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The Auction [Buy The Slave!]



The air stood still in the massive chamber, nearly an entire stadium of holoprojectors surrounding a singular platform in the center. As darkness was burned away when lights came to life, the iconic click of circuit breakers came as the trumpet call of genesis for the marketplace to open. Yet, today was a special occasion, one built on a reputation that had been spread across the DarkNet for a few weeks.

A slave auction for a singular individual, which his rampant achievements of grandeur and destruction brought to be the main advertisement. The Slave, a being with not only no name, but no purpose of his own; a rampantly loyal individual with an ambition that can ruin an empire should it ever so wish, and with it the raw potential of a fledgling god. His presence in the force, his ability to achieve, he was something more than a regular individual, something so individualistic in the world of slavery that it was worth bringing about a single auction for him.

Holoprojectors came to life one by one, each with a different hooded or otherwise disguised individual behind them. A soft murmuring came to life with them, the rumors and speech patterns of vagrantly malevolent criminal masterminds and sith lords alike; each with a purpose for appearing, be it for a weapon, an apprentice, or something entirely different. To each, The Slave was a utility to be bought, something so purposeful that he could be worth a fortune and more.

The Slave was dragged in front of the electronic gathering, hands in shock cuffs and head bagged. He had already been sedated, ran ragged through floggings, and made tame through torture; a weak image of who he usually was, but one he was forced to be due to his rather destructive attitude after being told he was being sold. Imperia was his master, his love, the only thing he lived for; and as much as a stockholm syndrome that he had, she treated him well enough.

Today however, a new master was to be chosen, and with it his new destiny. He was a liquidated asset, and those that pondered on him today were the buyers of this debt. The single announcer that stood next to The Slave rested a hand on his products back before he spoke in a suave and powerful tone, a spirit so heavily crafted through years of experience it could serenade the angriest vornskr.

Today, ladies and gentlemen, we have by far the greatest slave to ever be sold on the market! A man so iconic, he’s wanted through almost the entire Outer Rim for terrorist acts against not only nations like The Dominion, but against mortality itself!”

I bring before you not just a man, but a future. Point this Sin made manifest in whatever direction you’d like, and watch it become destroyed or created, the ultimate tool for the greatest individuals. He is forever what you make him, and he is only open for today.

Bidding begins at 100,000 Credits!
Bartic had been keeping an eye out for wanted criminals in and around the underground but now he had seen it all, an illegal slave auction with one of the Dominion's most wanted up for grabs, that made his day very interesting, there was no way that he could lest this slip past his fingers. In secret he travelled to attend the auction although slavery was illegal in the Dominion he could justify this to the senate if he needed especially if he was taking The Slave into custody once entering Dominion space.

Bartic pressed the button in front of him to signal him entering the auction at the opening bid of 100,000 credits.

[member="The Slave"]
Musing over the little pamphlet they handed out to everyone who attended, Spencer only had shown up because she assumed they would get to try this man’s waffles. Under the long list of his crimes and all his evil doings, there was a note about making amazing waffles along with other treats. Spencer at times had lazy moments where she would rather just drink her champagne and have someone else serve the desserts. Musing over this she assumed the whole slave thing was just a cover up for something. Either way, she did need a new chef on Eshan.

The woman opened her datapad, got ahold of her account with the Eshan government, since she was the Queen and all. Did some number punching and put up the bid to 150,000 credits to hire this man for her service. She could already taste the sweet sweet syrup and waffles. [member="The Slave"]
- [member="The Slave"] -​

Gabriel reclined back in the soft chair as the object of his interest came into view. Gabriel was not a slave owner, in fact he despised the slavery. After years of being a slave himself, being kept in a state of subjegation and pain the dark master did not suffer slave owners to live. Yet upon hearing of this one Gabriel allowed logic to stem his wrath. His many contacts had been recently flooding him with information on a Sith slave like none other. A weapon that could be shaped any way its master desired and unleashed on the galaxy.

