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Unreviewed The Bryn'adul | Agragost

Sraelvun Survivor
  • Name: Agragost
  • Designation: Non-Sentient
  • Origins: Traedaris | Targarat Superstructure
  • Average Lifespan: 10-12 Years
  • Estimated Population: Semi-Unique - About 12 alive at any time - replaced as they are killed. Rarely are more than two found on a battlefield.
  • Description: A predatory creature that stalks about silently upon a serpent-like body completely lacking in legs or feet, and which instead splits off into a trail of tentacles utilized for movement. The Agragost possesses a pair of vestigial eyes, but is totally blind, utilizing sonic pings and scent trails to locate its prey. It possesses a pair of hands tipped in claws, and a pair of large spinal protrusions which bend over its shoulders and allow it to stab downward at immobilized enemies. Thanks to a specialized organ located within the abdomen, the creature is rarely viewed by its prey except as a hazy blur.
  • Breathes: Type II and Type III
  • Average Height of Adults: 3 Meters
  • Average Length of Adults: N/A
  • Skin color: Grey | Tan | Green
  • Hair color: N/A
  • Distinctions:
    • Asexual
    • Clawed Hands - Three Fingers
    • Chitinous Exoskeleton
    • Possesses no legs or feet. Slithers about like a serpent upon a series of tentacles on its lower body.
    • Lacks vocalization of any kind - even when hurt
    • Danger Response triggers the production of organic Barricas Oil upon the claws and spinal protrusions - this allows the creature to effectively hunt Jedi and Sith.
    • Two vestigial eyes. Agragost are completely blind.
    • Small needle teeth meant for grinding more than combat.
    • Pair of hearing organs on the head sends out constant sonic pings allowing for advanced echolocation.
    • Utilizes tongue to taste scent trails allowing for auxiliary method of perception.
    • Extremely specific taste receptors determine whether a scent trail possesses a high or low level of Midichlorians.
    • Visual Distortion Field caused by an organ located in the abdomen.
  • Races: N/A
  • Force Sensitivity: Non-Sensitive


    • Blur - Inspired by the use of thermal distorters to alter the vision of the Draelvasier during battle, the Agragost has been given a similar ability to combat its primarily human opponents. An organ within its abdomen emits a high degree of EM radiation along the 400-790 THz level. While this excess "visual noise" does not blind opponents, it does create a radius of roughly thirty meters within which those looking in the direction of the Agragost suffer from extreme visual blurring. Entities which see in Infrared or who do not view through the common human visual spectrum will be mostly unaffected by this field.

    • Oily Hands - The presence of an organic version of the Barricas Oil created within the body of the Agragost and leaked onto its claws and spinal protrusions upon sensing danger allow for the predator to effectively lash out against lightsabers and other weapons which operate through extreme heat or plasma without fear of burning its own natural weapons off in the process.

    • Force Seeker - Designed for the purpose of hunting down Jedi and Sith on the battlefield, the taste organs of the Agragost are able to determine the rough range of Midichlorians in the scent trails of prey. While this doesn't allow it an "exact count" or even an analysis of which prey is stronger or weaker, it does accurately let it determine whether a current target is Force Sensitive.

    • Silence - Completely non-vocal, and gliding about on its tentacled underbody, the Agragost rarely makes a sound. Coupled with a strong upper body allowing it to crawl and contort through openings in walls, or to effortlessly climb onto towers, it is an ambush predator of the highest level.

    • Cracking Eggshells - The Agragost's spinal protrusions may be brought down with tremendous force on a target in order to pry away armor or to cause blunt force trauma. The creature is also known to possess an elephantine strength allowing it to overpower all but the most immense opponents.

    • Selective Coating - While the chitinous exoskeleton of the Agragost provides it some degree of protection against small-arms fire and melee weapons, the only portions of its body that are actively coated in Barricas oil are its claws and spinal protrusions. This means that a particularly talented opponent could evade the creature, and cause severe damage against its body with a lightsaber or plasma weapon.

    • Sonic Weapons - Naturally blind, the Agragost uses its sonic hearing to echolocate across the battlefield. While a sonic weapon fired at the creature is unlikely to completely rupture these organs thanks to natural automatic plugs meant to stopper their "ears", the Agragost can still be "deafened" for several minutes by these tools, leaving it far less capable of combat and much more exposed to its enemies' attacks.

    • Droids - With such a strong reliance on its blurring visual field to throw off humanoid opponents, the Agragost leaves itself quite open to persons who possess either the ability to see in other forms of vision naturally, or to machines and droids which can often interpret different visual spectrums with more relative ease, and which may be able to avoid its blurring field as a result.

