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Smugglers on The Run

@[member="Syn"], @[member="Kale Arkin"]

The Corellian Run

No matter how hard she tried there was no way she could go without informing her Master. And when he heard of this .. trip, he decided to join them. Which, of course, she is privately very pleased. And on top that, he might be able to help Kale with his problem, well problems. Iella told him of what transpired and of the plan, his reaction? she kind of thought just for a moment, that he like it, the idea. But time would tell if it was a good plan.

With the Star Spinner's hyperdrive operational again, the three plus two droids are flying the Corellian Run, a Run she had done several times herself. To prepare, she had raced back to the Temple and gathered some items and equipment and threw them in a bag, changed her clothes more fitting for this adventure, her old smugglers gear only this time, clean. The only item on her that connected her to the Jedi Order is her lightsaber.

She is in the cockpit with the Captain of the Spinner, watching the blue tunnel of stars, her mind working over the information Kale had told her and also keeping a block on her mind, so not to intrude into his mind, she did not want him hearing her thoughts, unintentional or not. Especially with her Min Larel here. However .. her nose kept twitching.

"What is that horrible smell?", she asked finally coming out of day dreaming.
Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
"You don't want to know" Syn gave a small snort as he looked at Iella in the cockpit. "The food processor is backed up and some stuffs is slowly rotting. It is not pleasant" The jedi master had been surprised when his padawan returned to the temple from her own activity. He had expected her but was also just looking at her 'anxiousness' something was going on so he had followed wearing the expeditionary armor under the gungnir for protection should it be needed. His robes were not one but the sabers at his belt let others see jedi while the light armor did as needed. The amulet on his neck wasn't reacting how it had on Nixor but that was fine it had felt strange to say the least.

"I do hope you were careful out here with whatever happened. Given the abrupt meeting I had to go to at Roche I wasn't sure what to expect." He had told her what transpired at Roche... He wasn't going to lie to her and say everything was alright. It was the opposite and now... well now he had more time to teach her. To train her and celtic compared to the business he had been made to attend to. "When we return to Tython, I will have the technicians fix that."
@[member="Iella E`ron"] | @[member="Syn"]​
"It ain't that bad," I returned with a frown, kicking my feet up on the console. Rex had already engaged the hyperdrive, and outside the cockpit space zoomed by in a dazzling mix of sparkling lights and colors. "Two guesses as to what it is," I continued, trying to ignore the unreachable itch in my veins. I thought she was talking about the pungent odor of smoke spice -- I'd taken a hit some hours ago, sitting in the very same seat I was in now. I hadn't smoked any spice since this whole debacle had started, however, and if not for the silence of Iella's and her armored Jedi buddy's thoughts, I don't think I would've lasted as long as I had.

The guy mentioned something about food processors and Tython -- I wasn't really listening, my mind on different matters entirely.

After Iella and I had left the mess hall I had been too busy to take a hit, as I'd been working on the hyperdrive as well as crafting an explosive device small enough to go unnoticed sandwiched between ten tons of glitterstim, but powerful enough to vaporize the entire stash, and some. I made the casing out of thermite, and with spare ship and droid parts, fashioned a detonator to fit in the breast pocket of my black flightsuit. I used baradium to serve as the explosive component -- I'd smuggled a few hundred pounds of the stuff not to long back, and Tee Nine, ever the progressive thinker, had kept a couple dozen grams with none the wiser.

I hadn't even known, and I was still wondering what an astrodroid wanted with a highly unstable and explosive compound. I had never been more convinced he needed a memory wipe. The loca, doompa droi had turned murderous! He was becoming a real psycho; I was almost positive he had messed up the hyperdrive in some convoluted attempt to help me. Definite psycho material, that, and not just a plain old average psycho, but a real yuna puna psycho.

I only needed five grams for an adequate explosion -- anything more and the blast radius would be too big, and I would run the risk of killing innocent people. As bad as Tatooine was, everyone wasn't a gangster; some of the people were good, decent honest folks. Folks like my father. Well, aside from the smuggling that is. For all his illegal activities, he'd been a good man.

A good father.

I hadn't thought about him in a while. I supposed I could visit his grave while I was back home, pay my respects and whatnot. I wondered if he had known I was Force-sensitive, or had he been as ignorant as I was? Perhaps my mother had been the source of my 'talent'; I didn't know anything about her, not even her name, and my father had never spoken of her. All I had of my mother were images of her pulled from my father's mind

Chuba, Kale, don't get so bloody sentimental. I tried not to scowl. This was all Iella's fault, my sudden bout of self-reflection. The lack of spice was making me think, and I didn't want to do anymore of that than necessary.

