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Mishka Larraq

Farmer's Daughter
[9:21:24 AM] Waid: Andrew Ryan - Today 9:19 AM
> > to the creepy little bird.

Andrew Ryan - Today 9:19 AM
> damn, that's rude

She thinks he said something about holding her and dancing with her and finds his haiku to be confusing and strange.
[9:22:28 AM] Andrew Ryan: hey tai fa can't help it if the first thing she assumes is that an animal wants to hold her
[9:23:12 AM] Waid: Andrew Ryan - Today 9:22 AM
> hey tai fa can't help it if the first thing she assumes is that an animal wants to hold her

Her family breeds and trains horse-sized Vornskrs.

[9:23:27 AM] Andrew Ryan: they can try
[9:23:34 AM] Andrew Ryan: he will use them as a horse
[9:23:59 AM] Jon: Difficult to do while deep fried
[9:24:18 AM] Andrew Ryan: u wanna go, bro
[9:24:33 AM] Andrew Ryan: i will take u for 5 posts, before dropping the thread
[9:24:52 AM] Jon: I don't want you to take me anywhere
[9:25:00 AM] Waid: Whatever goes down here, Mishka's probably going to demand half of your tail feathers as barter for the sword you get.
[9:25:14 AM] Andrew Ryan: then sit down and settle for poking zaiden
[9:25:20 AM] Andrew Ryan: im sure he likes it when u do
[9:26:00 AM] Jon: Why must you use homoeroticism as an insult? Barbaric
[9:26:28 AM] Andrew Ryan: why would you assume it's an insult
[9:26:39 AM] Andrew Ryan: i am simply letting you know you can relax and do what you like
[9:27:05 AM] Jon: I feel you're being disingenuous
[9:27:09 AM] Waid: Mishka is going to find your tail feathers pretty and will likely try to make something out of them.

Aka, I'm going to put your character's butt-hair into a factory sub.
[9:27:16 AM] Andrew Ryan: LOL
[9:27:21 AM] Jon: Fffffffffffffffffff
[9:27:32 AM] Andrew Ryan: lucky enough tai fa collects his own tail feathers
[9:27:35 AM] Andrew Ryan: you can have a few
[9:27:44 AM] Waid: XD
[9:28:24 AM] Waid: I was hoping to make your character pluck them and walk out bare-assed but with a fancy sword.
[9:29:09 AM] Andrew Ryan: rofl
[9:51:53 AM] Waid: Name: Galar'kad
Material: alchemized and force Imbued feathers from Tai Fa's butt
[9:52:35 AM] Jon: Fffffff
[9:58:31 AM] Andrew Ryan: lmao
[9:58:44 AM] Andrew Ryan: you can also do it as a favor
[9:58:51 AM] Andrew Ryan: and then once tai fa hits Sith Lord
[9:58:53 AM] Andrew Ryan: ask for 'em then
[10:22:47 AM] Waid: Mandalore > space Texas
Mishka > farmer's daughter
Sith Lord > black male
[10:23:36 AM] Waid: Might not want to identify yourself
[10:25:14 AM] Andrew Ryan: he isn't gonna say 'yo i am a sith knight right now, but come back when i am a lord and you can pluck my peacock'
[10:27:43 AM] Waid: "My butt hair grows stronger as I do and this isn't even my final form."
[10:28:37 AM] Jon: Lolololol
[10:41:27 AM] Andrew Ryan: Power grows with age.
You may take some now or wait.
Until apex holds.
[10:54:55 AM] Waid: Andrew Ryan - Today 10:41 AM
> Power grows with age.
You may take some now or wait.
Until apex holds.

My above translation still stands
[10:58:00 AM] Jon: Heheheh
[11:12:09 AM] Waid: Jon is getting far too much amusement out of this.
[11:19:04 AM] Jon: Always
[12:35:01 PM] Chris / Alric: I want
[12:35:04 PM] Chris / Alric: A rainforest shower
[12:35:15 PM] Chris / Alric: That have like showerheads all around you
[12:35:25 PM] Jamie Pyne (Sera): hahaha
[12:35:28 PM] Jamie Pyne (Sera): I might drown in that :p
[12:35:33 PM] Chris / Alric: LOL
[12:35:33 PM] Chris / Alric: How
[12:35:40 PM] Jamie Pyne (Sera): The showerheads are all around!
[12:35:44 PM] Jamie Pyne (Sera): Sprayed from every angle!
[12:35:48 PM] Jamie Pyne (Sera): How will I breathe!?
[12:36:04 PM] Chris / Alric: I'm pretty sure theyre not at like
[12:36:05 PM] Chris / Alric: face level
[12:37:04 PM] Jamie Pyne (Sera): I dunno
[12:37:06 PM] Jamie Pyne (Sera): Sounds scary
[12:37:19 PM] Chris / Alric: We're gonna go on a trip
[12:37:22 PM] Chris / Alric: and get you into one of these showers
[12:37:28 PM] Jamie Pyne (Sera): THIS SOUNDS BAD
[12:37:30 PM] Chris / Alric: (not something you want to hear from a German but just go with it)
[12:37:44 PM] Chris / Alric: ITS FINE JUST GET ON THE TRAIN
[12:37:47 PM] Jamie Pyne (Sera): WOW
Dark Lord of the Sith
Jon (Jorus) - Today at 8:38 AM
today i am a bith sith jatzwailer
now witness the destructive power of this fully armed and operational ommni box
our jatz will conquer the pacanth reach. i have foreseen it.

