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Faction Star light, star bright, no candles guide my way tonight

(Brief OOC: This is intended as a social thread for the New Jedi Order and any affiliates. Rayia is feeling a bit homesick and as a result, has decided to throw a bit of a celebration. NJO Members are welcome to partake in a Weikian Felacatian holiday surrounding the alignment of all seven moons. In Basic, the name would translate to the Concord of the Daughters, and is held in reverence of the early years of Felacatian settlement on Weik and the formation of the Feral Queen's tribe as according to Illuna's teachings. There will be tea, barbecue, and a small ceremony where the participants will capture moonlight in small gems that they may later keep as mementos. This is my first time running a public thread, so please forgive me if the start is awkward.)

Location: Alderaan under a starry sky
Tags: @New Jedi Order

Rayia had been acting strangely ever since a small, black box had arrived to the Jedi Temple addressed to her. The small box had been hermetically sealed, and its glassy, obsidian colored surface seemed to reflect light. It measured about two handspans across and two handspans tall, though the small size of the cube-like box belied its rather significant weight. The box was unblemished and glossy smooth, excluding a small engraving of a ship entwined with a feathered quill. It was the sigil of Vossport, the Capital Trade City of Weik.

Rayia had made a small request to source Moonglow crystals from the Smithing Guild, though she had hardly expected them to honor her request. Insecurities about the greater galaxy as well as pirate raids and the gravitational and magnetic fields that had led to Weik's inhabitants arriving on the planet's surface in the first place had steadily built up into a policy of isolationism. A policy that only grew more severe as one inquired about the disparate groups on the planet's surface. Her own people, the Felacatians, absolutely hated space travel for good reason.

Regardless, Rayia had escaped because Weik still had interplanetary trade with some of its neighbors. Rayia had left with the presumption that she was cutting herself off from her homeworld entirely. 'I guess it still means something that I was one of their apprentices,' Rayia thought with a small smile, hefting the box to take it to the field where she had set up the rest of the equipment.

A lazy breeze stirred the long grass, filling the air with the soft rustling of millions of little blades all rasping against each other. A slowly streaming haze of grey gently spindled and unwound against the sky as the spitted meat gently sizzled and spat over the flames. Thousands of twinkling lights glittered in said sky, as a bright, luminous orb made its gentle trek across the sky. It appeared to be particularly visible tonight, slightly larger than normal. Yet it wasn't quite at its zenith, when the Moonglow crystals could be used properly.

'I...think that should be good enough. I hope, anyway,' Rayia thought to herself, a sudden stab of anxiety panging in her chest. On Weik, the tribe never had to worry about the Concord of the Daughters as all seven moons bathed the planet in sufficient light to conduct the annual ritual. She'd decided on Alderaan because she'd known that others would be there for the coronation, and yet had little desire to interrupt the proceedings with her presence. Rayia hardly understood the politics of this new galaxy she had been thrust into, and she did not need to accidentally trample the toes of any prissy nobles who might judge her humble origins. 'If they are anything like the nobles in Vossport, it tends to be bad for one's health,' Rayia thought sarcastically. Instead, Rayia had simply slipped a simple invitational card beneath the door of the visiting members of the Order and left it at that.

The card read, "Dear friends and fellow members of the Order, tonight is a very auspicious night for my tribe. I wish to share this celebration with you in remembrance of my home. If you would like to partake, I will be hosting a small gathering on the fields outside the capital." And then in a slightly more whimsical tone, a note was added below, "Follow the scent of barbecue~"

'If they wanted to come, they would,' Rayia thought to herself.
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Under the starry skies of ALDERAAN


The Alderaanian breeze blew gently through the night, brushing against her skin with a cool freshness that reminded her of home. Grass rustled around her feet as her boots tread against the soft earth of the plains surrounding Aldera. The young Atrisian noble had been here only once before, on a sort of tour that members of House Chiyo were forced to undergo when they reached their teenage years. Alderaan made the list of destinations on the simple fact alone that it was a monarchial world, but little else beyond that was important to her father and his entourage of advisers. All they cared about was instilling a sense of superiority in House Chiyo's young nobles by demeaning the royal houses of foreign worlds...