"Excuse me for a moment," I said, sliding out of my seat. My voice was level -- I was a damn good pretender -- but my hand was shaking something fierce. "Duty calls." Damn my traitorous mind and double damn my addiction, but I wasn't going to make it another minute without at least one hit. I was itching for a buzz like nobody's business.

I had a stash of blue spice in my quarters, and I headed straight for it.

chuba - dammit
loca, dompa droi - crazy, low-down droid
yuna puna - first class
@[member="Kale Arkin"], @[member="Syn"]

Knowing what Syn's nose was like, his ability to smell much more then her or any other really, she did not doubt him. But no, that is not what she was smelling here in the cockpit, and her 'guess' as to what it actually was, was confirmed by Kale's small joke about .. guessing. She could sense he was becoming agitated and something was troubling his mind, this simply might be his nature, as she really does not know the guy, not really, but still she had that weird feeling still bugging her. Then he abruptly stood and left, his agitation most palpable, she frowned.

She turned toward Syn, "I was as careful as I could be", she said smiling, "My way back however?, I happened upon Kale". Her head turned and watched Kale's figure disappear down toward the back of the ship. "He needs help .. he can't control the intrusion of emotions of others entering his mind or hearing their thoughts, it has .. made him turn to artificial means to silence them, and it is blocking the force, the very thing that could help him. If he continues down this path, it will kill him. In fact, one bad hit and it could be his last".

She stood up and walked over the Syn and placed her hand on his shoulder, "I don't know how to help, how to teach him to stop the intrusion, I don't have that ability yet. Can you try please?". For some reason she was pleading, and she knew not why, oh she wanted to help, but she had become more concerned about Kale. It felt like she was slowly losing a grip on something, something her finger tips could only touch .. just out of reach.

The force .. with it whispering song, ebbed and flowed around her at this moment, only giving her a little at a time, this message that could not be delivered, still remaining shut off from her, it is coming form Kale, but why? At this point, she became agitated too and it was started to drive her crazy as though she needed something. It was not lost on her, his hands shaking and she looked at her's .. and they where shaking too.

"What is going on?", she whispered.
Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
@[member="Iella E`ron"] @[member="Kale Arkin"]

Syn remained still as he listened to the boy and then he picked up it. From Iella who was angry... nervous. He didn't know yet, his senses were flaring for the sensations as the one boy disappeared into the back. He sat down looking across from her and took her hands. He couldn't see them shaking but the sensations she was giving off made him just hold onto her. "It is alright, whatever your feeling, feel me. Let me feel what it is through the bond we have, open yourself and show me then we can do it and whatever he might be on. We can deal with it however you wish but we cannot force him. We protect life but his decisions must be his own."

The jedi master didn't actually know what they could do to help the boy, beyond locking him in a room with nothing on him and letting the detox happen. That might help him but it might just make him go out and overdose as it were, oh sometimes doing the right thing was dangerous and he only looked at Iella. After what he had dealt with from Je'gan that held more weight as it were but where je'gan was wise and overprotective, He was too much the same. It made the idea of history repeating itself strange as hearing some notions for age, hearing how the two wet workers of the jedi. They had both found something different and found a purpose. "I will follow your lead in this my padawan."
@[member="Iella E`ron"] | @[member="Syn"]​
I tore through my room like a man possessed, something like dread building in my gut. My spice was gone, and the itching was getting worse. I couldn't imagine a worse scenario, and for a second, I entertained the thought that maybe Iella or her friend had taken my stash. I quickly squashed that line of thought, though -- neither of them knew about my stashes, and I'd had several of them. I'd had a couple grams in the desk drawer beside my bed, more in the light fixture in the 'fresher, and a my main stash -- exhausted now -- had been in the cockpit itself.

Thoughts racing, I fell against the bed, trying to wrap my mind around the problem. Someone had taken my spice, but who? None of the dockworkers had set a foot on the ship, and only Rex and --

Tee Nine. I was going to kill that damned droid.

Invigorated, I raced from the room, sprinting down the corridors to the cargo hold. Tee Nine was there -- he was always there. I'm going to send that little sleemo to a scrap heap!

