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Approved Tech Synthetic Yorik Coral

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Sergei "Jack" Jachovich

  • Intent: To create a source of force dead material for use to create alloys within the CIS
  • Image Source: Gallery
  • Permissions: None
  • Primary Source: Source Here,
  • Classification: Compound
  • Weight: Light
  • Color: Sand Brown when in powdered form
  • Resistances:
    • Energy (And other Blaster type weapons): None
    • Kinetic: None
    • Lightsabers: None
    • Sonic: Very High
    • EMP/Ion: None
    • Elemental: Extreme
    • Electric: High
    • Force: Extreme
    • Acid: None
    • Pressure: Extreme
    • Radiation: Extreme
  • This material is essentially a supreme insulator, mean to stop the flow of energy, and while it's not effective against moving particles such as Ion/EMP weapons, or blasters or other such methods of attack, things like sonic based attacks, elemental attacks, pressure and radiation attacks will have an extremely hard time with this material when properly put into protective materials.
  • Material is made from a force dead substance that was grown in a lab, which means it's not only difficult to affect this with space wizardry, it masks the wearer's position from being detected with the force.
  • This is a supreme insulator, even against the force: This material is great at dissipating or absorbing energy. The powdered version of this substance just shunts thermal energy, is an great resistor for electrical attacks, and is a superb insulator against pressure and radiation. It's molecular bonding even makes it able to resist sonic attacks. Also it's made from a lab grown material that is naturally dead to the force, so..... yeah those space wizards are gonna have a really hard time with this one.
  • Kind of useless with force users: So this thing makes the wearers either masked from, or extremely protected against the force. That means force users themselves wouldn't be able to use this material in large quantities because of the fact that it will essentially negate their force abilities. Add onto this that it's essentially useless against any kind of physical based weapons such as blasters, Ion/EMP weaponry, acids, kinetic weapons, or lightsabers; and this material is not only useless for force users, but also detrimental to them.
One of many materials created in the labs on board The Forge of Gods, this material was submitted to the CIS's Ministry of Science for a material that's able to be produced for the faction that is an insulator, and able to help with many situations where energy dissipation and absorption is key to protect the wearers. And in Dr. Alphonse's search for a suitable material, he found the Yhuzan Vong's Yorik Coral. Now in it's natural biological state, Yorik Coral behaves like any other organic material, it's pliable and even able to be used for ship building. But with experimentation, Dr. Alphonse was able to deduce that when grown in a specific way on board a space station in zero G conditions and constantly exposed to massive amounts of radiation from solar winds, this material adapts itself to become extremely resistant to any and all forms of radiation. And in processing he grinds these corals down into a sand like powder, due to the coral's ability to be ground down into said powder, testing them against thermal based weapons, radiation, pressure, even using sonic based weapons and electrical attacks. The powder he'd created was not only resistant to all of these tests, but resilient against most of them. During the testing of the corals, Dr. Alphonse decided to test further on the corals by growing them and shaping them in same environments as glistawebs also made in the CIS. This would attune the corals into the glistawebs making them also force dead. This development while a detriment to force users, would be a boon to regular ground forces when facing force sensitive opponents, making them even more deadly as no longer would force sensitives hold a supreme edge in combat. Dr. Alphonse looks forward to beginning production and further research into this powder, in attempts to create even stronger armors and space materials.
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Sergei "Jack" Jachovich Sergei "Jack" Jachovich

This is an interesting concept here, there are just a few things I'd like to bring to your attention before we can move this submission forward.

Primary Source

Please link Yorik Coral here, the rookie article can be found here. Since this is a submission based of this canon material you need to provide the link to the original material.

Force Resistance

Do you have any canon example of Yorik Coral being immune to the force? Reading through the rookie article there is no mention of this ability, nor do I recall it being present in the books.

Sergei "Jack" Jachovich

Added the primary source as requested and added to description how corals became force dead with excerpt:
During the testing of the corals, Dr. Alphonse decided to test further on the corals by growing them and shaping them in same environments as glistawebs also made in the CIS. This would attune the corals into the glistawebs making them also force dead.
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