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Role-playing in OOC forums.

The only Role-playing Forums are the Open and Private Role-playing Forum. Please keep the role-playing to a minimum in OOC forums, and state when you are making IC posts in OOC threads.

To those guilty of this, you're confusing new members and coming off as a bit spammy in non-Posting Games forums, derailing threads. Sometimes, it's even a bit creepy. You're not breaking any stated rules, but some members have taken it too far in the past, and have caused trouble.

Let's keep the lines between OOC and IC very clear and defined. If it continues, Staff will be warning individual members privately.



Verz Horak

Darjetii Kyramud
Well, as I'm no longer Mandalor, @[member="Tegaea Alcori"] , I think we could arrange a thread.


Like Lightning
*pumps fists in the air* Oh wait, will you let me go after or will I have to fight my way out or what? @[member="Tegaea Alcori"]