps after that she could move on.

"Well, then, let's conquer hell and exterminate them," she stated dramatically, locking eyes with Tegaea before gazing over at HK. "Wouldn't have it any other way, Iron Knight. But as formidable as the Iron Company or the Pyre is, this isn't gonna a small skirmish a few elite units can win. Planet's gonna be crawling with Reavers and monsters like that beast on Bespin. It'll take an army to crush them. We'll have to pack heavy armour and gotta be ready to accept high casualties and press on till the last Cultie is dead," she said bluntly. This was the final battle and victory would come at a cost. War was hell, the only way to beat monsters was to be as vicious as they were.

"It's end game for them as well...they know we're coming. Sick bastards as they are they want one final mass slaughter for the Blood God. MICO interrogations report the existence of some sorta...Machine Cult, providing them with armour. The Bando Gora will have all their heavy hitters there, dug in deep in those caverns."

Total war, unrestrained, brutal. The only way it could be fought. "Hence we're mobilising the 1st and 3rd Battalion OP and the entire 38th Corps ODF for the ground battle. Biggest battle we've ever fought. I will direct this personally. An entire Exarchate fleet is cmmitted." The Corps had been composed of the best troops in her Exarchate, ironically enough often drawn from the ranks of the old Eriaduan national army she had faced years ago, and augmented by the most experienced ODF forces from other sectors. Omega Command had prepared more purple hearts for this battle than all the past ones put together...and an even larger number of coffins.

Needless to say Siobhan would have no role in running the naval portion, for she was just as out of her depth when it came to fleeting as she had been when she and Allaina tested the Inimica. Allaina...she should have been the one leading the charge with her, cleansing the stars while Siobhan stormed the gates. Her moment of glory as well. But one could not turn back time.

She had to take a moment to gather her thoughts after voicing this. It would be the biggest battle she had ever fought. To think that seven years ago leading a small strike force to topple a Rogue General on Dahomey had seemed like a challenge. That seemed like child's play now. Roche had been the most intense battle she had ever fought...and then it had been her company, a severely decimated Republic Battalion and Phylis against an overwhelmning Sith force. The biggest deployment of Omega forces had been the invasion of Eriadu, and even that paled in comparison now.

But...Tegaea believed in her...perhaps she could believe in herself...and raze Gehenna to the ground until the last Bando Gora was dead. Suffer not the Reaver to live. Do what must be done. Do not hesitate. Show no mercy, she thought.

Moira Skaldi

Paperclip Maximiser
@[member="Tegaea Alcori"], @[member="HK-36"]

And so there was war in heaven, chaos and the realm of mundanes. Samael and his angels fighting Leviathan the great serpent that twists. Stars died in the burning light of hellfire and Samael was devoured by the snake god, his angels scattered. So it came to pass that Gods beseeched Illyria and she took the sword, the terrible swift sword, and at the turn of the tide cut Leviathan, prince of lies, Harbinger of the End Times, the dragon of the dead, in two on the world of Gehenna. His rotten carcass was chained to the mounts of hell, so that he might ever hunger.

Thus it was written. Moira had left behind much of her old life, indeed it so often seemed like a dream to her, but she remembered this. Gods created organics and warred amongst each other, organics sought to emulate the Gods and created the Machine, the true pinnacle of perfection. One day there would no longer be organics.

So the game was on, the final battle was afoot. Moira beheld the holographic projection of the death world in silence. She had walked upon a planet burnt free of life before, the killing fields of Donayd, site of a forgotten holocaust. She would go into battle now again, though strictly speaking such was not her role, and deal out death and perhaps be destroyed. Fight alongside the Omegans, though she cared not whether any of them survived.

"Probes indicate the cavern systems serving as strongholds are extensive. This rules out an Exterminatus solution. I strongly suggest the large scale deployment of FEX-M3 nerve gas to root out enemy strongholds. Our artillery has the capabilities. Along with vaporised ixetal cilona. Biowarfare is advised against the...abominations the enemy deploys," she said softly, as if going through a collection of items that should be best acquired at a grocery shop.

