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Project: Volunteers Wanted To Compile Community's History

Basically, I want a team of volunteers who will commit to laying the foundation for creating a thread which will dictate the history of the role-play community's history. I understand that naturally, the entire board serves this function as we don't delete old threads, but I'd love to see a single thread that highlights the most significant invasions, threads, factions and events of this community.

Archivists, if you will, of our Great Library. If you are interested in helping me build this project, please apply by posting your interest below.
The Rovagug
Maybe I could help, I always try to keep Kaine's history updated.

It's getting pretty long now.
Chaos-God of Gluttony
I can help! I even already started within the Sith Empire... though the Empire itself I will say, has not been all that helpful - _ -

Jk, love you guys.

I can contribute the various Era's of the Empire.


Disney Princess
If all of the Factions did this individually, all you would need to do is slap them together. Highly recommend swindling all the Faction Owners into this project. :D

Karsh Lithern

The Living Mutation
RodianHero said:
This would be much easier if there was some sort of time frame/year that staff dictated, but without that, a timeline or board history will just be a list of events in no particular order
Dude, http://starwarsrp.net/pages/timeline

There is.



Mr. Dizzy Man
RodianHero said:
@[member="Karsh Lithern"]
I meant something more specific to the threads that are going on all the time. Like how many IC years have passed since 835 BBY or 836 BBY(Omni?)
I've wondered this very same thing, but never found an answer to it =(