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The Clouds of Darkness Have Risen [ASK TO JOIN!]

The Clouds of Darkness Have Risen
Da'h'ega-n'd, one of Zahat'n'ira's many tribes, lived a normal life. They had chosen living in the woods and their village has since then grown to considerable size. Though not being the biggest of Zahatnira's tribes, it was still really important because of its security. It was protected by both normal Zahati'i soldiers and Druids. As the only village in the woods, it was a natural shrine, a place, where the Mother Nature could contact everyone. Zahatii really believed, that one day Mother will take them to the paradise, where they don't have to work at all. But it was not all they believed about her. They prayed towards her every day to avoid any problems. Last year, the whole village almost died off and the chief of this tribe thought it's because a Zahatii forgot to pray on one day.
The forest was a defense for the village. Since it was covered with huge green leaves it was safe from air forces. Although they didn't know anything about the rest of the galaxy and their technology, they didn't know they are in a really safe location. But it didn't even matter.
Lilith, the founder of the Council of Sorcery, but definitely not the most important member of the Council, had accidentally landed near the forest where Dahega-nd stood. The founding members of the Council had had a meeting in the same forest. And Dahegans didn't even know anything about it. A young girl named @[member="Ephyt-ri of Dahega"] was doing her normal things when she finally noticed a few people standing in their forest, just talking and doing... something. She had listened to them behind a tree. Since she was a young Druid, she had been able to use an ability which protects her a bit, but she almost immediately lost control over it. She had had to run away.
But now Lilith and a few other members of the Council, @[member="Aiden Clairemont"] and @[member="Darth Arcis"], walked towards the village centre. It was located in the entrance to the village, so it wasn't exactly the most protected place of it. But the Sorcerers and the Sorceress were still pretty far away from the village and since Ephyt-ri had announced their presence, the little fighting group, which they called "The Mother's Army", were already waiting for them. But neither the nor the Councilors knew there will be some other people too who want to defend the village.
Lilith walked confidently. it was strange, that she managed to do that, because... she was just a Sorceress Potential, the lowest rank there is, and she was not very brave either. Fortunately she was accompanied by a Sith Master and a Sith Apprentice. It was like their first training, too.
A strand of hair had fallen on Lilith's face, so she raised her hand next to her face and with a gentle wave-gesture she wiped it away. Her staff was in her other hand which happened to be the left one. Lilith wasn't left-handed, but she liked holding it in her left hand, so her right hand would always be ready for something whether it will be attacking or just holding something.
"Do you think we will succeed at invading this little village?" she asked from the other Councilors while they walked.


Like Lightning
It had been a short time after the meeting that was held in creation of the Council. Every second that I had spent here so far was coupled with imagination and wonder. I wore simple attire that I usualy wore, leather vest, skinny jeans, combat boots, bandanna around my neck, and a chain belt that wrapped over my shoulder and across my chest. On my hip belt, rested a lightsaber, and on my back was a sword. Along with a set of bow and arrows. I was all primitive weapons today. Even the daggers from the Fringe were in my boots. Ready to be used along with their poison. I walked up behind the Master, Apprentice, and initiate. Being an Elder/Master rank gave me some liberties that others didn't. walking over to Lilith, the girl with the plan, I spoke,

"Yes, I know that I could easily." With my shaping powers, I could light fires, and summon tornadoes that could whip out villages to the point where it looked as though they were never even there. But that would take alot of energy on my part, And really, I was not up to giving that much energy for a village.

@[member="Lilith Mae Lancaster"] (Congrats on getting 1000, though right now as I see your post, its 999.)
| @[member="Darth Arcis"] | @[SIZE=11pt]Ephyt-ri of Dahega |[/SIZE] @[member="Lilith Mae Lancaster"] | @[member="Morna Imura"] |

While only a mere Sith Apprentice, Aiden's confidence was easily firmly rooted. Though the confidence did not so much cloud his judgment so as to lead him to believe that the group would be victorious in their quest. His attention easily drew to Lilith, not because she took to leading the group forward, but because of the lack of confidence that radiated off of her, on account of her words. He found himself concerned. It was clear to Aiden, by her mention of scope of size, that she viewed the land of invasion as little. This also concerned Aiden. Concern that he did not want to eventually turn to a feeling of becoming disconcerting. Such a feeling was nothing compared to the support he had for his comrades, Lilith among them.

"Of course, but our own belief in success should not be the result needed to convince you. To question, is to be uncertain. To scale the scope of our invasion as little, another detriment to your own lack of conviction. Believe in yourself as your brethren do in you. We can only support to hold you up, so long as you are willing to hold yourself up with us."

