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Operation: Empire Ascendant (TSA Dominion of the Muunilinst Hex)


Albarrio Sector, Mygeeto System

It is commonplace for budding nations to voraciously desire abundant resources to fuel the machine of war and improve the quality of life for their citizens, which is why it was only natural that the nascent Sith Ascendany that had risen on the old fortress world of Bastion had turned its eye to the InterGalactic Banking Clan and their colonies in the Obtrexta and Albarrio sectors.

Dozens of new warships now left the space above Bastion, the incandescent miasma of hyperspace filling their viewports as they trudged onward towards destiny. Many would congregate around strategic waystations lining the Braxant Run, clamping down on traffic through the ancient hyperlane and controlling the flow of trade. Others would form small strikeforces to blockade lesser known worlds along the route, bringing them to heel through intimidation and fear. But it would be the largest group, the Battle Squadron Black Iron, that would possess the most important task.

In the blink of an eye a multitude of Star Destroyers would materialize over the frigid world of Mygeeto. Fighters would disgorge from the bellies of massive carriers while warships bristling with a multitude of weaponry would make short work of the trivial orbital defenses left behind after the collapse of the Mandalorian Crusader regime and those of the Banking Clan. The five largest warships, three Ascendant-classes and two Bajulator-classes, would enter orbit above the major city of Jygat with weapons trained down towards the crowded metropolis in silent warning. The other warships, a grand total of eight Xo'Xaan II-class Star Destroyers, would enter geostationary orbit around Mygeeto's equator to form a ring around the planet's midsection.

Mygeeto was now hostage and its fate lay in the hands of not those blockading it, but in the hands of the InterGalactic Banking Clan's chairman on Muunilinst.

  • Mygeeto: a military blockade of the planet aimed at forcing a surrender of the planetary government to Ascendancy forces. This will involve direct naval blockade as well as small military incursions onto the planet's surface to neutralise any hostile response, and to secure the government capital. These efforts to be led by Darth Carnifex.
  • Muunilinst: a diplomatic foray into the heart of the Muun financial empire. Mygeeto is under Muun control, and will be held as hostage in our negotiations, but the Muun are to be treated with respect, as potential allies rather than as subjugated slaves. These efforts to be led by Ignus.
  • Dantooine: In an effort to secure our agricultural stability, Dantooine will be taken by a small Sith/NFU strikeforce, with particular attention taken to the former Jedi Temple on the planet: this to be destroyed, the foundations levelled for a new Sith Temple to be constructed on the surface. Led by Krest.
  • BYOO: Do your thaaaaaaaaaaang, boo

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тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂
​Location: Warship {Orbiting Dantooine}
​Objective: Secure Farmlands {Jedi Temple Razing}
​Allies: Sith Forces / Ostara
​Opposition: Farmers
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​My blood stained hand ran through the soft fur of Ostara, both predators looking out the viewport to the ancient world of Dantooine, a world steep in history. Throughout the ages, the planet had seen it share of prosperity and chaos, success and failures, it's ups and downs. Now, when the world seemed on the brink of peace, warships under the banner of the Sith Ascendancy arrived; to conqueror and liberate the citizens, brining them into a new age under a more reasonable regime. "Down there my pet," I said to my furry companion, ​"Lies many marvelous wonders. Precious crystals, a Jedi Temple itching to be transformed into a Sith version, but most importantly, new types of flesh to experiment with."

​I entered the hangar bay with Ostara walking in step with me, frequently releasing a small growl to those we passed by. ​"They fear you girl because they are wise to recognize true predator powers. If they were the enemy, I would release you to feed. In due time, you shall have your fill of flesh. We both will when we arrive on the planet's surface." ​The soldiers assigned to me had already boarded their drop ships, each one oozing with anticipation to get the mission underway. I gestured for Ostara to enter our drop ship and soon after I followed. The sun was still shining it's rays of light and warmth upon Dantooine, but by the time we reached the planet daylight would have succumbed to nightfall.
Obtrexta Sector, Muunilinst System

A small group of vessels, led by the imposing figure of The Lambent Shadow, exited hyperspace not long after a fleet arrived at Mygeeto. The timing was meticulous. Muunilinst would have learned of the attack on Mygeeto, the blockade of the world, by the time the other Sith Forces showed up at their world. It was a focused tactic to get the Muun to realize that, while he might be negotiating with them, he held all the cards, and ultimately they would either accept the terms laid before them, or they would face the consequences of not doing so. Said consequences, coming from the leader of a fleet of devastating firepower, would ultimately be dire. A ruse, it was. But it would work.

