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-General Information-
Real Name: Kiso Hirayama
Adopted/Taken Name: Kiso Yumi
Official Titles:
-Ranger Kiso
Nick Names:
-Shell Shock (Nick Name)
(Code Name)
Race: Atrisian/Cyborg
Sex: Biologically Female
Relationship Status: Single

Birth World: Atrisia -> Corellia

-Social Information-
Faction Affiliation:
Ranks Military
-General /Shrouded republic/
-Ranger Captain /Silver Jedi/

-Physical Data-
Age: 28 (looks 22 due to cybernetics)
79.5kg (with implants 85.4kg)kg
Eyes: Light Borwn
Hair: Brown with high lights (originally dyed green)
Skin: Fair

Voice: WIP

-Initial Look-
Kiso has natural long brown hair (originally dyed green) which she now fashions into a braid like style, with several yellow/orange highlights down the pointed strands. She bears several cut like scars across her right eye from a explosion several years ago and thus has lost and eye, which has been replaced with a bionic eye, often changing in colour due to current situation. Yellow, (idle mode), green (scanning mode) and red (combat mode), such covered by an eye patch which has been built to work with her current cybernetics as a sort of scanner.


Kiso's attire and clothing varies greatly depending on the tast, setting or jut general feeling each day. Her main outfit (as of now) entails brown officer looking shirt and often a short kama self made Kama from sythmesh with a long dark brown jacket. Something she will be seen wearing a head set for communication purposes but often does not need this due to builtin communication arrays. On some social occasions she wears a long black and golden lined kimono, having hand wraps around the more cybernetic parts of her body to keep them from views of others, such also accompanied by an even longer black Atrisian styled coat.

Bionic right eye, cochlear and brain implants that greatly help situational awareness, coordination and has the ability to scan the immediate area with a basic threat HUD, (functions increased when combined with her eye patch, i.e. thermal imagery, NV, motion sensors and more detailed scans). Arm, leg body implants that replaced certain broken bones, muscles and blood veins that did not heal properly as well as servos to increase body strength and speed. Partial limb replacement her ram arm and leg with artificial skin graphs. Smart blood to help with cybernetic performance and prevent internal problems that may arise as well as providing some EMP protection. Right palm has a manual access adapter giving Kiso the ability to link up with computers and some weapons with virtual interfaces.

Kiso is a very outgoing happy go lucky who loves a good fight and admires peoples skill and prowess in battler. A love of blowing things up, earned her the name shell-shock and is unfazed by heated combat, skill being able to make to put on a smile, but can become deadly serious if pushed to do so. It is only when the situation is dire does she become more serious. Outside of combat she is capable of acting formal and respectful to higher ranking people and politicians.

Extra Traites
-Likes to spell words that begin with C with a K sometimes if it sounds correct
-Has a very soft spot for animal, mainly dogs
-Though a good shot often prefers to fight with a sword for fun
-Kiso despises the Sith, to the point where she would not hesitate to nuke one of their core worlds
-Kiso actually smokes, though not many people know this


Black and yellow Kimono
Smart blood to make using cybernetic easier
Short brown, Kama fashion and function

Military Unit (Kisos Kommandos)
Jessics Dixon (Sniper Wolf): Markman and supports, second in command
Markus(Crafty Dingo)
: Hacker/spotter and mechanic
---------(Silent Coyote): Stealth and assassination

CC-1:Combat cape

Blast Armor
Smart blood to make using cybernetic easier
Short Brown, Kama fashion and function
Amour-weave clothes jacket

Saber shaped Vibro sword with hand guard
Thermal imploder/detonators and Ion grenades

Ranger Assult Rifle
H.E.T Blaster Pistol
Hekler'Kok R-1 (Assault Rifle-1)
Depending on the situation RPS-6/HH-15
For the extra fire power and fun PLT
SES (soild Eye scanner)

Fighter: Refurbished ARC-170
Ground: Jair speeder
Corvette: A Chisel Head Assault Corvette
Battleship: N/A

:Strengths & Weaknesses:

+ Explosive Expert: Know how to make the best boom
+ Concealment: Camouflage, when not moving
+ Survivalist: Half dead and lived, when prepared thrives
+ Cybernetics: Better faster smarter stronger
+ Gunslinger: Is quick with a hand gun, also accurate
+ Mechanic: Has to fix self a lot, is good
+ Swordplay: Fencing master
~ Techno: ehhh, hacking aint a strong suit, but can do
~ Semi-professional: Protocol!.... sometimes
- Not Stealthy: I move you see me, annoying
- Tune ups: Mesha need a pit stop
- EMP: No, I don't want to blue screen