I found him just where I expected him to be, wheeling around the numerous vats and crates in the cargo hold, collecting spare parts for something. I didn't care what -- I only wanted my spice.

"Where is it Tee Nine," I demanded through clenched teeth. I'd never been so angry in my life; I was so mad I couldn't even see straight, and I forgot all about my strange bond with Iella. "I know you took it," I continued. "So just give it up, and I won't junk you."

His returning beeps only serve to fuel the fires of my rage. He started with a flat out refusal and finished by saying that he'd taken the spice 'for my own good'. My patience had long since deteriorated to nil, and something in me snapped. "WHERE IS IT?!" I was snarling I was so angry.

Destroyed, he beeped. Melted down to vapors and released into space. I reacted without thought, blinded by fury. My mind was scarily blank, save for one thought -- I wanted that astrodroid to hurt. Almost of its own accord, my hand snapped out towards Tee Nine and I let out a yell -- kinetic force burst from my out stretched hand like a blaster shot, slamming into Tee Nine. He went flying across the room, his beeps loud and incredulous before he crashed into the wall with a loud metallic clang.

He didn't get up for several long moments, and as my thoughts caught up with my actions, my anger left me in a rush.

Oh sithspit! I ran over to the downed astromech, panic giving me speed I didn't know I possessed. What in the bloody hell is wrong with me? He was stirring by the time I drew near, and rose to stand as I knelt at his side, checking him over. Aside from a slight dent in his frame, he was fine, and not at all contrite that I'd somehow thrown him across the entire cargo hold.

That only made me feel worse.

"I'm sorry Tee Nine... but you don't know what this feels like." I'd been smoking spice almost daily for several years now. I couldn't take the pain of withdrawal, and this was only the first stage. Things would get a lot worse before they got better. He beeped at me, and I tried to answer him as best as I could. "I don't know what that was... the Force, maybe?" I put my palms up to my temples, eyes falling to the ground as I considered my predicament.
@[member="Syn"], @[member="Kale Arkin"]

Iella opened up the bond link. The feelings of desperation and anger rippling along the threads of the force, these are not her feelings but... Kale's. She simply did not understand why she was connected to Kale in this way, this young man she only recently met. Syn would however, sense her confusion. "You are right, it is his choice. But I can not stand by and watch him kill himself .. he needs ... ". She did not finish the sentence.

A surge of anger hit her like a wall, along with a sudden surge in the force .. her head turned toward the back of the ship, in the direction Kale had gone. She took in a sharp deep breath as if she had been holding her breath for too long and a sense of murderous thought entered her mind. She let go of Syn's hand quickly as if to end the bond link, so he could not feel it, not that that would, it was move a reactive movement to the emotions. "Why am I feeling this?", she whispered.

"I must go to him", she said as she stood up and ran toward the back of the ship. She found Kale easy enough, his force presence strong about him now as the spice wore off. But still he is shrouded. She stood in the doorway, just watching him for the moment as he checked over the droid.

"I'm sorry Tee Nine... but you don't know what this feels like .. .. I don't know what that was... the Force, maybe?".

She stepped into the room. "Yes, it was the force", she said softly. "and the very thing that can help you, get rid of your addiction or at least soften the withdrawals, if that is what you wish to do. I think I might be able to help there". Iella is no healer, but something inside of her told her that with this connection they have, even though she does not understand it, she could lessen his pain. She would stay with him for days if it required it, and give him her strength through the force to beat it. Not an easy job, but one she will try to do.

She moved over toward him and placed her hand on his shoulder, a touch of care. She fully expecting he might get violent but she was prepared for that too.
Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
@[member="Iella E`ron"] @[member="Kale Arkin"]

Syn could feel it and now... now he really felt it coming from the boy. That surge of both anger and the force had him moving behind Iella. Their bond allowed him to feet what had come to her from him. The jedi master didn't need to speak, he just followed and crossed his arms looking around the cargo hold. He remained tense if only because the boy might lash out at Iella and strode forward not touching him but crouching lower. "If you desire it, we can help you but it must be your choice. We cannot force you to change your ways and ensure it sticks."

