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"The Blitz" | First Order Invasion of Galactic Alliance Held Planet of Skor II


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Entering System
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A shadow cut across the Unknown Regions, slowly encroaching into the Outer Rim - Planet by planet, sector by sector. The drums of war had beat their fury as the First Order descended upon the molten surface of Mustafar, their Star Destroyers pushing farther into the void. Even now their ships moved forward after the defeat of the Galactic Alliance - their target: Skor II.
The planet itself was an amalgamation of scattered cities and the ruins of a once great metropolis. It had always been a major salvage importer but now it had not so far to look, the once booming expanse of Metrobig City torn asunder by the Graug, the Yuuzhan Vong - it lay in varying states of disrepair. Even still, pockets of Graug and Yuuzhan Vong reside within the ruined structures and neighborhoods of the city, the streets dangerous both day and night. Despite the danger, the Squib are a resilient species, capable of doing many things with less and in a way, the ravaging of their city had highlighted their strengths. By nature they were salvagers, reclaiming that which was broken, shattered, and making something new.​
On the surface, much of the city was broken, shattered, but two major points of interest remained in-tact, bastions of life and survivors. Metrobig Interplanetary Blastport still stood, a lifeline to the outside world since they had been plagued by the Graug and the Yuuzhan Vong - still a thriving port of business both legal and less than. Another location, The Hall of Big Time Heroes of Beyond-Squib Eliteness stood, a testament to its solid construction. Inside, relics and replicas of the past line its halls.​
Above the City, locked in geosynchronous orbit hung a giant space station, its armament purely defensive in nature - Metrobig Salvagestuff Platform. The platform had been designed years ago and escaped much of the devastation of the world below, mostly because of its relative uselessness. A large stretching platform of cargo bays and holds, the platform held imported salvage as well as dredged up parts and pieces of the city it hung above. Towards one end, large space docks housed partially intact vessels, space salvage, and even a few vessels that yet functioned but had been slated for deconstruction - among them the shattered hull of a Bercey-class Weather Corvette, a small but capable vessel. Nearly two weeks ago, at the time of the invasion of Galactic Alliance space, a small flotilla had gone missing deep within Alliance space - nothing had been heard since but a discrete probe towards Skor had identified the hull in one of the many open space docks of the Salvagestuff Platform. While unable to actually recover them, it has been discovered that the data cores aboard remain intact and untouched.​
Armed with this knowledge, the First Order has dispatched a combined force of Ren, FOSB, and First Imperial Stormtroopers to re-acquire the data cores, in addition to securing the planet and once more restoring order to Metrobig City.
Thanks for stopping by! I know you're all eager to get started so feel free to jump in! If you find yourself without a dancing partner or not sure where to jump in, feel free to ask of post in the OOC here:

Invasion Terms

Date to begin: April 21st
Type: Single Planet
Location: Skor (Technically Skor II)

Parties Involved: First Order (Offensive) vs. Galactic Alliance (Defensive)
Duration: 14 Days, With option to extend if agreed upon by faction staff of both factions

Allies(FO): TBD - Limit 5

Allies(GA): TBD - Limit 5
Having defeated the Galactic Alliance in the Mustafar Sector, the First Order was not content to stop their warmongering there. Pushing forward with a smaller force, the First Order military and Knights of Ren seize the opportunity to resupply and refit their vessels at the planet of Skor II. The native Squib have an affinity for salvage and repair operations, something that could be useful to the First Order as they battle the Galactic Alliance.

Writer Restrictions

  1. Each Writer may only have up to a maximum of 2 characters active in the invasion across all locations, space and ground.

  2. Each Writer may only command NPC’s in the immediate area of their PC’s and are not permitted to command NPC’s in a different engagement zone unless accompanied by their PC.

Engagement Restrictions

  1. There will be one thread for this invasion.

    ​The ground objectives will be split up into defined “Engagement Zones”.

Ground engagements:

  1. First Order forces and Alliance reinforcements begin in space. Initial Alliance Forces may begin within locations previously established in Roleplay in numbers according to the aforementioned.

  2. An actual post will be required to affect the transition between space and ground (Landing). During this phase, troops headed to the surface should be posting their gear and numbers (IF NPC’s are also being deployed, i.e. background noise army)

  3. Forces may move between engagement zones within the thread but should leave a reasonable travel time.

  4. NPC’s will be used only as background noise, the success or failure of the NPC forces to advance or fail is entirely dependent on the actions taken by PC’s only, not of their own merit. The actions of PC’s will affect the success or failure of the NPC units written in the background. This ensures that NPC’s will not be spammed nor be the primary focus of the Invasion.

  5. Large scale actions of NPC's such as advance or retreat will not be allowed. (Unless an objective is clearly advanced via PC's first.)

  6. NPC’s must be accompanied by a PC, they cannot be written in a separate engagement zone and must be within the immediate vicinity of the PC and cannot be written at an alternate objective in the same “Engagement Zone”. When engaging enemy NPC’s, actions cannot be assumed(i.e. Writer 1 cannot claim that writer 2’s NPC’s are committing atrocities or inhumane actions unless Writer 1 has written it that way.) Keeping in mind that NPC’s are not the focus of the story, NPC ‘flavor kills’ are allowed.

​​​3. Space Battle
a. Boarding Actions will be permitted.
b. Sizes/Number of vessels TBD by writers involved

Engagement Zones:

  1. Skor II | Multiple Locations (See below)

    Metrobig City

    Metrobig City has seen better days. An amalgamation of newer construction and ruins of the city's former glory, Metrobig is yet recovering from the Yuuzhan Vong - pockets of resistance fighters still attempting to clean out the remaining Vong and Graug warriors. The site of a recent Force Explosion have left much of the city shattered and in disrepair. Ongoing relief efforts have been met with limited success due to the violence and unpredictability of the Yuuzhan Vong and Graug but with assistance the Order of the Sacred Lotus and Galactic Alliance efforts are ongoing.

    Notable Locations (These are not "Objectives" simply locations of interest that may be fun to RP in"

    Metrobig Interplanetary Blastport | (EAST) Outskirts of Metrobig City (Capital City)

    Located on the very Eastern outskirts of Metrobig City, Metrobig Interplanetary Blastport was an enormous facility housing ships both large and small. As well as a comercial travel, the blastport was also a major trade hub. Still reeling from the assault by the Yuuzhan Vong, much of the facility lies in ruin though a small portion remains intact.