The large, angular vessel pushed forward towards the world, its contingent of support craft, including an equally large Reclamation-class Carrier. By no means was this a slouch force that was descending upon the world. Considering those that were aboard the vessel, it was even more imposing. Leos stood on the bridge with [member="Maelasi Eramar"] at his side, and turned a glance to her.

"We need to make this quick and clean. Kaine's forces have control of Mygeeto's airspace by now. That's our major trump card here. And it'll likely be dangerous down there, though I trust your judgment. If you think a situation is bad, speak up and do what you must."

He winked at her before looking back out the viewport.

"Captain you have the bridge. Keep us informed. I'll be taking Miss Eramar and the Vermilion Guard down to the planet with an escort of Fury's. And if that Golan makes so much as a twitch to start shooting, destroy it."

"Understood, sir."

He turned and motioned for Mae to follow along, before heading for the hangar to board a RAL. The Guard were already ready, and a contingent of four Fury's were waiting outside the hangar, as one could see. He boarded the shuttle and strapped himself in. Negotiations were a process. They'd be heading to Harnaidan via the High Port Space Center. The more time they had before arriving, the more time he had to get mentally ready to do what was necessary in the negotiation process. If all went well, no one would have to get hurt, and that was his intention very much. It would be a waste otherwise.

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Location: Asteroid above Dantooine
Objective: Taint the Jedi land and eat some minds
Allies: Sith/[member="Satia"] [member="Krest"]
Enemies: Anything with a mind
Post: 1

The Mindeater was no man anymore, only cold, unforgiving metal. A husk kept together by nothing else but the dark side itself, his figure could be found resting on a small piece of stone circling around the former jedi world Dantooine. From so far above there was a strange feeling of calm inside the mind of the reborn sith lord, a clarity he had found when he first traversed through the vacuum of space without the need to shield himself. Metal didn't needed to breath, to eat or sleep, and so he had waited on the asteroid for several days in deep mediation, awaiting the force to call him to action.

There where no eyes that could open the second he felt the echoes of war resounding from the world below, the strange mix of past wars and the deaths to come that became united in the twisted vision of his new form. He would rain down on the world, from the outside not more than leftover junk from some ship or satellite, only to etch the darkness into the stones where once had been the light of the jedi. Eating minds was one of his many skills, but Darth Abyss was also an corrupter. He carried many tools and knew many techniques that would turn the ancient stones from monuments of the light into the cold embrace of the darkness.

"I am one with the darkness."

The strange echo could be heard, despite the lack of air to carry the sound here in space. Slowly rising from the ground, realizing the claws that had kept him locked to the asteroid, Abyss stood at his full height and glory. The Ascendancy was only a little piece in the unending picture he could now see, but once he was finished it would taint the whole galaxy in the crimson red of the sith. To some it was new beginning, but Abyss knew that this was the start of an end, an end of light. An end brought by his metal hand.

With a light push he moved his metal shell from the stone that held him before, slowly drifting towards the world below.


тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂
Location: Dantooine {Farmer Union's HQ}
​Objective: Secure Farmlands {Jedi Temple Razing}
​Allies: Sith Forces / Ostara [member="Krest"] l [member="Darth Abyss"]
​Opposition: Farmers
Posts: 2.20

​In unison, all three drop ships touched down a few hundred yards from the farming settlement, which is currently the seat of the Farmers Union in this region. Under the cover of night, the soldiers emerged from their transports and marched in a serpentine formation toward the sleeping community. My mission, a partial diplomatic one in nature, was to bring this union to the Sith Ascendancy's side. My orders, as I trickled them down to my troops, was not to kill unless otherwise provoked. The Circle of Lords wanted them to willfully join us, not forced into enslavement. Being the first ambassador to arrive, it fell on my shoulders to display a show of force, but to also maintain no unneeded conflicts erupted. We were here to talk, for now. Our true objective was the Jedi Temple, this visit was just a stepping stone along the way.

​I stopped, in turn halted the procession, kneeling down to scratch the under chin of Ostara. As I did, I reiterated to the soldiers, ​"You will not engage unless first engaged upon. We are not here to conqueror these farmers, though if some resist we will punish them later away from the eyes of their comrades and family. Set your blasters to stun mode." ​I stood up, patting Ostara on the head to allow her to go in search of food. To the company commanders, I added, ​"You've been briefed on your company's tasks earlier. Gather your companies and commence with your objectives."