It never worked on Jun; To her, Alderaan was a paradise world.

It was the perfect place for her to see Aiden Porte Aiden Porte again. Several months had passed now since their last run-in, which itself was short-lived. He was on a protective detail for Queen Kalantha Kalantha of Naboo and thus was unavailable for any of the catching up she longed to do. Tonight, though, would be perfect. She suspected he was on the way, but her interest in the Felacatians' celebration got the better of her.

Jun had signed the forwarded invitation to Aiden with a playful "Meet me outside the city!" before setting out on her own.

The gathering of celebrants appeared humble as she approached the encampment, but that suited Jun just fine. Large crowds made the girl rather nervous, and after days of wading through people who'd come to witness the Alderaanian coronation, she actually welcomed the thought of an intimate evening with scarce company. She made her way closer to the group, spotting Rayia Asai Rayia Asai first among them.

"Hi there," Jun said with a kind smile. She wasn't familiar with the girl or her people, so she kept her mannerisms light and neutral. She extended her hand for a shake after a moment, hoping to make a good first impression.

"I'm Jun Chiyo, Jedi Padawan."

Jun Chiyo Jun Chiyo

The Padawan laid back against the small hill as he stared up to the night sky of Alderaan. Dressed in a rather laid back smugglers type outfit. He couldn't help but chuckle and laugh with his hands behind him. The breeze was incredible this evening. Probably one of the best ones that he had ever experienced. It was crazy thinking about how much better he was doing from this point to over six months ago. The Jedi Padawan's strength had returned, more importantly his positive outlook and even his inner light was shining brightly.

The Padawan's hand came around and casually touched the necklace at his neck, given to him by Solenne. She was indeed an important part of his return, and even a greater one was Jun.

When she found him it was enough to give him the shake up that he had needed to return to what he always was.

The festivities from afar had begun, even in the city it seemed there were festivities of their own. He sat up and rested his arms on his knees as the lights from the fireworks in the far distant could be seen.

It had been some times since he had come to Alderaan and that was by invitation of Jun, who had asked to meet her around this area. Aiden wasn't in any rush as he had arrived a bit earlier than expected. Given everything that he had been through, this was a great change of pace.

Peaceful and calm.

It was going to be a good night.
Under the guardianship of the night, Alderaan exuded an air of serenity and tranquillity. For Sol, it presented a stark contrast to his last visit to the planet, during which he was under supervision. This time, much to Sol's satisfaction, he was unsupervised. Despite the peaceful atmosphere, the night was not intended for mischief but rather to pay homage at a celebration.

Uncertain about the appropriate formal attire for such events, Sol compromised by donning a variation of his Padawan robes. These robes featured simple yet intricate designs from his homeworld, striking a balance between tastefulness and understated elegance. Glancing at the invitation he had received, a soft mutter escaped his lips.

"I hope I have arrived at the correct place."

//: Alderaan //:
//: OPEN //:
Invitations were dangerous. The Shadow had made this warning a rule in her mind. Why was she included on the guest list of all the people to invite? To most of the order, she didn't exist anymore, and those who were close figured her to be in retirement. But could Allyson Locke stay in retirement long? After analyzing the invitation for a finite amount of time, Allyson relaxed and proceeded to actually read the invitation. She didn't know the sender or what the special day for their culture was, but the feeling she understood.

Loneliness was a dangerous emotion. It lingered even when surrounded by others. Having known the feeling and its lingering effects, Allyson decided she would make an appearance. It would provide her a chance to assess the status of the Alliance.

It could help cure her own loneliness.

Before leaving, Allyson waved her hand, and the invitation was forwarded to her apprentice ( Nir Si Nir Si ) in case the boy hadn't been invited. At least if she couldn't take care of her own issues - he wouldn't have to be exposed to it.

Allyson arrived and inhaled deeply the scent of the grilling meats. She could feel her mouth watering as she drew closer to the food. The display was impressive, and the Corellian kept her hands in the pockets of the old leather jacket. Her eyes trailed along the lights, and she almost lost herself, wishing the people of her past were here.