The Hall of Big Time Heroes of Beyond-Squib Eliteness | Center of Metrobig City

  1. A large building located in the center of Metrobig City, the Hall of Big Time Heroes of Beyond-Squib Eliteness is in part a communal place to celebrate the biggest names in Squib history. Among these is a relic of incredible value, the bronzium statue of the Jedi Master Mace Windu for his actions during the Battle of Skor II. In addition is a replica lightsaber on display, though it is unconfirmed whether or not this is a functioning replica or not. There may be other treasures here but none have been identified.

Metrobig Salvagestuff Platform | Geosynchronous Orbit, In Space Above Metrobig City

  1. A giant suspended platform above the metropolis that is Metrobig City houses almost all of the small world's refuse, in fact - they import salvage. Crewed by the most industrious of the Squib, the platform is largely unarmed though there are a significant number of point defense turrets - no one appreciates salvage as much as the Squib! In many parts of the facility there are simply bundled hunks of space salvage as well as a fair amount from the surface but on the other end of the facility there are several large space docks which house large luxury vessels that have long since passed their prime as well as the broken hulls of salvaged warships awaiting deconstruction or re-purposing.

Additional Note: Space Battle will happen above or within the atmosphere and will be included in this thread. While there can be space battles, there is no specific objective defined.

[member="Natasi Fortan"] | [member="Torian Pierce"] | [member="Samka Derith"]
[member="Jacen Voidstalker"] | [member="Taeli Raaf"] | [member="Liliane Lancaster"]
Present Day

[member="Laira Vereen"] [member="Nicolas Thorne"]

Skor, the Squib world had seen a rush of chaos that was in the midst of reconstruction. The attack by Dredge and the Yuuzhan Vong and Graug elements had laid to near waste the main city, striking at the heart of the former Bazaar. Such had been the state of affairs that the Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet and Outer Rim Coalition had dispatched two fleets to Skor weeks back. There they remained to ensure the safety and security of the Squib population and to dispatch humanitarian aid.

In the main city there were GADF Triage centers that had been been built to take care of the population. Humanitarian aid by the Alliance and neutral parties that would provide much needed medicine, food, and supplies. However, hile the Graug and the Yuuzhan Vong had been pushed back and the planet secured, there were still wild elements of Yuuzhan Vong and Graug that required the Alliance and their allies to neutralize the threat. For this very reason SIS and GADF elements were dispatched to scout the Skor System and the planet itself for any potential threats.

The following message had been sent to GADF Forces and SIS elements.

[ Mission Objective: Scout Recon of all spacial bodies above Skor for any civilian survivors and refugees along with lingering hostile remnants of Graug and Yuuzhan Vong. Any intelligence discovered should be relayed to SIS and to the GADF. ]

The first dispatch would be the space above the planet, to include Metrobig Salvagestuff Platform in Geosynchronous Orbit, above Metrobig City. [member="Laira Vereen"] [member="Nicolas Thorne"].

Another mission dispatched GADF and allies forces to the Metrobig Cityand its surrounding areas of The Hall of Big Time Heroes of Beyond and Metrobig Interplanetary Blastport as well. Key priorities are the rescuing of survivors and at neutralizing any hostile remnants of the Graug and Yuuzhan Vong.

The following mission brief had been sent to Alliance Forces stationed on Skor.

[ Mission Objective: Scout Recon of Metro Big City for civilian survivors and refugees along with lingering hostile remnants of Graug and Yuuzhan Vong. Continue evacuations and secure the city from hostile remnants. ]

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler

LOCATION: Space, inbound toward Skor II
VESSEL: Samara-class Ithorian Shuttle
  • Eradicate the Yuuzhan Vong infestation
  • Shake off the rust
  • Tangle with [member="Jaxton Ravos"] and whoever comes my way
  • Maybe get compromising footage of a Zambrano because of reasons

Clear, sharp memory disturbed Ashin's calm flight, and that was unusual. Three times she'd moved between bodies, and each time she'd found the edges worn off her recollection. Maybe this particular memory's resurgence was because she now lived in a body cloned from her first, the person she'd been when the memory was formed.

Vongshaping, they called the process. Going on thirty years now and she could still feel the chitin scalpels and the prying tools of shapers' hands. She could still smell the ichor as she cut them apart with their own limbs and freed herself. She could still feel the tightness of scar tissue all over her body, scars she'd worn defiantly until Val'Ryss Zankarr performed Ashin's first essence transfer. Already she could sense the Yuuzhan Vong and their biots on the planet ahead, but only when she put aside the Force and focused on the aspect of it that encompassed their kind. Vongsense was the word. Wonderful method of target acquisition.

Other memories crowded back: Breaching the Vong fortress world of Selvaris. Ripping Spencer away from their expert torturers. Slaughter.

Jentaral's short blade burned cold against her thigh, right through her black trousers. She'd spent too long hiding behind false names, faces, masks, helmets, hoods and robes: today she wore a simple shirt and pants, tough shoes, all black. Her only concession to combat efficacy was the personal shield projector hooked to her utility belt -- and, of course, the short sword.

The First Order had earned her appreciation; parts of it had even earned her respect as a civilian citizen. Today, though, was not about them. Oh, they had their priorities, and that was fine, but today was about culling Vong.


She let go of the sharp old memories and focused on the planet ahead. The little civilian shuttle entered a traffic pattern and began to descend toward Metrobig City.
skin, bone, and arrogance

A three-dimensional image of a tall, bronzium statue rotated above a conference room aboard the FIV Discovery, a First Order scientific vessel on loan to the Reclamation Service's Historical Recovery Division -- or in short, the FORS' HRD, because the First Order loved acronyms almost as much as it loved imposing order on chaos and marching. At the head of the table stood a frazzled brunette, dark eyes gazing at the image as she stumbled through her briefing. She was Dr. Audrey Saint George, head of the Historical Recovery Division, and she was exceptionally nervous. Not only was she not used to operating in what would almost certainly be a combat zone, but she wasn't used to Historically Recovering things from living people; typically, she dug up her artifacts from tombs and lost civilizations, not museums.

Yet and still, an order was an order.