It wasn't until now though that Gabriel truly desired him. Though his hands were bound and head covered the Volturi elder saw more to him in how he held himself. He was to good to be just a weapon, a mindless drone to be used. He had an air of destiny to him. One that Gabriel had every intention of being there when it came to be. He pressed a button on the console and the maximum bid raised to 200,000 credits.

"You shall not be a slave much longer my friend. You will be a master of worlds."
There are many reasons for my visit to quarters such as these.

A singular slave was being sold for the purpose of removing him from one master, and into the hands of another. Upon hearing rumors and whispers of what this being had done under the tutelage of his Sith Master, I had a feeling that this being could be quite the prize. Make him one of my malelings. Men were a feeble minded gender. Looking forward to their "manhood" or how they could prove themselves. However, this being seemed rather obedient for what the records spoke of. Stories can be twisted and warped to suit the needs. However, flipping through the visual accounts of what this male specimen had done, I was quite envious of the previous master. Seeing this potential.

Death was an advocate for ones such as these. A being who could bring about the end for those. Death was what forced many to change, and through that change, people evolved.

This slave could make my job a hell of a lot easier.

Tapping down on the datapad as deals were thrown, I pushed for 250,000 credits.

"Maybe next time they could give us a demonstration instead of being gagged."

[member="The Slave"], [member="Gabriel Volturi"], [member="Spencer Varanin"], [member="Bartic Myth'rand"],

Butch Mahan

Si vis pacem, para bellum
Mahan had come all the way out here from V'shar, a taxing journey, but it had not been in vain. Arch-Duke Mahan had been tasked with buying the annual sacrifice for the globally attended holiday in penance to the war god Ni'shaw. Although he was not a local, Mahan had taken up the religion of the Ni'shaw-dak, and following his forced resignation as the Grand Admiral for the Imperial Remnant, he joined the Solidarity, a kingdom led by the theocracy of the Ni'shaw-dak, and the Sovereign, a monarch chosen by his dukes. He had become an Arch-Duke, a general of the expansive forces of the Solidarity.

But today he would be taking a rest from the usual duties of an Arch-Duke, and serve as the patron of the holiday, using the Solidarity's expansive, but not endless funds, he was to buy a slave worth of sacrifice. One that fiercely opposed the values of the Ni'shaw-dak and the Solidarity, and [member="The Slave"] fit the ticket. A bane of order and authority, his blood dripping down the royal altar would due nicely.

Mahan stood silent as he inputed his bid for the slave, 300,000 credits, and remarked on his venture, "This one will do nicely, Arch-Daimyo Jerrad." Commentary not lost on his aide, keeping a record of the auction from behind the Arch-Duke.

[member="Gabriel Volturi"]
[member="Spencer Varanin"]
[member="Bartic Myth'rand"]
Things were getting very interesting very quickly, Bartic did not know whom else he was bidding against, he hear one man proclaime he would free The Slave and a woman shout asking for a demonstration. Both were insanely stupid, The Slave had been a thorn in the Dominion's side ever since it had established itself in the outer rim, he couldn't let this man escape justice, further more the numbers were still rather low, Bartic had access to far more credits than most, and that was just legally. Bartic taped his data pad and made a significant increase to the asking price, 500,000, half a million credits were now on the table, although he didn't want to spend more than he had he would do what was nessisary, Bartic hoped that the jump would scare off some of the smaller bidders that might nickel and dime him up even farther.

[member="Spencer Varanin"]. [member="The Slave"] [member="Gabriel Volturi"] [member="Naamah"] [member="Butch Mahan"]
Doc silently pondered the auction. One being. This was not a star destroyer, nor an armory filled to the brim. One man, for a half million so far. It was quite the opulent bid already.

"A million-two." Doc said, and the voiced number translated to 1,200,000 credits before he hit send. He would love to hand the being to Damien to alter via alchemy, or train him to be a Gunslinger as well.