Despite the dull monotone Moira was about as...excited as someone like her could be. Much blood would be spilt, desolation on a colossal scale. "Our sources indicate that the Bando Gora have pulled what reserve fleet elements they have across the rim and sent them to Gehenna. Their Chaos Gods command that they make this the battle of the ages to gain ascension or suffer their wrath."

Kaida Taldir

Ice Lady
Far away from the situation room in the Omega headquarters of Eriadu, Corporal Kaida Taldir was racing to the hangar bay where her platoon had been assigned to rally. Strictly speaking she was not that late, but apparently most of her unit had already assembled by the time she ran in.

"Ah, Corporal Taldir finally graces us with her presence. I understand that delicate elves need their beauty sleep," the platoon Sergeant, a tall, wiry female Zabrak with a face of scars and a mutilated horn, barked out in the eternally poweful voice of sergeants that was enough to make even a hardened Angelii like Kaida wince. "For your own good you bloody better be less tardy in battle. Reavers don't politely wait for you do your hair before they tear you to bits!"
"I'm sorry, Sergeant. I'll summon an ice storm down on them before they get the chance," Kaida responded, unable to resist the drive to make a bold declaration. Security had been tight at Headquarters for weeks now, but even so rumours travelled down the grapevine. She only had to look in the part excited, part fearful, part resolved faces of her comrades to know that this was it. Something big was being planned.
"Best hope your sabre skills are up to spec in case some get close," the Sergeant bit back, marching back and forth as she beheld the soldiers. "The answer's yes by the way. In a few hours you'll, boys and girls, will have the pleasure of boarding the ships and going to hell. Say your prayers, say goodbye to your loved ones, cause we're invading Reaver land." The Sergeant was silent for a moment, letting these words sink in.

Kaida took a moment to compose herself, mouth hanging open before resolve took over. She had never faced the Reavers before...though she had heard stories from her sister Lavina about the battle on Bespin. They seemed like the mythical monsters from Eldorai legends that had been slain by Valora, Goddess of Battles. Of Kaida knew that much of what the elves had believed to be true was a lie.

But resolve took over, she was an Angelii, trained for battle, so she would go out and slay them. "You remember that delightful monster on Bespin? We might face...many of those," the Sergeant spoke on. "So pack heavy weapons, go in ready one hell of a fight. Corporal, what's the solution to the Reaver problem?"

"Explosive bolt from a Mark Two Bolter, Sergeant!" Kaida responded immediately. "Lightsabre to the head works as well. Encasing them in ice and making it burst."

"Nice list! Remember that. Once we're down there'll be no retreat, no wethennish flailing. You either come as victorious or not at all. Exarch Kerrigan demands that every man, woman and droid do their duty. Corporal, how many Reavers are you gonna kill today?"

"As many who cross my path and a couple demons as well. We'll storm the gates of hell and purge them all. We have the weapons, the soldiers and the strategy." Please, Ashira, let's pretend you're out there watching, don't let the Exarch drop a roof on me. I know how much she likes to do that she thought to herself. Despite everything Kaida felt exhilarated, even in the face of the risks they would face.

"It better be. You're in charge of the fireteam. Ready your weapons, say your prayers. Make sure you keep one bolt in reserve...for yourself if the bastards capture you."

Noah Corek

Cocked, Locked and a Smoking Barrel
Factory Judge
@[member="Tegaea Alcori"] @[member="Moira Skaldi"] @[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"]
Noah had arrived a little late and took a seat in the back of the room full of officers. Noah leaned back in his chair and looked at the assembled group of officers. "I was thinking,since this is enclosed space,why don't we use flamethrowers and incendiary to burn them out. I mean FEX-M3 is effective,but flamethrowers cost a hell of alot less than nerve gas." Noah informed them as he leaned forwards.