Darth Carnifex - Today at 8:39 AM
Don't be too proud of this instrumental terror you've constructed, the ability to pump up the jams is insignificant next to the power of the Force.

Neri Rashal

Irajah - Today at 8:10 PM

okay, gonna go post

Louise - Today at 8:11 PM

I'd ask you to do mine, but it's probably not fair.

If anything I should do some of yours.

As the ghost of Steph Zenima inhibits your characters in like, 4 threads.

Irajah - Today at 8:11 PM

..... just have Smeg show up, wearing a wig, pretending to be Irajah

Louise - Today at 8:12 PM

We can do that.

Irajah - Today at 8:12 PM

that would be fucking amazing

Louise - Today at 8:12 PM
and then when you can post, Smeg will exit stage left pursued by a rancor.

Dan Rinell

Good ol' space cowboy
Friend: y'knie, we could probably get sued for literally everything in this conversation. And frankly, we'ed probably lose.
Me: yeah... Literally everything we could get sued and for half of it we could get thrown in jail..... Fun times....

*awkward silence*
Friend: let's never mention this conversation again.
Me: AGREED. A F****** greed.
Andrew Ryan-Today at 8:32 AM


Jamie-Today at 8:34 AM

we're the new romantics

Come on, come along with me?

Andrew Ryan-Today at 8:35 AM

Heart break is the national anthem?

Jamie-Today at 8:36 AM


Andrew Ryan-Today at 8:36 AM


Jamie-Today at 8:36 AM


Andrew Ryan-Today at 8:37 AM


Jamie-Today at 8:37 AM


Andrew Ryan-Today at 8:37 AM


Jamie-Today at 8:38 AM


Jorus Merrill

is mek bote
Princess Alicia - Today at 11:22 AM
I love the idea that the First Order (movies) is so much smaller than the Empire that it can't afford to discriminate and needs every able body it can get: man, woman and alien, and train/equip them better than the Galactic Empire did(edited)
Ski Mask the Slump God - Today at 11:43 AM
Kaine - Today at 12:01 PM
Within many of the labor camps and mining operations in First Order space, a large number of individuals involved were from aliens species.
So they still semi-enslaved Aliens
Penny - Today at 12:03 PM
maybe they just commit more crimes
ever think of that?
Kaine - Today at 12:03 PM
Darlyn Excron - Today at 12:04 PM
picks up popcorn bucket Oh man i came in at the RIGHT time
Princess Alicia - Today at 12:04 PM
Rich aliens commit more crimes than poor humans. It's a fact.
Stormwall/Jorus/Ashin (Jon) - Today at 12:06 PM
Penalties are just higher for crimes more associated with aliens than with humans. Alien spice has higher mandatory minimums than human spice, clearly.
Penny - Today at 12:08 PM
inb4 FOSB conspiracy
Stormwall/Jorus/Ashin (Jon) - Today at 12:11 PM
don't even get me started on the War on Salt and Arcona incarceration rates
Rolf Amsel - Today at 12:13 PM
Really - if you boil it down, it comes down to the culture carried on by alien immigrants. For example, people move to where there's like people. So you've got a bunch of Rodians right? They predominantly live in a suburb of Avalonia, so Rodians who don't speak Galactic Basic naturally move in nearby - the problem is that once locating to Avalonia they have little to no income and find that they are often times making below the average income.
This in turn leads to the depreciation of property value and a general lack of care when it comes to owned domiciles.
In this case, the Rodians must work, spending important time away from their children and their community, only further compounding the problem.
And let's be honest, Rodians don't get hired as often due to their lack of aesthetic appeal. It's just a fact. Why hire a Rodian barmaid when a human one plays more towards your population?
And that's not even addressing how Rodians are portrayed in popular holo-films. Always toting blasters, drinking, smoking deathsticks - I mean the media is in part to blame too
These Rodian children don't have anyone to look up to
Kaine - Today at 12:18 PM
Jesus Christ.
Doc Ven - Today at 12:18 PM
Ski Mask the Slump God - Today at 12:18 PM
i bet they wish they were white and human
Princess Alicia - Today at 12:18 PM
But if it's something cause by the social and economic environment they immigrate into why are their homeworld planets like Rodia and Hutta so unstable and crime infested that they have to immigrate to our space to begin with. I'm no human supremacist but there's an issue here we're not allowed to talk about because of the PC brigade shouting "racist!" when we try to bring up legitimate arguments
Rolf Amsel - Today at 12:18 PM
Doc Ven - Today at 12:18 PM
Ski Mask the Slump God - Today at 12:19 PM
bet you thought racism was already bad with skin colour
welcome to wanting to be another species
Rolf Amsel - Today at 12:19 PM
The fact that grown adults just had a discussion about the socio-econmic consequences of Rodian immigration to Dosuun tells me everything I need to know about this place
Doc Ven - Today at 12:19 PM
Penny - Today at 12:19 PM
Meanwhile, my answer is : what Rodian immigration to Dosuun?
We don't need their kind of scum.
Kaine - Today at 12:20 PM
I hear Rodians work better in mines anyways.
Stormwall/Jorus/Ashin (Jon) - Today at 12:20 PM
Clearly it's because places like Rodia have been subject to unequal terms of trade - they've been included in the galactic economy as captive markets for manufactured goods and as sources of cheap labour and raw materials
if you seek the source of Rodia's instability, look to the Silver Jedi