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Approved Tech OS-A100 Series Droid Brain

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OS-A100 Series Droid Brain

  • Intent: To create a central processor and memory storage component for use in droid construction
  • Image Source: Here
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Positronic Brain, Data, M3L-V1N
  • Storage capacity of six-hundred quadrillion bits
  • Processing speed of forty trillion operations a second
  • Heuristic learning algorithms
  • Micro-scanning perception matrix
  • Capable of complex mathematical operations and pattern recognition
  • Capable of acquiring new skills via external input and unit perception
  • Extremely difficult to modify or repair - damaged droid brains are usually replaced
  • Cannot alter droid programming quickly or without specialized equipment

After the creation of the M3L-V1N droid prototype, Obsidian Star R&D decided that for future models of droids it would be better to build certain components from the ground up rather than purchasing from other suppliers. The A100 series droid brain is an artificial neural matrix, based on actual sentient organic neural nets. It uses trillions of tiny micro-circuits to transmit impulses over a superconductive core, allowing the brain to compute over forty trillion operations per second. It's firmware programming includes heuristic learning algorithms which allow the brain to create new programming over time based on repeated external input and perception. The brain has a micro-scanning perception matrix that allow it to process input from various stimuli including light and sound. The brain is capable of complex mathematical operations and pattern recognition. One drawback of the brain is that it is extremely difficult to repair, so most defective or damaged droid brain units are scrapped and replaced with new components. As well, specialized equipment and permissions from the manufacturer are required to make significant alterations to the brain's base programming.
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