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OmegaPyre: We're back, schuttas!

Ayden Cater

Grumpy Goat
Who Are We?
We are OmegaPyre. Those familiar with the site's history will recognize this as the original name of the faction, prior to its rebranding into the Omega Protectorate. OmegaPyre was originally a private military company (PMC) that sold its services to any interested members. In its current incarnation, OmegaPyre has expanded, becoming the premiere private military and mercenary organization in the southern half of the galaxy.

There are a number of 'why's that were considered.
  • When OmegaPyre was first made, the galaxy was a very different place. There was less order and certainty. Many of the current galactic powers didn't even exist. So naturally, people needed help in keeping their planets safe or attacking their neighbors. OmegaPyre filled that niche quite nicely.
  • Then the galaxy stabilized somewhat, but there was still no clear order. The Republic was struggling with rampant corruption and crippling bureaucracy, and the Sith were rapidly expanding. At this time, OmegaPyre had amassed such power that it could no longer continue on as it was. Thus, the Omega Protectorate was created.
  • After this rebranding, a focus was put on order and control. It was a viable alternative to the Republic and it blossomed, quickly seizing the #3 spot for largest factions on the board and holding it for months.
​Of late, however, there have been difficulties. The Republic has shaken off the shackles that held it back for so long and has taken an open step to imposing its will on the galaxy. Factions like the CIS and Lords of the Fringe have stepped in as well to impose their own will in their corners of the galaxy. The Protectorate is simply unable to continue competing in its present form. Changes are needed.

Why not?

Again, there were a number of 'why not's to consider.

Why not just stay the Protectorate?

This one is fairly easy to explain. Currently, OP simply cannot compete with a unified and organized Republic. They have the numbers, canon claim, and excellent leaders. As well, they have the Jedi to bolster their numbers.

As well, both the Fringe and Confederacy offer similar ideals and functions. While an argument could be made that they're both suffering as well, it's ultimately not their well-being that we're here to consider.

Why not make your own Force Group?
This was actually considered for a while. Ultimately, we only had to look at other created Force Using groups to decide against it. Simply put, they cannot offer the same draw as the Jedi and Sith. It's part of the same vein as to why it was decided to shift away from the Protectorate; however original the ideas might be, they simply pale in comparison. It would take months of work to create a Force Using group that was as rich and compelling as the Sith and Jedi.

So what does this mean for the Protectorate?
Absolutely nothing. The Omega Protectorate, hereafter simply the Protectorate, will continue to exist ICly with the same structure and territory. Nothing about it is changing.

So what's changing?
Our focus. While the Protectorate continues on in the background, we'll be focusing once more on the mercenary aspect. However, OmegaPyre will not be the only mercenary or private military group to exist within the faction. Several other groups will exist and compete with one another for jobs. This particular focus was chosen as a nod to our beginnings, but also because its a focus that does not readily exist on the board.

So what's new?
One new thing that's going to come about as a result of this is encouraged intrafaction competition. Each merc group will have to fight for jobs, both legitimate and illegitimate. It's ultimately up to the merc leaders and their members as to how far they're willing to go for a job.

This also means that, perhaps for the first time in the history of the board, a faction can find itself fighting itself in an Invasion. If one merc group is hired out to help side A and another ends up employed to help side B, and they both accept, then it becomes a fight not just for money, but for pride.

Ayden Cater

Grumpy Goat
Why OmegaPyre?

From the outset, we wanted a name that would remain recognizable to the board, as well as to us. We didn't want to make a radical name change, so we looked at what we might change to keep things familiar but show the change we had undergone.

Obviously, we were going to have to drop the 'Protectorate' part. We weren't focusing on government as much. That left us with 'Omega'. If we changed it at all, we'd be failing in our aim at keeping that core sense of familiarity and continuity.

It didn't take long then for OmegaPyre to come back up. It made a lot of sense, really. It was the same basic premise we were looking to go with, it had history and instant recognition amongst everyone on the board. Ultimately we chose the name both to reflect the heritage of the faction and to move forward with a new chapter for the faction.