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Post Count


Blessed are the peacemakers
I see some people post on EVERY TOPIC in the Water cooler EVERY time, stuff like that. Is post count really that important to people?
The Rovagug


Only if they have less that 50 posts on a character, because after the Factory reopened, the policy became that the forum doesn't even let people under 50 post in the submission areas. Occasionally, it'll be because they want to post in a faction check with that character, to which the same count applies.

Aside from that, nope, no one really gives two bantha fodders. It's just mostly fun and killing time.
In my opinion, it's a serious thing... I have been in many forums, like I have said many times and most of them have died out because everyone posts only OOC things. It normally starts with a few people who just don't post IC things anymore. And then everyone else joins them and the forum's actual meaning disappears... I believe posting in OOC boards (sometimes) is not a really bad thing if you post in IC boards too, but if someone massively spams board game threads, then it's just... *insert a word*


Blessed are the peacemakers
Well I love OOC, it makes us a community. It's just odd to me that people will go down and down a list of threads simply to increase their post count.

Also, that's a slippery slope argument and there is no lack of IC interaction on this board.
I think if we all minded our own business and focused on how we enjoyed the website instead of how others did, we'd all be better off for it.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.


Tracyn Ordo said:
Is post count really that important to people?
Post count defines your character's power level. Is it over 9000? Looks like it isn't. Therefore, your character is weak. It couldn't even do a spirit bomb.

Seriously. That's weak.
Don't listen to what I have to say about this.
Just do what makes you happy.
You only need to spam to 50 posts to do everything you might ever need to do.
Beyond that is just whatever.