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Approved Tech NX Harvester Mk I

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Reaper in the Wings

  • Classification: Spear/Harpoon, Sample Extractor
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Extraction - The spear-like instrument can be used to extract samples (including but not necessarily limited to blood, tissue, Force signature) from a target. The prongs forming the head can extend outward to facilitate genetic and tissue sample collection by force or using surgical laser emitters -- though used in this capacity the subject may become traumatized from the experience, or die. A more surgical collection is possible for those that hold still.
  • Collapsible - The Extractor can be extended into a full-length spear, or shortened into a short-spear.
  • Preservation - The Extractor is used to acquire a sample from a target, which is then passed on to the Containment Pack. The Pack will then flash-freeze organic or other perishable samples in carbonite for examination and study later, or store a Force Signature/Resonance within the kyber crystal it houses.
  • Facilitation - Some subjects are uncooperative even with a deft hand in combat, so sometimes it is necessary to expel the carbonite out of the head of the spear proactively -- freeze a limb (or a small subject) to make collection easier.
  • Nutrient Pod - Likewise, certain subjects may be adept in utilizing the Force, which Nyx is not capable of using nor combating. Therefore, a special compartment was added to provide nutrients to a Ysalamir, which helps reduce the number of variables involved in the strictly medical and scientific procedure.
  • Power Source - A Micro Isotope 5a Reactor supplies the primary power for the preservation unit to function; though a mechanical backup is available.
  • Built with Uncooperative Subjects in Mind - Those this extraction and preservation kit is intended to be used on aren't expected to cooperate. The unit was therefore designed with stout materials to survive a more violent collection process.
  • Built with Powerful Subjects in Mind - Those able to use the Force rarely consent to sampling procedures. Their powers are also quite troublesome for a droid; so a Force-repelling creature, a Ysalamir, and phrik were included in the design to facilitate the process. Furthermore, Synthetic Yorik Coral in both the Extractor and Preservation pack help avoid unnecessary complications resulting from Force-imbued subjects or their samples.
  • Built to Persuade Nervous Subjects - Carbonite gas can be expelled from the spearhead rather than used solely for storage to help slow down or paralyze a subject for sampling. While able to provide several bursts of gas without exhausting the supply, a sustained stream for only a few seconds would be foolhardy -- there may be little or nothing left for preservation purposes.
  • Limited Capacity - Depending on the size of the samples taken, the pack can hold quite a few blood samples or small tissue samples; but if the samples are relatively large (fist sized) it can only hold five (less if smaller samples are also taken). Samples can be removed and stored outside of the pack, but this would require manual intervention. Furthermore, the carbonite gas itself is no limitless; though there should be ample supply for sample collection under normal circumstances, using it as a paralytic may reduce the total number of samples that can be collected.
  • Pack Weight - Certain sentient species would be able to wear the pack without suffering mobility constraints or fatigue, however it would not be recommended for a Human-like species to attempt to carry the entire unit in Nyx's place. It also only contributes to Nyx's substantial weight in the event it is necessary to move the droid because she has been incapacitated.
Events on Gaulus revealed a need for Nyx to possess a scientific or medical means of collecting and preserving organic and other samples in the field for study under controlled and sanitary conditions. Those events, and her exploits as a spy, made it clear any such collection would not be taken well by the subject. It was therefore necessary to design this tool with combat in mind -- either in subduing the subject, or making an expedient withdrawal with collected samples.

Fortunately, the
Confederacy of Independent Planets has a number of rather capable scientific-minded individuals, including those in bio-engineering, which can make use of such samples. Acquiring material had not been a problem in that regard. Nor would the cost associated with its creation be a concern once new technologies were created from the samples she collected in the field. Fortunately, Nyx wouldn't need to justify her expenditure up front considering her day job.

It may be possible to freeze a humanoid-sized sample entirely with the gas on hand, but only if the carbonite canister is full. Then there would be concerns about moving such a large specimen. Hiding it from view. Nyx therefore expects smaller sample sizes, which may not yield the full wealth of data about a subject... unless
Kamino's services can be purchased to clone a subject for study.
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