Miss Blonde

Trying to be straight in a crooked Galaxy
Location: Dantooine Outside of orbit
Objective: Talk to [member="Darth Abyss"]
Allies: Not really sure
Enemies: Also not sure

She was starting to really show now. It was no longer a case of "Miss Blonde is putting on a few pounds lately, huh?" No it was very clear that she was pregnant and there was no hiding the fact, it could be sensed as much as it could be seen. If there was anything the crime lord hated about that fact was the fragility of everything. How she now has to be this porcelain doll kept up on a shelf for nine months for fear of breaking not only herself but the child she carried. There was just one problem when it came to that idea, and it was @&$# that.

Blonde would be dammed if she was going to raise the child of another dead man, that crap was not going to happen. So even if Abyss was a scary armored shadow monster who ate kittens and crapped force lightning, Blonde was going to ram her foot so far up his none existent ass that it would manifest around her dress shoes.

So how was this going to happen? How was Blonde going to track down Abyss and tell him that she didn't care if he was the evil monster that he apparently was now? Well despite how much he had changed or how radically different his signature in the force was, there was a small piece of him in there that loved her. One that wanted to meet his child and have some semblance of a happy life. Was it enough to convince him to attempt to be human again? Probably not. But it'd be enough for her to at least start a dialogue with him. And it was more than enough for her to track him down to Dantooine on some force forsaken asteroid.

Her small transport ship would come out of hyperspace and she'd have a few of her droids pilot the craft and navigate their way towards wherever the man was. So while they did that, she'd use her telepathic power to try and communicate with him wherever he was.

"Atton. Please come home, I miss you."
Location: Drop Ship (Landing on Dantooine)
Objective: Clear out Jedi influence.
Allies: TSA [member="Satia"] , [member="Darth Abyss"]
Enemies: Any remaining Jedi/Tomb raiders.
Post: 1/20

Night was relative to the side of the planet someone was on. While his apprentice descended upon the locals to recruit them to their side, Krest was almost halfway around the world landing upon the planet just as twilight began to hit. Silence reigned through each of the trio of simple dropships using the cover of the setting sun of their approach. Within them the elite stood, dressed in black and carrying their rifles by their side. On their hips rested their handguns, waiting to be used. They stood like statues, all awaiting the soft thud of their land and the orders of their Lord.

In the lead ship stood the red cloaked Zabrak, his tattered hood pulled low over his face and his horns poking out through the numerous holes in the cloth. As soon as the ship landed night had descended upon the Jedi temple and the Lord and his soldiers stepped out into the darkness. Beside the Sith stood a man who's armor was marked with red, signifying his advanced rank.

"Keep this quiet, and make this quick. There shouldn't be any Jedi left, but we don't need to make a scene." There was a quick nod from the commander who then lifted up a hand and signaled for the group to move in. Like lingering shadows the company rushed through the grass, the only noise being the swoosh of air they created. Their guns were leveled and aimed.

Behind them the red man walked, letting his troopers take the lead as he listened for any sign of the Jedi that might be left. So far all was quiet in the Force, but that could change at any moment.
Location: Asteroid above Dantooine
Objective: Falling towards the surface while having a talk with [member="Miss Blonde"]
Allies: Sith/Satia Krest
Enemies: Anything with a mind
Post: 2

The metal shell continued its slow path towards the world below. Abyss was lost in the endless void of his mind, and the solitude of sitting on an asteroid for days hadn't shown him a way out. He was still the man he had been before, just a better, greater and far more powerful version. While being human had been enjoyable, he didn't felt remorse about his transformation. This was what he had been meant to be all along, this was the true Abyss and not the fragile flesh that held his spirit for so long.

He had remained silent, motionless during the fall, at least as long as there had been no reason to do otherwise. Once you didn't felt your body anymore, things like moving an arm or an leg were only done out of necessity, not out of comfort or by random twitching of muscles. That made his reaction even less logical. The second he heard the mental voice of Patricia inside the emptiness of his mind, the masked metal skull on top his armor moved around, like he still had eyes that could search for the one person he cared for. Blonde was all to him. A untainted source of passion, an anchor that kept him from stepping fully beyond the veil to be one with the darkness, but she was also his most crippling weakness. Inside of her head he would responded, his voice still his own, yet twisted and changed by his new form, now constantly framed by an echo in the force even when he spoke directly to the mind of someone.

"Can we talk about it when I am not falling towards a planet from space?"

The devourer of minds and knowledge, the being that could learn the contents of a book simply by touching it had no good answer for her. Ancient sith knowledge and the wisdom of the many people he had consumed and yet he still didn't had a clue on how to have a relationship. That she picked a considerably bad moment for this didn't made it any easier. Even if he wanted he couldn't stop his fall anymore.

