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Approved Vehicle Protector Class Surface Frigate

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Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken

: Sub a surface ship.
Image Source: Here.
Canon Link: N/A.
Permissions: Permission for all ArmaTech gear and all other subs made by Laira Darkhold's writer here and here. ARGH tech available for Firemane per this thread.
Primary Source: N/A.

: Firemane Industries.
Affiliation: Firemane Industries, approved buyers.
Market Status: Closed-Market
Model: FM-SF1a
Modularity: Limited.
Production: Limited
Material: Durasteel, Alusteel, Tunqstoid, Turadium.

: Surface Frigate
Role: Multi-Role Surface Frigate (anti-surface, anti-submarine & anti-air warfare, coastal bombardment).
Size: Very Large
Weight: Very Heavy
Armaments: Very High
Defenses: Average
Maneuverability Rating: Low
Speed Rating: Very High
Propulsion: Propellers, ion drives.
Minimum Crew: 200
Optimal Crew: 650
Passenger Capacity: 50 marines or soldiers.
Cargo Capacity: Small. Aside from ammunition and the crews' equipment, this covers lifeboats/tenders and stores for a 6th month patrol.

  • Heavy firepower. It has big guns and lots of missiles.
  • Very fast for a vessel of its type and size.
  • While fast, it is not agile. Turning is difficult on the high seas.
  • Big and heavy, it is an obvious target.

The Protector Class Surface Frigate occupies an intermediate role between smaller ships such as the Triton Class Surface Corvette and the Tsunami Class Aircraft Carrier. One of its primary functions is to serve as an escort ship for the latter. The high command of Firemane's water fleet, tired of listening to the space fleet brag about its battlecruisers, would have preferred to get an enormous battleship to dominate the seas with. However, 'Regent' Kaylah Danton has less appetite for vanity projects than Siobhan. Even an eloquent PowerPoint presentation could not convince her, so the project ended up dead on arrival. Instead the water fleet got a frigate that Firemane can actually manufacture more than once...and transport off-world.

The Protector carries an optimal crew of 650 of officers and sailors. If a Tsunami is a small, floating town, then the Protector can be considered a floating village. The vessel has lifeboats for the entire crew and stores for a 6th month patrol. As befitting an escort ship, it is heavily armed and fast. Aircraft carriers are heavily armoured and carry an air wing of attack craft, but only carry limited armaments. However, the Protector can also patrol the waterways independently and engage hostile vessels, as well as support amphibious assaults through bombardment of enemy strongpoints as well serve in an air defence and anti-submarine warfare role. The ship possesses an extensive array of scanning and mapping equipment.

For armaments, the Protector has a single Inferno MetaCannon. This is a very powerful cannon that can load and fire a broad variety of ammunition shells. Unlike with the conventional MetaCannon, it does not require a barrel change. Moreover, the Protector has six turbolasers. Two are positioned at the aft, and two each amidships. This gives the frigate a lot of power against other surface ships as well as for shore bombardment. Moreover, it is equipped with Mk2 and Mk3 Deathstrike concussion missile launchers, giving it a very potent weapon that can also target aerial attackers.

Twelve rotary blaster cannons or equivalent weapons are placed at strategic points to repel boarders and provide short-ranged anti-personnel support. Finally, the Protector has been equipped with standard depth charges. While primarily meant for anti-submarine warfare, they also come in handy against giant sea monsters such as kraken. Typically, officers get their own cabin, which is something their compatriots aboard a Scylla Class Submarine will never stop being jealous of. Senior ratings such as petty officers occupy six berth cabins. By contrast, twelve junior ratings may have to share a space. That said, senior ratings do not get a lot of space either. Indeed, cabin may a euphemism for a bunk in a passageway.

While living areas are separated by rank, officers and crew members do mix a lot by necessity. After all, they will be together on the high sea for many months. Sports is one way for sailors to pass the time - and stay fit. Tournaments tend to take place on the flight deck. Tygaran crew members - typically Qadiri - have introduced the 'sky people' to some of the sports common on their homeworld. There is also a gym. The kitchen is located between two mess rooms - one for senior ratings, the other for juniors. Officers have a mess one level above. Each frigate has an operations room, which is built inside the vessel and serves as its strategic nerve centre. This is where the officers receive and analyse incoming reports and decide on the best course of action. The work stations are allocated among teams that deal with underwater, air or surface targets. The big guns are also fired from here, while engine speed is regulated from the engineering control room.
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