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Star Wars RP

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Sending a message to the republic


On a more serious note, I don't like RPs where it's a lose-lose situation. There's nothing anyone can do in that RP, really. At least giving people the chance to stop the madman might make them feel like more of an agency in events.

Regardless, that's just my opinion, so good luck. :)

James Parker

Oh I have faith in the people's creativity to place themselves in an area to stop him. And I prefer more of a Vaas Montenegro over a joker thank you :p


Blessed are the peacemakers
You've got the most lightskinned faceclaim ever


Blessed are the peacemakers
You do realize that Kele Okersen or whatever, your faceclaim, is actually gay.

Spartacus made Rome his queen.

Rexus Drath

Well-Known Member
Oh yes I know that, and I enjoy him quite a bit. And as a matter of fact no, Spartacus did not make Rome that, he never had the forces to march on Rome or anything of the sort. Great man though, really fails in comparison to Hannibal though.

Carn Dista

@[member="Tracyn Ordo"]

Careful, sunshine. That might just be seen as a vaguely homophobic comment.