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Approved Starship Phalanx-class Superlight Corvette

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  • Intent: A versatile gunship for Vanguard Corellia; fighter-screening, patrols, mobile base, etc.
  • Image Source: Star Wars Mandalorian Superlight Corvette by AdamKop
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Vanguard Hypernautics
  • Affiliation: The Globex Corporation
  • Market Status: Open-Market*
    • Please keep in mind that Vanguard may not sell to everyone, disreputable customers may need to rely on the black market.
  • Model: Phalanx-class Superlight Corvette
  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Material: Doonium-Durasteel Hull (1:3), Glasteel Viewports, various Starship components.
  • Classification: Fighter-Hunter | Patrol Craft
  • Length: 38.91 metres
  • Width: 12.26 metres
  • Height: 8.13 metres
  • Armament: High
    • [2] Heavy Ion Cannons [Forward-Fixed]
    • [4] Dual Laser Cannons [Turreted]
    • [4] Variable Warhead Launchers
  • Defences: High
    • Heavy Deflector Shields
    • Ultralight Corvette-grade Armour Plating
  • Squadron Count: Very Low | 4
  • Manoeuvrability Rating: Average | Very Low (SLAM)
  • Speed Rating: Average | Very High (SLAM)
  • Hyperdrive: Class 1
  • Crew Complement (Standard): 3 Officers (Pilot, Gunner, Engineer)
  • Crew Complement (Skeletal): 1 Officer (Pilot) or Fully Automated
  • Crew/Passenger Capacity: 12 (All Bunks) to 4 (All Staterooms)
  • The Phalanx-class is outfitted with all the features and facilities one would expect from a vessel of its size and purpose, among these:
    • Full NeuroCrown Integration (Optional)
    • Standard Docking Port
    • Standard Escape Pod
  • The Phalanx-class has a cockpit with three to five seats, a crew lounge (w/ kitchenette and space-efficient recreation), an engineering section, four crew/passenger rooms (three-person bunkrooms or staterooms), two refreshers, a storage room, and two/four (may be merged) multi-purpose rooms often used as brigs, armouries, exercise rooms, or simply extra storage.
  • Wolf Pack: The Phalanx-class takes advantage of its size - between the average Starfighter and proper Light Corvettes - to serve as an agile, well-coordinated counter to smaller vessels, at least when properly supported. It works best in groups, especially against corvettes.
  • Versatile: The Phalanx-class is versatile enough for use by major fleets, local patrol forces, and even bounty hunters and the like.
  • Size Matters: The Phalanx-class is too small to pose a threat to anything larger than a Corvette or maybe a Frigate except in unrealistically large numbers, but too large to fit in many hangars designed specifically for Starfighters.
Bearing little resemblance to the posh yachts favoured by Vanguard Serenno, the Phalanx-class is wholly the product of its new Corellian branch, a heritage visible in its efficient design, significant versatility, and engines able to recklessly blast off in a straight line when needed.

Originally designed for service in the Globex Security Division's counter-piracy operations, the Phalanx is designed to run down smaller vessels while keeping clear of larger capital ships, its laser cannons and starfighter-grade missile complement being unlikely to do more than dent the hull of the average cruiser, unless able to strike directly at vulnerable parts like the bridge, a role better served by smaller craft or dedicated bombers.

When in use by the GSD, these vessels often have a brig that doubles as a storeroom, as the corporation generally prefers pirates in bodybags.

That said, it has found its niche as a starfighter-screening vessel, often jumping into battle alongside vulnerable vessels and staying close by.
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