There were more ghosts than living for the Corellian, but right now, she found peace among the gathering Jedi.
Vulpesen was not a jedi. He had been very firm on that fact when he'd first step foot on the temple grounds. That didn't stop him from receiving a card with an invitation to a night under the stars. He had spent a large amount of time with the jedi, Afterall, to the point that he had become a regular fixture amongst the galaxy's most well known glowstick wizards. Besides, if barbecue was involved, he could put away his pride as a wilder for one night.

Vulpesen stepped into the field, still wearing his coat from the party in the capitol and dressed in all the finery required of Veradune's Valde. His face however, didn't have the pinched air of superiority that he had spend hours practicing in the mirror until Lucas had given him the greenlight. Rather, he bore a wide grin as he scented the cooking meat in the air, his tail unabashedly waving back and forth. "As much as the hustle and bustle in the city can be a fun time, I was never one for wine and ballrooms. Whatever you've got cooking there smells absolutely delicious." He reached into his coat and pulled out a simple flask wrapped in black leather. "And I suppose I can afford to dip into my own little stash instead of draining that of the Alderaanians."

Rayia Asai Rayia Asai Jun Chiyo Jun Chiyo Allyson Locke Allyson Locke Sol Lupercal Sol Lupercal Aiden Porte Aiden Porte
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Alderaan was...not the next stop Jonyna had expected. When her padawan Rayia Asai Rayia Asai had sent out an open invitation, she was never going to turn that down. Luckily for her, she had the chance to call Taam Moghul Taam Moghul for a banquet that was promised. At the very least, it would be a nice second date for them.

The soft breeze when she arrived was nice, and the soft moonlight of the Alderaanian night reminded her of home as she walked through the idle field, sniffing the air. She smelled meat. And she was hungry...

AS she arrived though, she spotted two faces she wasn't the happiest to see. Allyson Locke Allyson Locke , whom she had already peeved once before back during their mission on Odacer-Faustin, and Vulpesen Vulpesen whom she had a...storied history with at this point. Hoping they wouldn't see her as she arrived, she let out a low grumble as she approached the barbeque. Hopefully this wouldn't become the 'let's rag on Jonyna' day. She just hoped her mate was here soon...

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Parties like this were strange for the boy. Usually he was up on stage, acting as the entertainment for these kind of shindigs, but never being able to really partake in them himself. Yet now, this were a bit different. His new master had invited him along, a sentiment that really did instill a sense that maybe, just maybe, this would last longer than other masters he'd had so far.

"So...are parties a normal thing I should expect going forward?" Nir asked Allyson Locke Allyson Locke , the boy trying his best to act cool around his new master. "I mean, I can handle it, just...trying to figure out if I should buy an actual suit or something like that."

Tag: Open to anyone looking for a chat.

Location: Alderaan under a starry sky
Tags: @New Jedi Order

The dual servo motor creaked under the weight of the rotating nerf carcass that Rayia had spitted for the occasion. The aged motor whined as its teeth slipped, causing the rotating spit to stall as the servos fought to reengage. Finally, the meat started to slowly creep back upwards, coming to a shuddering start and swaying slightly in place. Juices trickled down the meat in droves, crystalizing and crackling into golden brown flakes. Rayia was half-tempted to slap the offending motor, but held back for fear of breaking the battered thing. Instead, she pinched her eyes shut and drew in a slow calming breath. 'It's fine. You're almost done anyway,' Rayia tried to reassure herself, aware that she didn't have the credits in pocket to replace the motor right now. 'You'll just have to make do,' Rayia reminded herself.

Rayia cast a keen gaze over the site that she had picked, sensing that something was missing. It was an unpleasant feeling, that seemed to only loom ever taller as the celebrations actually came closer to starting. 'Well, no. You know something is missing. You're not a rite-smith, after all,' a small voice in Rayia's head mocked. Rite-smiths were the Felacatian tribe's masters or mistresses of ceremony, followers and purveyors of the old rituals and stories that held the tribe together. Rayia couldn't shake the feeling that she was just fumbling around in the dark. 'Ironic, given the nature of the ceremony tonight...' that mocking voice intoned again. Biting back a growl, Rayia nearly slapped her palm to her forehead as she realized.