Miss Blonde

Trying to be straight in a crooked Galaxy
Location: Dantooine outer orbit
Objective: Talk to [member="Darth Abyss"]
Allies: [member="Darth Abyss"] and probably the other Sith
Enemies: Whoever they're shooting.

"Oh you're busy? No no please, continue with whatever this is. I apologize that your pregnant fiancé is inconveniencing you." Blonde replied back telepathically to Abyss.

"Tell you what, how about I pencil in 'Talk to my shadow monster fiancé' right between zoomba and go @#%$ yourself!" It was understandable that she was more than a little upset about this whole ordeal.

"Ma'am, target has been acquired." one of her droids said to her, informing that they had spotted said asteroid Abyss was riding in on.

Blonde saw the image and she chuckled a little. Even as a dangerous force monster, she could always see the humor and best in the man. He reminded her of an old holofilm where a man rode a nuke as if it were a mount down to into the ground. He was her Doctor Strangelove and even when he wasn't trying he knew how to make her smile.

So with a sound of a sigh going off in Abyss' lack of a head, Blonde then spoke once more.

"Okay, Slim Pickens. I'll help you out with whatever it is you're doing. But we're going to talk about this. I accept the choice you have made and just know I still love you. So let's just do whatever this is." Once that was said she looked to her droids and would have them stay back and follow the asteroid in once it had made impact as to not sink their ship.

Hanging back for a bit she would enter her transports armory and suit up. Putting on a few sizes larger suit, the woman did her best to wear it despite her small frame swimming in the fabric. At least it helped cover up her bump seeing how none of her other outfits fit anymore. So with the suit on she strapped the mask over her face and outfitted herself with the standard gear and a personal shield generator.
Albarrio System, Mygeeto
Outskirts of Jygat City...

​A howling wind swept down from the snow capped mountains dotting the frozen world that was Mygeeto​, home of the Muuns. Mygeeto was the primary headquarters of the iconic InterGalactic Banking Clan one of the largest commerce guilds in the galaxy. For better or for worse the IGBC's name fills galactic history books, most notably for its role during the infamous Clone Wars nearly eight hundred years ago, or so the history books that managed to survive say. War wasn't a strange concept to the calculating muuns who chaired the board of this giant. But typically the IGBC funded wars listening to the pleadings of desperate dictators, rebellious lords, vengeful rebels, and all manner of individuals who came to ask them to fund their war. If your organization needed resources to fund a prolonged conflict, or the financial backing to pull yourself out of debt to continue fighting in a conflict: make an appointment before the board of directors.

But today was different.

A vast fleet bristling with weaponry hundreds of engines glowing brightly in the blackness of space, the hulls of freshly built ships glistening. They descended upon the remnants of orbital defenses once maintained by the Mandalorian Crusaders, now held by whoever the muuns could scrounge up to take the place of their former protectors. A small display of this fleets destructive power, like the cracking of lightning and the boom of thunder during a destructive hurricane the blackness of space lit up in brilliant greens and reds of lasers, plumes of orange flame quickly responding as these orbital platforms went up before any solid resistance could be brought to bear, before any contact could be made. Those who scanned these ships would find their IFF tags all read one thing:

​The Sith Ascendancy.

​Quickly the war machine took up positions surrounding the world beginning a great blockade, all traffic attempting to enter or leave would meet their batteries. When the iron curtain fell around Mygeeto somethin happened then an explosion of activity akin to a disturbed hornets nest. A myriad of small ships emerged belched from the depths of vast hangars and from behind these great ships most notably many MAAC/IV dropships. These ships swept down towards Mygeeto in many clustered groups, each sheathed in a protective guard of fighters in dagger formations who paved their way to the surface.

​The great dropships finally descended on the outskirts of Jygat the capital city of Mygeeto dropping FRT-01 Battle Tanks, H-MAT Artillery Tanks, and AT-TT walkers. These elite units worked like clockwork securing a perimeter while an elite force like no other descended from the depths of these dropships. A force known throughout the galaxy for their ruthlessness, renowned for their unparalleled skill in battle as Jedi and Mandalorian killers: The Blackblade Guard. In the wake of their armored units these black armored legionnaires came by the dropship load one after the other.

It was a storm of activity as these legionnaires assembled in perfect formation, others moving to secure a perimeter as the remaining forces descended. Finally one last transport descended to the epicenter of this force on either side of its front columns of assembled guardsman kneeled. Highlord Osbasid knelt before this great transport his head bowed low. A detachment of Crownguard emerged taking up positions on either side of the ramp gripping lightsaber pikes. A single individual came down then undulating darkness. A set of black and gold robes were pulled over black armor, a hood covered his head: Darth Prazutis, Dark Lord of the Sith.