Novice- Adept- Proficient- Expert- Master - Perfectionist
Skill Scale: [IIIII
-Hand to Hand-

-Sword Fighting-

Hacking/Slicing: Proficient IIIII IIIII IIIII IIIII IIIII

:Back Story:

Kis before her injuries (aged 17)

-Born To Fight-
Kiso was born into the solider life style, her family had long been apart of the Republic armed forces, weather it be in the navy army or R&D, she was taught from a young age about the military rooting a desire to on day become a solider herself. Unfortunately Kiso would not have the experience of formal military training as the One Sith Empire's destructive war prevent her from such a carrier due to her young age and subsequent had to flee her home when it came under attack.

For a short time after wards Kiso was homeless but was soon taken in by a mercenary group due to her military background and knowledge as well as willingness to learn the art of war and fighting. For the years to come she was trained is various ways taking different skills but mainly sticking with explosive and mechanical task as those proved useful to the company.

In addition Kiso learned how to use light fire arms and instructed in the way of the sword, temped by the skill required to use one without the addition of force, unlike her master. She would often practice all day to increase her skills in these three areas, and developed a huge amount of respect for her teachers, seeing as they put aside their own personal time to instruct her.

Once she reached the age of 17 Kiso was allow to officially join the mercenary group and occupancy them on assignments. Though still being fairly unskilled she proved to be a useful asset to the group, using her more specialize knowledge of explosives and mechanics to help in taking down large targets. As Kiso continued to grow up and fight she rose in the ranks of the mercenary group, earning the nick name shell-shock, and becoming an important part of the team both for fighting an repair.

Kiso's recovering after surgery

-The Start of a Cyborg-
Her down fall came about during at age 20 during a heated skirmish. During the battle a damaged enemy fighter as it attempted to crash into their squad as a last ditch effort. Due to Kiso's not so combat worthy attire she was subjected to the shrapnel from the blast, badly damaging her right eye and upper body, leaving her severely wounded on the battle field, and separated from others.

With no proper way of confirming if she was alive and more pressing matter the group had no choice but to continue on and try to double back for her later. Unfortunately the battle ended up being a defeat for the side they were fighting for, and were not able to go back for her, as such she was left to fend for herself in the ruined/occupied city with only a minor amount of Bacta and supplies to stay alive.

Kiso was had to survive for a week on her own and wounded but was eventually rescued by her mentor even though they had not been fully assossiated with the mercenary group for a few year. Despite this the damage inflicted to her body was done, with the wounds starting heal irregularly. Upon return and in a stable conduction, Kiso was put under for cybernetic replacements and enhancements to her body, including a bionic eye and leg/arm/body implants, to replace muscles and other injuries.

This operation in turn increased her strength and speed and over all performance. Before long Kiso was back in action though by then the group had disbanded and her mentor had to atened to family matter, Kiso choosing to continue in the profession but seeking fortune elsewhere.

-Keep Kalm and Kontinue-
An Oasis Among The City: Leaving her mercenary group behind Kiso visits the town she was raised in, coming across a nice garden, and an unexpected friend in the process.
Aces high: Seeking some fun Kiso spends some time at a casino in TSE space, coming across quite an interesting Jedi, one that likes tea.

-The Shroud-
House of wolves faction founding the shrouded: Seeking work Kiso travels to the Dominion, only to find it's government in disarray after the TSE attack, herself joining a fleet aiming to evacuate as many people as it could.
That's not common or is it: Due to her mercenary back ground Kiso was promoted to marine (ultra naught) Sargent and takes lead in trying to contain a lose Jedi on the flag ship.
Our home amongst the stars: The Shrouded Republic scout out a new world near the outer rim, which they soon fine to be full of hostile battle driod, a nice and easy fight, hopefully.
Much More Machine Than Man: On a recon mission Kiso's ship comes across a rather interesting wreckage, one that seems as old as the clone wars, but is some how still active.
At the Edge of the Knife: Kiso leads a group of marines to intervene as the Sith Empire lays waste to the world of Felusia in light of the counter attack by the SJO.

Ships for a Shroud: Seeking to expand the fleet of the SR Kiso goes to speak with the Metal Lord HK, becoming an honorary member of the Metal Lords
When The Metal Lords fought the Metal Lord's: Accompanying the Metal Lords on a routine supply run the fleet comes under attack from some unknown force, one that Kiso is affiliated with.