Moira Skaldi

Paperclip Maximiser
@[member="Noah Corek"]

"Victory is all that matters. The caverns are very wide, essentially they have built enormous cities, breeding grounds for Reavers and abominations, factories. Presumably with skull pyramids and flesh temples. Based on captured data you can drive a tank through," Moira responded in her usual flat monotone, not taking her lifeless eyes of the holographic map. "I would advise you to use every powerful weapon in your arsenal. Nerve gas bombardment, flamethrowers and incendiary, bolters, heavy assault vehicles. This is the moment not to hold back in anything. Consider it the true test of the Protectorate. Others are watching. Protectorate propaganda has created expectations."

Empires came and went, rose and fell. The Protectorate had built up a reputation of being able to defend its worlds against the Bando Gora, staking its reputation on it. Thus expectations had been created. This was also an important transition point for the army, the days of simple skirmishes were over. Either way the fireworks would be interesting to watch.
Rebellious Vanguard
Ventasia certainly wasn't going to pretend that she knew everything, or anything, about this planet. But she knew what she wanted to know; where she could finish what they had started on Bespin. What she had done previously wasn't enough. Simply bringing down their base was not going to cut it. She knew if she wanted to extract her vengeance fully, this was the only way. Taking the fight right to the Reaper homeworld. At this point, she would accept nothing less than watching an entire planet being brought to it's knees as they begged for mercy. Then crushing them under her foot, all with a smile. Some would think that such thoughts were simply evil, and maybe to some extent she was a bit evil. But she only brought her wrath down on those who did her wrong.

She stood toward the back of the room, arms crossed while leaning back against the wall. This was one briefing she wasn't going to miss.
Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist
[I was invited by Siobhan]

The soft tap of wooden sandals could be heard briefly, Matsu had been invited to help if she was able to and a jedi did not turn down helping people. No she had heard of this and was more then willing to come, her parasol under her arm when she entered the room and walked with the jedi robes billowing behind her. She took in the room and recognized a few faces, Ventasia from Coruscant who had nearly hit the flying jedi with her ship, Siobhan from Corellia and their negotiations. Much fun was had from that and the ever present HK who was a known ally of the jedi. Or at least the ones who had a brain and didn't just focus on themselves or the Republic.

The plan she wasn't fully aware of but it didn't fully matter, if they were fighting the enemy would reveal themselves and if it became dangerous Omega was one of the strongest forces in the galaxy. More efficient then the sith war machine and better liked, more cunning then the Republics. Who only wanted to make peace and ignore the issues of what can happen in the dream of peace.... A dream that was being skewed by making peace with people everyone including the blind could tell were going to betray first chance. Bah it didn't matter now, what mattered was helping the Protectorate and Matsu bowed her head seeing the Lady Protector Alcori.

"Lady Protector, thank you for letting me be of help."


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
@[member="Tegaea Alcori"] @[member="Matsu Ike"] @[member="Moira Skaldi"] @[member="Noah Corek"] @[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"]
"The Jedi are coming as well?"
HK said looking back to Matsu before he turned to others
"I thought it will be just Omega, you know"
He twined the fingers of his metal hands together into one
"Family bonding."

He motioned to the presentation
"Either way, me and Kerrigan can lead the assault against Machine Cult, we are both assault specialists, we can knock them out quickly and then join the rest of the assault, with their armor support gone ahead of the game, it will be much easier to battle the rest."
He looked to others
"Besides, me leading the assault against Machine Cult would be quite"
He looked to Tegs
Tegaea smiled despite the situation. @[member="HK-36"] had a way of lightening the mood.

She looked to the Jedi Master who was amongst them. She nodded politely. She had heard of the ‘negotiations’ her wife had undergone with this Jedi, and was rather amused at her presence. Amused, and thankful too.
“Thank you, Master @[member="Matsu Ike"], we thank you for coming, and your skills will be extremely useful.”

“Admiral Stahlmann will be along soon to explain the fleet section of the operation. However, I have some notes I’ve made in conjunction with Exarch @[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"] as well as recon reports of the situation.”