"Very little about Master Windu is conclusively known," she declared as she looked over the rim of her round spectacles at the image. "Even before the plague years, Jedi of that era -- or any era -- were a taboo topic of discussion. Their apparent role in the destruction of the Old Republic -- of course now called into question by mainstream revisionist scholars -- made it difficult to pin down these figures. Relevant biographical data indicates that he was a leading figure on the Jedi Council, and may have been the instigator in the Council's attempt to overthrow the Republic, although -- as you know -- the data isn't exactly conclusive. If you care to read more extensively, you'll find an insert in your packets." She gestured towards the packet of her nearest colleague on the table --

--and promptly knocked over her Styrofoam caff cup, spilling brown liquid across the man's file. "I'm so sorry -- Jazmindi, can you -- thanks," she said as her assistant ran over with some paper towels. "Not to worry, Dr. Permank, I've had them laminated for specifically this reason." She smiled apologetically at Dr. Permank, who glowered back.

"Right." She paused and looked down at her notes. "At any rate, we would like to recover the statue in order to prevent its damage in battle. The Galactic Alliance aren't the most... responsible when it comes to preserving historical record." Dr. Saint George smirked. "And with their record, can you possibly blame them? I'd want it forgotten, too. Additionally, it is a representative piece of the artistic style and technique of the period, and will prove just astonishingly useful to validating our carbon dating technology and study techniques. For these reasons, the Director has insisted that we recover it intact. Are there any questions?"

She looked around the room, dark eyes scanning. The scientific group was being escorted by one [member="Ranulph Tarkin"] and his men; they were welcome to chime in if they wished, as well, though she suspected they were less interested in the why than in the how.

LOCATION: Space, inbound toward Skor II
VESSEL: Samara-class Ithorian Shuttle
Curiosity Killed the Cat
Don't Crash
ALLIES IN SCENE: [member="Ashin Karrde"]

Doctor Irajah Ven leaned back against the seat, her eyes closed. She'd been quiet for most of the trip. Quiet enough that she could have been asleep....

She sat on the floor, beneath the kitchen table. Early morning sunlight streamed through the window over the sink. Barely five years old, her tongue stuck out at the corner of her mouth as she very carefully drew on the paper she held against the floor. The picture was rough and chunky, as befitted hands still chubby in childhood, but she was so intent on the details that she didn't hear her mother approaching.

"Raj, what are you doing up so early?"

The girl looked up, a wide smile and eyes lighting up when she saw her mother.

"Had a dream mama. Wanted to draw it for you. See?"

The dark haired woman reached out with her right hand - she never used the covered left one that Irajah saw- and tilted the drawing into the light.

"Oh she's beautiful sweetie," her mother cooed, crouching down to join the child beneath the table. Irajah scooted over with a pleased wiggle. "Tell me about her?"

"Well, she's a goddess, mama," the child chirruped matter-of-factly. "She chose what everyone looks like, and made them that way. She's nice, too nice, so the other gods don't like her. But she keeps making new things anyway."

"Just like you little one," her mother said, nuzzling the child's cheek. "Shall we give her a name?"

It was one of Irajah's favorite games, to give names to these things she dreamed up. She clapped her hands, nodding excitedly. Her mother always knew the perfect things to call them.

"Yun-Ne'Shel," her mother said softly. "Her name is Yun-Ne'Shel, and she should be revered by the Shapers, don't you think?"

Irajah's eyes got wide and she nodded. The Shapers were her favorites, and this connection made sense to the child.

"Yun-Ne'Shel," the girl repeated, holding one side of the paper as she and her mother looked at the drawing.


The sensation of exiting hyperspace shifted ever so subtly though the shuttle and Irajah opened her eyes. Usually, when she moved with the First Order, she was there in an official capacity- civilian, yes, but there on invitation. This time, however, she was here for her own reasons. Traveling with Ashin was a convenience, and, for that matter, a good alternative to traveling alone. She liked the other woman, and they had at least one common interest.

Though that wasn't what brought her to Skor today.

Standing up, she made her way to the cockpit of the shuttle.

"Well, this place is just a mess," she muttered as she caught sight of the planet below them.
Location: Metrobig Slavagestuff Platform
Objective: Investigate Reports of First Order Ship
Allies: [member="laira vereen"], Galactic Alliance Forces

Nicolas didn't envy those in charge of large states. He'd attempted to be in such a position, and had done alright, except he'd disliked every single minute. He could command in battle, if need be, but he was a shadow by training, a scholar by inclination, and born to be in the thick of things, not sitting back in an office looking over expense reports. He'd given it all up, he knew John and Doctor Rashae would prove to be more capable than he, and he'd come to help them at a moments notice. For now, though, he was back in the thick of things. Back in his element.

"Master Thorne, are you sure we shouldn't just decloak and drop you off?" The captain of the Leviathan class Monitor ship asked as they stood near an torpedo tube.

"Captain, you know just as well as I do that where there is one First Order ship, more will inevitably follow. Stay cloaked, and monitor the situation. Stay close." He replied with an easy smile, then cycled himself into the tube. Once he opened the outer hatch, he'd be ejected into the vacuum above the salvage platform where the First Order ship had been sighted. He planned to pull himself onto the platform with the Force, using the cover of night to conceal his approach. The force would guide him the rest of the way, as it always had.

Nicolas felt, rather than heard, a soft thump. Then he was in space and moving rapidly towards the platform. Nicolas closed his eyes and felt his center in the force. Almost as if on instinct, he spread his arms and legs, using the force to speed him along and angle him towards the platform. He drew nearer and nearer, letting the force guide him. At the very last moment, he drew the force around him and softened his landing with a roll into a crouch. He was in the top level hangar of the platform, the ship was sighted in one of the lower hangars. He needed to get below, and with care he was making his way towards the alleged First Order ship.
Location: Metrobig West, epicentre of destruction cause by Yuuzhan Vong
Allies: [member="Choli Vyn"] [member="Elmont Block"] [member="Rebel Sunka"]

Trextan didn't really know why, but he'd expected the devastation from the blast to look symmetrical from the air. Like a hemisphere carved out of the city. Instead resistance had been met by the blast down some paths. The net result meant that from high up it seemed as if fingers stretched out from the epicentre where [member="Dredge"] had unleashed all that energy. Or perhaps a homage to some horrific insectoid scorched into the city.

There was a lot on the young Jedi's mind again. Despite the training he still could not clear it of errant thoughts and distracting emotions. At times he could reach a level of clarity that felt like what a Jedi should strive for. The moment the explosion had started was actually one of them. Jacen often told him that he had far more potential than the Jedi Marshal himself, just untapped and uncontrolled. In that moment stopping a shuttle from crashing had seen a trivial thing compared to the true power of the Force. Even when his body had given out he'd been immersed in the Force. He almost regretted that; he'd sensed the thousands around them dying and return to the Force. Sad, yet in some ways peaceful, almost beautiful.

