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Romance Novel Hype


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So, everyone everywhere has either heard of or read Twilight or one of it's books. No one can truly hate the books, as they're not completely horrid and those that say they do are closet lovers. I honestly gave the series a 3.5/5, so even for me, an action advocate, it wasn't completely horrendous. But, as of late I saw a movie based on another Romance Series, Beautiful Creatures, this I find to be far better than the Twilight errors. I give it a 4/5. As well I'm reading it to boot, and it's still not any worse.

What other series does everyone know of? What do you think of twilight? Beautiful Creatures? Romance novels in general?

Breya and Ruki Scali

@[member="Tyrin Ardik"] and @[member="Alna Merrill"] have it.

Not...a fan of romance novels. I hate anything with a cult-following (except Star Wars xD) on principal - especially pop singers. *shudders* Hunger Games is okay but I really don't like the last book. The first is my favorite, not bad. The second games are okay, but the rest of it gave me a headache from slamming my head into the desk.


Onith Trill

I'll confess, I did read the first twilight book once at the request of a friend, and to be honest, a good portions of this site's writers are better than that. Now, whatever the name of the guy who wrote it has a made a good living off of it, and I'd gladly switch places with him cuz hey, gotta love dat cash money, but yeah. Not the best of quality in my opinion.
Tyrin Ardik said:
  • What Tryin said!
  • I will admit to seeing the first two movies because of blackmail. Straight up serious as chit blackmail.
  • I did get kicked out of the second movie because there was a scene where Edward took his shirt off. The crowd went wild and I waited until things were quite-ish again to yell "UGH! karkING GROSS!"
  • I have and never will read the books.
  • I understand there is such a thing as creative license, but I'm sorry she took vampires and made them sparkle in the sun like drag queens that had a glitter fight because there were no pillows.
  • These books are what brought about 50 Shades of Grey which in turn is even worse because they are a horrible example of what the BDSM lifestyle is all about. Those books depict a wildly unhealthy relationship and should not be viewed as a legitimate example of aforementioned lifestyle.
  • Twilight is such a Mary Sue set of novels it is sickening.
  • Romance novels are not terrible because they are still escapes for some people, however, they will be remembered for being great works of fiction.
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Bah a good romance novel is fun and Twilight while not wholly good did a few things. It got a lot of people to want to read, regardless of preference she did something that no one did and made unique vampires. There were some rules to them so as much as I found them not very good and fully admit I own the set because it got me in the girl at the bookstores pants (I am also a horrible person at times) Didn't hurt to read them.

Also grocery store romance smut novels.... so bad they are good? Better believe it.


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Avadreia Lacroix said:
Well this explains the quality of Zaiden's plotting and writing.
@[member="Avadreia Lacroix"] the old saying, "don't got nothing nice to say."comes to mind. At your rate, I see silence. As well, most of my writing style comes from Anne Rice, Stephen King, Dean Koonts etc. Suspense, action, fantasy, and Str wars. That's what has combined to be my writing style. Honestly though have you read any of ny real work? When I put in an effort plenty tell me I'm damn good.

Seriously though. A couple minutes into a discussion and most of it's people talking crap? What's that say about you guys? I was advised that in order to be considered for a complete master nomination (everyone agreeing, as I feel I need.) I was told to get more open on the site, be more effective at making it interesting etc. Then when I do I get horrible treatment.
@[member="Zaiden James-Greyson"]
Relax. Don't worry about it too much. There's a Private Messaging system here for a reason. If you have personal issues, take it up with them and/or the Staff team.

Now let's get back on topic. I don't think I've ever read a romance novel, I've read a few romance-geared manga, but they were almost totally full of ecchi stuff and the storyline for them was all but nonexistent.
I have actually read a few romance novels, but I'll admit to skipping through what story there was to the sex scenes. I think I read 2 or 3 in total, from different authors, but only for the sex scenes. I always read the fantasy or sci-fi ones any way because the regular stuff is just even more boring.


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@[member="Sarge Potteiger"] it isn't supposed to. It's to explain trying to come up with more games discussions etc. I am already a sort of known member, and simply feel that whatever my known rep is, it's bad as near everytime I make a thread it ends in the same thing. Me feeling I should have something locked before it can escalate.

@[member="Anara Valnor"] in the beginning it was the same for me. But then I noticed, skip sex scenes etc, you can get seriously good writing etc from multiple authors.

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