​But a great shadow followed the dark lords every move a looming giant who always stood relatively within arms reach, a monster clad in war plate that sat over its rough black hide, a predator. Currently the beast stood behind the King as he approached the Highlord his every step followed by an stomp. Darth Prazutis simply lowered his gauntlet clad hand motioning for the man to rise. Immediately after the Highlord stood the group along with the escorting crownguard moved following the hooded mans direction. "Report." ​Prazutis said, his eyes fixed on the great city before them.

"All forces for the first wave have successfully landed and are preparing for the sweep. Our fighters are in the process of achieving air superiority, the Warmaster currently holds unchallenged naval superiority over Mygeeto. The response from local government so far has been minimal. They wait in anticipation of our next move." ​The Highlord rattled off. Darth Prazutis simply nodded responding after a moment of silence. "Begin phase two."

Location: Hyperspace / Travelling to Muunilist
Objective: Diplomacy on Muun
Allies: Currently None
Enemies: Currently None

With hands firmly embraced together behind her back Darth Venefica, the Dagobah Sith, marched along the lone catwalk that ran east to west on the bridge of her ship. The ship, like the Sith Lady that commanded it, had travelled the galaxy for months feeling the affects of continuous space travel. Since her self imposed exile, she had no home except for Dagobah, even that planet seemed alien and unfamiliar to her these days. The galaxy had grown distant in her mind, in her eyes, and in her heart. She had hoped, once, that simply travelling to and from would rekindle the lost passion that crept into her heart. It did not. She felt like a hollowed out husk, a shell of her former self. Then one day she met another, the two fell in love and a child was born from their unholy union.
​And now the child, her child, had been ripped from her. A daughter dragged into the violent episodes the galaxy produced. Her passion returned, in the form of unadulterated anger and hatred. She would hunt these fools down, killing any and all that stood to protect them just to feel her daughter's heart beat against her chest while they embraced once again. The fools, she had underestimated, were more resourceful than she foreseen. They could hide in the shadows in some misguided view that would keep her from locating them, but they too had underestimated the fortitude of the Dagobah Sith. They gave her focus. They gave her a purpose. They gave her a reason to return to dabble in the lives and affairs of the galactic citizens. She was finally home.
​The ship's vibrations alerted her that they were coming out of hyperspace. Whirling on her heels, she charged toward the bridge's command center.
​"Captain, the bridge is yours."
​Darth Venefica arrived to the Muun's homeworld. She had made a promise to an old friend that she would give this new Sith Order the opportunity to disapprove her hatred for the Sith. Walking toward the bay to retrieve her personal shuttle, the cloak that was grafted to her flesh rippled as the living tendrils began to unwind themselves, for it had been years since they were called into service. Sadly, they would be cheated further for the Sith Lady's mission was diplomacy, not destruction.

Bjorg The Traitor

Allies: TSA [member="Krest"]
Enemies: Any resistance
Objectives: Destroy the temple
This was it, the big mission. I was both excited and to be frank scared. My chance to prove my self, a chance to earn rank and power, if it means standing still while the Sith do all the work or being soaked in the blood of Jedi, it meant little to me, I will do my duty regardless of what the Sith demand of me, what ever order is given to me I will follow. I am to destroy a temple on Dantooine a Jedi temple, will there be Jedi guarding it? Perhaps, perhaps not it mattered little. Most of the folk here are simple, farmers, living simple lives, either their farms will flourish under the Sith or they will be razed to the ground and soaked in blood.

There I was, in a ship standing like stone, waiting for my orders, I had the rifle and my blade which I was apparently allowed to keep. The armor I wore was black and dark as night, which was convenient as dark had come across this planet. We poured from our ships like a hidden plague under the cover of the sun, walking though the low grass, seeing miles of farmland around us, we made a effort to remain hidden, and we were. We was told to advance further, we moved like ghosts, silent and quick, I held up my gun up high, we wasn't expecting resistance, at least not major resistance but you never know, the galaxy is a unpredictable place.
Muunilinst, a diplomatic foray into the heart of the Muun financial empire. Mygeeto is under Muun control, and will be held as hostage in our negotiations, but the Muun are to be treated with respect, as potential allies rather than as subjugated slaves. These efforts to be led by Ignus.

Location: Descending to Muunilinst Alongside [member='Ignus']
Post: 1/20

How long had it been since Mae had seen action? Real action. Not the kind of depravity she had lowered herself to on Nadir, fighting the Galaxy's unwanted in the shockboxing arena. Something with meaning, a purpose...

