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Should Major Factions Be Provided Incentives For Winning Rebellions?

Should we provide incentives for Major Factions winning a Rebellion beyond just keeping the hex?

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Trash Administrator
I'm on the fence on this one, and the community should be aware of how much Staff spitballs ideas just as much as the community - hence this poll, let's get your opinions.

On one hand, Major Factions control the map game almost entirely. Their incentive is literally the map game.

On the other hand, Rebellions are 100% a burden as of right now, something Major Factions just kinda have to put up with and entertain with no real reward beyond defending their territory - making them heavily one-sided. However, if we did provide incentives, it's possible a new problem could arise - people simulating Rebellions to help Major Factions gain those incentives.

What do ya'll think? We could provide additional hexes as a reward for winning Rebellions, or other rewards. But the base question is, do Major Factions really deserve an incentive to win Rebellions beyond the obvious?

Let's start with a vote on this basic premise, and Staff will consider it and work from there.

Skosk Fett

Is this staff only voting, or are non-staff allowed to vote on this? If Non-staff are allowed to vote, then I would like to point out that I cant vote. However ignore me if it's staff vote only. Cheers :3.

Kainan Wolfe

Shadow of War
Hmm. I guess it'd depend on what the reward would be. Extra hexes, no. But maybe it could count towards a Super Star Destroyer, if the major faction also finishes two doms in that month?

Sanya Val Lerium

Neutral, Queen of Her people, Neko
Honestly that's like saying should we reward factions for defending against an invasion. So if we reward a major faction win for rebellions it would be logical to do it for invasions too.

My point of view is rebellions and invasions are kinda the same except the tier of faction.
Renegade Rodian

They're basically fighting the equivalent of a surprise invasion and the threads themselves (usually) end up being longer than two dominions put together.

Give them a random hex adjacent to the one being rebelled.


Eater of the Dead
Abstain, honestly I would be int he middle for this.

As much as I enjoy shiny things and rewards for doing well in events, invasions, dominions. It also shouldn't be the only thing. If there are rewards for rebellions happening that are successfully defended against. THere is the chance of exploitation to get those rewards.

I'd say leave it more open if the rebellion is done well, makes a good story then sure maybe they get a little something extra. if it kind of goes no where and is a disjointed story then ehhh.

Alkor Centaris

Son of Liberty
No way.

Rebellions are a heated affair and topic to begin with, and while a reward might abate some of those things, getting to keep control of a hex is fairly huge. Major factions get to affect the map almost uncontested, but for rebellions, so if anything, it currently incentivizes Minor factions to initiate them at all.

Making it more profitable for Major factions might actually make it less lucrative for Minor factions- they would lose stake where the defending Major would be gaining it.

It's almost like saying, "hey, there's a chance we could take your hex or cause it to go neutral, but if you win, not only do you get to maintain your soverignty, but you also get x, y, and z!"

That sounds like a raw deal to me.

Elijah Brockway

[Insert Clever Joke Here]
Gilamar Skirata said:
Nah, the reward is that they keep the hex and get at least one tick of "activity" for the month lol
"They get to keep the thing they already put work in to gain and they get even more proof of the activity that they already showed by doing the dominion in the first place."

Ngl, doesn't sound like much of a reward to me. The way I view things is that Rebellions are very one-sided in favour of the groups rebelling, because if they lose then they don't lose anything and if they win they get a pretty nice gain out of it. Meanwhile, for a Major faction, if they lose then they lose something they already put effort into getting, and if they win, it's ultimately no different than if the Rebellion never happened, aside from an extra thread in the hex.

Gilamar Skirata

Life before death. Journey before destination.
[member="Lucan Sirrad"] Imo Rebellions aren't FOR Major Factions, they are for other members of the community in minor factions to expand and shout proudly to the galaxy and the board that they are there and they are big enough to be on the map. It also provides the opportunity for good stories and rivalries to start between factions.

Is Major A helping minor A rebel against Major B? What kind of relationship did Minor A have with Major B to warrant such a violent expultion of Major B's influence?

Its meant imo to be a reward for Minor factions that can muster up the same amount of activity as a Major faction, not for Major factions to win new toys.

Ria Misrani

It's a New Day
Gonna have to say yes, give them one adjacent hex beside the one rebelled.

Because yeah they are a heated affair and even if the minor faction loses it doesn't actually deter them from trying it again next month when a major faction submits dom number three. At least this time, it's like well - okay you lost and now you just gave them another hex. Versus, oh gg guys we'll come back next month! I mean they still could but now it's like mhmmm do you want to give said major faction a two for one?

Elijah Brockway

[Insert Clever Joke Here]
[member="Gilamar Skirata"]

See, if a Minor initiates a rebellion and wins it, then I'm fully in favour of them getting/neutralizing the hex. That's a fair thing for me. And since they currently aren't involved in the map game at all, it makes sense that it wouldn't actually penalize them for losing. I'm fine with all that.

My point of view is that it's a bit lopsided in favour of the minors, though, and when a major faction has to put in double the work just to keep a hex, that doesn't come out as a fair shake in my view. I'm not going to bother suggesting any rewards myself (because I know that I wouldn't be able to come up with any that would actually be good and fair themselves), but I just think that there should be some sort of benefit to majors in defending a rebellion beyond the fact that their work for the dominion doesn't get tossed out the window. So far as it is, the majority (hah I'm clever) of benefit goes to the minor factions and to site health, in terms of continued activity and story generation. Barring high sodium levels, of course, but thankfully a site doesn't have blood pressure that needs to be monitored.

I think.

Elijah Brockway

[Insert Clever Joke Here]
Even with a small reward for Majors, I still think it will be lopsided towards them, honestly—depending on what the reward is. I'd personally prefer one that doesn't ultimately penalize the minor factions if they lose, so that the whole "if they lose it doesn't really affect them" bit remains. I just think that right now it's overly lopsided to a point that unfairly affects the writers in the major factions.

Kuat Drive Yards

Driven To Excel
No. Rebellions are costly for everyone involved. Even "flawless victories" come at a price. So you pushed some rando off your lawn, what benefit is there other than keeping your lawn? This is turning more into a game than roleplay.

It's like the new Battlefront Game. It's all epic with its visuals and abilities, but then you have to go and grab holotags to have the kill counted to your kill list.