“The main settlement and base of the Bando Gora is located on the southern hemisphere in this area here known as the Tartarus Plains. Once the fleet has secured a perimeter from the landing to commence, we will land our forces here and swiftly advance. This will be on the night side of the planet, as the tempratures are merely infernal rather than hellish. All troops will need sealed heat resistant suits and high capacity breathing equipment. Once the plains are secured, entrances to the caverns will be forced from several angles, and we will head inside. I suggest the Iron Knights lead this assault as they are best equipped to deal with the conditions. We have little information about the exact layout inside, only that the temperature is relatively normal, and only a type II breathing mask is required inside.”

“Agent @[member="Moira Skaldi"] and Lieutenant @[member="Noah Corek"]’s suggestions are well taken. Use whatever it takes. The rules of engagement are rescinded except when dealing with captives. They are to be preserved if possible. The enemy will fight to the death, so there is to be no prisoners. We have already seen what Bando Gora do to prisoners, so I am sure you will all want to avoid that fate.”

“Exarch Kerrigan will have tactical control of the ground attack. Admiral Stahlmann is in tactical control of the fleet. I will accompany the fleet in a strategic capacity. Are there any questions?”
The Admiral next stepped forward to speak. Having recently come from the Republic, he was not entirely up on the new ships in the Protectorate arsenal, but he was a quick learner.
“Thank you,” he said gruffly. “Since the size and composition of the enemy fleet is not known, we cannot specify exact tactics yet. However, the fleet’s plan will be to engage the enemy forces quickly, forming a cordon to allow the invasion force to land. Due to the atmosphere and the caverns we cannot be counted on to assist with orbital bombardment to soften up the enemy. Victory will come down to applying force in the right places and allowing support to the ground.”
He looked around, then sat down. He didn’t take questions.
Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
@[member="Tegaea Alcori"], @[member="HK-36"], @[member="Matsu Ike"], @[member="Ventasia Terana"], @[member="Noah Corek"]

Siobhan gave Matsu a warm smile. It was good to know a Jedi who was a friend of the Protectorate. "Thank you for coming and being ready to help, Master Ike. We can really use someone with your skills on this operation." They had certainly come to good terms on Corellia and this would be a battle for hell itself. Unrestrained war, anything that was needed to be done to achieve total victory would be done. She gave Admiral Stahlmann a curt nod as he made his short speech. Siobhan could appreciate brevity and she had heard of his actions at Roche, where he had held out against a superior Sith fleet and acted admirably until being forced to pull back.

"I'd advise everyone to keep one final bolt ready in case of capture...not for the enemy, but yourself. You know what they do their prisoners. If you're lucky you get eaten right away. Be prepared for ambushes, the caverns are wide and we have no actionable intel on how many hostiles are down there, just that it's crawling with them, and suicide bomber death charges. Even seemingly innocent looking prisoners might at the flip off a switch turn on you because a demon's in their head. You'll be doing 'em a favour by putting them out of their misery, believe me. If in doubt shoot," she said bluntly. As someone who had been exposed to mind control and almost been driven mad before, she was speaking from experience. Better dead than a meat puppet.

"A prototype of our self-propelled rocket launcher is being deployed for this, to rain hell and gas down upon the enemy. OP and ODF Forces push in from multiple directions, encircle and smash enemy forces. At least at the start of the tunnels our Hoplites should be able to pass through. But be prepared to face the worst of their abominations without any armour. By the time the battle's over the planet must be cleansed."

Kaida Taldir

Ice Lady
Being a simple grunt Kaida was not invited to the meeting but in hangar bay 09, which by now was filling with troops. It was just one of many bays were the great assembly was taking place, but even she did not believe she had ever seen a larger concentration of soldiers and heavy vehicles than here. Hoplite tanks and AT-SE walkers - the walker that had won the battle of Eriadu - were being loaded into dropships in scores. Countless OP and ODF soldiers filled the bay, embarking upon dropships, checking weapons, saying last minute or prayers or hurrying to their units. Sergeants barked out orders in the timeless and eternally powerful voice of Sergeants.

"Remember, if they capture us, they'll rape us to death, eat our flesh, and sew our skins into their clothing. And, if we're very, very lucky, they'll do it in that order," a burly Trandoshan Sergeant bellowed out to his squad. Kaida supposed he had been saying the same line many times, though that did not make it less true.