"Seating. Dear Illuna, I forgot the seating," Rayia muttered under her breath as she shook her head, ears pulling back in frustration. She could still make do. Her tribe lived on a continent dominated almost entirely by savannah. Rayia had lived in such long grasses for most of her life. In fact, their gentle, trailing touch against her calves was like an old friend come to greet her. More than that, her tribe had developed techniques for living amongst the grass without disturbing it. They could plait the grass such that it lay flat without damaging it. Grabbing fistfuls of the blades, Rayia began to weave them under and over each other such that a circular swathe of ground would lay almost completely flat. Over this, Rayia could then throw a few blankets or cloths to form an impromptu picnic area.

Whilst she worked on the outer ring, Rayia felt her tail bristle. Felacatians had hyper-developed senses, and chiefly among them were their tails. Huntresses and hunters of the Feral Queen's tribe were trained from birth to sense and interpret the movements they could pick up. The Felacatian's pride and joy, their tails were so sensitive to the vibrational tremors and displacement of air with regards to movements that Rayia could sense an Alderaanian snow owl swooping over the fields several dozens of yards away, whilst below, a family of sea-mice burrowed into the loam in an attempt to escape it. Rayia could also pick up on the individuals starting to meander over towards her chosen spot. 'Oh, people are actually heading this way?' she thought to herself. Rayia wasn't entirely sure if she wanted to shout for joy, or cry.

Each individual would find Rayia's golden, slitted feline eyes awaiting them as they made their way towards the celebration. To Jun Chiyo Jun Chiyo who stepped up and introduced herself, Rayia would slowly stand up from where she had been weaving and extend a hand. "Rayia Asai, Pala-" she started to say before catching herself. She always forgot that people didn't use the Weikian terms off planet, and it was likely no one would understand what she was saying. "Ahem, sorry about that. Rayia Asai, Jedi padawan," She amended, giving the correct term.

Aiden Porte Aiden Porte and Allyson Locke Allyson Locke both received a respectful nod. Rayia did not know them, but she looked forwards to meeting them properly. That was after all, what this night was about and why Rayia had chosen to invite any member of the Order who wished to participate. Her ear could not help but twitch as she overheard Nir Si Nir Si greet Allyson Locke. Rayia had seen the padawan participating in missions alone for a good majority of the ones they had been together on. It made her wonder what the story was there.

"You are in the right place. I'm afraid you did catch me a bit early, but I should be finished shortly." She said, cocking an ear and turning to regard Sol Lupercal Sol Lupercal who questioned whether or not he was in the right place. Vulpesen Vulpesen
who was slightly more familiar to Rayia, earned a chuckle from her as he commented on dipping into his own stash, as Rayia responded. "Much appreciated, since this is out of pocket for me. The meat should be done in just a few more minutes."

When her golden eyes caught sight of Jonyna Si Jonyna Si , her mentor and adopted mother, Rayia's face split into a toothy grin. She owed her so much, and was so very delighted that Jonyna was here. "Jonyna! You made it!" Rayia cried excitedly. Had she known what her mentor was thinking, Rayia would have likely reassured Jonyna that she would brook no ragging on her. ...At least none that didn't come from Rayia herself. 'A shame a certain someone hasn't shown up yet. You'd think Mentor Jonyna had found some dashing rogue of legend,' Rayia observed, as her lips curled into a smirk and her ear twitched mischievously.
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Sol executed a small bow towards the individual he presumed to be the host of the gathering. "Ah, my apologies, Miss," he expressed before gracefully turning on his heels. Moving a short distance away from the central assembly, he busied himself, intrigued by the possibilities within reach while the main event was still in preparation.

Humming a light tune to himself, he embarked on a brief adventure around the field. His watchful gaze shifted from one subject to another, gravitating toward anything that piqued his interest. Sol paused for a moment to inspect a bed of assorted plants. "Huh, even in the smallest details, wonder and mystery are ever-present."