[member="Bartic Myth'rand"] [member="Naamah"] [member="Gabriel Volturi"] [member="Spencer Varanin"]
There appeared to be another who wanted The Slave as badly as him, Bartic could not let that happen, he had chased this man for a good while now, he would not give in so easily. Bartic did some quick thinking and increased the price doubling the previous offer to 2.4 million credits, a price so ridiculous for one man that Bartic assumed that he would win.

Bartic began to think, perhaps he wouldn't turn The Slave over immediately, his punishment at the hands of the justice system would be far too lenient, he'd seen it time and time again, maybe he'd hold onto The Slave's leash for a bit, until Bartic felt that between him and the system he would adequately punished.

[member="Dead Eye"] [member="Butch Mahan"] [member="Naamah"] [member="Gabriel Volturi"] [member="Spencer Varanin"] [member="The Slave"]
- [member="The Slave"] | [member="Bartic Myth'rand"] | [member="Dead Eye"] | [member="Butch Mahan"] | [member="Naamah"] | [member="Spencer Varanin"] -​

For a short time Gabriel sat back and watched the bid go up. He was impressed by the reaction this one man was getting. He glanced down at a secondary screen to see the progress of a trace he was doing. Several of his other competitors were smart enough to try and mask their identities, which only meant it would take the dark sider longer to find. But a few had already come back with results. The latest bidder in particular interested Gabriel. 2.4 million credits for this man, for reasons he figured was not to exploit his power. Fine, he would just have to see how committed the bidder was to obtaining The Slave.

"T-1, how well did we do today?" The silver protocol droid stepped from the shadows where it waited to assist its master. "Sells have increased by five percent with a quarterly net profit of fifteen percent since last quarter. The stock markets closed with only one company in the red today..." The droid hesitated for a moment before saying whom. "Zakuul Shipwrights."

Gabriel looked back down at the screen to decide on his make move. "Sell those shares." When the droid turned away again to do as instructed Gabriel increased the bid and submitted the transaction. Acceptance of the bid flashed on the screen for all to see, 10,000,000 credits.
Marcus and Miranda hardly knew the man aside from his appearance and alias. An enigma, he was, one could say. Mysterious past, mysterious future, and lots of dealings that were a little too shady than what the mercenary and his boys and girls were used to. Straightforwardness and a metric feth ton of booze were what they were after.

As for Marcus and his synthetic companion, they were after something a little less on the tangible side. Information.

So many businessbeings dressed in suits and various livery; and here he was clad in that usual leather jacket and tight-fitting trousers he knew Miranda adored.

Then he thumbed the bid button. "Forty two credits, some pocket lint, and my old man's switchblade."

[member="Gabriel Volturi"], [member="Bartic Myth'rand"], [member="Dead Eye"], [member="Butch Mahan"], [member="Naamah"], [member="Spencer Varanin"], [member="The Slave"]
Bartic was surprised to see the bidding jump so high, his gamble had failed, another interested party had jumped the price significantly, it was now far higher than he expected to pay, but still far less than what he could afford. Still he couldn't draw too much from the DSB's funds, he would have to start matching with his own accounts for now. Although perhaps if he was as personally paying for The Slave he should press this man into his own service, force him to use the resources he had amassed for the good rather than the detriment of the Dominion, if he had remained loyal enough to let his current master sell him, even with the substantial power The Slave had it wouldn't be hard to use him for his own needs.

It was time to see exactly what this other party was made of, as he doubled the bid to 20 million credits.

