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Avoim Oeymo

Jedi Master Avoim Oeymo
NAME: Avoim Oeymo
RANK: Jedi Master
AGE: 40
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6'0" (2m)
WEIGHT: 190lbs (86kg)
EYES: Sapphire Blue
HAIR: Brown
SKIN: Caucasian


Basic Medic Knowledge
Excellent Starfighter Pilot
Strong in the Force
Experienced Starfighter Mechanic
Good Cook
Lover of Women
Beard Aficionado
Quick to Anger
Lightweight Drinker
Susceptible to Deception
Unskilled at Negotiation

Avoim is a man of relative height, standing at roughly six feet or two meters in height, he weighs about one hundred and ninety pounds, or eighty-six kilograms. He is of Caucasian descent with a slight tan to his body. Avoim has medium length dark-brown hair that goes down to about the nape of his neck. His jaw is squared with high cheekbones giving him a more or less gaunt look to himself. He is able to hide this gauntness however with his small but well-kept facial hair. His hair is well kept in a manner that looks very low maintenance overall.

Although he has no visible scars or markings when wearing his usual clothes, his torso and shoulders have small scars and long lasting marks from years of training or actual combat. Avoim is not so much embarrassed by these scars and marks but rather feels that they are not the concern of other people. Avoim keeps his body more or less in a good condition, making sure that no aspect of his appearance lacks in grooming.

Avoim wears very basic clothing as is traditional of just about any Jedi in the universe despite what sect they belong to. He wears a simple pair of loose-fitting brown pants that are tucked into dark brown, almost black bantha-hide boots that protect him from various elements. Moving up he wears a total of three layers of robing, a thin inner layer, a slightly thicker middle one, and a much heavier outer one. The robes are long sleeved with wide openings near the wrist with the exception of the inner robe, which terminates in to a much more traditional sleeve design. On the middle robe sleeves two Krayt Dragon hide pauldrons with an ancient Jedi design can be seen sewn into the sleeves, finally the outer robe has no sleeves at all.

Around his waist, the Jedi Master wears a tan Obi belt that matches his robes color perfectly, using the obi as a sort of proto-belt that helps hold his clothing in place. On top of that, Master Oeymo wears a simplistic utility belt that holds a few items in its pouches such as rations and random bits of metal for fixing simple things. Often his lightsaber can be seen hanging from his left hand side of the belt from its D-Ring. On his boots a pair of Beskar’Gam grieves can be seen to protect him at the shins, similarly a par of Beskar’Gam vambraces don both of his wrists, the left one having a small computer built into it for various uses.

Atop all of that, the young Jedi Master wears a simple dark brown cloth cloak that has no sleeves, but instead a similarly matched design to the above-mentioned pauldrons; attached by two metal clips is a simple hood that can be pulled up or down easily for various uses.
Avoim is a relatively kind man, often willing to look for the good in people before he decides them to be purely evil. Some have said he is a bit of a womanizer, but he prefers to see himself as a lover of two things: Beards and Women, not necessarily in that order. However, when it comes to Darkside users, he can be very difficult to deal with; a seething hatred for all of them exists as a deep part of him after having seen one execute his father in front of him.

Avoim is often seen as the first person drunk at any sort of social functions that have alcohol as he can never say no to a good drink and yet has a lightweight’s liver. Avoim is quick to anger when it comes to battle, mostly due to the fact that his Mother is a Mandalorian and his Father was a Corellian, two very hot-headed peoples. Avoim is very respectful of his mother as well as his father’s memory, often talking to his Father’s spirit even though he doubts that he could hear him after becoming one with the Force.

Avoim often tries to go to see his mother as often as he can, but due to the two being so far apart due to their work, they usually make due with simple Holonet chats with one another.

Early Life
Born on the planet Mandalore to a Corellian Father and a Mandalorian Mother, young Avoim was a bit of an oddity in the small village that he had grown up in. His life was not one of happiness as a young child, often he was mocked for being the child of an offworlder, though as he grew up new reasons for the bullying would become quite clear. As time progressed, the two parents would discover that a recessive trait they both had would be passed on to the young Avoim: Force Sensitivity. Avoim’s father apparently had once been trained as a Jedi some years earlier, but had left the Order he was part of and hid his association to them by the time he and Avoim’s mother had met and moved to Mandalore.

As the other Mandalorian clans learned of this, their lives became more difficult due to the Mandalorian’s strong dislike, bordering on hate, of all things Force Sensitive. As such by the time, that young Avoim was three years old; his parents decided to sell all their possessions on the planet and buy a large freighter that would become their home and instead become wanderers of the Galaxy. Gathering all the funds they could, Avoim’s parents were able to buy a YT-1300 Light Freighter, whilst it was nowhere near as luxurious as some starships, it was more than sufficient for them.

Early Childhood
A few more years passed, and the small child had grown into a young boy, one who was now old enough to begin training in the Force. His father had taken to doing this while also doing odd jobs around the galaxy. Slowly the young man was taught all the basics of the Force, and how to properly control them. Avoim took to the basics like a fish to water, almost instinctively knowing how to utilize them thanks to how his Father explained the ancient teachings.

