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Open Market TDW Mercenary Company Acquisitions

Factory Judge
Good day,

This is Captain Rarr of the Antarian Rangers. I would like to put in the following order.

10 x Crates of Armor Piercing 6.8 mm rounds
10 x Crates of Anti-Shield 6.8 mm rounds
300 units of the Enhanced Battlefield First Aid Kit
50 x M-240 General Purpose Machine Guns
50 x M-107 Anti-Material Rifles
10 x TDW H.A.R.M. Rifles and associated accessories

I am transferring half the credits as a deposit and will transfer the remaining half upon delivery.

Thank you.

Sergei "Jack" Jachovich Sergei "Jack" Jachovich
Do I Dream of Electric Sheep?
"Um, hi,

So, as a query, how would you recommend outfitting one of your F22 star raptors for air to air superiority?
The last ship, well, couldn't really cut it... so i need something high performance and this one came, well recommended.

Also, may i take one of those M3 MAAWS?"

Sergei "Jack" Jachovich

G 3 M 1 N 1 G 3 M 1 N 1 Personally I would utilize the recommended loadout of 3-5 SIM-1 Missiles alongside the currently mounted weapon systems. And as for all of these requisitions you are approved of the following:

1 F-22 Star Raptor with associated ordinance for mounted weapons and 5 SIM-1 Missiles
1 M3 MAAWS Mod 2