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Temporary Leave (Stupid School)

Antoir Setrrin

I've Met My End
Insert long, annoyed sigh.

Don't worry, I won't be gone for very long.
It's just that the end of the semester is coming up, and I've pretty much shot myself in the foot. I've left tons of work undone, and if I don't buck up, stop spending all of my time on this site, and actually work, I'm going to fail a couple of classes. This is the same reason I left before, 'cause I don't want to drop out of school/have the suckiest grades ever.

Luckily (for me), there are still a few days left. Six to be exact. So for the next six days, I'll be working my ass off. And not just because the fam is rewarding me with bags of skittles. ;-; I like skittles. Skits that tles. Okay, so maybe it's partially/mostly because I like and want those skittles.

Seeing as I can kick out 3-4 assignments on a good day, I should be set. May even be able to chill on here a couple days early. But my brother wants to host a Japanese student for 10 days in March, and we have to start cleaning the house soon. So my time on here is going to be severely limited. I might be able to pop on in the mornings or late at night, but I need to start getting sleep. I'm 14. Getting by on 4 hours a night isn't exactly healthy. Nor does it help with the migraines.

I'll still be posting some, but I can't stay up 'til midnight and later anymore.
OKAY? OKAY. (TFIOS Reference)


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Oi, a headache has been getting in the way for a bit, but I'm still making a bit of progress.
And we're almost out of Skittles =(
So my dad is offering to pay for some of my Itunes stuff, but I've only bought a few things anyway.

Antoir Setrrin

I've Met My End
Just got a call from Online School. They messed up.
Turns out I haven't done everything I need to do to actually get graded
Which means that I have until the end of the month to do several dozen assignments, or they pretty much drop me from the class
Or so it seems like that so far
*mutters several dozen swear words*

Antoir Setrrin

I've Met My End
Thanks, I'm going to need it. My mum is trying to sort it out, because they specifically told us how far I had to go (the minimum) to be eligible for grading. Now they're saying that even with how far I've gone (a bit past minimum), which isn't much due to headaches and the like, that I won't get any grades.
But since apparently my teachers love me, they might just grade me based off of standards, and what I have done. Which would be good, seeing as I get A's on all of my assignments. I just can't always get them done.

*crosses fingers*
Let's hope for no headaches until next month (or hopefully none ever again).