The U-Wing banked and turned between the skeletal remains of two towers. Trextan could see the bazaar now. The main hull of the ship Choli had been flying had been taken away, but the two wings were there in the rubble. Their descent slowed and Trextan yanked open the door, which slid all the way back on well-oiled rails.

He still wasn't sure why he'd asked her to meet him here. Closure perhaps. Seeing where they'd very nearly died together and acknowledging the destruction wrought felt important to him. But perhaps not as much as putting to bed the frustration he'd suffered after Choli's recent crash. Every time he'd tried to find out where she was he'd been told the answer was classified. He couldn't fathom where she was, or what she could be doing, that would lead to command withholding the information from him.

Finally they had told him she'd been redeployed to the relief effort on Skor until she was for for combat flight. He had already been planning to come to finish dealing with the Yuuzhan Vong that still hid in the ruins and attacked the vulnerable. Trextan had been worried sick, left literally nauseous, but finally he'd get to see how she was. He would ask if she could still make it to tatooine before the end of the year, make jokes about yet another crash (if she was recovered). But being here, in the shadow left by dark forces, left him feeling uneasy and uncertain.
Objective: Investigate Ship bearing FO Markings
Location: Metrobig Salvagestuff Platform
Allies: [member="Nicolas Thorne"]
NPC: Outcast Squadron (7)

Commander Marrow listened in over his comlink. They all carried them, but were under radio silence since they had landed a while back. Marrow made all seven pilots turn off their transmitters in front of him before they hunkered down and started loading up. Each of the pilots were dressed in their Ghostsuits, provided to them by an unknown benefactor as was a lot of their gear. Laira spent three months of her trust-fund to get them what they needed and make sure her friends were at least moderately funded.

Orders had come across the wire, and with a fleet of detector and monitor ships in orbit things weren't exactly kept secret. With the recent attacks by the Graug and Yuuzhan Vong the Alliance was already on edge, Commander Marrow had taken the initiative and brought a small crew to the platform. Reports of a First Order vessel appearing in the salvage yards were few and far between, but that was what Outcast Squadron really needed for its mission. First Order IFF and Access codes would go a long, long way for the rebel group.

Laira carried an A280-CFE in her hands configured in assault mode, spear and multi-weapon on her belt side by side, and other gear all in their pouches and pockets. The redhead looked up to listen to the very quick commands given by the Commander. "Stay in fire teams, sweep every room. Anything not obviously friendly gets stunned, ask questions later. Anything that looks like, sounds like, or smells like Imp-bait or Sith-bait gets shot. No-Shows on." The elderly officer clicked a button on his wrist and for an instant a field buzzed around him, and then he was quiet. He blended in with his background and the darkened shadows they all stood in seemed to welcome him in without question.

With a few hand signals, the Commander lead the group of eight through the shadows of the platform, avoiding civilian populations. Laira focused on keeping herself level and calm, certainly in a group of grizzled veterans like the ones she was accompanying. She wasn't exactly green, but she had at least a decade less experience than anyone else in the group, chosen mostly for her combat prowess more than anything else.
Location: Open Space
Allies: GA
FWS Sovereign (Command)
FWS Watch Tower
FWS Devil Eyes
FWS Witch Sight
FWS Lance
FWS Spear

The small fleet of former Mandalorian vessels had been around Skor since the Graug attack. For the most part the fleet consisted of a Destroyer Group and a CIC Monitor Group. Its ships specialized in early warning detection from hyperspace, communication monitoring across multiple systems, stealth detection, and identification. The ships hung in open space like birds of prey sitting on a branch, watching and waiting for something to come along.

"All stations condition red. We will be providing intel to the SIS and its coordinators and will be inhibiting enemy forces in space by whatever means necessary. All allied forces will be patched into our Network on request. Bring the guns about and lets get ready to open the floodgates once an enemy fleet arrives." Rach eased back in his chair, the woman standing beside his command throne leaning against it with a bit of boredom in her expression.

"So what do you think?" She asked, turning her attention towards the old Mandalorian veteran.

"I think we will be left to our own devices for the most part." Rach would be quite pleased if he was left to just gunning down troopships as they arrived, though he doubted he would be allowed to sit back and kill battalions with impunity. The First Order fancied itself a naval superpower like the Remnant and Atrisia before them. "Hit every vessel entering the system with the Interrogator as it enters."
Location: Metrobig City, Skor II
Allies: The First Order.
Enemies: Unidentified.

0772 stood in his standard issue blacks with the hood drawn, draped over his head. Because of his low rank in the Knights of Ren, he lacked the armor and mask that most of the senior members of the secret sect boasted. He looked almost plain by contrast.

Metrobig City was, for someone accustomed to the rank and file of First Order life, a complete disaster. The world was ravaged by war, and any semblance of society had dissolved into a meritocratic structure based on Darwinian ethos. His face scrunched up at the inanity of it.

"You buy big thing?" 0772 heard the voice before he noticed the furry creature tugging desperately at his sleeve. They were everywhere, rampant like a plague. It was not abnormal to get approached in the city and propositioned to buy garbage. The indigenous creature pointed toward a speeder that had seen better days. The Disciple had doubts about whether it would activate at all, let alone fly. "For you, cheap!"

He felt compassion toward the inferior creature, but only because it was forced into these circumstances. 0772 had no intention of buying the speeder bike, nor of parting with credits out of generosity. "You don't want to sell my this," he spoke in a soft voice. The lilt of his words caused the would-be salesman to tilt its head in fascination, and the pupils of its eyes dilated. Its jaw went slack.

"I no want... sell big thing... for stangely dressed furless one." It turned in a daze and stumbled away, apparently intent on abandoning the speeder to fate. The Ren took a step closer and investigated it.

The panel flipped open to reveal a series of wires with minimal heat damage, and a partly rusted battery. "0772 reporting," he spoke into his communicator. "Conditions in Metrobig City are as expected. Citizens are vacant, and without direction-"

He stopped. An Alliance fighter sped overhead- Incom make, by the look of it. Distinctly different from the TIE series ships of the First Order. "-Alliance Fighter spotted on a patrol pattern. Please advise."

(Observing: [member="Trextan Voidstalker"])
Scruffy Lookin’ Nerfherder
Location: Near Metrobig Slavagestuff Platform - Onboard sullustan monitor
Objective: Investigate Reports of First Order Ship
Allies: Galactic Alliance Forces, [member="Nicolas Thorne"]

Hurry up and wait.

