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Nimir-ra to Iella
Alright peoples as before for Valen the Republic will be at the Masks of Madness and we are going to work hard, we're going to work smart and we're going to rock it. THis is a small sign up and planning thread that can function for the ooc when the time comes. The event starts on the 30th so we have 20 days to prepare and get ready. If you have any equipment you want Sasori to create for you to use please submit it to the thread in resources. If you have any ideas or want to lead a team to be a squad. Worked great at Valen and we dominated that event, I want to see as much of the faction participate as possible.

Coci Heavenshield

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I have signed up Iella for Dathomir and Wonderland.

I must admit I have not been ready over there much, so tell me, is this going to be a faction based thing or individual participation or both?


Nimir-ra to Iella
Joshua DragonsFlame said:
I've signed up in all of them.
I've signed up myself and all my alts for all of them.

As for how it is going to be judged.

The threads are going to be open for the time allotted and run until they close. In that time faction participation is key. The more people we have in the threads working the more we will show the Republics ability. It isn't dominions like Valen it is like Dark Harvest where are high levels of participation netted up some top marks so we earned the Shepard.


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Would it be possible to get hands on Ultrachrome?

http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Ultrachrome @[member="Syn"]


I signed up for the PvP one, not sure which one that was. xD
Didn't sign Alachei up to all three because that would leave nothing for my Sithy. :3