Maelasi would not see combat this day, if everything went to plan. Theirs was a diplomatic venture, to utilize the attacks on other systems nearby to coerce the good people of Muunilinst to their side. Her presence was merely an insurance policy... Anything could happen, especially when men and women were backed into a corner.

Spira seemed a whole life away now, and her time off a distant memory. She was grateful to be back by his side fulfilling her true duties, a life of luxury was not one that agreed with her.

Ignus spoke and she turned her head toward him in silent respect. His voice demanded her attention, after all. Inclining her head with an unreadable expression, she said a very firm "Yes Sir" before allowing herself to one again resume her silent vigil, one step behind him.

A curved hilt lay on her utility belt, a blaster on the opposing side, though she had neither in her hand during their journey through the ship and down to the planet below. Nor would she be brandishing one in view of the people they were aiming to liberate. But they were noticeable all the same, a grim warning of what could happen if they were less than agreeable.
Location: Dantooine
Objective: BYOO (Collect Laigrek specimens for experimentation)
Allies: None
Enemies: Creep crawlies with red eyes

While the other Sith that were part of the Ascendancy moved to corrupt the planet, or secure the sector, Eldaah had been dispatched for Dantooine for an altogether different purpose. Her Master, while not interested in much the planet could offer, had been intrigued by one of the native forms of life that could be found on the world. The laigrek, and more specifically the deadly laigrek sub-species, was of incredible interest to her and her Sithspawn research. She felt that the laigrek and its variant would prove to be the perfect baseline creature for one of her projects.

Thus Eldaah had traveled to the world, taking a small compliment of Wights and Festerers with her, to secure specimens for her Master.

"Nest located, 40 meters below."

The message from one of the Wights crawled across her screen. The tricky part, and the reason she had brought Festerers with her, was that laigreks liked to live in the underground cavern systems on the world. They would provide the path down while she and the Wights either captured or killed specimens. Alive, they would be molded. Dead, they could be used for study for other purposes. Reaching out with the dark side, she gave the order for the Festerers to start digging.

"Prepare rappel wire," she ordered.
Location: Jedi Temple on Dantooine
Objective: Clear out Jedi influence.
Allies: TSA [member="Satia"] , [member="Darth Abyss"] [member="Bjorg The Traitor"]
Enemies: Any remaining Jedi/Tomb raiders.
Post: 2/20

"Remember, we're not here to destroy the temple. Just clear out any stragglers, or Jedi if there are any." The Zabrak spoke over a comlink attached to his wrist to each of the soldiers as they neared the temple entrance. To corrupt it to a Sith Temple would make use of the building and avoid the loud and disruptive destruction blowing this place up would make. They weren't the bad guys this time, not to the locals on Dantooine. So long as they didn't break any laws and submitted without a fight at least.

Inside the temple however anyone and everyone will be killed if they're not dressed in the black armor of the troopers. The hiss of a plasma torch sounded out as one of the doors was forcibly cut open, and their infiltration began. One by one the troopers burst through, stepping as quietly as they possibly could. Voiceless commands were given via hand signals, and the group split to begin clearing the rooms nearby.

The Sith pulled out a datapad as the rooms were cleared, and each time they were a simple click by the squad leader lit up a green light on the datapad. Green, green, green. Seemed like the temple was empty. Or at least until one of the squads never checked in. Silenced gunfire sounded off down the hallway, and the Zabrak lifted his head to look down the darkened walls. Calmly he stepped to where the trio would have been and found them dead. Multiple punctures through their bodies.

The Force whispered in his ear a warning, and he reached out just as something from the darkness leaped out to attach him. With minimal effort he crushed the creatures head. A Kinrath? So the place had been infested by these creatures. "Eyes up. Kinrath have infested. Clear out the hives."
[member="Krest"] [member="Darth Abyss"] [member="Satia"]

The Temple


She had history on this world. The Dantooine enclave had been a space where she had frequented as a Jedi. Even after she had been struck down by Darth Orcus, her Force Ghost had often taught lessons here, pushing the boundaries of the real and the intangible to the limit. Darth Raxis sighed, something she never did and unclipped her lightsaber.

She followed close behind the squadron, musing to herself.


She said, voice like rake across a gravel pit.

"This place doesn’t need to be destroyed. The history of the Temple is deep. The Primeval were the last to lay their filthy hands on it, and they corrupted it. It can be easily swayed and corrupted with our combined powers. The stones themselves harness a great deal of the nexus."

She paused as they came closer, whispering winds whipping the tall grasses like waves of the ocean. It would be a shame to destroy such a bountiful land, but it was the will of the Darkside to see Dantooine subjugated.