His face continued to watch the boy and he offered him a hand for encouragement but not to pull him. If he was bonded to Iella it meant something important so he would protect her. By protecting him even if it was from himself. The jedi master didn't know much else to do but his gaze fell to Iella to see if she had an idea the back to him. If he chose their help well the force could heal him maybe, detoxing with the force was still beyond the jedi master but he could help ease his pain... Somewhat the same way he shared his calmness with Iella he might be able to do the same here.
@[member="Iella E`ron"] | @[member="Syn"]​
I heard Iella's footsteps drawing near, but I didn't bother to look up at her, too busy wallowing in self-pity. Pathetic, I know, but there was little else I could do. The itching was everywhere now, even in my stomach.

Sithspawn, why did life have to be so karking hard? I'd survived the death of my father, adolescence, even slavery -- why was this so difficult to deal with? My thoughts were my own, thankfully, but I wanted a hit of spice so badly I could taste it. I spared a glance at Tee Nine, and in response, he gave a low whistle of encouragement, wheeling over to nudge me with his retractable arm.

I shoved his hand away, and pressed my palms to my eyes.
"Yes, it was the force," Iella began, "and the very thing that can help you get rid of your addiction, or at least soften the withdrawals, if that is what you wish to do. I think I might be able to help there."​
Her hand against my shoulder nearly frightened me out of my skin (when had she gotten so close?), but the contact made me feel somewhat better -- I wasn't so close to vomiting and staining the floor panels, at any rate. Before I could speak though, the other Jedi stepped forward and kneeled beside me, eliciting an inquisitive beep from Tee Nine.

"If you desire it, we can help you but it must be your choice. We cannot force you to change your ways and ensure it sticks."​
If? I frowned. If? I took my hands away from my eyes and ever so slowly, my frown lifted into the slightest of smiles. I chuckled once, then twice, then a third time, and as the seconds passed I laughed harder and harder until I could scarcely breathe, half incredulous, half hysterical. I couldn't help myself -- maybe it was the lack of spice, or the still lingering buzz from my shot of hutteese alchohol, but I was suddenly overcome with amusement, however morbid it was.

My laughter was short lived, however, brought to a halt by a sudden coughing fit that left me just as out of breath.

"You've gotta be somekinda' crazy," I told the Jedi after I recovered. "'If I desire it...' Of course I desire it!" I shook my head and took the offered arm, pulling myself to my feet. "You think I ride with Jedi for fun? I wouldn't mind riding with Iella -- she damn near feels like family, but I don't know you from a can of paint. In fact, I don't even know your name." Tee Nine rammed my shin with his front leg, and I winced as if stabbed.

Chuba, that hurt! The astrodroid beeped and whistled for several long moments, and I found myself once again contrite. The Jedi didn't deserve my abrasive tone -- he was only trying to help.

Get a grip, Kale!

"Sorry," I told the Jedi, inclining my head towards him in a brief nod of respect. "Things are a bit crazy in here," I added, tapping my head. "Crazier than the usual, anyway." I took a deep breath, running a hand down my face. "Soooo," I began as I turned to Iella, the levity of my voice belying the seriousness of the situation, "you mentioned something about softening withdrawals?"

I could definitely use that right about now. It felt like ants were crawling beneath my skin.
@[member="Kale Arkin"], @[member="Syn"]

Iella just stood and watched as Kale erupted into another laughing fit, she realised now that this was part of his way of handling the situation .. an effect of the withdrawals? However, she to almost laughed as she watched the clever little droid chastised him. Iella moved over to the droid and placed her hand on his dome, to reassure him or herself.

"I am at fault too", she spoke to the droid, Iella can understand binary. "I have forgotten my manners", she turned back to the two men and smiled. "I am sorry Kale, this is Jedi Master Synlidwirh, my Master", she said smiling, not able to help herself. "Master, this is Kale Arkin, Captain".

Her face now took on a more serious look, as she considered the rest of Kale's words. It gave her pause for a moment, that he considered her most like family considered they did not know each other well, in fact, they knew nothing about each other apart from what was said in the mess hall really, which was not much. But something softened insider of her, and she could not help but like the idea. But, it was just a dream, she stood for a moment in introspection.

"My thought is that .. with the combine efforts of myself and Master Syn, we can give you our strength, and calm, through the force. I don't believe it will take away the pain of the withdrawals completely but I think it will lessen them", she said. "That much I do know". She let out a long breath and she moved toward Kale and stood in front of him. She raised her hand to his hand and cupped his cheek. "I sensed in you, up there in the ship, a great power .. wild and blocked", she smiled, "It reminded me of someone, I reminded me of. .. .. me". She looked over toward Syn and smiled. "Syn has a lot of work to do, to get this raw power trained and at it full capabilities". She let her hand fall from his face.