By the time Avoim was about nine years of age he had mastered a large number of basic Force Powers such as Pull, Push, Stealth, and other such techniques, impressing his father. Due to this, Avoim’s Father gave Avoim a simple lightsaber that would become his training lightsaber, starting his training in the most basic lightsaber form there was: Shii-Cho. Avoim showed yet again aptitude for his combat training with the blade, quickly learning the first form within a year.

The next few years were more of the same, training in the Force and Lightsaber combat abilities, his mother teaching him how to fight without the use of the Force as she had been taught. The young boy was not as apt at fighting without the Force as his father had taught him from an early age to use it in everything. Avoim struggled for a long time but was soon able to get the basics of that kind of fighting down and eventually mold it into his normal fighting seamlessly as well.

When Avoim was around thirteen years of age, his Father decided that the time was right and offered Avoim a Holocron that he had ‘acquired’ during one of his ‘odd jobs’ that he had been taking, by now he knew that those odd jobs his parents took were combat oriented. Avoim accepted it and made its tutelage part of his daily training, taking everything that the Holocron had to teach him to heart. With its use his skills within the Force soon began to skyrocket, it contained several arcane and hidden force techniques within its metallic membrane.

Avoim’s skills as a Jedi increased immensely, soon he was growing to the point where he was able to take his father in one on one duels, usually bringing them to a draw or sometimes being able to force a surrender from his Father. Avoim’s abilities were constantly swelling thanks to these daily training sessions with his Father as well as his studying of the Jedi Holocron, its arcane secrets teaching him many things. Eventually his Father decided that it was time for him to build his first Lightsaber, the first one that would represent him and where he was in his life. It was a simple one, looking relatively basic, but it was more than enough for what he would need it for.

Avoim was soon joining his parents on some of their easier odd jobs, or missions. They had decided that the best way for him to advance in his life at this point was to start seeing the real world, having to fight alongside his parents was a strange feeling, but it was comforting to know that they were nearby. It was during one of these such missions that they came across two old Jedi StealthX’s, neither one was in the best of shape.

Scrapping one of the StealthX’s to repair the other allowed them to get it working more than well enough for use, and since Avoim had found it and done most of the repair work on the ship. It was decided that Avoim would be the one to pilot it. Avoim was ecstatic at such news and immediately began to fly it, making sure to memorize what every button in the cockpit did as he went along, knowing this would also help them greatly in future missions that they would undertake, though it would also increase their monthly expenditures.

Life continued more or less as such for a few more years, until one day during a mission, Avoim’s Father was stricken down by a Darkside user, his father had been getting older in recent years and was not able to hold the Darksider at bay for long before his life had been ended. Seeing this affected the still relatively young Avoim greatly, the pure shock and the hurt he felt in the Force nearly drove him to the Darkside himself as he tried to lunge at the killer himself. Luckily, his Mother was there to restrain him and the two made good their escape.

Avoim would never forget the memory of his Father being murdered in front of his eyes, the crimson blade sticking through his father’s chest. Every time he would go to sleep he would see that image play out in his eyelids. It scarred him deeply, even after his Mother had gotten him another teacher to help finish his training, the Jedi was not able to help much in terms of repairing that memory despite trying their best. Avoim’s second Master was a Zabrak named Gial Acaardi, he was more geared towards the Force instead of lightsaber combat, and as such Avoim’s training took a more force based approach compared to before when it was more balanced.

Avoim did his best to keep his training as balanced as possible, often training in secret with his Holocron or by practicing with the new Master in Lightsaber Duels. The Zabrak was nowhere near the swordsman that his father had been so Avoim was no longer getting the same amount of actual skill from each duel, but he figured that it was better than nothing at all.

On his twenty-first birthday, Avoim was given a very basic gift, a set of Beskar’Gam armor pieces: the Vambraces and Grieves of a set, both grey in color. Avoim knew that these were quite expensive and that they meant much to his Mandalorian mother. Avoim’s life would continue at a pace of doing missions with either his Mother or his new Master for a few more years, until one day his teacher decided there was no more reason to keep him as a Padawan.

Avoim was soon knighted and became a Jedi Knight; it was soon to be his job to teach a Padawan. Luckily, Avoim knew of just one such person that could qualify for such a role. Roughly, a year prior he had met a force sensitive child on a planet during a mission. Returning to said planet, Avoim and his mother took the freighter there, the StealthX having long since gotten a special docking connector placed on it so that Avoim could dock when the fighter was not needed, and the two picked up the young girl.

Avoim soon would pick the girl up and begin her training. The young girl from Ansion, he decided to train her more balanced, like his Father had trained him at first. Making sure she was skilled in both the use of the Force as well as in Lightsaber combat. Eventually Avoim would give his old lightsaber to the young girl and build a new one, using materials that he had gained throughout his travels with his mother.

