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Work In Progress Specialist Paxton Reece [Icarus Platoon]

Paxton Reece

  • Intent: To create a named NPC who is part of Beltran's personal Antarian Ranger unit, Icarus Platoon
  • Image Credit: Here
  • Role: Paxton Reece is a Specialist with the Antarian Rangers and a member of Icarus Platoon, his role is munitions expert and breacher
  • Permissions: N/A
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    • Age: 30
    • Force Sensitivity: Non-Force User
    • Species: Human
    • Appearance: Paxton is 6.0 ft tall and weights approximately 210 pounds. He is well-built and has brown hair and eyes. He generally wears his hair shaved on the sides, grown on the top and combed over. He also generally sports a trimmed chin-strap style beard.
      • Name: Reece, Paxton
        • Rank: Specialist, Antarian Rangers
        • Current Assignment: Icarus Platoon
        • Callsign: Icarus-1-8
      • Loyalties: Silver Jedi Order, Antarian Rangers, Beltran Rarr
      • Wealth: Minimal, the Rangers don't pay that well
      • Notable Possessions: A red OS-110 "Fury" Shielded Breaching Carbine named "Cindy."
      • Skills:
        • Reasonable marksmanship
        • Above average in hand-to-hand combat
        • Expert in munitions and breaching
        • Knowledge of underworld and illegal dealings
      • Personality: Paxton is a pain in the ass smart-mouth. He's also a known death stick user and dealer (a crime for which he has been discharged from the Rangers and imprisoned for in the past).
    • Strengths:
      • Brave: There isn't much that scares Paxton and as such he keeps a cool head while under fire, it is very difficult to rattle him.
      • Munitions and Breaching Specialist: Paxton has a rare gift for being able to make things go boom. He has an eye for spotting weak points in fortifications and exploiting them, usually with the use of some kind of explosive.
    • Weaknesses:
      • Criminal: During his first tour with the Antarian Rangers, he was court-marshaled for dealing death sticks to other soldiers. He was stripped of his rank, dishonorably discharged from the Rangers and sent to prison for five years. Since being reinstated to the Rangers, at Beltran Rarr's request, he is on extremely thin ice with Command. One, even minor, slip-up and not only will Paxton be out on his backside, but likely so too will Rarr and the Icarus project.
      • Addict: Paxton has been battling an addiction to death sticks for most of his adult life. At times, he is almost functional but it only takes a tiny push to send him over the edge and into a disastrous downward spiral. Should this occur while on deployment, Paxton could become a dangerous liability to his unit and any operation which he is a part of.

    Paxton Reece was born on Nar Shadda, approximately 30 standard years ago. His mother was a slave indentured to the Hutts and his father was a bounty hunter and enforcer. Paxton grew up seeing every possible depravity and abuse known to exist and quickly became an angry and resentful teenager. He experimented with drugs, and quickly became addicted to death sticks, which he would deal in order to make end's meet.

    When he was 17, he witnessed his father murder his mother in a brutal act of domestic violence. Following that, Paxton fled Nar Shadda and made his way into Silver Jedi space. At 18, Paxton enlisted in the Antarian Rangers. For several years, he was able to keep his death stick addiction manageable but slide back into it when his unit was killed in combat with the Sith.

    Eventually he began to deal death sticks on base in order to fund his habit and was caught a short time later. He was court-marshaled and sentenced to five years in prison, which he served before being released. After his release, he turned to bounty hunting. Some time later, he was approached by Beltran Rarr with an offer to return to the Rangers as a member of a classified Black Ops and R&D unit called Icarus Platoon. He agreed, and while Command was skeptical, they reinstated him on Lieutenant Rarr's request. He now serves as the breaching and munitions expert for Icarus Platoon.

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