An individual that believed in honesty, Aiden was not particularly shy about voicing his thoughts, especially when asked for them. His ability to be boldly forward could sometimes leave a bad taste in one's mouth, but in this instance, Aiden was trying to motivate his fellow comrade to new heights. His step kept at pace with the group, but he remained to the back, knowing his place. Even while his garments were geared for invasion, he still chose to wear his black Sith robes over them, proud of his place as a Sith.

Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
@[member="Morna Imura"] @[member="Aiden Clairemont"] @[member="Lilith Mae Lancaster"]

And the little group trooped on through the forest. Only recently had their intentions and gatherings been discovered by natives of a nearby village. It actually turned out to be some little girl, surprising Arcis in the fact that even his heightened alertness hadn't detected her presence. So the Council members and what little numbers they had decided to take a little trip to the village. Arcis had no real intentions for the people, he could easily subjugate their minds to his own will, but where was the fun in that? On the other hand, setting an example would be most promising. Especially to Lilith, her lack of motivation could spell disaster. So he decided to offer a few words.

"Weapons don't win wars, people do." He slowed his speed to allow the lower ranked few move forward. "Do not falter."
@[member="Morna Imura"] | @[member="Aiden Clairemont"] | @[member="Darth Arcis"]

After Lilith had asked her question, she already heard different answers. "Yes, I know that I could easily," Morna had said. He was followed by Aiden who said something a bit longer and something that made her think about it: "Of course, but our own belief in success should not be the result needed to convince you. To question, is to be uncertain. To scale the scope of our invasion as little, another detriment to your own lack of conviction. Believe in yourself as your brethren do in you. We can only support to hold you up, so long as you are willing to hold yourself up with us." Well, he was actually right. All great leaders were brave. They weren't nervous. For example, the Jedi Grandmaster was a strong person, the Supreme Chancellor was someone everyone could rely on. And the Sith Emperor himself was a really powerful person. And the Sith Emperor was here (during that time, he was still the Emperor) and he continued with his answer: "Weapons don't win wars, people do. Do not falter." This answer was a simple one, but it also gave Lilith something to think about.

"Alright, people! We must fight against them like they are nothing. They are nothing to us. They must be our slaves! We shall not fear them. They can't stand against us, no matter what happens. I put my trust in every single one of you and I hope I can call you all my friends. My fellow councilors, we fight for our own good and it should be our slogan," Lilith said. During her speech she had stopped walking and forgot her nervousness and fear. She thought she is a brave leader now.


Like Lightning
Nodding my head I smiled as Lilith said for us to go. Drawing my bow, I pulled a wicked looking arrow from my quiver, and as I looked down aiming at the houses, The tip of the arrow lit on fire. "Time to burn." I pulled back on the arrow with my back and arms making the draw much stronger, and after releasing the feathers, The arrow flew into the top of one of the houses. Lighting it on fire. Quickly drawing another I fired in the same way. "I'll give you guys time to get there. Just keep moving." Releasing the third arrow, I hit a man in the face just to the right side of his nose. Without the force, my arrows wouldn't go 75 meters, But with it, I could make them fly almost 200 before I had to let them go.

@[member="Lilith Mae Lancaster"],
| @[member="Darth Arcis"] [SIZE=11pt] |[/SIZE] @[member="Lilith Mae Lancaster"] | @[member="Morna Imura"] |

Still early on in his training regiment, Aiden was not fully equipped for battle. He had the combat of his body to lean on as a weapon if need be, and a knife as well. The man of twenty-eight, knew how to survive out in the wild if absolutely necessary, but he still was not built for fighting. He was sure such progress would come in time. He wanted to rest his strengths eventually in the power of the force, command power at his very fingertips. He would need to be patient for that. Aiden believed that it was better to earn his success, rather than to simply take it.

Were it up to him, the Apprentice would have rather taken a diplomatic approach. As a Sith, one immediately expected that the presence of violence should be pursued, but Aiden did not consider it always absolutely necessary, particularly if he were trying to establish favor with someone. Joining the group, even so, he unsheathed his knife at his boot, ready and willing to use it at any given moment. The faintest of smiles edged out to one corner of Aiden's mouth at Lilith's resolve.

Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
@[member="Lilith Mae Lancaster"] @[member="Morna Imura"] @[member="Aiden Clairemont"]

The little group milled forward through the forest and foliage. The Sith King kept his presence minimal, holding back while the others moved towards the village. The Sorcerers and their allies immediately began their assault on the tiny village. While Arcis was a Sith, he preferred the diplomatic and peaceful ways of securing territory or followers. Usually, he never had to put forth much effort in subjugating the minds of those opposed to his beliefs, but his Kingdom was a true one. Each and every citizen had not been affected by his powers one bit and they still served him with unwavering loyalty.

Perhaps this was a good time for training as well. Dead subjects and followers meant nothing, so that's how he wanted to keep it. @[member="Morna Imura"] was the first to strike, firing arrows at the village and her citizens. King Arcis shot his hands forward, sending all of his fired projectiles crashing into the muddy ground of the massive tropical environment. "Dead followers aren't useful." He growled, speeding up his pace to align himself with the Fire Shaper. "You must conquer their hearts and minds, not destroy their families and make them resent you."
@[member="Darth Arcis"] | @[member="Morna Imura"] | @[member="Helmut Todstern"] | @[member="Aiden Clairemont"] | @[member="Yasuo"] (send in your troops now)

Lilith sighed as people started attacking the tribe. She didn't know if it was better to be diplomatic, which was a Jedi thing, or to be aggressive like Sith. One option was combining them, of course. But it was hard to combine these two things into one logical answer. So she decided something. "My fellow councilors, listen to me now. I will go to the tribe's leader and have a conversation. Maybe they would like to prevent fighting. Maybe they are willing to give the village to us peacefully. But if not..."

She didn't finish her sentence, but it was not very hard to assume what she was going to say. This option seemed to be the best one since she understood some people would like to have a diplomatic takeover. And Morna and she herself definitely wanted an aggressive one. All councilors had equal power, so she had to listen to everyone's opinion. The fact, that she is the founder of the group didn't matter at all. To take over the galaxy, the whole faction had to work together. And they had to start from the very beginning.

"You may go and see what's going on in this tribe. But I'll signal you when I fail to have a friendly takeover. Then go and attack the village. And try to take out male tribe members, if possible." Then she turned around and just walked into the tribe. She was attacked by a few archers, but she was quick enough to notice them. When the arrows came towards her, she understood she can't defend herself from both archers. They were on the opposite sides; one was one the left from Lilith, one was in the right side. So she tried to use Force Push on the right one and concentrated on creating an illusion for the left one.

The illusion was simple. She imagined a powerful blaster in her hand. She really felt it, but it was still... fake. But both archers were defeated, so she was successful. Her Force powers weren't the best, but like Lilith noticed, the natives were easily frightened. Unfortunately, she didn't know, that there are really powerful Force-sensitives in the tribe who were already waiting for her. They had heard everything from @[member="Ephyt-ri of Dahega"].

Lilith moved. Of course she didn't know where to go, so she walked directly to a native and threatened him to tell her where their leader is, in case there was one: "You! Yes, you, you stupid cow! Where's your leader?!" Her voice was aggressive, very far from diplomatic, but she was once again successful. Her success made her lose her carefulness, so she was even less prepared for the Druids.

The native man answered to her question and so she started walking towards the biggest building in the tribe. The chief had to be really powerful and important in the tribe. His home was well protected by Druid Elders and Royal Archers. Of course she didn't know who the guards were, so she didn't know what to expect.

And now she stopped just a few metres before the house's door. She thought she felt the presence of the Light Side of the Force.

Atlas Kane

An Ship appeared in Orbit of Zahat'n'ira. On board were @[member="Meta"], the captain of the ship, and Yasuo, a young padawan. They came to this planet because they had gotten some information about a meeting of some kind. It was said to be a meeting of Dark Siders, but there was no more specific information. That's why they had been sent here to find out what was happening. Yasuo, Meta and three Knights. Those three Knights were @[member="Michael Sardun"], @[member="Tracyn Ordo"] and @[member="Vulpesen"]. Together they would surely be able to find out what was going on and at the same time provide some useful experience for the two Padawans.

Meta's ship entered the Atmosphere outside a large forest, where they had picked up some strange signatures and once they had come close, those signatures were revealed to be Spaceships. This only confirmed the suspisions that someone had gathered here. Now they just needed to find out who it was.
''Send our coordinates to the others. Let them know where we landed.'' Yasuo said as he left for the Exit of the ship. ''Let's find out who's on this planet.''

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Blessed are the peacemakers
There was a sort of...grim reaper like presence as Tracyn stood over the two padawans. The two Knights behind him may have said something during the trip, but Tracyn had been entirely silent. When he cracked his knuckles, it was the first sound that he made. He peered over the two padawans as he landed, glancing out the cockpit. He snarled, stepping to the back of the ship. Tracyn's dark side presence was gone, and replaced with a light side presence, along with a sort of eerie, dooming presence. He radiated worry and uneasiness to those around him, the same feeling as when you were being watched by a pack of wolves.

