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Rianna told me to say hi.

Dharma Vessia

Lords of the Fringe
*runs in and licks all over Garth's face*

Antoir Setrrin

I've Met My End
Dharma Vessia said:
*runs in and licks all over Garth's face*
You are a strange one, Dharma. I like that.

Er, welcome to the site, Mr. Darkhold.
Enjoy your stay.
Oh, and the drinks are located in various corners. Watch out for the cookies though, not all of the Hutt Fat batch were thrown out (and those ones are quite old now).
Ask whatever questions you want. Except about the smell.
We don't talk about that.
DHARMA GAWED! *looks for a towel*
@ Dharma Vessia
I have missed you! *licks*
@ Tobasu
OOC: I don’t know about being young but thank you for the welcome.
@ Anara
OOC: It is great to see you again. I’m used to seeing you with a lightsided aura. This will have to take some getting used to. :lol
@ Ven‘Rain Sekairo
IC: It is about time someone told me where the bar is! >.>
OOC: Thank you for the welcome and nice meeting you.
@ Rianna Organa
IC: Rianna I hate you! >.>