"I was reborn here."
In an effort to secure our agricultural stability, Dantooine will be taken by a small Sith/NFU strikeforce, with particular attention taken to the former Jedi Temple on the planet: this to be destroyed, the foundations levelled for a new Sith Temple to be constructed on the surface.

Objective: Test out some new stuff
Allies: [member="Darth Abyss"], [member="Krest"], [member="Satia"], [member="Bjorg the Traitor], [member="Darth Raxis"]
Enemies: Resistance

Although she was here as apart of the Sith Ascendancy, this was mere but an opportunity for her to run some fields tests for a production line she was recently developing. The classic B1 battle droid was to be the original model, because of its cheap yet effective cost. Humans did not serve the same purpose as them, they had emotions, droids did not have the ability to posses such characteristics unless you gifted it to them, making you a semi-god like figure in their eyes, and I suppose that is exactly what she wanted to be remembered as, a god.

Another beauty of the model was that they needed no direct control, they could adapt to whatever you told them to do. It wasn't "go here and here before doing this do this." it was "do this" and they would go there and there on the way to it. On the flip side though, they were known for their incredible stupidity and could be fooled by even the most lowly of sentients, she saw to flatten those problems out, remove them, delete them.

The plan had already been discussed, she was under direct orders not to cause collateral damage, and was the last behind those infront of her. Infact, she waited until each and every one of the allied soldiers made their way into it, and instead of assisting them in clearing out the rooms, she had one target directly in mind. The library. The Jedi had an immense amount of knowledge, even if a vast majority of it was incorrect, she could find some use in their books.

As the entered, it was eerily quiet, too quiet, in the darkness, a green effervescent glow in the form of a stick. Unmistakable.

"Fire." Red blaster bolts sailed passed her and thudded into the table. Several more began lighting up, 3 more, these ones blue as they began deflecting the shots began. Through a combination of strategic cover and Serenity unsheathing her own to throw them back once more, neither side was getting injured.

Her communicator beeped and she spoke into it, alerting all Sith forces of the situation, in the background a mixture of blaster fire and robotic commands

"Found your Jedi. Main library at the end of the hall."
Ascendancy Landing Zone, 20km beyond the Jedi Temple.
Post 1/20

Slowly descending through atmosphere, a shadow parting the darkness of the sky as it slowly dropped from the planet's orbit, softly floating towards the ground as though it were resting upon a cloud of its own. The Beezlebub-class Destroyer had been something Kaine had dug up, from the days of the old Sith Empire, and descended now upon Dantooine. Where once such a craft would have proven a menacing sight, foreboding to all that witnessed it, now it was intended only as a means of transporting those that sought to bring a message of order and stability to a planet long left to its own devices.

Crude landing gear extended from the bowels of the vessel: three lengthy treads that touched down upon the grass, bracing to absorb the weight of impact as the ship disengaged from flight and came to rest on the planetary surface, perhaps the first time it had done so in decades. All was silent for a few moments, but for the soft hissing of landing hydraulics, the pinging of metal rapidly cooling from the searing the hull had endured as the destroyer moved through atmosphere towards the surface. A pause, pregnant with potential, then motion as panels slid aside and armoured hull moved, a vast boarding ramp extending from the innards to rest against the grass, ready to disgorge all within.

Speeders and atmospheric shuttles began to disembark, alongside large repulsorlift-driven pallets filled with supplies, and the men and women responsible for guiding them. Some wore black uniforms: tunic, pants and boots, all black but for a dark blue piping at the collar and cuffs, with silvery rank insignia displayed openly. Others wore white armour, polished to a shine, weapons held over their shoulders by straps, helmets tied to their belts rather than worn over their heads. Their orders were clear: peace, not terror, was their message. They had not come to suppress a hostile population, but rather to reach out to a benign one.

Stepping down from the boarding ramp, another black-clothed figure, wearing robes rather than a uniform, gently billowing behind him at the touch of a breeze. Grey eyes took a moment to inspect the progress of the operations, noting the officers giving instructions, and the troopers rushing to follow them. Unload that pallet. Set up those shelters. Get those communication systems up and running. All the things needed to set up a temporary berth for the beings needed here, those that would spread the message of the Ascendancy: we have come to bring Dantooine into the fold, and offer protection and trade.

This was not the day for a discharge of weapons and the spreading of terror. The Sith had come, yes, but not to oppress or subjugate. Only to take control.

"Establish our picket lines, and begin sending out officers to the local farms and dwellings," the Sith Lord instructed, talking to a uniformed aide, one that then spoke to another at her side, a young man who rushed off to do as instructed. "Inform them of our presence, but underline that we mean them no harm, but intend them much good," he continued calmly, eyes continuing to survey the amusingly-ordered chaos around them.