Tracyn was the first off the ship, and he glanced around slowly. Tracyn flicked his lightsaber off his belt, leaving the one at the small of his back, hidden underneath the kama around his waist. The Kama protected him from a multitude of things, but the most prominent being jetpack exhaust and shrapnel, at the vulnerable back of his thighs where the armor wasn't quite as strong as the rest of his armor. Tracyn was a fearsome opponent, and it was slightly upsetting to even stand near him. He paused in his walk, waiting for the other Jedi to follow him. He put up his hand, and then clenched it into a fist. They smelled. Like Sith. A terrible, but alluring smell to him.

"If we know they're here, then they know too. Vulp, are you ready to make another Sith run away like a little queen?"

He smiled, a sort of wolfish and mischievous, yet oddly serious grin. His favorite past-time was violently beating in Sith. Such as Darth Vazela, in which left the fight with a large gash and even an larger wounded pride. The wound would be there for as long as he still walked the galaxy.

And if Tracyn's plans went right, not a lot of Sith would be walking the galaxy anymore.
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Valde of the Vitae
Vulpesen had been equally silent as he read the files on their current mission during the flight. Once they neared the landing zone, Vulpesen found himself with a feeling of unease. It was a weight that came down on him when he came near the Dark side. It sickened him for a moment but found comfort in his partnership. He loved working with other people, especially people he'd been proven work well with before.

As the ship landed, Vulpesen followed right behind Tracyn, placing his hand comfortingly on his lightsaber as the presence of the Dark side increased. He didn't like death. As a matter of fact, he hated it. But, it sometimes a necessary evil to protect the lives of the innocent. Firm in the light, but understanding enough to tiptoe on the dark, Vulpesen was ready to do whatever it took to stop the advancement of the sith empire. So, when Tracyn asked if he was ready, Vulpesen's head turned to his compatriot, holding his normal easy going grin. "As always."

He was more so ready than ever. He tended to pack light, but his weapons didn't weigh very much. He was adorned in his normal black robes and padded boots. Normally, he was prepaired to scout an area but thsi time he had come fully prepared. On the interior of his robes he would have five daggers, as well as flash bangs, grenades, and emp grenades. This was all added to his normal lightsaber and pistol. Every other time he had fought the sith he had been missing something. Now, he was determined for that not to be the case. He was a jedi shadow, and as such, it was his job to destroy the darkness in the galaxy. It only made sense that he become as adaptable as possible so that he could carry out his goal.
@[member="Michael Sardun"] @[member="Meta "]@[member="Yasuo"] @[member="Darth Arcis"] @[member="Lilith Mae Lancaster"] @[member="Morna Imura"] @[member="Aiden Clairemont"]


Like Lightning
With the Sith catching my Arrows, none of them were even near as close to hitting the buildings. I looked at them, I wanted my arrows back. Shaking my head, I then turned my attention to the others as they wanted a more diplomatic way of getting the village to be with us. I shrugged my shoulders. I had my bow at the ready as Lilith walked forwards. and through the force I could feel her moving away from us, when very apparent was the light side. I smiled, because now we had company. "Looks like we are no longer alone in this planet."

@[member="Lilith Mae Lancaster"], @[member="Darth Arcis"], @[member="Aiden Clairemont"], @[member="Yasuo"], @[member="Vulpesen"], @[member="Tracyn Ordo"]
Meta had remained relatively silent unless spoken too. "Alright, the landing pads extended. Let's get moving." He said, taking his saber from his belt. He led the Jedi through his ship and out to the landing pad. The planets diverse landscape took Meta back for a moment, but he quickly got over it. Placing his hands above his belt. "Let's get to work.."

@Vulpesen/@Tracyn Ordo
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While it was very clear that Aiden now had more than one reason to fight, he considered the obstacles that were in his way as nothing but a distraction. He was here with his comrades to invade. The Jedi were a challenging stepping stone toward such a goal, but they were also an easy distraction. The tribe was their directive, deviating from their plan would only cost the group their prize. They had not come here to fail, they came to succeed.

Standing tall, knife defensively in his grasp, Aiden continued to walk as a man on a mission, his steps persistent, but paced. As far as he was concerned, he was in no rush. Good things did come to those who knew how to wait patiently.

