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Sentimental Value

Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
So the other day I went tromping through my Google Drive for schoolwork and the like and I happened to come across an old thread that had been posted here on SWRP: Chaos. I remembered it vividly as I recovered a good portion of it as the crash of November reigned across the board and this was one of my most enjoyable and quite possibly my favorite thread of all time. I recovered part of it, but it's called To Draw Upon The Cold.

This one little private thread was my 47th IC thread I've been in here on SWRP. By then I, Dranok Lussk, had already been through the early phases of character development and was not a Sith Knight in the Empire during Voracitos's reign. Dranok was a Sith Admiral as well, his heart and mind set upon conquering for his glorious Empire and wrecking havoc and destroying those who didn't submit to his will. It just so happens that approximately 23 IC threads before this, Dranok had met Kara Vi'dreya (@[member="Darth Kyros"]) as a young Apprentice. This earlier thread took Dranok, Shinju, Lucien, and Kara through a little "field trip" for the Sith Academy when Darth Vazela (@[member="Vilox Pazela"]) arrives and does his own little thing to take his apprentice.

In To Draw Upon The Cold, the young Kara is found traveling the wastes of Ziost after fleeing from Vazela. Dranok Lussk, the ever-observant young Knight he is, detects the presence and departs to go investigate it. To me, this was my favorite moment as a Sith character's writer. Dranok Lussk was some high and mighty Sith conqueror, and here he was finding a little girl in the snow, cuddling her up in his cloak, and saving her life. He didn't even really know who this little girl was, but he saved her anyways. Due to exhaustion, the pair quickly fall asleep in Dranok's personal chambers in the abandoned little temple in the Ziost highlands. They both awaken to find a rather uncomfortable atmosphere between them as Kara saw Dranok's face rather than his golden-brown mask (Revan playby) and things went on from there. This is the thread that acknowledges that Kara Vi'dreya was Dranok Lussk's daughter from back on Corellia where he and his girlfriend made love before him leaving for the Military Academy.

This one thread was what I looked forward to replying to for about a week or so. This thread was one of the first times I ever truly brought out Dranok's character and personality instead of that typical imposing warlord of the Sith. Looking back on it now, so much has happened to Dranok ICly that I stayed up at night thinking about everything that happened. I poured my heart out into doing this little, non-violent thread and ended up fleshing out my character as well as Libby's. When you take a single character and roleplay with him or her for a long time, you remember things as if they were your own memories. That is such an amazing aspect of roleplaying. When you do so, it's like you wield the memories of more than just yourself. You've done everything, seen everything, and lived it through characters only detailed by writing, yet you just feel it in your soul.

I just wanted to take some time out of my day whipping the peasants #TyrannyReigns to post this little topic on what my favorite thread was and how much my first true character came to life in. But now it's your turn. Tell me and the others about your favorite threads or moments in roleplaying here at SWRP: Chaos. Tell me about that one time when your soldier character got trapped on that planet and had to hide out with a poor family. Tell me about that time where your Jedi and the Sith she was fighting stopped and teamed up for a one-shot chance at survival against the odds.

Just think about what you've roleplayed. Each and every character you've posted with is a part of you, and you should be proud of that.

Sarge Potteiger

Half-Glimpsed Dreamings
My favorite thread so far on the board would have had to be one I did with @[member="Coryth Elaris"] called 'Home Sweet Home.'

She'd just come over from the Craftshop, and Coryth was a character I'd always wanted to RP with over there but had never really gotten the chance as she wasn't being actively roleplayed at the time. So I hit her up (not literally) and we started up the thread.

I'll be honest, going into it, I didn't expect much. Usually when I plan out threads with people I've never RP'd with before, they start out good but lose momentum after a page or two.

This did the opposite. It snowballed.

It began, quite simply, with Coryth taking care of her boat on Corellia - Sarge's adopted homeplanet. As he was on leave, he'd headed down to the Golden Beaches to just kind of unwind and enjoy life without the pressing need to make sure every person who walks into Cira's office isn't going to be a nutjob with a blaster. Ironic, no? Anyway. As he's walking down the pier, admiring the boats, he sees one of the shortest women he's ever laid eyes on... with the most red hair he'd ever seen.

It wasn't red in the orange sense, but actually red. It blew his mind.

