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Map Update


L Admin

Faction Renaming

Omega Pyre to Omega Protectorate

Planets gained by Dominions

Special circumstance due to the wipe.

[SIZE=14.44444465637207px]The Republic[/SIZE]
  • Eshan M9
[SIZE=14.44444465637207px]The Sith Empire[/SIZE]
  • Valc VII K5
  • Alzoc III P24
  • Zonama Sekot H18
[SIZE=14.44444465637207px]Omega Protectorate[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=14.44444465637207px]Kro Var K26[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=14.44444465637207px]Surabi 7 P24[/SIZE]
The Mandalorians
  • Nirauan J7
  • Aeten II K7
Atrisian Empire
  • Rakata Prime H14
Black Sun Syndicate
  • Nar Chunna S13

DARK HARVEST EVENT PRIZE MAP EXPANSION - feel free to add it whichever way you want Tef
The Republic
The Sith Empire
Omega Pyre


Coordinates haven't been added, sadly, but I've worked myself into the ground on this thing and wanted to get it up today. I just know I'm not going to get around to putting up the coordinates until probably next week. Until then, please use the official map coordinates from the official map or use coordinates provided by the Star Wars wikia.

As for the "prize expansion", I tried to limit it to 5-7 planets per Major Faction, as you will see some massive gains.

Thanks guys.

Edit: Before anyone comments on it, yes the hex grid was made intentionally bigger, and no we won't be increasing rules concerning "so many posts per grid", etc. The rules will stay the same regarding that, but the grid got a wee bit bigger.


You've outdone yourself, the map looks absolutely fabulous. Now...go schedule a date with your pillow for the Love of GOD...Now, is it just me, or does OP look like a Reaper from Mass Effect? o.o

@[member="Gilamar Skirata"].

The prize planets have already been added.


L Admin
Judah Dashiell said:
Factory made planets were not added this time around? I had a planet approved that should be on S 25 per the old grid system.

The map looks amazing though. Its got a nice updated, clean look.
No, they weren't. I'll try to get them added before my T-givin' break.

I'll also yell at some Staffers for not updating my list for them.

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
Tef, you've outdone yourself. Brilliant work. I'm not even going to try estimating the man-hours involved.

Looks like the Mando faction is the place to be right now - or Atrisia. Both factions just gained the ability to hit the capitals of major powers. Mandos can just barely hit Dromund Kaas and Atrisia can just barely hit Coruscant.