[member="Dead Eye"] [member="Butch Mahan"] [member="Naamah"] [member="Spencer Varanin"] [member="Marcus Itera"][member="The Slave"] [member="Gabriel Volturi"]
Jim Pehico was never here to auction for a slave, He thought to himself "20 million credits for one person? Bah! what a waste! that being said, if each of these bidders lost a couple thousand credits each who would notice?" While the guards were busy making sure none of the bidders try to steal the prized slave, Jim snuck to the buildings databanks, and knocking out a guard, Jim began looking through the databanks. he was able to find several bank accounts belonging to the bidders, it was mandatory that the bidders gave their accounts to make sure no poor scum, like Jim Pehico, made it into the auction. going through the list he noticed that one man in particular had a ridiculous amount of credits, far more than anyone else. Bartic, CEO of the Corellian Engineering Corporation. He could care less that he was a public figure, he did care, however, that he was seemingly one of the richest men in the galaxy "if he missed a million credits, who would know?" Jim thought to himself, He transferred a couple thousand from each bidder and a million from Bartic's account into an offworld account and headed for the exit. If these criminals found out about what Jim Pehico did today, they would surely torture him to death.
Bartic had been watching from comfort of his suite on the Interrogator, resting just outside of Dominion territories, there were several monitors showing the many known feats The Slave has accomplished, one hologram showing live auction and one more screen showing his accounts, allowing him to work his financial magic that would keep his involvement almost entirely off the books. He was about to get up and prepare a drink so he could continue watching in comfort, when a notification popped up on his datapad,

We detected one or more suspicious transfers of credits, please confirm this you authorised this transfer before we can continue.

He read the info on the frozen transfer, one million credits, pocket change compared the wealth at his disposal, but he didn't get to this point by being reckless with his money, and he absolutely did not authorise that transfer, all it took was a simple press of a button to flag the transfer as "Unauthorised" and alerting the financial team from the Dominion Security Bureau to begin investigation the revising account before he moved on to make his drink.

[member="Jim Pehico"]
In her home on Zeltros, Joza Perl sat in a darkened bedroom, face awash with blue light given off by the computer screen. The baby had been put to bed, so the house was largely silent. Empty. She still couldn’t get used to sleeping without the sound of the city beneath her, but this was the environment she chose for her family.

Beside her was Beta, her cousin and slicer. The younger Zeltron managed to set up some sort of proxy so that they could view the auction anonymously.

“Twenty million credits? What did this guy do?” Beta’s lips curled back, confused as to why Joza had even asked for her to do this in the first place.

The redhead remained silent for the time being, idly sipping at her caf with her eyes glued to the screen. Darth Ax’no had purchased her in a similar way, through the holonet those years ago. She had no intention to purchase, only to watch and wait.
The room would thunder with laughter. The source being Doc, whom was slapping his hand to his leg heavily, doubled over in hysterics, "You are going to drive your backers, or yourself, into bankruptcy!" He barely managed to shout out amongst the crowd, knowing also that the room was recording video so any viewers elsewhere would hear his commotion.

"One mill two is outrageous for a single being. Enjoy poverty!!" At that Doc once again rioting in his laughter, made way for the exit. As he did so, keen eyes caught a man entering the locale where they kept bidders information. Immediately Doc called over his shoulder to the nearest guards.

"Coming from a professional outlaw, you got a thief down that way."

[member="Joza Perl"] [member="Bartic Myth'rand"] [member="Jim Pehico"] [member="Marcus Itera"] [member="Gabriel Volturi"] [member="Butch Mahan"] [member="Naamah"] [member="Spencer Varanin"] [member="The Slave"]
As Jim Pehico ran from the auction house due to alerted guards, he snuck to a nearby ATM to view his off world account and his score, He noticed that the Million he tried to take from Bartic was missing, Jim was angry that he let such a score go. However he still got away with 500,000 credits from the other bidders disguising the account as a form of a pre-payment to the auctioneers, which would throw everyone else off. Unfortunately, if they know an experienced splicer, Jim might be caught. He just left the ATM when Auction guards and Dominion Security Bureau agents came to the ATM he was using and just as they were just about to look at security holorecorder on the top of the machine, Jim detonated 2 hidden thermal detonators destroying the ATM and killing a couple of the agents and guards. In the confusion, Jim was able to get offworld and spread the money to several different shell corporations to safely retrieve the money and live on to scam another day.