This was not to be a world gained by conquest, but mutual agreement. The Circle had agreed: the former Jedi Temple was to be taken and the taint removed, the grounds occupied for the Sith, but the rest of Dantooine was to be left in peace, the citizens invited to join the Ascendancy and receive the protection and benefits that the Sith might offer them. Enterprising young men and women might choose to serve, and would be taken off-world for training and assignment, but those who wished to remain would be unmolested. Farms with ancient technology would find Ascendancy engineers working to upgrade their facilities, and Ignus' Mobile Intelligence Gathering Satellites were even now being launched into orbit by one of the Reclamation-class Cruisers that had accompanied the Sith here.

The Ascendancy would rule here, but in so doing, they would bring the peace and stability to the planet that had long been lacking.


Saint of the Damned
Location: Jedi Temple
Allies: TSA
Enemies: Jedi, Kinrath

Lark languidly roamed through the ancient Jedi Temple, his ghostly finger felt the damp walls, following along creases of ancient carvings long lost to the forces of time. Dark, gloomy hallways spiraled throughout the long abandoned locus, and thin wisps of mist danced along the ground like ruffling bedsheets. Sith troopers rushed through the hallways, looking for any signs of resistance, and it was made clear that there was to be no damage done to the structure of the temple. ​A wise decision. It would be such a shame to see all the secrets this temple hides lost underneath mounds of rubble. Anyone who wasn't part of the Ascendancy was to be dealt with immediately, and without mercy.

Lark entered a musty room full of small rocks that fell from up above, empty save for a few rudimentary furnishings. He did a thorough sweep of the room, his sword was drawn and ready for potential Jedi ambushes. If they were here, they hid well. "This room is secure," he said in a whisper to a commander nearby, whose dark armor hid all expressions. Lark didn't need a mask to hide his mannerisms. His face had been void of emotion for years. The man did a quick check, nodded, and marked it off on his datapad.

He continued to progress through the temple, helping to search for any signs of life, but it would appear as though the place had been long vacated. That's what it looked like, until he turned a corner and found [member="Krest"] standing above the corpse of some beast. Lark had never seen it before, but he recognized it's features from a drawing that he once saw in a book he read in the orphanage he grew up in. "A kinrath," he whispered to himself. That's right, they dwell on Dantooine. Lark looked towards Krest, and heard through the intercoms that some Jedi had been located. He still wasn't fully accustomed to taking orders from others, it irked him more than he'd care to admit. "What would you like me to do," he asked his master in a voice both ghastly and tasteful.


тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂
​Location: Dantooine {Farming Settlement}
​Objective: Green Acres
Allies: [member="Krest"] l [member="Serenity Loveheart"] l [member="Darth Raxis"] l [member="Bjorg The Traitor"]
​Enemies: Cooked Meat
​Posts: 3.20

"Do not be alarmed by our intrusion," ​I said to the gathered farming community. The first phase of the operation bore success without incident. The commanders, along with their underlings, managed to collect every single member of the community and bring them to the center of the settlement. A few of the men protested I was informed, but words where no match for armed soldiers; so they bit back further protests as they were led away. ​"Don't be alarmed? You drag us out of our homes in the dead of night and surround us with armed soldiers," an elderly man with an eye patch piped in. ​"Do not be so overly dramatic, prey. Nobody was dragged from their homes. As for these soldiers, they are here for your protection," ​I replied. He looked at the soldiers again before saying, ​"What protection? There is no threat to us except what you bring, girl."

​"Tell me old man, has anyone threatened you or your family," I asked him before addressing the others, ​"This goes for the rest of you. Has anyone threatened you or brought any harm down upon your family?" ​A few whispers and mumbles moved through the crowd, but not one single person spoke up, including the old man. ​"I thought as much. I apologise for the timing of this, nobody likes to be awoken in such a manner." Again this old man chimed in. ​"Then why do it if you felt an apology was required for your actions?" ​My apology was as empty as my concern for these people. Had the Circle proclaimed a different fate for these farmers, more crucifixions would have taken place.

​"I'm glad you asked. This will save us time," ​I told him, feeling Ostara returning to my side. The sight of her sent shivers of fear through the residents, which I soaked up greedily. ​"This is the seat of the Farmers Union. I know not all of you are in a position to negotiate, so I will give you no less than three hours to call the remaining members." The old man, who was starting to annoy me, again asked, "And why should we do that?" I winked replying, ​"For prosperity and survival."

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