So, naturally, he had to go and talk to her. And while he was busy being utterly baffled by her hair - Karen Roberts had the same affect on him - she was baffled by his complete lack of being. He's Force Dead. He's talking, but it's like the air is talking. Or her mind is talking to her. Nothing is there but something is there. And so she's as baffled by him as he is of her.

But, eventually, she invites him out onto the boat and he offers to buy some booze. They wind up heading out on a small jaunt just shootin' the breeze, making small talk, and it gradually evolves into this almost cathartic experience for the both of them wherein they each bare their hardships and trials for the other. Scars were discussed, fears were shared.

Souls were exposed, for a brief time. Self awareness was the name of the game, and perception - both of self and of others - played an important role in their conversation. They discussed being more than others expect of you, and more than you expect of yourself, and how sometimes its OK to fail and not be able to measure up.

It was a psychological rollercoaster of pain and joy, culminating in not only one of his hallucinations but of her finding out just how old her really, truly is along with her sharing her ability to see the future - at least somewhat.

It was just one of those threads where even though the characters weren't doing much, the words kept pouring out over and over into these massive posts of internal reflection and reflective dialogue, and it's a thread that will be near and dear to my heart for awhile.
King of Midvinter
Back when Thurion was only a little boy, when he and Asha went back to the orphanage on Pelagon where he grew up alongside his older brother, Thyrian: http://starwarsrp.net/topic/13127-the-shield-of-the-heavens/

His backstory is that he had to watch his fellow orphans get incinerated along with his brother (hence 'Ashborn'), shortly before Asha found him and took him on as her padawan. A few years later, the two travelled to the very same location, where they discovered it had been rebuilt by the government. This of course took its toll on the boy, who already was hesitant on going back.

Nobody else was around at the time, so he decided to go inside by himself with Asha remaining outside. The place was an exact replica, and so when he wandered into the room where he and his older brother used to call their own, he lost it and ran back outside, prompting him to trip on a piece of equipment and fell face-first into the dirt. Asha came to his rescue and did her best to calm the boy, who cried a river of tears in her arms. Eventually he managed to pull himself together somewhat and leave the scene with her.

Before leaving the planet, however, they stopped by the marketplace, where he noticed a younger boy and his baby brother wishing to purchase a piece of fruit. The sight of the two children made him think of Thyrian and himself at that age, and so he bought it for them, telling them to take care of eachother like only brothers could. It was probably the most emotional thread I've ever had to partake in, both OOC and IC.

Another one would be the Asha Seren funeral thread. Suffice to say, he did not take her sudden and unexpected death well, even going so far as to ignore his best friend @[member="Daux"], who he loves dearly to this day, and her attempts to soothe him, making her doubt his love for her and run away into the woods, where he later followed her and made sure he truly did care for his Kitty. :3

In short, anything having to do with the late Asha Seren. I miss you, master. :(

@[member="Darth Kyros"]

Darth Vazela

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
@[member="Darth Arcis"]

It was a fun story arc, made up from nothing. It was fun to read and write with everyone. I think my favorite thread has to be the Aeten II dominion I did with the Empire, however. That was when I felt I was apart of the community and it was really fun because we managed to churn out 234 posts inside three or four hours and crushed the Mandalorians and their dominion. It wasn't long after that I became a Sith Lord, however short it was in relation to other Lords of the Sith. Good times.


Blessed are the peacemakers
I'd say that it was during the Dead Republic, the RP where Tracyn was originally from. Tracyn was a young, naive man who got put into a super commando. He was in love with this girl, and she was a die-hard Mandalorian. Now, in this RP, the Mandalorians were actually the bad guys. They sacked Coruscant and all that, so, not really good guys. So obviously, Tracyn wasn't just gonna let that happen, you know? He couldn't be apart of that, he was a good guy at heart. So he gets a Master, Master Lithis, and just tears up stuff with the Mandalorians.

And then he loses control on Coruscant, and ends up fighting the Mandalore. He just beats and beats on the Mandalore, but Lithis comes in and saves him from falling to the dark side, and ends up killing Mandalore, but shortly after, another Mandalorian comes in, and I actually took the name Preliat Mantis from him because he was such a badass character, and kills Lithis. Lithis dying was kind of this snapping point for Tracyn, and he just starts ripping apart these Mandalorians, and eventually, the Mandalorians sort of take over the galaxy. Sad to see that Tracyn eventually ended up dying in the rp later on by the newer Mandalore (the one who killed Lithis as well) because of an OOC dispute between him and I. The RP died shortly thereafter, and it really made me sad. Kinda wished to see how that Tracyn would have turned out.