"You desire it, our help which is wonderful, but you will have to let us in, I promised you that I would not intrude again unless invited, now I ask you to invite us in .. and we will help you as best we can".
Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
@[member="Iella E`ron"] @[member="Kale Arkin"]

Syn looked at the boy and gave a nod of his head. There was a few things he could do but this would be new. "Lay him down, withdrawal will not be fun and this is still something I am training." The jedi master stood up and moved away while he looked about. "Get him on a bunk and some cold water. This is not going to something he will enjoy, be prepared." His face remained passive as he went to the bunk. The task of helping someone like this was going to be... Hard. His healing was not that strong compared to others but he was able to use it better in combat situations. Metalorn had taught him that and he breathed deeply.

He prepared the bunk and focused on preparing himself for this, Iella could get the boy here. Then the real work would begin but he wasn't ready, no he was simply going to be working on taking the pain while helping keep the boy calm. "Iella whenever your ready, make sure he is prepared for the pain to come."
@[member="Syn"] | @[member="Iella E`ron"]​

Iella introduced the man as 'Jedi Master Synlindwirh', her own tutor in the ways of the Force. I had to adjust my notions of him at that revelation -- anybody who could survive childhood with a name like Synlindwirh was alright in my book. Aside from that, he looked about my age, if not younger; how'd somebody so young become a Jedi Master? He must've been hot shavit, as the farmers of Pakrik Minor would say.

"My thought is that... with the combined efforts of myself and Master Syn, we can give you our strength and calm through the force. I don't believe it will take away the pain of the withdrawals completely but I think it will lessen them. That much I do know."​
That was certainly good enough for me. Iella moved to stand in front of me, raising a head to cup my cheek. Her hands felt cold compared to my skin -- I was running hot -- but the cool touch was soothing, and I found myself letting out a contented sigh.

"I sensed in you, up there in the ship, a great power... wild and blocked."​
She smiled, and I returned the gesture, remembering my freak-out when I felt her 'reading' me.

"It reminded me of someone," she continued. "It reminded me of... me."​
Did I? Well... that was good, I supposed. A bit creepy though, that both of us reminded the other of each other. I noticed it again now, our similarities, as I stared into her face.

"Syn has a lot of work to do, to get this raw power trained and at it full capabilities."​
I smiled again; Syn was much better than Syndlinwirh. Iella removed her hand from my face, and Tee Nine chose that moment to rush into a series of beeps and whistles that left my cheeks red. "No, we're not in love, you little wermo! Iella is my..." I trailed off, eyes wide as I came to a very sudden and shaking realization. "She's my friend," I finished, blinking hurriedly; damn lack of spice was playing with my emotions. Iella was the very first non-droid friend I could claim to have, and that meant something. The little vagrants from my childhood didn't really count -- I couldn't even remember their faces, let alone their names.

Syn was all business. Tee Nine rolled away to retrieve some cold water from the dining area adjacent to the cargo hold, and I led/directed them to the nearest bunk, one of four such quarters on the ship, not including my own.

"Lay him down, withdrawal will not be fun and this is still something I am training," Syn said.​
Wait, what? Still training? That might as well mean 'I don't know what I'm doing,' as far as I was concerned. He did seem to know what he was doing, however, so I held my tongue and followed his lead. Before long, I was laying in the bunk, Tee Nine had returned with the water, and the two Jedi were standing above me.
"Iella whenever your ready," he continued. "Make sure he is prepared for the pain to come."​
"Pain?" I uttered, shifting to sit up on my elbows. "What sort of pain are we talking about?" It couldn't be worse than the pain of withdrawal, could it? That'd defeat the purpose. Tee Nine let out a series of whistles and beeps, his single 'eye' flashing a myriad of colors.

"Aww shut it, Tee Nine. I'm no coward. Keep it up and I'll junk you at the nearest scrapyard. Go bother Rex and make sure he doesn't fly us into an asteroid field." It was an asinine concern -- if Rex managed to fly into an asteroid field, he could navigate it with skill to match any pilot. Well, any pilot besides myself.
@[member="Syn"], @[member="Kale Arkin"]

"Now, just lay back, and open your mind to me, close your eyes it might help, and see if you can picture me there", she said. Iella moved over to one of the other bunks and sat in a comfortable position. Iella would try and send Kale her strength and calm .. her peace of mind, in order to face the pain of the withdrawals. She focused to gather the force around her, pulling it in to her center. As she did this, she took her saber in her hands and rested it on her lap.

