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Sith Attack of Manaan HAS BEGUN



An unusual place.

Full of value.

And the Sith attack it.


The Sith Empire attacks Manaan! The safety of the Republic is threatened with their presence on Manaan. Losing the planet would mean the loss of the precious Kolto it has. Sith presence on Manaan would also jeopardize planets further within the Republic.

The Republic must go to Manaan's defense!


Just as Mon Calamari, Manaan is an underwater world. Its native inhabitants are the Selkath. Yet since the days of the Old Republic, the number of immigrants has swelled. Ahto City remains as the planet's capital - and it is also a city capable of surfaces and submerging on command.

In 836, the Selkath are the ruling species of the planet. Hrakert Station in the Hrakert Rift also served as a major mining facility of kolto for the Republic.


As the defenders, the Republic must respond to the Sith's attacks. Republic forces must be called from off world. Those already on world must immediately engage any Sith on planet.

As soon as the goals of the Sith are discovered, others must know of them in order to appropriately respond. Keep communication up!


Ground forces will most likely be stationed at either Ahto City or Hrakert Station. They are to immediately engage any Imperial that approaches. For those in Ahto City, work with the Ahto City Civil Authority.

Space forces are to drive the Empire out of the system and force them to retreat.

Much of Selkath's High Court learn slightly toward neutrality. They do not hold any particular love for the Republic and only wish the best for the planet and themselves. This means that they might be susceptible to making deals with the Sith and having Selkath forces turn against the Republic. Diplomatic characters must attempt to build confidence in the Republic for such Selkath.


The Republic honors its heroes. Those that fight valiantly for Manaan will be recognized. Jedi Padawans will face their trials through the battle itself - proving their ability to be a Jedi Knight. Those that are Jedi Knight will surely build a repertoire for themselves being considered for Master. Soldiers and fighters will demonstrate their ability and earn the promotion their deserve.

The most valorous Republic member in the Defense of Manaan will be recognized as the Champion of Manaan. There is no higher honor for this fight.


In the event of a successful Defense of Manaan, the Republic will provide ample rewards for its members.

Due to Manaan being the source of the galaxy's kolto, the rewards will be kolto based. Not only that, but they will be tailored to the character's traits and range from simple medpacs to possibly even grenades. The Republic will cover the expenses for such awards and most likely be able to acquire a lot of kolto cheaply due to the Selkath's anticipated appreciation.

We fight with all our might,

For the Republic!

The Defense of Manaan begins now!
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Eater of the Dead
No one invasion per character so if you have another jedi alt they can be there. I will be overseeing the fleeting aspect


CEO of Verres Trading
Perhaps I may be of some assistance. As the inter-species diplomat, I'll have quite a few reasons to be there. Besides, its been so long since I've used my lightsaber.


Jedi Dragon
guess I am out of this one since I am already in the other. Hope this was not a tactic of the Sith to draw out or forces to another planet so they could clame Manaan for themselves relatively unopposed.

Atlas Kane

It was actually an answer to our Invasion. I was there when they discussed it in one of the threads.


Eater of the Dead
the forces on Ossus are strong but there are still some sith in reserve who are appearing at Manaan. Those who can should be ready and all who can join in should but there are no pants that have been taken down. A few masters on the jedi side have yet to appear since they were coming for the counter and there might be a few surprises still.