-The Acient Eye-
The Shrouded Republic has merged with the Ancient eye. Despite her less then enthusiastic feelings about this move Kiso continues in loyal service to the new government, but for how long.

Eclipse of Nibelungen (The Ancient Eye) : The Ancient Eye launches their invasion of Nibeublgen with Kiso leading the ground invasion of the planet.
A Poke in the Eyeball (ATTN: The Ancient Eye): Some alliance force from the ORC and pirates attack the shrouded republic, with Kiso fighting a grinning marauder.
TAE: Doves Must Fall | Dominion of Tund: Kiso joins Matador in an assault on a mercenary outpost on a world held by the 'terrorist organization' called the Hand Of Light, she does absolutely nothing.
The Evil Beneath The Sands Has Risen (TAE & Allies): Kiso stands around and does nothing while people celebrate, also Mythos is crowned.
I. Magnus. (TAE & Allies): Kiso reads a book, then gets poked by needles, nothing interesting
The Evacuation of Dellalt: With the Sith Empire increasing in size Kiso aims to help civilians escape from Dellat, unfortunately the Sith have already arrived, and with a huge force.

Ancient Echoes (TAE): On a patrol Kiso small fleet comes across some raiders that have just attacked an AE world.


-Fall today, Rise Tomorrow-
The AE had gready underestimated the among of Jedi on the planet of Nibelungen, almost every civilian being one, only the Hand of Light having the nerve to openly rebel against the new Sith rulers. With this in place and the Silver Jedi and Outer Rim Coalition pressing on their borders how long will the Government last, more importantly how long will Kiso stay loyal.

Don't Call It A Comeback - I’ve Been Here for Years:

-Ranger Corps-
Leaving the AE Behind Kiso took to become a ranger in the Silver Jedi, joining up with her younger adoptive siblings, quickly rising through the ranks of the military to Captain.

Ranger Round Up: Her first time in the rangers, mainly meeting and getting to know each other
The Taxman Cometh! (Mandalorian Blockade of Umbara): The ME attempts to blocaked one of the latest planets under SJO control leading to quite the fire fight in the sky with a few pirates getting in the mix.
On Your Mark! - SJO Dominion of the Cyrillia Hex: Kiso joins the assault on the mud planet of Mimban, slogging through some less then desirable conditions to reach their goal
Blue Milk Run - SJO Dominion of the Terrijo Hex: A massive war machine larger then 5 ATAT's is unleaded against a city, it's up to the SJO to stop it before it wreaks destruction.
A Call for Help - SJO Dominion of Noverskaa (Hex AC26): Sith rebel cause trouble for the family, urban assult and close combat fighting ensues in the city streets
Painful Past: A few clone troopers show up to the Silver Temple and ignite some long problems held by the Yumi family, hopefully no one dies.
Asset Delivery (SJO Antarian Rangers): The Rangers... not much more to say
Warsongs: A nice little exercise between fleet commanders in an asteroid field

Mother: ---
Father: ---
Brothers/Sisters: ---

Kurenai Yumi Kurenai Yumi : Adoptive mother and mentor, cold but caring currently in the CIS
Sky'ito Yumi Sky'ito Yumi (sister in law): Sister in law, mature and serious, most of the time
Tanaski Yumi Tanaski Yumi (brother in law): Perky and fun to talk with, mainly with fashion.

[member="Kyle Raymus"]: Fellow Soldier and Ranking Officer, seems to have bugged off somewhere

Kainan Wolfe ([member="Darth Tacitus"]
): A dips*** that ordered me to kill children grumble grumble
[member="Razel Kolt"]: Cyborg buddy, never to be seen again, wonder where he went
[member="Miles Varden"] A merc I think, fough for the Dominion or somthing
[member="Mythos"]: Leader of the Ancient Eye, well what is left of it anyways
[member=Aeron Tosh]: A Twi'lek operative of some sort, don't really know much about him
The Matador ([member="Tathra Khaeus"]): A very well armored beast, though it seems the man has acutally become one as of late

Anyone Associated with the TSE
Sith Cyborg ([member="Darth Filiae"]): Fought this thing on Felusia, not sure who they are and what they do but I don't like em.
[member="Zahori Denko"]: Despite my dislike for the TSE I respect them as an interesting admiral, but unfortunately I have to consider her my enemy
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