The White Dragon, her blade's name. If more power was needed it was there, her connection to the blade unique in the sense that it gave it's spirit to her and in so doing, more power. She would ignite the Dragon .. if it is required.

She too closed her eyes .. the force swirling within her, ready to be sent. Then, with the ability that Syn had given her, she opened her mind's eye and saw her surroundings and them through the force. Her beloved Syn, radiant in blue, moving around the space in preparation for this .. her love for him filling the force within the area and traveling along their force bond. Then Kale, laying on the bunk, her white threads of her aura, twisting and turn like gentle whispers reaching toward him.

Kale's aura, indigo .. flecked with silver, sparking and changing almost like a flash of lightning in a night sky, brilliant to the eyes. She smiled at this, a beautiful scene of radiance and an inner strength to match it. As Iella touched him through the force, she wrapped around him sending her energy directly to his core. She focused on maintaining the connection and held.

She opened her mind allowing the thoughts to cross between them, to his mind she went. Much stronger this time, the lack of the influence of the spice, allowing her in. She pushed through a sense of calm and then spoke to him telepathy. If you need more of either strength or peace, let me know .. connect to me here through your mind and I will hear you ..
Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
@[member="Iella E`ron"] @[member="Kale Arkin"]

The jedi master looked down as he looked upon the two and breathed in deeply. "The pain should be mild, if done right. I have only practiced on myself. You'll be fine or pass out from the shock and we'll be able to help you easier." He didn't muse about it, no he just rubbed his hands together letting the force energy pool in them while breathing deeply. He wasn't a healer he was a fighter, in times past he would have been the one holding the boy down while a real healer did the job. While someone like Aleidis or Boolon worked he would have made sure he didn't flail about. So no worries he had found it easier to handle the pain when he used it.

With the force pooled in his hands he knelt down extending one hand to hover over the boys chest and the other to Iella while he thought about what to do. That invisible cord between the two of them he mentally grasped to take what she did. To the other he started pushing the force in visualizing the flesh with all of its pores, down into the muscles and veins, until finally the organs and bones. The force was warm in his hand while he sent it in there. Down into the boys body to purge the toxins, to cleansed his mind, soul. He didn't know if he could cure the addiction but for this moment he could work making him better while he pulled at Iella to take a portion of any pain.

He slowly felt himself entering a trance as Feena had shown him, Aleidis taught him healing but Feena had shown him how to use it without tiring. To use the force to keep oneself sustained for hours on end so you could do as needed. The ex councilor knew how to heal entire platoons of soldiers without tiring... He wasn't going to argue her method just try to do it on a smaller scale. So he set his hand down on the boys chest exerting enough strength to show if he tried to fight back... There was more strangth in the youthful body then was let on. He could hold his body in place long enough for this.
@[member="Syn"] | @[member="Iella E`ron"]​
"Now, just lay back and open your mind to me. Close your eyes -- it might help -- and see if you can picture me there."​
She said it like it was easy. 'Open your mind'. I wanted to scoff. I'd spent so long trying to keep it closed I couldn't even begin to figure out how to open it. It was always open, like a cantina without a door. I could see it now in glowing letters -- 'Kale's Spice-Addled Brain, free admission for all thoughts and emotions not his own.' I'd tried to build a door once, to block out the thoughts; it had lasted all of three minutes. Spice didn't 'block' me from hearing thoughts and feeling emotions, so to speak, but it certainly muted the sound.

I suppose, if I wanted to keep the analogy going, spice made the door smaller, made it hard for thoughts to get in, and it added some serious padding to the walls, muffling the resulting cacophony. Without spice, I had the same old thin, flimsy door; really, it was more a sheet than anything.

Wait a minute. Maybe it was easy. I didn't need to do anything fancy; I just needed to pull down the 'sheet.'

I did just that, and tried not to gasp.

I'd never felt so free. It was like flying a ship for the first time, only a hundred times better. Between the spice and my 'door' I hadn't realized how muted things had become. Smells, sounds, sights... they were amplified, but not overwhelmingly so. It felt nice. Comfortable.