It might as well be the mantra of the Space Ops marines. I sit all geared up inside the Leviathan-class stealth monitor waiting for the reconnaissance of the Jedi scout. Around me I hear the constant hum of the reactor and the creak of the bulwarks - the only thing separating me from the vacuum of space.

The quarters of the monitor are cramped. They pack us in here like sardines, with halls barely big enough for two people. Funny how even though we are floating in the vast emptiness of space, with millions of kilometers of nothing all around, it is possible to still feel claustrophobic.

I check my gear for a third time.

Hurry up and wait.
Location: Deep space near FO/GA border, Subversion stealth carrier/recon ship
ALLIES: [member="Elliot Locke"] | [member="Naomi Carolina"]
Gear: TX-110 and blaster in Sig, Sniper Drone

Asmus ghosted through a formation of First Order TIEs. They hadn't expected the sudden turn and deceleration. For a split second the skirmish hung in the balance. If they kept their shape and sacrificed two vessels to distract him they could still complete their mission and destroy the transport. They didn't. Instead they panicked and spread in several directions.

“Wraith Four, hit Besh Two and Three,” Asmus called to Naomi. She was new to Wraith Squadron. Picked up by the Subversion over Barkesh, Asmus was still in denial that she was his Choli replacement. The SIS had a small group of exceptionally talented pilots. Their work had mostly been conducted in secret behind enemy lines: exfiltrating defectors, gathering SIGINT, deploying agents. Now the war had become a full on engagement they were expanding their range of operations. Despite having such talent, Asmus had missed having a younger recruit to take under his wing.

“I've designated my targets,” Asmus called. He banked left, then hard right as green laser fire lanced across the underside of his hull. He tried to focus on the task at hand and not think of wider events. A brief foray to Mustafar had led to him thinking he had recovered nothing more than Choli's corpse for a few minutes. But she had pulled through.

As he pulled the trigger and returned fire the enemy vessels froze in place. Blue laser bolts came to an abrupt halt.

“Wraith Squadron,” came Odennus’ voice. “Simulation on hold, we need you prepped for launch. We just picked up a hyperspace wake and there are no Alliance ships logged. We're coming about to pursue.”

“Understood,” Asmus replied. They'd been in hyperspace while conducting the sims. “Naomi, any thoughts before we head back to the real world?”


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-- -- --
Dropping out of Hyperspace
Crew: [member="Nils Brenner"]
Complement: [member="Asharad Graush"] | [member="Ara Ren"] | [member="Torian Pierce"]
@First Order & Allies
[ Theme ]
-- -- --
:: Hyperspace Disengage in 3. ::
:: 2 ::
:: 1 ::
=== :: Disengaging :: ===
With a rapid manipulation of controls the shuttle dropped from hyperspace, the TIE ace's hands moving expertly over the controls. Normally Nils would have been tagged for Interceptor duty, his love of the TIE Interceptor well known among he and his colleagues, but this time he'd been given a crucial assignment. An strange grouping to say in the least, but one command had deemed necessary. First there was the veteran sergeant of the Stormtrooper Corps, [member="Torian Pierce"] with his strange melee weapon more akin to a vibro-axe than anything else the pilot was familiar with, though he felt he had more in common with the trooper than the other two aboard. [member="Asharad Graush"], accompanied by a Knight of Ren, [member="Ara Ren"], had been assigned to the task as well.

The FOSB no doubt aided by the mysterious servants of Sieger Ren had confirmed the wreck of the FIV Kingfisher was in fact still intact, the hull having been pulled from deep within GA space. As primarily a scouting vessel, it had been stripped of its insignia and any outward identifying features prior to its mission. A newer design, it was unlikely that it had yet to be identified as belonging to the First Order specifically, or so they'd been told. As the vessel eased its way out of hyperspace and into realspace, Nils looked back over his shoulder and spoke to no one person in particular.

"Coming in hot, the rest of the fleet should be inbound in a matter of moments. Hold onto something, it might get a bit hairy."
Fingers gripped tightly around the controls, he accelerated to max speed as the shuttle careened towards the Metrobig Salvagestuff Platform.
LOCATION: Deep space near FO/GA border, En route to Skor in a beat up X-Wing.
ALLIES: Galactic Alliance, The Force
ENEMIES: First Order
GEAR: Scattergun, KD-Dissauder, Lightsaber, Blade, Portable bow and arrow, a pouch of seeds
OBJECTIVE: Head towards planet, see where he can help.

It had been so long ago that he cast away the endeavors of the traditional Jedi Order. While he held the badge of esoteric Master, he was more akin to the fringe purveyor and judge of what was right and wrong. In self realization of a purpose that had been morphed in the infancy of the Alliance, he shirked the duties that were common for his position. He recalled when he first saw the Tap Tree on Sulon, the way its roots grew deep and its branches spread far and wide. It was a rekindling of purpose, the way an ember could be stoked to produce great flame. He would have been happy to take root there with it, to commit the entirety of his existence to seclusion and removal from the universes frailty. In the image of a great tree, forever standing tall, he would persist.

But for the words of a hybrid. For the sounds of thousands of voices, screaming across the darkness of space. He couldn't silence it, no matter how hard he tried. Failed attempt after failed attempt, he recalled the way [member="Vaet"] looked to him for guidance. And in the way they took to their own form of hiding, it felt wrong to sit by and watch as others suffered. It was an intent only strengthened by the fact that Gabe, who had removed himself from the arena, would once more join the fray. While Relit had initially held the man at great distance, it was with time that his branches grew long and welcoming. Like the Tap Tree.

He looked towards the emptiness of space, the black depths of it all, and swallowed the superstitions fear of his people. Dependent on the instrumentation of the X-Wing, the dim yellow lights of the dash, he flew to a pre-calculated route. The planet was Skorr, the sensation of impending doom had given rise to preemptive mobilization. Of all the things he would forsake, he could not release himself from the grip of the force. In its guidance, it's teachings, the greatest mastery could be obtained. And Relit was happy to simply be in its wake.

"For out of the darkness of space, we return to ground."

More than anything, he just wanted to be in atmosphere and away from the emptiness that surrounded him. He couldn't tell what all the noise was about, spewing from the metal astromech droid behind the cockpit, but he assumed it wasn't entirely important.



