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Lord of Doubt
  • Organization Name: Messala's Children
  • Classification: Non-profit group
  • Affiliation: Arrius Messala
  • Description: Messala's Children is a label given to anyone who has been taken in by the Sith Lord and experimented upon in an attempt to make the subject Force sensitive. This involves a combination of science and Sith alchemy. An argument could be made that the Children are a form of Sithspawn, but since they do not become an entirely new species, they merely gain Force sensitivity (and true successes at this endeavor are few and far between), I have chosen to classify them as an exclusive group of individuals.
  • Hierarchy: Arrius Messala, to whom you owe everything, is lord and master, mother and father. Do not displease him, and he will always take care of you. (Except when he doesn't...)
  • Membership: This group only includes those who have gained semi-stable Force sensitivity through the experiments of Arrius Messala. Currently, all members are underage, ranging from teenagers to infants. The group is primarily made up of orphans obtained either from Sith-Imperial orphanages, refugees, and the occasional child scavenged from slavers or places outside the Empire's reach. At least one child is not an orphan, but was willingly given up to Messala by his parents for experimentation. The first generation to be created in Messala's library has yet to be born.
  • Climate: The children's quarters at Messala's estate have no trace of uncanniness to them. Each child's room is well-stocked with toys, books, and electronics. The walls are painted in bright colors, and there are plenty of windows to let natural sunlight in. Likewise, the schoolroom incorporated into the grounds resembles a typical classroom, the same sort that might be found on any other Sith-Imperial planet, though the teachers are all droids. The kids who populate this abode are well cared for, but some show signs of emotional neglect and bad temperament. They are permitted to roam freely and have been outside Cophrigin V on "field trips" - they aren't kept cooped up inside all day.
  • Reputation: Few people know about this group. Up until recently, it was an exclusive secret known only to Messala and his associates. The botched abduction of Miri caused the group to become known to others, and the secret has been traveling in the form of rumors and hearsay ever since. For the most part, those who hear of it react negatively on instinct, because no one likes the idea of experimenting on children.
  • Curios: Most of the children have been given shield talismans and other such protective amulets, to the point where it could be considered standard issue equipment.
  • Rules: Messala is raising the Children as Sith, but he intentionally creates an unstable and unpredictable environment for them in hopes of making them think and react creatively. He wants them to surprise him, keep him on his toes. Er, hooves.
  • Goals: Arrius Messala set out to replicate the circumstances of his own existence, albeit with better results. He has been experimenting on children and embryos in an effort to create permanent artificial Force sensitivity. So far he has only been successful a handful of times, though he is improving considerably.
Vaslav Florescu, Human male, age 11 - An idiot savant born to a wealthy and influential Sith-Imperial family that didn't want him, at the age of six Vaslav was given to Messala for experimentation. He makes up for his lack of intellect by possessing incredible power in the Force. Interestingly, he immediately developed a Light Side aura, which Messala has not attempted to tarnish. Rather, he has successfully taught the boy how to use the Light with Sith methods, drawing inspiration from the Light Sith (or Bright Lords), an obscure sect defined by their hatred of the bloodlust and backstabbing among mainstream Sith.
Maia, Vindalian female, age 2 - Currently the youngest of the Children, Maia was purchased from slavers when she was only a newborn and experimented on shortly after. The Force flows freely through her, unaligned and unhindered, and she tends to use it to get her way.
Diathim male, age 7 - Mistakenly thought to be Force sensitive, he was taken from his parents by the Sith during the conquest of Iego. When the mistake was discovered, Messala stepped in with a solution - to add him to the Primyn Group's test subjects. This satisfied the overseers, who handed the boy over to the group. Messala managed to arrange for the Diathim's "death" in a failed experiment, then quietly smuggled him to Tintagel.
Cathar male, age 14
Mirialan female, age 12
Sith Changeling female, age 5 - The daughter of a Sith Changeling couple employed in Messala's service, Dragana was experimented on while still in the womb. Her parents are not exactly active in her life, although her father habitually keeps watch from the shadows, disguised as a household servant at Tintagel.

[ Include a description of the organization's history. Who started it, how and why it was formed, modus operandi, any events tied into its creation and existence, etc. ]
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