Lilith looked at the guards and said in normal Galactic Basic Standard: "Please let me in! I came here to have a diplomatic conversation with your leader." She tried to be as polite as possible, but the guards didn't even mover their fingers. Nor did they move their eyes or mouths or any other parts of their body. They just stood. And it made Lilith impatient. She wanted to get in and kill that chief so that the Council of Sorcery could start controlling the tribe. But she had to have a plan. The plan had to be safe, but powerful.

So Lilith just hit the guards with her staff in their heads. They fell down, probably unconscious, because Lilith's hit had been enhanced with the Force. The woman opened the door and walked into the room. The chief just sat there. He meditated. But behind him, she saw a huge totem-like sculpture. It was most likely something which symbolized Mother Nature, but Lilith would've never read it out from the sculpture.

She decided the... item... will have to be moved out of the building and burned as soon as possible after they have gained control over the tribe. But now she felt really unsure because of the possible Jedi. She had felt the presence of the Light Side. And only Jedi used the Light Side of the Force. Or at least that's what Lilith knew.


Like Lightning
From the distance of the hills, I watched as Lilith smack the guards heads after not being allowed in. And once she disappeared. I closed my eyes. Focusing on who was coming, and how many. Slowly I could feel the continuing movement of the Light-siders. Coming towards us. ​"I vote that we stay diplomatic unless attacked." I spoke out loud to @[member="Aiden Clairemont"], and @[member="Darth Arcis"]. If we were to attack it would be close quarters. Taking my arrow off of the bow, and putting both away, I drew my Sith sword. The Phoenix symbol apparent as it was the guard for the weapon. Hanging it loftily by my side. I waited for the Jedi like people.

Atlas Kane

Yasuo had reached the exit of the ship. He stood there for a moment, taking in the scenery and letting the air fill his lungs. It was good breathing fresh air again, but there was something wrong with this planet. A Dark Force, one that Yasuo had not yet faced, was present on this planet. He immediately thought of a lesson he had gotten under an old master during his time as a Jedi Initiate. Only the Sith and those looking to do evil used the Dark Side. It was now clear to him that there was some kind of Evil present on this planet and he would destroy whatever it was together with his friends.

A moment later he followed Meta and stepped out of the ship. It was still weird for him to stand on a different planet's ground. He had only been to two other planets. One of them being his Home, the other being Coruscant. He viewed both as his home. The one as the home of his past self, the other as the home of his present self. He had made many friends on Coruscant and would not let them be harmed by something as sinister and evil as was present here on this planet. It would be too much for him to loose another family.

So he looked around for the other Jedi that had followed him. He spotted Meta and Tracyn, who stood together with Vulpesen. All of them looked like they were ready for combat. It gave him more confidence, since he could now rely on the help of others and at the same time help them in return. He walked towards them and said ''Hello, it's good to see all of you. I don't think we have been introduced yet and I also don't think we have much time, so we should make these introductions short. I'm Yasuo .''

@[member="Lilith Mae Lancaster"] @[member="Aiden Clairemont"] @[member="Meta "] @[member="Morna Imura"] @[member="Vulpesen"] @[member="Tracyn Ordo"] @[member="Darth Arcis"] @[member="Michael Sardun"]
Meta nodded. "@[member="Yasuo"], it is good to see you again." He said, nodding to the smaller Jedi. Meta's saber was gripped tightly in his hand. "I believe the tribe is in that direction." His could voice liberated the area and exposed confidence as he began to lead the group to the right and zig zag past a few tree's. Meta held a device in his right hand. Following its directions as it led them towards the tribe. "Hopefully not too far now.." He whispered, leaping over a rock.

@[member="Tracyn Ordo"]

Lilith walked to the chief and bowed before him. "Honourable chief of Da'h'ega-n'd, High Druid Elder of the Northern Tribes and the Keeper of Mother Nature, I have come to talk with you to discuss a political matter," Lilith said to the chief. She didn't actually know all of his titles, but she thought, that maybe they use something like that as the formal title of the tribe's ruler. And she was almost right. The chief stood up and looked at the woman. He tried to understand if the woman was actually a potential threat for them like @[member="Ephyt-ri of Dahega"] had told them.

"Rh'ekk-e'nz, m'fritzi," the man said, which approximately meant something like "Welcome, lady!" Then the chief continued, now talking in Galactic Basic Standard. "The titles you gave me were not all right, but I will have to assume you didn't know that. It was like a compliment for me, but a bit too much. Now... I will have to ask you to leave or otherwise my fellow Druid Elders will destroy you! I know why you came here."

Lilith was surprised.