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Notice of Intent. Dark Hand Rebellion of Ancient Eye Hold of Winter



They had hurt one of the inner circle.
The Hand wanted revenge.

The Ancient Eye could run but they couldn't hide.
The Darkness was approaching.

Winter is coming.

Rebelling: The Dark Hand
Defending: The Ancient Eye
Target: Winter

Date of Notice of Intent: 01/05/2018
Date of Intended Start: 12/05/2018

The Dark Hand: [member=Ra'a'mah] | [member="Kei Raxis"] | [member="Adron Malvern"]
The Ancient Eye: [member=Mythos] | [member="Celeste Cavataio"] | [member="Darth Tacitus"] | [member="Seras Rose"] | [member="Lyra Sarn"]

Kei Raxis

The Dead One
[member="Celeste Cavataio"]

I look forward to this. Oh yey this should be fun.

Edit: For those wondering! Because yes, I did the dates in what I like to class as the right method. This is intended to start on Saturday 12th May! Apparently a few people got confused slightly so here's me to clean up.