She had been hurrying to her fireteam when she suddenly bumped into a middle-aged woman who seemed a Chaplain, with the golden and black symbols of a Priestess of Corellia. A few soldiers, some from her unit, had formed a circle around her and at the moment she had laid her hand upon the bolter of one of them and was sprinkling him with holy water. All troopers were kitted out in full combat armour and equipped with heavy weapons, even Kaida had taken a Mark Two Bolter, though she found the weapon unwieldy and bulky. "Know that your weapon is blessed and your struggle valiant. You go in the name of Aurelius, God of Justice, to smite the wicked and protect the innocent. Illyria, Goddess of War, shall guide your bolter and strengthen your arm. The Gods are your Shepherds and you shall not fear," she said solemnly whereupon the soldier nodded and gave his thanks, then the Chaplain noticed Kaida, who had wanted to troll her minion. "Corporal Taldir is it, you are welcome to join."

"I'm afraid my Goddess would smite me. I believe in Ashira, Great Goddess of the Eldorai. Her sister Valora will guide my powers. We Angelii are her wrath," Kaida responded like a typical Eldorai would, though she knew this was not true. That Ashira did not exist, and that she was just a myth invented by greedy aristocrats to legitimise their claim to power. Yet in this moment she wished that it were true. "But the Reavers are monsters, the Goddess would want them destroyed and so I shall fight." If Ashira were real, thus would be her will.

The Priestess tilted her head to the side, as if staring into some otherworldly sphere or looking right through her. "And the Gods welcome anyone willing to join the righteous struggle. The Bando Gora worship 'Chaos Gods', lesser demons banished into the Chaos realm for being prideful. Though you are not his faith, may the Maker bless you."

Kaida nodded. "I might need it, come to think of it. My powers are ice and water and the Bando Gora happened to have the brilliant idea of choosing a volcanic death world as their home planet. Well, I guess hell shall freeze over as punishment. May the Goddess be with you as well."
"Or Her Winged Majesty, unfurling her wings to protect her children," the Chaplain said deadpan. At the perplexed looks she just smirked knowingly. "What, even a Priestess can make jokes once in a while? The Gods don't smite you for trifling matters. Now go forth and take up your arms in your noble struggle and all that."
And the Exarch's already been going on about wings, Kaida thought to herself, gesturing to her minions. "You heard her, now get going and embark. A whole hell planet is waiting for us to purify it. And do look more cheerful, it's not every day Chaos opens its gates for visitors!"

Moira Skaldi

Paperclip Maximiser
@[member="Tegaea Alcori"]

Do whatever it takes, rules of engagement rescinded. It always nice when your Neutral Good boss could be practical. Although Moira was convinced that she had presented so many good ideas in the more than a dozen memos she had recently written that Lady Protector Alcori had not yet taken on board. Beautiful ideas, but at least she would get to test out nerve gas delivered via missile bombardment and mortar fire.

"The Bando Gora priest caste performs rituals to...fuel the power of their leaders via mass human sacrifices. For a while MICO had an asset in their Covenant prior to the Inquisition. I shall take a force of battle droids and heavy assault troopers with mechanised elements to purge the the temple, which presumably doubles as a Reaver conversion centre. I am conditioned to greater resistance against mental attacks, machines are immune," Moira said flatly. Perhaps she did not yet know just how she had been conditioned. Regardless she would tolerate no shirking, no retreat. Her idea of introducing barrier squads armed with repeaters with orders to shoot any soldier who broke ranks and fled had been denied by Exarch Kerrigan, but only total discipline would be tolerated. Provided victory was achieved, casualties did not matter.


Ropo Lord of Hoth and Supreme Comandante General
Now then, what would an Omega Protectorate operation be without that loveable mascot of theirs? It would be nothing. Though I'm sure you could argue that it would still go off without a hitch; it couldn't hurt to have a living embodiment of fearsome conquering spirit could it? No! So there was the little Ropo, the great conqueror of the galaxy as he looked up at the large doors. What was he thinking? Of course that was simple to tell as a little voice pipped up the moment that the holoprojector was turned on. Seeing that image of a big yellow world before him brought out his inner most thoughts.

