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Star Wars RP

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So, uhrm, hi!

Piper Gralok

My name is Mia, irl and icly. Creative huh?
I don't really get Star wars to be honest. I had done some previous roleplay but that was more to do with the Mandalorians which I understand much better then the Jedi or the Sith...
Or the countless other factions I didn't even realise Star wars had!
So you know, helpful guiding hands if you see me doing anything wrong would be much appreciated! I'm really looking forward to getting involved!

Sarge Potteiger

Half-Glimpsed Dreamings
we totes could have used more mandos


Eater of the Dead
Sarge Potteiger said:
we totes could have used more mandos
Sarge is right we could totally use more mando's and if you need any help just ask. I have a few mando's who could help you

Piper Gralok

K, Cameron, to start off. You suck! I'll consider making a Mandalorian because they really are the main reason I joined star wars roleplay in the first place! I think I might settle into it all first though.

Jak Sandrow

"Nobody cares for the woods anymore."

you should meet me and Circe sometime.
Plant get-together.
We'll invite Karen too.

Shaun Spenser

No matter if you like Star Wars or not.
For the most part, everyone here stays on their breast....ahem. Best behavior.

Calen Derics

Welcome to the site, Mandos are in need, and I hope you have fun.

I look forward to Rping with you.