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When Taam received the comm from Jonyna that their reunion in Coruscant would be diverted to Alderaan. One of her padawans, Rayia was hosting an event, one significant to her, and Jonyna wasn't going to miss it. So, Taam wouldn't miss it either. Besides, it was a good stepping stone before his return to Coruscant, and his return to the NJO.

He ended his visit to far-flung Ahch-To and sped to Alderaan. In the end, he was only a a little behind his mate in arriving to the moonlit setting for the gathering.

The aroma of searing meat drifted on the air, tantalizing the Cathar's senses and whetting his appetite. He could have found the gathering by following that scent alone. There were a few others gathered. Aside from his beloved, he caught sight of Vulpesen Vulpesen and Allyson Locke Allyson Locke , both of whom he knew by reputation, but had not met before.

Sliding up beside Jonyna, Taam wrapped his arm around her waist. He met the gaze of the young Felacatian, who he knew must have been Rayia. "Hello, I'm Taam." The Cathar knight greeted Rayia, then nodded to the others, including who he assumed were padawans..
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"Jonyna! You made it!" Rayia cried excitedly.
"Wouldn't miss it for the world, Rayia." Jonyna smiled. " gonna explain this whole thing to me? It's some sort of holiday, yeah?"

"Hello, I'm Taam."
The moment she heard those words, she felt all the tension in her flow out. "Hey babe~" She purred, moving closer to him. "This is my padawan Rayia. Ko's back on Dorin, right now, I think. You'll meet him later. Rayia, this is Taam. My new mate~"

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Sol Lupercal Sol Lupercal Taam Moghul Taam Moghul Jonyna Si Jonyna Si Jun Chiyo Jun Chiyo Aiden Porte Aiden Porte Allyson Locke Allyson Locke Vulpesen Vulpesen
Location: Alderaan under a starry sky

Rayia tried to hide the small flicker of discomfort that passed over her face as the Mirialan executed a small bow to her. Her shoulders stiffened and the brush of her cloak against her bared shoulders suddenly turned prickly and itchy. A phantom hand seemed to take a strong grasp of Rayia's back. Uncomfortable with displays of deference in general, Rayia could not fault the Mirialan for dredging up old memories. He would have no way of knowing that he had just brought a flood of moments back to Rayia. Back when she had been a child and thought nothing of it. 'Mother used to have people bow to me and my sisters like that on Weik. I never asked why. How could I have been so... stupid?' Rayia chided herself mentally. Having finished with the weaving of the grasses to form the seating area, she stood and waved a reassuring hand in the Mirialan's direction. "I appreciate your decorum, stranger, but there is no need for it. Please relax. Today is best spent as if we were all wanderers meeting under the stars." Rayia said.

Turning to regard the next person to introduce himself, Rayia blinked as she had to crane her neck upwards. in fact, the diminutive Felacatian was dwarfed by most of the current guests, including her mentor and this new stranger. Her tail twitched as the stranger sidled in and wrapped his arm around Jonyna's waist. He was obviously Cathar, though not of the Denik tribe. 'He must not hail from Ran Dom Kuun then. Perhaps a different City Tree or offworld then?' Rayia thought to herself. But it was the familiarity with which he greeted Jonyna and Jonyna's subsequent confirmation that gave Rayia an idea of who this Taam was. Golden, slitted eyes grew wide, and Rayia's mask slipped just a bit. An ear to ear grin slowly spread across her face, filled with more fangs than should possibly fit as the tiniest trace of the beast within suffused her.

She was snapped back to the present when Jonyna told her that she wouldn't miss this celebration for the world. Whilst also simultaneously asking Rayia what in the galaxy they were celebrating today.
"Oh, right. My speech!" Rayia exclaimed, and hurried to a spot where all guests would be able to see her. Before she left, she shot Jonyna and Taam a glance. One which communicated in no uncertain terms, 'I'll be back. And if you think you'll get off without me grilling you for every detail, you'd be wrong.'