Then I felt Iella's mind, felt it without spice to numb the sensation, and I did gasp. Great Jawenko, it was like coming home! It was familiar and warm, soothing even, unlike anything I'd ever witnessed. I felt a kinship with her, something I hadn't felt since my father died. It was almost like --

If you need more of either strength or peace, let me know .. connect to me here through your mind and I will hear you ..
Chuba! Way to ruin my thought, Iella. I was on the verge of an epiphany. I was still on the verge, though. Our connection, our bond... it was too strong to ignore, and while I wasn't privy to the ways of the Force, I didn't think total strangers could bond so quickly, or so strongly.

Unbidden, my words from earlier sounded in my mind:

"I wouldn't mind riding with Iella -- she damn near feels like family, but I don't know you from a can of paint."
Holy karking sithspit on a stick. No -- she couldn't be, could she? It was impossible... I mean, what were the odds? That my hyperdrive just happened to break down in Coruscant space, that she just happened to be flying by on patrol, that we just happened to meet? She couldn't really be my --
"The pain should be mild, if done right. I have only practiced on myself. You'll be fine or pass out from the shock and we'll be able to help you easier."​
I was really getting tired of having my thoughts interrupted. It was beyond annoying, and it took precious time to build my thoughts back up -- hey, my mind was a complicated entity, and you know what they say: the universe wasn't made in a day.

Before I could mention my epiphany, Master Syn put his hand over my chest and pushed.

I'd likened my need for spice to ants running about under my skin. It had been a burning, itching sensation. Discomforting, but not unbearable. Well this was like ants trying to push out of my skin. Burning and itching couldn't even begin to describe it. If this was mild pain, I didn't want to know what strong pain felt like.

I wouldn't scream though, no matter how badly I wanted to. Tee Nine would never let me hear the end of it.
@[member="Syn"], @[member="Kale Arkin"]

As Kale's mind raced at a sublight speed, Iella smiled. epiphany, ? she even let a small giggle escape, for the moment she assumed it was more of his realisation of the Force. She could sense that Syn was about to commence his healing and she prepared too, ready to give Kale all her strength and calm.

She focused on his mind more, then ... images started to flash in her mind's eyes. She recognised the place, Tatooine, it was unmistakeable .. the dust and sand, the shimmer of the heat haze that always shifted the dry air. A small boy, Kale, running around playing, a man .. his father, possibly, holding the boy with love. No, stop Iella .. she moved from that part of his mind as those images are personal. But a strong part of her wanted to see more of them.

Then she felt the force surge coming from Syn, as he began his work. She could feel his strength hold Kale in place on the bunk as he used the force to detoxic him. The most amazing thing about their force bond, the ability to feel each other as almost as if one, a unison.

But there was something more, a feeling of belonging, like her "blood"? .. oh that whispered message. Then she felt his pain, burning and hot and she wanted to claw at her own skin to rid the itching, and it took some strength from her not to do so. This is unsettling .. she had investigated the mind's of others before, but never did she have this reaction, never did she actually feel what they where experiencing.

She centered her focus and drew from the source of the force always located in her middle. Her mind calmed and the sensations he was feeling slowly ebbed away, she pushed this into Kale. Do you feel my presence? my calm?, focus on that and imagine it washing your body .. take it to your stomach and let spread to all parts of you .. from the inside to out. Her message to Kale soft. As she did so, her energy filled him, she kept this link to him at this level, a constant level.

As much as Iella hates meditation, that is exactly what she did. She entered the state of meditation .. her only focus, Kale. His body and mind completely open now to her and for the moment her only concern was his pain. Until... The Force .. that whispered message that could not be delivered .. arrived.

A barrage of images flashing in her mind, made her grasp for air, to fast to grab them or see them .. but that is not what made her breathing laboured. This unique feeling she has of him, this strange link now realised. A belonging, a blood, that is one. Kale Arkin and Iella E`ron have the same blood pumping through their veins.

He is her brother.
@[member="Iella E`ron"] | @[member="Syn"]​
Do you feel my presence? My calm? Focus on that and imagine it washing your body... take it to your stomach and let spread to all parts of you... from the inside to out.
It was hard to focus, but somehow I managed. I felt her in my mind as a gentle wind ghosting atop cool waters -- I sunk into their depths and felt myself soothed, felt the once searing pain as mere aches, and relaxed with a long sigh. I felt her in my thoughts and my memories, but I couldn't -- didn't want to -- push her out. I could feel her mind racing; would she discover the truth as I had? I still couldn't quite believe it. I didn't believe it.