Location: Long Range Assault Transport (PM to join)
Allies: First Order
Enemies: Galactic Alliance
Gear: In signature
Objective: Land and assault Metrobig City

Onboard the transport, there were about two dozen stormtroopers, battle ready in their uniforms and with their blasters by their sides. Even though no battle had happened yet, he was sweating in the cramped troop compartment. He was familiar with this feeling, going on an assault craft, preparing for the oncoming battle. He knew the drill. He would go out with his comrades, secure the objective, and he would take on any Jedi or angered citizens with his riot baton. However, the ride to the battle was where he felt the most nervous.

The assault transport was filled with silence, except the silent humming of the engines. He remembered what his commanding officers had said before boarding the transport, to restore order to Metrobig City in any way possible, whether it required force or not. He preferred force, blasting through enemy soldiers and gaining the objective. But that was to come when the transport landed. So he sat in silence as the assault transport neared Skor II.


тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂
​Location: In Space
Objective: Retrieve Data Cores {Metrobig Salvagestuff Plateform}
​Allies: FO
Enemies: GA
​Gear: In Sig

The Mystic Veil, a Sith Ascendancy Xo'Xaan II-class Star Destroyer​, dropped out of hyperspace in a safe and secure area; far from any encounters. The Circle of Lords only granted the use of their warship for transportation purposes, with Admiral Beth under orders not to engage the enemy; just deliver the cargo and remain out of sight. "This is far as I can take you," ​the ginger hair Admiral said. ​"Your assigned fighter will take you the rest of the way." ​Turning from the officer, I marched across the single catwalk with my robe flapping behind me toward the bridge's doors. "Good luck Knight" Pausing between the parted doors, I smirked. ​"Luck is for the weak, Admiral."

​​3 Days Earlier

"Out of all the jobs in the AIA, I chose fact checking," ​Matt said rubbing the sleepiness from his eyes. "No, Matt," ​Adam started tossing another data pad into the stack of useless information bin, ​"You were assigned here because you failed, horribly I might add, the fitness exam." ​Narrowing his eyes, Matt replied, ​"I didn't fail horribly. I just have a bit of an eating disorder." ​Adam leaned over, smacking Matt's stomach laughing at the jiggle. "Looks like your cooking twins in there 'ol buddy." ​Matt opened his mouth when the doors slid apart, prompting both men to jump to their feet at the sight of their Superior.

​"I need the both of you to collectively decode this immediately," ​the man-in-charge said thrusting a new data pad into Adam's hands. ​"This is labeled priority one. This comes down directly from the Circle of Lords." The boss exited the room before his underlings could make inquiries. ​"Sure thing Mr. Crabby ass," ​Adam said the moment the doors slid shut. ​"Give me that before you get us both in trouble."

​"What the feth! Are you reading what I'm reading, Matt?" ​Shaking his head, Matt double checked the information before replying, ​"A lost First Order ship, and they're going into GA space to retrieve it!" ​Both exchanged a brief glance. "I thought they signed some cease-fire pact thingy." ​Scooping up the data pad with one hand Matt headed for the door. ​"What? Nonsense. They are invading another GA held system on the merit of retrieving their ship."

​Council of the Circle of Lords (2 Days Earlier)

​"With your recent elevation to Knight, comes the time to conduct business on our behalf. We've spoken with High ranking officials of the First Order and they confirm their intentions. We are not looking to intervene in their war with the GA, however we will offer them some assistance," ​the Lord sitting closest to the back said. ​"We will not commit forces of any kind, but we will offer you to assist them."

"Understood," I replied. ​"If we're not to commit forces, how do you propose I travel there?" The Lords looked about, knowing some were not easy with the decision they agreed upon. Another Lord, a spooky gent who shared the same species as I, spoke up. ​"You are familiar with both Admiral Beth and his warship, the Mystic Veil. The Mystic Veil will deliver you to the outskirts of Skor II and nothing else. We held a lengthy discussion with Admiral Beth and he has his orders. You are not to countermand his directives, understood?" I nodded. ​"You are to leave at once and remember Knight Satia, you represent the Sith Ascendancy in this manner. When you return, we will discuss the topic of choosing a Darth name."
Grand Admiral, First Order Central Command

Location: In Hyperspace, approaching Skor System

The overly organized nature of the conference table gave Cyrus the distinct impression that its owner was compensating for something. As if neat stacks of papers and precisely laid-out datapads could possibly make up for an deficiencies in actual planning. But it was hard to blame any of the senior officers present too much, they had been given a bad hand and were trying to make the best of it. Even worse, they had Chief of Naval Operations onboard for a very unexpected visit. That was enough to make any man wary.

It was an odd formation in the first place. Orders had come through to continue to push rimward from Rutan with reserve forces, so the main thrust wouldn't risk weakening it's defensive line. Success meant the possibility of cutting the Alliance's supply lines all the way to Terminus, potentially cutting off thousands of troops behind enemy lines. Time and logistics were the biggest complicating factors, so this first force was a haphazard combination of a task group made up of fresh ships newly arrived to the sector, plus a pair of frontline assault ships, the Sanction of Victory and the Liberator's Mantle, (with a Stormtrooper Legion and Army Division, respectively) that had yet to see combat by pure chance.

Three staff officers were huddled across form where Cyrus sat, talking with each other in low voices. Rear Admiral Yosef Carnes, commander of the task group, was a dour looking man who resented Cyrus' presence with an almost tangible aura of hostility, and Cyrus had more than once been forced to restrain himself from dragging the man aside and beating him half to death until he learned some respect. He was capable though, and had managed to keep things in order thus far. Lieutenant General Drenna Delaroux stood next to him, in the center of the group, looking relaxed and confident as befitted a Stormtrooper officer. Next to her stood Major General Verkan Torix, a relatively well known and popular Imperial Army commander. Ostensibly the senior officer, he had proven intelligent enough to defer to Delaroux and Carnes when it came to planetary assaults.

The plan they had come up with was relatively simple. Given the lack of dedicated Alliance defenses, the task group was planning to simply take up a low orbit position to cover the two assault ships, then withdraw to high orbit to provide fire support where needed. In the event that a large Alliance fleet moved in, Cyrus knew for a fact there were other forces on their way, and at any rate so long as the Sanction of Victory and Liberator's Mantle were on the ground the task group could always just depart until reinforcements arrived.

The group came to some agreement and, with a last round of nods and shaking of hands, departed. They would be reverting soon, and for all but Torix that meant returning to their respective ships. Without a word, Cyrus followed Carnes and Delaroux out of the chamber towards the shuttle bay. He didn't however, board a shuttle to the Icebrand, Carnes' flagship, but instead boarded one headed to the Red Death. When the battle started neither he nor Carnes would benefit from each others presence.