"Wow.... That big biscuit."

Okay so it wasn't a profound statement, nor was it a moving awe inspiring phrase, line or speech. Rather it was his simple thoughts that were voiced all due to the hat that he wore. It was a marvelous hat. Crafted in the depths of a dark space station, harnessing the power of a dwarf star and forged by the mightiest of hat makers. Alright so it was a hat with a few bits and ends that allowed it to rest the little Ropo's thoughts and voice them through the use of a vocabulator; the first description of it was much better. Without further thoughts though Lilicky stepped forward. One foot in front of the other before it become his tongue which once more tripped up the little guy. A little grunt came from the hat as he fell face forward onto the floor.

"Roll, roll, roll, roll."

His hat spoke out as the little Ropo rolled from where he had fallen and into the room, a little thud marking his impact with the bottom of the projector. Looking upon it he nodded slightly before his determination set it. Slowly and surely he climbed the side of the little projector. Using all his might as he pulled himself up inch by inch. Alright, alright that might be a little bit more fabrication. He was placed on the top edge of the projector by a passerby who was just taking their own seat. Still, Lilicky was not standing at the top, his big eyes gazing upon the world that was shown before he looked around. He saw leaders of all branches standing in the room, their voices filling the air as they spoke of their plans.

Nodding each time; though it was difficult to tell if Lilicky really was understanding what they were saying. He none the less seemed to have his attention focused. Though it could also have just been him just staring off. It was the small moment of silence that caught Lilicky's attention. It was now or never, it was time for his glorious speech. He would move all whom where in the room. His speech would urge them on towards greatness.

Without hesitation, without embarrassment or fear the little Ropo took center stage. Standing proud in his hat. His courage showing through as he stood proudly in his little pink tutu that @[member="HK-36"] had put him in; and he seemingly was unable to get off. After some time though he decided that he would wear the hell out the little pink tutu; and why not!? After all, it made him look pretty. It made him feel pretty. That though it neither here nor there and is a tale for another time. With a small nod Lilicky stood with pride in his hat and little pink tutu before he began his speech.

"Biscuit! Biscuit biscuit biscuit. Biscuit biscuit. Biscuit and biscuit. Biscuit biscuit biscuit biscuit. Biscuit biscuit biscuit. For Biscuits! For Biscuits! FOR BISCUITS!"

He could see it in the eyes of everyone there. The courage and pride that was welling up from within. As Lilicky looked about he saw everyone become reinforced with the fortitude to carry on their mission. It was either that or confusion from what he had just said. It was a bit difficult to tell. Lilicky though nodded as he then brought up his little arm. Attempting to salute those in the room, and managing to do so. Well before he lost his balance, semi-tripped over his tongue and fell to the floor with a small thump.

@[member="Tegaea Alcori"] @[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"]

Kaida Taldir

Ice Lady
In the hangar Kaida was bored. Nerves and the sheer anticipation were killing her. Still she had her duties, the platoon had to be properly equipped, equipment and medical supplies had to be loaded in. She caught some mumbling from an ODF medic about how Central Command had prepared more purple hearts for this campaign than for all past Omega operations put together. She felt a strong stab of excitement at what they were about to embark on, but also of fear and apprehension. Naturally she would never admit to such unbecoming emotions, for Eldorai were perfect, but still...this was big.

She took a breath then shoved those thoughts aside. She was an Angelii after all, a true one, not like those cowards back on Kaeshana who would avert their eyes from the truth and follow a caste of useless nobles. Still deep down she prayed. Ashira, I know you're not really there, but let's pretend for a moment that you are and so I beseech you to watch over me and my friends. And especially @[member="Lavina Taldir"] if she shows up, she was ripped out of her thoughts by one of her troopers calling out to her. "Err, Corporal, a question, are your powers even gonna work there? I mean, it's there. No pun intended."

