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Factory Denied Stiletto II-class Droid Interceptor

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Erkhin Trivohld

Ship of Theseus
  • Classification: Space Superiority Fighter | Swarm Interceptor
  • Length: 6 metres
  • Width: 1.6 metres
  • Height: 1.25 metres
  • Armament: Low
  • Defences: Very Low
  • Squadron Count: Very High | 20
  • Manoeuvrability Rating: Very High
  • Speed Rating: Very High
  • Hyperdrive Class: None
  • The Stiletto II is outfitted with all the features and facilities one would expect from a vessel of its size and purpose.
  • Outfitted with sophisticated TriTech-manufactured droid brains and heuristic processors, Stilleto IIs are capable of surprisingly advanced and adaptable tactics, including reacting to their situation and the flow of the greater battle, though they still lack the creativity of organic pilots.
  • An inbuilt Tactician Battle Computer allows packs of Stiletto IIs to share targetting data, increasing their accuracy significantly.
  • Integrated TDM-7-B "Verity" Morality Chips add another layer of security against hostile slicers, at least as far as friendly fire is concerned.
  • Exceptional Dogfighter: Blisteringly fast, incredibly agile, and gifted with the superior reflexes and tactical awareness of a droid, the Stiletto II is one hell of a dogfighter, its movements often faster than organic eyes can track; to add insult to injury, a combination of a narrow frame and inbuilt targeting scramblers makes hitting the damn things teeth-grindingly difficulty.
  • Murder of Darts: Due to their heuristic processors and adaptive tactical programming Stilletto IIs are exponentially more lethal when operating in packs, a lethality only compounded by the inclusion of Tactician Battle Computers - even capital ships are not safe, for while an individual energy torpedo is unlikely to accomplish much, Darts are programmed to concentrate their firepower in upscaled nova flares.
  • Carrier-Reliant: With no Hyperdrive of its own, the Stiletto II is forced to rely on carriers for superluminal travel.
  • Paper Hull: Focused entirely on avoiding being hit over conventional armour, Stiletto IIs are incredibly vulnerable against flak guns and other AOE weapons - hell, even space junk can take them out, if travelling quickly enough.
For over two centuries, Arctrus' Stilleto has protected Erakhis from pirates, raiders, and quarantine violations, its distinctly sleek frame a beloved symbol of security on Erakhis... and practically unknown everywhere else. Capable though it is, the design was getting old - good enough for the private market, but the Federal Navy had always made a point of being at the forefront of technological development.

Given the fondness Arctrus and TEGE's engineers alike held for the venerable model, it was natural that some inspiration be taken, though the degree to which the frame and even internal components remained unchanged is a testament to its enduring design more than mere nostalgia.

Compared to its predecessor, by far the biggest change was the inclusion of a more powerful power generator, the new excess of power allowing TEGE's engineers to upgrade the engines and laser cannons and add a light energy torpedo launcher - an essential component, as the navy's new mainline starfighter would have to be able to threaten even capital ships, at least when making use of swarm tactics and concentrated fire.

Since these new additions resulted in a higher price tag than that of its predecessor, the decision was made to incorporate targetting scramblers as well, further increasing its survivability - and by extension facilitating the concentrated bombardment of energy torpedoes every thirty seconds or so that the Federation's tacticians had began to adopt soon after the Stiletto II first saw action.
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Listib Hibin

Factory Judge
Droids, droids everywhere! And now some errors to correct!


The Erakhian Federation | TriTech & Select Customers
Instead of select costumers...just say Closed Market. Rules still...but makes life easier.

You are also above two ratings! Also I know how that happened. You ripped out your hyperdrive to make it count as two...sadly that does not work here. This is being discussed but you cannot lower a hyperdrives rating to even ripped out for more ratings. So lower your ratings down by two. I am sorry but that is the rules.

Let me know when you have made the discussed changes.
Erkhin Trivohld Erkhin Trivohld

Erkhin Trivohld

Ship of Theseus
Listib Hibin Listib Hibin

Alrighty then, here's what I've got:
  1. Fair enough, the Affiliation has been changed to Closed-Market; for reference, the "select customers" part was actually to make it very clear that the affiliations were already near the cap for Minor and that I was not, for instance, about to sell it to a Major Faction. I can see why simply using the standard terminology would be preferable, however, and I will take that into account for future submissions.
  2. As for the Hyperdrive Rating conundrum, the Stiletto II was actually made specifically because the original Stiletto was submitted just before the Factory went back to counting Hyperdrives for Starfighters, per the current spreadsheet - a three rating difference was enough for me to create a new, Minor production variant, but a one rating difference just seems petty (no need to bloat the Factory for every small advantage), so I'll ask you to Archive this if the current stance of the Factory is that the removal of a Hyperdrive does not impact balancing.
    1. As a side note, it would probably be a good idea to clarify this, say by having the current Factory Admin add a note to the 5.1 templates, since there is currently nothing that would lead one to believe that Hyperdrive Ratings don't count when balancing a Starfighter.
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