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Major Faction Application: The Rebel Alliance

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Name: The Rebel Alliance

Hexes: AG-10, AG-8, AF-7

Capital: Gree

OOC Hierarchy: Cedric Grayson (Owner), [member="Cenric Marus"] (Admin), [member="Lyra Sarn"] (Admin)

IC Hierarchy: The Rebel Alliance is led by Cedric Grayson. The worlds within the alliance's sphere of influence are wholly independent, but they allow volunteers and credit donations to flow into the alliance. Each world governs itself entirely, though crimes against sentient life such as slavery will be met with a military response. Additionally, some worlds are fully loyal to the rebel cause, and have allowed rebel forces to police some of their cities. All worlds within the alliance are officially under alliance protection from foreign invaders.

The alliance is led by Commander Cedric Grayson and those closest to him. As the alliance grows ICly, other characters will be granted the same title to lead their own cells. If the alliance manages to expand beyond its current military role, plans for a senate have been put into place.

Interested Members: [member="Aela Talith"], [member="Alyson Halle"], [member="Ari Vox"], @Cedric Grayson, [member="Cenric Marus"], [member="Dax Fyre"], [member="Glavis"], [member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"], [member="Jax Vandal"], [member="Kamon Vondiranach"], [member="Lok Jorunn"], [member="Lyra Sarn"], [member="Noah Corek"], [member="Owazza"], [member="Ras Val'kor"], [member="Romi Jade"], [member="Shorarri"], [member="Solonariwan Tofusin"]

Description: Made up of people whose homes were conquered by the Sith Empire's advance, the Rebel Alliance was forged with the sole purpose of overthrowing their imperial overlords. It is made up of beings of every stripe, and holds itself as the morally superior group in its conflict with the Sith. The RA endeavors to show the galaxy that submission to imperial rule is the giving up of one's personal freedoms, and very likely a happy future.

The RA's military has formed from the scattered remnants of old Dominion soldiers, Republic war heroes, privateers, and everything in between. The alliance has spent the last several months preparing its war machine, and is ready to unleash it upon their Sith enemy.

The Pitch: It's a rather simple one. Our characters had their worlds taken over, and ICly there was no other road available to them but open rebellion. OOCly, we aim to create a more immersive faction than those previously seen on Chaos. Our members adhere to a strict code of IC over OOC in almost all situations, and in doing so we hope to keep OOC influence on our roleplay to an absolute minimum.

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[member="Valiens Nantaris"]
[member="Cedric Grayson"]
As noted, you will need to list your planets. You cannot have them hidden. These rules apply to everyone, and are a consequence of being on the map.

You may choose an appropriate mandate instead once on the map.
[member="Cedric Grayson"]
Though I have reason to question your claim that OOC and IC are divided when you appear right next to the enemy capital...I know that they can invade yours too. Let's see who wins the duel of the invasions.

I will put this vote up for the admins.
[member="Cedric Grayson"]
Your application has been approved.

Go apply for your hexes in the map update thread. You may now conduct dominions, invasions, etc, and choose a mandate also.

Good luck, you're going to need it.