"Of course they'll work, I'll just generate cold and freeze hell and it'll be doubly strong because I'll be pissed, Ryan. Make sure your aim with the missile launcher isn't as off as last time. Or Sergeant @[member="Hevana Martin"] will have your balls or I'll freeze them," she retorted. A genetically enhanced supersoldier with a hair-trigger temper was not one to cross.

"Touche, just making sure. But if we meet another one of those frakking big monsters like on Bespin don't I have to aim much," the Private said, going back to cleaning and checking his missile launcher. Fire and forget missiles were beautiful things, they were also packing anti-force user grenades loaded with vaporised ixetal cilona, that is the gas used in Forcebreakers.
"How many of those monsters can they have? I mean, we took Bespin and wiped out that lab," another of the troopers, a nervous looking green Twi'lek female whose name was obviously Vao spoke up, apparently trying to convince herself of this though she knew that soon they would be in the lion's den.
"Nervous because of the beasties? We got 'I can kill anything' Kerrigan leading us," another said. Kaida sure hoped Kerrigan did not hear this, for her ego was already big enough. "There's so much ODF armour lying around, maybe we could just Requisition a Hoplite. Nobody would notice."
Kaida gave that serious consideration. "Maybe. Or we take an ORLAV. Yes, we're gonna lots of beasties and what else hell throws at us and we're going to kill them all because we're Omega and not a bunch of wet hens. Be smart and unleash hell on them, and they will bend to us."
"Besides, our Corporal is an inherently superior elf!" Corporal Ryan could not resist trolling and Kaida was not even in the mood to reprimand him for that. "Damn straight."

Noah Corek

Cocked, Locked and a Smoking Barrel
Factory Judge
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"HK if I ever hear you say 'Iron-ic' again I just might have to shoot you." Noah informed the droid. He saw what the small Ropo and the little guy sorta reminded him of the three Ropo's he had at his apart,emt. "I have a question. If this place is big enough,can my guys be able to use their snipers effectively?" Noah asked.
Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
@[member="Noah Corek"], @[member="Lilicky"]

Siobhan saw the totally adorable, all-conquering ropo deliver his inspiring speech on the projector. It was a little known fact that Siobhan really liked cute little furballs. Well, except to @[member="Tegaea Alcori"] ever since Siobhan had become the happy owner of a totally cute Jester called Grrbyrr, who had an appetite to match the Baron Harkonnen. So the sight brought a smile to her face and when the heroic Ropo fell she quickly moved to pick the cute creature up, petting him lovingly. "Aw, yes, there will be lots of biscuits. That's our good boy," she said happily, then flushed very strongly. "Ahem, yes, moving on. Conqering hell, slaughtering Reavers and all that," she pointed to some random adjutant who was probably not doing anything useful anyway, quickly putting the Ropo down. "You there...get him a biscuit."

She was so going to be trolled for this! She tried to look serious and responded to Corek's question. "You may have range, but Reavers are big on sudden ambushes and human wave assaults. Bursting through walls when you least expect it. They love their melee and only a clean headshot takes 'em out. Reaver lords just deflect slugs and bolts outright," Siobhan responded seriously. True Reavers could get riddled with bolts and would still go on fighting until you chopped their head off. Pain seemed like a fuel to them. Of course blowing their limbs off helped. "Could use artillery spotters though. Focus on maximising killing output."

Amari Vessia

Jensaarai Defender
Silence was Amari’s friend in the moment at hand. As she sat among the crowd, her armor clang to her with the marks of the fight she last on Susevfi when the exiles of her order came. That was the last thing she did for her order or the government she had joined. It was a recovery she hoped would last longer but around things were changing. This was a window to let some of what was building up in her out. A frustration towards a galaxy that seemed to wipe things under the carpet to be forgotten or missing.

Amari was absorbing in the information. Opinions were not lost either. Everything had to be taken into count for such a massive undertaking. There was nothing for her to add on any level. For her, commands were to follow and kill everything that was not part of Omega. As simple as it sounded in her head, she knew the complexity to the mission at hand. Simplifying it just relaxed the mind before something deadly would begin.