But it felt right. Righter than anything I'd ever felt before.

Do you feel it too? I let loose a mental laugh. Big sis'? It felt strange to say that -- or think it, rather. Strange... but comforting; I wasn't alone anymore. I had questions, of course -- about her childhood, and the folks who raised her, and if she knew anything about our mother, and their was about a hundred things I wanted to ask my father... could you talk to the dead with the Force? That'd be trippy, if it was possible, but certainly useful. I'd have ask Syn -- he was a Jedi Master, strange name notwithstanding. Rex's beeping voice sounded over the ship's com, announcing that we would soon be docking at Mos Espa's spaceport. I resolved to get him some voice protocols -- Tee Nine spoke enough binary for two ships, let alone one.
Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
@[member="Kale Arkin"] @[member="Iella E`ron"]

Syn continued to pour energy into the boy to try and heal him, he couldn't enter Iella's mind but he knew something was happening. He could feel her feeling something and he brought a fresh wave of fatigue but he breathed in deeply letting his strength and will go stronger. Just like Feena had said to do, to make it so you do not tire, you make it so the very idea of failing to heal is gone from your mind and use everything. That is what was needed right now and he steeled himself to keep it going. To purge the boys body of everything toxic and heal his soul so he wouldn't hopefully go back onto such things.
@[member="Syn"], @[member="Kale Arkin"]

Facing the demons of her pasts, on that night in the lower levels of Coruscant, revealed to her more then her resolve. The bastard of a man that killed her entire family, has destroyed her again with the information that the people she believed to be her parents, where not, but where protectors of her and her sister. Not realising that Iella had not known of a brother, he let that out like in a matter of fact manner, and she was not sure if any of what he had said was true, was it simply the words of a man trying desperately to save his skin? To put doubt in her mind as to let him go? Well it had worked.

Every fiber in her body wanted it to be true. But she did not have the first idea on how she was going to find her brother. But he had found her!

All of Iella's defences dropped, the untamed girl from Corellia that found her way to Tatooine, now sat on the bunk. Her emotions at their height and focus gone. That raw ball of energy that she had dwelling insider, the one Syn had witnessed in the cave to day she found her crystal and constructed her lightsaber, is now building up inside of her, threatening to explode. Her breathing now audible and laboured as she fought will all of her to keep it from escaping. Deep down she knew what would happen if released and she did not wish to send the force wave, the shock wave, off in the ship and blow them all to pieces. She is entirely operating on will power alone now to keep it in check.

She could feel Syn's fatigue through their bond link, the man she loves with everything she possess, here at her request to help this unknown boy. She channeled her energy along the link to strengthen him and to quell her fire within. Syn would receive a "shot", of power from her he had not known was in her.

So many lies .. so many question overwhelmed her now, but they can wait for the moment.

Do you feel it too? .. Big sis'?. She let out a shudder through her breath.

And her response?

She went to him, gathered him up in her arms and held him tight to her. She did not know if she should laugh or cry .. so she did both. In a broke voice, "My brother, you found me".
@[member="Iella E`ron"] | @[member="Syn"]​
I kinda' expected her to hug me. I didn't expect the tears though. "Don't cry -- you're gonna get my flightsuit wet," I joked, returning the embrace. She was very warm, and I relished the comfort, sighing as my many pains and aches faded away --

Faded away into the Force. "Maybe there's something to this Jedi business after all." I looked to Master Syn and extended a hand. "Put er' there, pal. That hurt like hell, but I feel great." I wasn't quite over my addiction though. I could still feel it, like a slight itch you couldn't quite reach. It was mild though. I'd certainly ignored worse; the smell of a Hutt, for example. They stank of poodoo.

I sat up in the bed and checked myself over. I felt... lighter, like a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders. That didn't stop the voices though -- they'd gotten louder as we pulled into the atmosphere, loud enough that I grimaced against the sound. The descent to the spaceport was smooth and without incident, but soured for the dull roar of thoughts growing in my mind.

I felt the repulsor lifts engage, and the ship shuddered as it locked into place. Rex's beeping voice sounded over the com again, relaying our coordinates. Hangar 3, section C, sub-bay 17. "How do I block my mind?" I asked Master Syn. "If I'm gonna keep off spice, then I'll need to know how. It's way to karking loud in this place," I finished, tapping the side of my head.

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