But this Tracyn's doing alright too. I kept the Super Commando/Padawan backstory, to start me off somewhere. He's had a pretty good start, short time I've been here. Well, beside Asha dying, and his son getting all messed up (@[member="Kaine Zambrano"], fk u i'm gonna keel u) and whatnot, but, hey. He's more empowered than the last one, in terms of purpose and whatnot. The Jedi here are more numerous and more varied, which makes a nice sortof balance in the field for Tracyn.

I dunno, I like it here.


Like Lightning
One of my favorite threads is when I wanted to just simply do something with @[member="Rang Inyri"] and we decided to do a challenge of getting Ultrachrome. But we forgot that we needed another person to complete it half way through. Even then we continued to post. And page after page to where it is currently almost 6 pages in. However, when I went on my LOA she also took one and we never got to it. Even though we escaped from bandits/mercs. We continued the story on a ship and from the very beginning it snowballed into the large thread that it is now. http://starwarsrp.net/topic/15612-i-have-a-plan-run/ <this thread.

Most of the posts that were made were only a paragraph or so long. There were even some parts where I was bored and broke the fourth wall just to mess around. (I forget exactly where) but somehow when I looked like crap and so did she, we flirted around and there would be times where I thought that we were so close to moving further than just hand holding and flirting (held hands with her because she needed to be helped up, but that counts right?) And then we fought off a good amount of bandits. to then steal their YT-2000.

I would say it was one of the best threads that I have done just because it lasted so long and continued to go on. (though it kind of died)
It's Real to Pretend
One of my favorite threads would have to be, as @[member="Vilox Pazela"] previously said, the Aeten II dominion. I remember very fondly on Skype how absolutely no one thought we could get 175 posts done before the Mandos, who'd already completed over half the dominion. I got a thread up, and after some significant prodding... Well... That thread was one of the fastest, most smooth dominions I've ever participated in.

Shame the Imperial leadership didn't press the invasion and get us the planet, though

Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
@[member="Circe Savan"] @[member="Vilox Pazela"]
I vividly remembered that dominion. We churned out like 200+ posts in like 2 hours. I would reply, wait like 10 seconds, refresh, read 4 more replies, and start the cycle again.
Chaos-God of Gluttony
Though Hutuun'Kyramud is probably my most human character (Ironically), I've developed a very strong bond with Darth Voracitos, yet he has never showed a loving, caring, or any real human emotion...

Except for humility, defeat, and fear.

It started in my favorite thread to have ever come my way, The Sith Primacy Thread. God that was fun, unbelievably so. The amount of effort and work and heart I put into every post... so many typos, so many incoherent sentences grammatically, but the meaning conveyed was all the same despite my run on over-description.

Voracitos had always known victory, he was always the best, the richest, the most powerful, most influential. Like giant star he had erected himself in moments a powerful and destructive display of total mastery of the force, his complete potential as a Master, his ultimate triumph. There was no emotion here, only sadism, tainted with animal rage and greed.

Then when it seemed there was no way he could possibly cast down, no way in his godly form... Ashin did the impossible in sheer moments. He was cast down, deprived of his power, his strength, his triumph. All that was left was shame, and resentment. Her unintended prophesy haunted him all the way to the very end, his life ruled by fear, his gluttony and greed only strengthened after that day, because he was too worried someone like Ashin would come some day and rip away from him before he even knew what happened.

He was given a weakness that day, a critical one, that doomed him to fail no matter how high he got, no matter how many tricks he had, his indomitable will was no match for the corrosive decay of shame and fear. Ashin killed Voracitos that day, not Tyrin or his needle full of poison, it was Ashin with her spirit's gravity; crushing him until he caved in on himself.

I always look back on that thread and say those were the good old days, and I always wish to return to them, or make a new one just as good.

Sarge Potteiger

Half-Glimpsed Dreamings
Darth Arcis said:
Nope. Just gotta remind you that it's not the accomplishment you make it out to be.


Also, anytime someone isn't mad, the best way to make them mad is to ask that question, because it's such a banal response.