Time passed normally, things would go as usual for some time with Avoim training his Padawan and the three of them – Avoim, his mother and the Padawan – doing varioius missions together. Eventually Avoim would knight his padawan and decided that it was time for him to go off on his own, leaving his mother and his padawan, now a Knight, to travel together. Taking his StealthX, Avoim would go on to see as much of the galaxy as he could, eventually he would find a barely functioning Venator-class Star Destroyer, its life support and engines barely working. Avoim would eventually join the Rebel Alliance and go on to help them attempt to liberate the galaxy from those who would try to conquer it.
  • Control
    Force Speed [MASTER]
  • Force Stealth [MASTER]
  • Force Sight [MASTER]

[*]Force Sense
  • Telepathy [MASTER]
    Comprehend Speech [MASTER]

  • Telekinesis [MASTER]
  • Force Jump/Leap [MASTER]
  • Force Pull/Push [MASTER]

  • Art of the Small [MASTER]
  • Aing-Tii Fighting-Sight [MASTER]
  • Battle Meditation [APPRENTICE]
  • Breath Control [APPRENTICE]
  • Precognition [MASTER]
    Battle Precognition [MASTER]
    Shatterpoint [MASTER]

[*]Force Cloak [MASTER]
[*]Force Deflection [APPRENTICE]
[*]Force-flash [APPRENTICE]
[*]Force Flight [APPRENTICE]
[*]Force Projection [APPRENTICE]
[*]Force Throw [APPRENTICE]
[*]Force Suppression [MASTER]
  • Force Breach [APPRENTICE]

[*]Conceal Other [APPRENTICE]
[*]Dampen Presence [APPRENTICE]
[*]Cleanse Mind [APPRENTICE]
[*]Force Listening [APPRENTICE]
[*]Force Smell [APPRENTICE]
[*]Force Meld [APPRENTICE]
[*]Saber Throw [MASTER]

  • Alter Environment [APPRENTICE]
  • Animal Bond [MASTER]
    Animal Friendship [APPRENTICE]

[*]Battlemind [APPRENTICE]
[*]Force Healing [NOVICE]
[*]Force Stun [MASTER]
  • Force Stasis [MASTER]
    Force Stasis Field [APPRENTICE]

[*]Mind Trick [APPRENTICE]
  • Force Persuasion [NOVICE]

[*]Shadow Vision [NOVICE]
[*]Electric Judgement [MASTER]
[*]Hibernation Trance [MASTER]
[*]Center of Being [NOVICE]
[*]Force Vision [NOVICE]
[*]Alter Damage [NOVICE]
[*]Alter Image [NOVICE]

  • Force Lightning [MASTER]
  • Mind Control [NOVICE]

  • Form I: Shii-Cho [MASTERED]
  • Form II: Makashi [APPRENTICE]
  • Form III: Soresu [MASTERED]
  • Form IV: Ataru [APPRENTICE]
  • Form V: Shien/Djem So [MASTERED]
  • Form VI: Niman [APPRENTICE]
  • Form VII: Juyo/Vaapad [NOVICE]

  • Tràkata [MASTERED]
  • Sokan [APPRENTICE]
  • Su Ma [MASTERED]
  • Unarmed Combat [MASTERED]

  • Galactic Basic [MASTERED]
  • Mandalorian [Novice]
  1. Rebel Alliance Briefing: Jaminere
    The briefing of the upcoming rebellion of Jaminere, Avoim suggests that he would be best used as air support in his StealthX.
  2. Operation Rebirth | The Rebellion's Rebellion of Jaminere
    Jedi Master Oeymo deployed himself a galactic standard day in orbit around Jaminere, when the combat started he exited his fully stealthed StealthX and began close air support, aiding another Pilot in the air. However soon he was soon under attack from droid starfighters.
  • Alric Oeymo, Father, DECEASED, Age 75
    Avoim's Father was a former Jedi in an Unknown Jedi Order. He had met Alana at some point prior to Avoim's birth by at least five years. Alric was Avoim's first instructor and helped him learn many of his more basic Force techniques. He also aided Avoim in building his first Lightsaber before his death. Alric ended up meeting his end on a small planet in the Outer Rim, during a mission he was stricken down by an unknown Darkside user and his Crimson Red Lightsaber.

[*]Alana Oeymo, Mother, ALIVE, Age 80
  • Avoim's Mother was a Mandalorian warrior, trained in all the basic elements of combat as any Mandalorian was. She was a big help in Avoim's combat training after a certain point in his life, teaching him tactics and strategies, but never really taught him how to treat a woman. She was the one who gave Avoim his small amount of Mandalorian armor.

[*]Gial Acaardi, Former Jedi Master, ALIVE, Age unknown, Zabrak
  • Avoim's Master after his father died. Focused more on teaching Avoim about the Force itself rather than lightsaber combat, attempted to help Avoim get past his Father's death, but was unable to help much. No info after Knighting Avoim is available.

[*]Corrina Alessia, Former Jedi Padawan, ALIVE, last known age 18, Human
  • Corrina was Avoim's former Padawan learner. Born on Ansion, the young girl never knew her family, but was found at roughly the age of 7 by then Padawan Avoim, when he was Knighted a few years later, Avoim went back and trained the girl to knighthood, once she was ready to start her own adventure, the two parted ways, Avoim hears random bits of stories that sound like her in the Holonet and knows she is doing good in the galaxy.