Reversion was swift, 9 capital ships and 7 seven corvettes dropped out of hyperspace in a neat formation, the three Cruisers in a cone up front with the Mukhtiar nestled in between, and the four frigates arranged in a square like formation in back, with two above and two below the relative plane. The assault ships made up the rear, but were already on a lower plane, ready for a high-speed run to the planet if it came to that. The cruisers immediately began launching fighters while initial reports flowed in, the six squadrons split into two groups, each with a pair of Bolt's for heavy escort and began to fan out in a classic screen. The FIPV's followed, reaching out, sensing, and quickly locking on to the largest presence of ships in the area.

As much as he wanted to take control of the situation, it wouldn't do to undercut Carnes' command. Instead Cyrus spent his time listening to the flow of reports over the secure command net and analyzing data.

Carnes' comms started off erratic and confused, unsure how to process the presence of warships belonging to a politically defunct organization, but he quickly regained his composure. The plan remained the same, with an added emphasis of keeping out of the line of fire of the Sovereign. Task Group Swift Sword was here to pacify a planet, if the Mandalorians were allied with the GA and wanted things to get messy, they'd have to shoot first. Such a maneuver would be quickly noticed too, the FIPV-9's were nothing if not thorough.

The largest Mandalorian ship stuck out like a sore thumb to Cyrus. He'd had something of a hand in its development, and was reasonably knowledge regarding its capabilities. He'd also seen it before, at Castameer, as part of the Mandalorian component that had helped bring down the Rogue Sith. Then and presumably now, its commander had been one [member="Rach Vizla"], an old man who didn't know when to give up and die in battle already. A kindred spirit, or at least as close as one could get.

Task Group 'Swift Sword'
3 x Marauder-class Medium Cruiser
  • Firemaw
  • Red Death
  • Icebrand
4 x Dagger II-class Escort Frigate
  • Knife
  • Dirk
  • Pugio
  • Baselard
1 x Mukhtiar-class Corvette
4 x Bolt II Picket Ship
2 x FIPV-9 System Patrol Vessel
1 x Consolidator-class Assault Ship 'Sanction of Victory'
- 221st Stormtrooper Legion
1 x Reclaimer-class Assault Ship 'Liberator's Mantle'
- 7th Division, Ryoone Planetary Army

Location - Metrobig Salvagestuff Platform - On Vision-Class Star Yacht
Objective - Buy a ship - Reviewing said yacht
Allies - Just me and some Squibs (for now) - [member="Canal"] [member="Laira Vereen"] (Where ya at!)
Enemies - FO peeps - [member="Ara Ren"] [member="[/FONT][FONT=Arial]Satia"] [member="[/FONT][FONT=Arial]Torian Pierce"] (Tag for dancing)
(Stuff for pew pew and glow stick party in bio)

X <- Background music

"No I got this, just a few more seconds..." the ginger scraper said as he worked his magic underneath the main control panel on the bridge.

"Listen big money dude, best squibs in all of Skor II have worked to restore power to... hey wait, red haired awesome fix it guy did it.

Bryce smiled with a small measure of pride as Bryce slide out from under the panel and spun his trusty force tool before blowing the imaginary smoke off the emitter and placing it back in his jacket pocket. Pleasingly tugging on his red bomber he stuck out his chest with pride.

Sure she was a unique design, this Vision-Class yacht. The droid brain and design suit may have been stripped down along with many of the custom luxury furnishings but the main parts of the design were all still here. While most would see this bird as nothing more than a worn out old personal yacht, Bryce could feel the love and unique perspective that went into crafting her. Bryce also knew how hard Skor had been hit during the Dredge incident, it was one of the reason he had come. He had studied this race well enough to understand their love of money and trade, and the healing power it would bring to their psyche.

"Never doubt the power of red haired awesome fix guy." Bryce said as he stood up only to walk over and take a seat at the captain's station. "Now if you would, please get Mr. Big Pants Mc owns the ship up here so we can talk some script my good man."

The blue haired squib jumped at the news and nodded in approval before darting off saying "Boss we got another suck... I mean buyer!"

As the meter tall fur ball darted off Bryce began to fiddle with the controls till the panel on the left side of the station rebooted. Time to see what this thing can do... he muttered to himself as he pulled Alaunus from his coat again and began "modifying". Within minutes, life support came on line for maybe the first time in years, soon followed by comms.

The force tool hummed and buzzed as he adjusted the long range transmitter well enough to get a signal out into hyperspace. As Bryce waited for the coils to align he looked out the ship’s bridge window at beat up looking corvette with a designsthat looked sharp, angular, almost imperial.

Hmm, now that is interesting, wonder what you're doing here?

RIP Carlyle Rausgeber

"It's all been bloody marvellous..."

Objective: Assert Supreme Leader's Might.
Allies: [member="Cyrus Tregessar"].
Possible Enemies: [member="Rach Vizla"]
Enemies: None Yet.​

Carlyle crossed the bridge, his boots clicking against the durasteel as his fleet made final preparations for deployment into real space. "Re-emergence in ten seconds!" The Helmsman reported. Carlyle acknowledged the report given by the Helmsman, and stood to attention in front of his viewport. As he silently counted down to reverting to real space, he eyed the crew pits in his peripheral vision. They stood stoically, prepared for what was happening. If the skirmish over Asmeru was anything to go by, this would be a simple affair.

The FIV Malice jolted as it reverted to real space. The giant star destroyer made quite a splash, and was soon joined by its smaller, yet still intimidating cousins, the imperial-x model destroyers, and then they were followed by the smaller cruisers and corvettes which would support the First Order's ambitious assault. "Admiral, all ships are green, Battlegroup Imperator has arrived." The Signals Officer reported. "Task Group Swift Sword has also arrived."

Carlyle acknowledged this development, "Make contact with Grand Admiral Tregessar, I want to see his opinion of the situation." He then looked at the viewport, noting the collection of odd looking ships, "And I want scans of them, I need data, information, anything you can get me."

"Ships of Mandolorian make sir. Not many of them, we'd easily outnumber them here." The Scanning Officer replied, starring at his data terminal. "We've also picked up a few X-wing's in the area sir. Largely single fighters, but they are out there."

"We will hold fire," The admiral asserted, "Where are our TIE squadrons at?" Carlyle asked.

"Crew's are at their stations admiral," The TIE Operations Officer responded, "Shall I give them the launch signal?"

