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Approved Planet Mavericka

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Katina Etheri

Battle Sister
Name: Mavericka
Region: Outer
Sun: 1, Theria, gas stars.
Orbit: Mavericka is far enough away to be habital for any species.
Moons: Siriola
Coordinates: (I cant find Manaan, or the planet Theysea or whatever that is home to the bugs and Bacta.)
Rotation Period: 27 hours to do a complete rotation.
Orbital Period: It takes initially 350 days for a complete orbit, or year.

Class: Terrestrial
Atomsphere: 1
Climate: It is Earth like with the exception the West continet has a consitent rain fall to a light drizzzle.
Gravity: Standard
Primary Terrain: The East continet is manly farm lands, plains of the such. The West is forest covered. The Central continet is a man made continet, a giant metropolis. Large islands dot the planet, all have a Grassland/Mountianious surface.
Species: Mavericks (species soon to be made if this is approved.)
Immigrant Species: none
Government: The Maverickal Legals, who work with five heads. Military and policing, science, industrial, exports and imports, and repesintitive of Mavericka. They vote their bills with needing three out of four to pass and if a draw comes about another five are brought in as sub heads. Then need a maximum of four out of five to pass the bill. (Independent)
Population: 53 million
Demonym: Moving here isnt permitted, only the Mavericks reside here.
Major Cities: The center contenit is called Cainstar. Built after the fall of the Empire, the four pillars hold the foundation up along with six more smaller central pillars for support. Built from the outer sections to inner the Spire of Legals built last. Other small branchs of landing pads are held up the same.
Major Imports: Kolto, and Batca
Major Exports: Medical supplies, and treatments for all.
Affiliations: None. They give support to all as nuetral ground.

Culture: Very clean, and intelligent people. They always work together, and with others willing. The Mavericks are none hostile but have always relied on droids for their secruity. They don't usually go off planet. They are honest and charitable. They see no black and white and are a charitable people. Highly socialable and friendly. They have the ability to be force sensitive but will not usually pursue a dark or light side path. They rely much droids for physical convertations.
Tech: Medically their one of the leading advancers. Aside from this their tech level matches the rest of the galaxys
History: Long time spent on working on medical advances and team work have brought these people together as a whole. Not many hold grudges against another. With no civil wars recorded their only war was a small skirmish of invading Killiks which they easly defeated. They were ruled by no one outside the planets own government, and history shows theyve always been pretty advance in technology, and resourceful islanders. Only recorded epedimic is a large case of a bacteria in the farm lands inducing high fevers and comas. They called it the Gevorri plague and defeated it with a anti bacterial medicine named XC o23. The heads were electes selfly and was recieved openly by the people. When the Empire under Palpatine's reign, the Mavericks began building Cainstar. The intent to expand their presence in the universe had demanded the change of many things now it was much safer to expose ones face, but the construction was stalled by a giant sea creature they called, the Mesasor. The dirty pollution created by the building caused it to attack them, and the foundation, along with the pillars. With the Legals, in the near making of completion, put their heads, and decided to become a more cleaner, and resourceful people. With this change, the Mesasor left them be to build Cainstar, even swimming by the city. Thus giving the seas the name Mesasoris Sea. The animals of the planet react friendly to pro-life actions, becoming very social to the Mavericks. A small skirmish broke out when hunters attempted to pouch the animals, but again the Mavericks prevailed, but with small losses, many animals had been killed, skinned, and other things hunters do. The only animals kept in activity are the farming animals. The floral of the planet has no real specialty to it, surprisingly. The history took a turn when scientist learned that the world was perfect for controlled terraforming, though the way they found out it kept secret, and isn't known by anyone else, but by the Heads of the Legals. This made them begin builing of the bio-dome, deciding to begin producing natural Kolto, and Bacta. They are much younger species compared to the others, and now is their chance to place their name in the history books

Intent: I wanted to bring back Kolto, and have these people bring in a planet that has a treaty with all big Factions that Mavericka is a place of peace. Uncontrolled by any, and have good intetions for the galaxy. Their droid army is vast. I haven't put any notable pcs yet cause I don't know if this will be approved. Its a bit radical of an idea. In the mean while I wanted to be able to give the kolto to those who cant t afford bacta. Uh I don't have a lot to say. I just had a good story placed if it was approved. I have no fully detailings for the bio dome or droid factory, yet. Though I do for the Maverick species.

Katina Etheri

Battle Sister
I don't have the ability to contiously complete these things at the spot. I have the planet all planned out, but didn't have the time to complete it. @[member="Lilith Mae Lancaster"]

This is why it’s a wise idea to save your work in Word, Notepad, Google Docs etc so you can supply the whole package onto the site in one go.

Work in Progress is, as Lilith says, not looked on favourably.

The concept of this planet is good, but there are a few things that I noticed:
  • You said, that the Central Continent is man-made. How was is exactly done? When was it done? Why was it done? Please add this information to the submission.
  • What exactly is the Maverickal Legals? How does the government work there? What's the system of government?
  • The population of the planet is really low. For example, East Timor is the smallest country (by population) that has the population of at least 1 million. The country has a total of 14,874 km2 land area, which is not enough for a continent. Please make the number of population of your planet higher unless the planet is really small or the population's density is low.
  • Culture should have more information. Please describe the planet's society, the government, etc.
  • Technology level is not only about medicine. Please add information about general technology level.
  • History is really short. Please add more history to the planet. For example, describe major events like creating the Central Continent or when was the current system of government was made, etc.
Please @mention me when you're done.

It's better now, but there's still not enough information about the planet's history. Try to make the history chronological. And also, you should talk more about how the society works: who is important, who is not important, how are people living in the metropolis treated, are others important, etc. Please remember you are adding this planet to the lore of this site, so try to give as much information as possible. And could you also talk about the fauna (animals) and flora (plants) of the planet?

Please @mention me when you're done.
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