Rayia swallowed around the lump in her throat as she coughed and tried to gain everyone's attention.
"Uhm. So, I'm sure you all must be wondering what this is all about? I am no ritesmith, but I've done my best to bring as much as I could remember about the ceremony here," Rayia paused, contemplating how to begin. "This day is very special to my tribe. It commemorates its founding. Ages ago, before the first Concord of the Daughters, it was a very dark time for my ancestors. They were just the second generation after the first had just survived a harrowing crash onto a foreign planet. One very far from their destination. There was near constant infighting as the Felacatians of Weik split themselves into seven tribes. Rage and fear ruled the day."

'Even now they do. We're still not free,' Rayia thought but shook her head. Letting her words sink in, Rayia then began to explain the hopeful turn of the tribe's path. "However, that would soon change. On this day, when all seven of Weik's moons were in alignment, the tribe's eldest daughters would stumble across two..." Rayia paused for a moment as she fought for the right word. " left to them by a predecessor. These gifts would bring them together and they would unite into one tribe, my tribe." Sensing she might be rambling on about something no one would understand, Rayia cut her speech short. "So today is about unity. About meeting and mingling with other wanderers and realizing we are not lost, so long as we are together. Eat, drink, get to know each other. And then finally, each of you will take home a memento of this day. One that might prove useful, if you ever find yourself lost in the darkness."


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Under the starry skies of ALDERAAN


Jun made her rounds about the encampment, showing face and sharing her name with a handful of people who seemed important - or, at the very least, mildly friendly.

Having grown up as a ‘noble brat’ who actually despises all the fluff and drama of being an heiress, Jun knew exactly how to establish herself at a party before slipping away into night. She’d gotten quite good at ditching House Chiyo’s insufferable galas, staying only long enough for people to remember she was there before sneaking off to the library wing on the far side of the estate. It was always thrilling to trade in dresses and cocktails books and holofilms.

But tonight had her blood pumping even more than when she’d hide from her dad in the library rafters. She was trading the party tonight for a boy.

Aiden?” Jun called into the darkness. Her eyes were still adjusting to the moonlight, which shined bright enough that she could find her way to the field where she told him to meet her.

It only took a few seconds for Jun to spot him laying a small distance away in the grass. She walked over gingerly to avoid startling him, and when she was close, she spoke softly.

Hi! Mind if I join you?


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Taam's brief greeting with Rayia left a good first impression with the Cathar knight. He liked her already. It was clear by the felinoid padawan's reaction that she knew, or assumed, the budding romantic relactionship between her Jedi mentor and the newly arrived male. While there was no time for questions, the mischievous golden eyes of the Felacatian warned that an interrogation was coming. Taam gave her an innocent grin before Rayia moved to address the small gathering.

The returning wanderer could see how much the evening meant to Rayia. He understood the significance of tribal customs, as he knew his Denik mate would as well. Jonyna would feel his large hand press hers, fingers entwining, as the padawan spoke. Rayia's words were warm and welcoming, and set the perfect mood for a casual evening of relaxed socializing.

The Cathar couple was drawn to the scent of roasting meat, and Taam accompanied Jonyna to the spitted nerf over the fire. The aroma of the searing, juicy meat made the predatory Cathar knight's mouth water. He was more than ready to help alleviate the weight of the roasting nerf on the poor, struggling spit motor.

He laughed at Jonyna's question. "It was ready the moment the it's hide was peeled off of it's carcass." Taam teased with a wink. The couple had indeed recently shared eating the raw flesh of a fresh panthac kill in the jungles of New Cov. Taking up a couple plates on a table nearby, he handed them to Jonyna, then took up a large carving knife and fork from the table and cut them each a generous portion of the cooked meat.
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Jun Chiyo Jun Chiyo


"Hey Jun!" Aiden said with a big smile on his face. "I'm glad you made it! Thanks for the invite here. It's been some time since I've been." He took a deep breath as he glanced up towards the sky.

"It's been too long....." Aiden whispered as he thought just briefly on the last events that have happened to him. Pushing through all of that, things were already looking up. The darkness had ceased for now, on the defense now. It showed the strength and will the lightside had. He couldn't quite take full credit, much of it had to do with those that had accompanied him.

His friends....

Hi! Mind if I join you?

"Not at all, please sit." The padawan chuckled lightly as he gave her a gentle playful nudge with his shoulder. "How are you doing?

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