    • Drip - An unfortunate side-effect of the Agragost's Barricas Oil production being linked to its danger sense is that the creature will often begin to drip oil in the seconds leading up to an attack. This means that even completely unsuspecting targets may have a few seconds to react to a previously undetected threat.

    • Eyes - Vestigial and unseeing, the Agragost is nevertheless harmed by the presence of its eyes which lack the chitinous exoskeleton that covers the remainder of its body. A few low-caliber shots to the eye or a higher-caliber blow may be enough to strike the creature's brain through the eye and kill it instantly.

    • Diet: Carnivore
    • Communication: Body Language and Motions
    • Technology level: N/A
    • Religion/Beliefs: N/A
    • General behavior:
      Agragost are innately aggressive creatures from their vat-birth onward. Notably territorial, they will seek to claim areas for themselves where they may rest and recuperate in between bouts of combat, though they are not completely without direction or control. As such, while they are still youthful and incapable of causing extreme damage, they are often trained by Draelvasier Shamans to avoid combat with members of the Bryn'adul Crusade, and to seek out Force Sensitives above all other potential targets.

      This final portion of training often has a habit of costing Shaman lives, leading to the Agragost being a somewhat limited and reviled tool. Hard-headed and fierce, it will avoid hunting its creators and their allies except out of necessity and in bouts of extreme confusion but has an uncomfortable habit of tailing around Force Sensitives even during times of peace, honing its stealth so that it might be undetectable during a conflict.

      When released into a battle, the Agragost will immediately distance itself from the commotion of deployment and seek a quieter location to gain its bearings. Once it has established a "lair" for the engagement, it will begin its hunt, seeking out Force Sensitives - but retaliating against any who interrupt its murderous jaunt. Having completed a successful kill, the Agragost will scoop up the corpse of its opponent, and bring it back to the lair for later consumption. An Agragost will also return to the lair if it has been badly wounded during fighting so that it may be retrieved at a later point by its handlers, or so that it may pass away peacefully if it has been mortally wounded. Lacking vocalization, it has no means by which to call for assistance.

      All Agragost are reliant upon an instinctive social pecking order. This means that all Agragost will immediately fight one another upon being put near one another until one has yielded. It is very rare for the social order to change beyond this point. The only other time that the Agragost fight one another is when three or more are involved in a battle together. While a pair of Agragost will simply "share" kills for their lairs, a third seems to always complicate this arrangement, and vicious fights can take place as the creatures attempt to determine who has ownership over a particular corpse. This is the reason why it is rare for more than two to be deployed at a time.
Following the appointment of Osam to the position of Warlord, the ambitious Risen-Sraelvun made landfall at the planet of Traedaris in order to assess the local population and to begin researching new means of accelerating the war against the Silver Jedi Concord and the remainder of humanity throughout the galaxy.

With the assistance of the native Ungulloi and the industrial talents they possessed, as well as the advanced genetic technology afforded by a Bryn'adul Superstructure, he went to work attempting to create a beast that could serve as a direct foil to the Jedi and Sith knights often discovered in battles with the Empire and the Concord. Initial tests seemed to go decently, but issues were discovered with the beasts being incapable of appropriately lashing out against plasmatic blades without the loss of their appendages.

This issue was solved by the creation of an additional gland in the genetic monstrosity's body which would allow the creation of organic Barricas oil, and which would let it go toe-to-toe with the favored weapon of its favored prey.

Further issues were uncovered through additional levels of testing - with unproductive subjects being exterminated, and with those that were more successful being kept around as study tools for the Aeravalin scientists involved in the entity's creation. The first versions relied too greatly on eyesight and would rush off at the first sign of danger to engage even non-Force-sensitive targets, and so the creature's vision was removed and replaced.

Perhaps the greatest feat of genetic engineering occurred when it became obvious that the entity was far too easily detectable. Its immense height offered it a tremendous advantage against its foes, and supported its heavily muscled body, and so an alternative solution needed to be discovered. Thinking back to the Battle of Sarka and the use of Frittata APC Transports to inflict blindness and visual distortions among the Draelvasier warriors, a method of obscuring the advance of the Agragost was determined. Subsequent research was difficult, but with the resources of multiple worlds at his disposal, and some of the finest industrialist and scientific minds available to the Bryn'adul, the Warlord was able to compose his perfect assassin and threat for the forces of Light and Darkness.
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