[member="Dead Eye"]
[member="Joza Perl"]
[member="Bartic Myth'rand"]
[member="Marcus Itera"]
[member="Gabriel Volturi"]
[member="Butch Mahan"]
[member="Spencer Varanin"]
[member="The Slave"]
So many bidders that were trying to claim the name to this man. All of this for one simple being. Part of me wanted to back out as this sum of credits was getting very pricey. However, I had another agenda to keep. One that require the services of a man who could do a great and many things. Everyone was simply betting for the mans life as a slave, or wanted to free him.

No. That will not do. I smiled lightly as I sat there. The maleling seemed to be complacent, only because of his will being beaten from him. So, I guess I might as well start a conversation.

Reaching out through the force, I tapped into this mans mind. As vile as it was for me to see his thoughts, I could smile with the fact that it seemed no one else seemed to be doing this.

"Hello young man."

I could feel all the pain he had felt through this connection, and one that I wanted to drink deeply from.

"All the eyes who look upon you, barter for your life. Yet you have no say. So I ask, what is it that you seek. If its a worthy answer, then I will do anything to make your dreams a reality."

At the same moment, raising the bid

30 million credits.

[member="Butch Mahan"]. [member="Jim Pehico"] [member="Dead Eye"]. [member="Joza Perl"] [member="Bartic Myth'rand"]. [member="Marcus Itera"]. [member="Gabriel Volturi"]. [member="Spencer Varanin"]. [member="The Slave"]
Bartic was almost disapointed that no one was going to try anything else, especially after the attempted theft but then something popped up, the bid had increased to 30 million, a light smile touched Bartic's lips it appeared to be business as usual. Bartic considered his options and determined that there was no point in making any massive jumps in the price anymore, if someone was willing to spend 30 million they were just as willing to match his unreasonable jumps, this was now a game of endurance, with a couple quick taps and Bartic increased his bid to 35 million.

Bartic also looked through reports, one of his agents notified local enforcement of the attempted theft and a pair of enforcers had been sent to investigate the terminal, upon their arrival a pair of thermal detonators exploded killing them both and destroying any physical evidence on the machine, there was offsite back up of course but those would only give him the same data that he already had, and thus he would have to make due with the account number.

[member="Butch Mahan"] [member="Jim Pehico"] [member="Dead Eye"] [member="Joza Perl"] [member="Marcus Itera"] [member="Gabriel Volturi"] [member="Spencer Varanin"] [member="The Slave"] [member="Naamah"]

Butch Mahan

Si vis pacem, para bellum
Mahan boiled with rage, this auction had become ridiculous, tens of millions of credits for one slave? Not even the leader of an enemy nation was worth that, especially not some criminal, a terrorist at worst. The Archduke had had it with this auction, if it could even be called that. It was more akin to a measurement contest of the 'manliness' of the bidders, or lack there of. But before Mahan could turn his back to this circus, his aide reported an unusual occurrence with the account allotted for this sacrifice,

"Archduke, several thousand credits were just withdrawn from our account by an unknown third party, it is claimed to be a pre-payment for the auction, but the company the money is being transferred to is not only off-world, but is not listed with the parent corporation of the auction company or its subsidiaries." That was the line for Mahan, a pang of unbridled fury struck through him and he punched the bidding console with full force, busting the plastiglass and some of the metal components. Through gritted teeth, Mahan replied,

"This pre-payment was not mentioned in the advertisement nor in the guidelines for the auction, I suspect theft, some two-bit slicer trying to make a getaway with the Solidarity's funds." Brushing off the bits and pieces stuck in his fist, Mahan continued, "Freeze the bidding account and inform the bank all transfers in the last planetary rotation are to be declared unauthorized and rescinded. This poor excuse for a pick pocket won't be receiving any sort of payday from us." Green blood oozed from the open pores in his fist, "And prepare my shuttle for take off, we are done with this pissing competition, the Solidarity will find its sacrifice elsewhere." Mahan added.

[member="Bartic Myth'rand"]
[member="Jim Pehico"]
[member="Dead Eye"]
[member="Joza Perl"]
[member="Marcus Itera"]
[member="Gabriel Volturi"]
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