"No, no, we'll wait for the Alliance to deplete their fighter reserves," Carlyle began, "And then, once they've done that, we'll slam into them, with our combined power." He turned to the Signals Officer, "Send a comms line out, on all military frequencies, I want our forces to know that we have arrived, and we will, provide support where we can." He then paused. "Send a transmission to the Mandolorians." He began, "Alert them that this is becoming a conflict zone, and that we do not wish to engage them."

The Signals Officer nodded, and turned to her terminal, "Unidentified Mandolorian Ships. This is First Imperial Command," She began on an open frequency, "The planet of Skor is about to come under attack from our forces. We request that you leave if you wish to avoid this conflict."

Fleet Composition
FIV Malice [Flagship]| Model: Modified Resurgent-class Destroyer | Shield Integrity: 100%| Hull Integrity: 100%| Firing At: None. |Fighter Status: Ready.

FIV Vindicator| Model: Imperial-X Star Destroyer| Shield Integrity:100%Hull Integrity: 100% | Firing At: None. |Fighter Status: Ready.
FIV Menace| Model: Imperial-X Star Destroyer | Shield Integrity:100%| Hull Integrity: 100% | Firing At: None. | Fighter Status: Ready.
FIV Justice| Model: Imperial-X Star Destroyer | Shield Integrity: 100%| Hull Integrity: 100% | Firing At: None. | Fighter Status: Ready.

FIV Bombardier| Model: Hellfire-class Missile Cruiser | Shield Integrity: 100% Hull Integrity: 100% | Firing At: None. |Fighter Status: N/A.
FIV Devastator| Model: Hellfire-class Missile Cruiser | Shield Integrity: 100%|Hull Integrity: 100% | Firing At: None. | Fighter Status: N/A.

FIV Vengeance| Model: Halberd-Class Artillery Frigate| Shield Integrity: 100%| Hull Integrity: 100% | Firing At: None. |Fighter Status: N/A.
FIV Maul| Model: Halberd-Class Artillery Frigate| Shield Integrity: 100%| Hull Integrity: 100% | Firing At: None. |Fighter Status: N/A.

FIV Dragoon| Model: Halberd-Class Artillery Frigate| Shield Integrity: 100%| Hull Integrity: 100% | Firing At: None. |Fighter Status: N/A.

FIV Prosecutor| Model: Halberd-Class Artillery Frigate| Shield Integrity: 100%| Hull Integrity: 100% | Firing At: None. |Fighter Status: N/A.
FIV Rage| Model: Halberd-Class Artillery Frigate| Shield Integrity: 100%| Hull Integrity: 100% | Firing At: None. |Fighter Status: N/A.

FIV Sprint| Model: Mukhitar Anti-Fighter Corvette | Shield Integrity: 100%| Hull Integrity: 100% | Firing At: None. |Fighter Status: N/A.

FIV Bold| Model: Mukhitar Anti-Fighter Corvette | Shield Integrity: 100%| Hull Integrity: 100% | Firing At: None. |Fighter Status: N/A.

FIV Commendation| Model: Mukhitar Anti-Fighter Corvette | Shield Integrity: 100%| Hull Integrity: 100% | Firing At: None. |Fighter Status: N/A.

FIV Courage| Model: Mukhitar Anti-Fighter Corvette | Shield Integrity: 100%| Hull Integrity: 100% | Firing At: None. |Fighter Status: N/A.

FIV Loyalty| Model: Mukhitar Anti-Fighter Corvette | Shield Integrity: 100%| Hull Integrity: 100% | Firing At: None. |Fighter Status: N/A.

FIV Pride of Xal| Model: Mukhitar Anti-Fighter Corvette | Shield Integrity: 100%| Hull Integrity: 100% | Firing At: None. |Fighter Status: N/A.

FIV Might| Model: Mukhitar Anti-Fighter Corvette | Shield Integrity: 100%| Hull Integrity: 100% | Firing At: None. |Fighter Status: N/A.

FIV Strength|Model: Vindicator-class Light Carrier| Shield Integrity: 100%| Hull Integrity: 100%| Firing At: None| Fighter Status: Ready
FIV Support|Model: Vindicator-class Light Carrier| Shield Integrity: 100%| Hull Integrity: 100%| Firing At: None| Fighter Status: Ready


Jaxton Ravos

Mindwalker of the Outer Rim
GLocation: Space above Skor II.
-Hustle to Metrobig City
-Bustle some of the rust off this guy
-Tussle with [member="Ashin Karrde"] and any other posse that follows her.

Jaxton Ravos. A name that hadn't been heard or spoken in quite a while. Mostly because Jaxton himself hadn't been there. Rather than out and about in the galaxy he'd been in the true galaxy. That of the Force. The place called "Beyond Shadows". But a thought had come to his mind. Perhaps Beyond Shadows wasn't real, and the normal world was. He'd had that doubt before. Thought of the people he'd known before his clash with Darth Odium. Seydon, Rosa, Boolon. People he'd met later like Ryan Korr, Taheera Sollo, Quinn Vos when fighting the One Sith. They were real right? They had to be. So Jaxton came back, found the Galaxy was different than he'd left it. The One Sith were finished, the First Order were the next group of fascists keen on telling the galaxy how great they were. By force naturally.

Jaxton found that reprehensible, and finagled his way into the Galactic Alliance military. The illusions of the White Current made it easy. No one got hurt, no one noticed, and there were no Jedi politics to deal with this way. Win-win all around. Soon enough he was headed to Skor II, home of a curious species known for their attachment to shiny objects. The official job was to clean up the Vong presence, but contact with the First Order was expected. Probably the real priority. Politics. Also, Jaxton wasn't convinced the Vong were actually real anymore. A figment of imagination perhaps. Could anything really live without the Force? Not to be unable to manipulate it, but to not feel it at all? Not be felt by it's touch? Then again, better safe than sorry. Best quell them anyways. The Retrosaber would have no problem with them. It'd cut straight through Beskar. Cortosis. Phrik. Anything imaginable. The only thing Jaxton had ever really engineered, it has it's disadvantages. Namely that it was attached to a backpack by a cord. With it and faithfulness in the Force Jaxton would overcome any obstacle.

His part was one of Fate's. He'd visited Beyond Shadows. Bathed in the Pool of Knowledge before Akala gulped it whole. Today would be a day of reckoning, for those who were Sith in all but name. Jaxton would find his enemy, and provide them no escape. They would find no solace in weapons, arms, or even the Force. How could they, who had not seen what he had?

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